Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (2-10-2004)

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2-10-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

A PUBLIC FORUM is defined as any person, organization or group which is/are (or could be) a medium used to publicize any aspect of any relationship Gail Schuler may have (or is alleged to have) with Vladimir Putin (Russian President).

I authorize Russian President, Vladimir Putin, to be my literary agent and to release my unfinished book Silver Skies for publication in the English language. It can be published in the United States and in all English speaking countries.

The author’s name on the book will be Gabrielle Chana. This is the name I used when I registered Silver Skies in the U.S. Copyright Office.

Only RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS can advertise or promote Silver Skies. No other news organization (or any other organization or PUBLIC FORUM) is allowed to promote the book and I forbid anyone or any PUBLIC FORUM to critique it (because it could draw undue attention to the Spiner/Putin/Schuler legal case), unless the critique is done through RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

Even if Silver Skies makes the New York Times bestseller list, only RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS can cover the book or interview me as its author. The only way any English speaking press (or any other press or PUBLIC FORUM besides RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS) can cover this book will be if it makes the New York Times bestseller list, and then the English speaking press or PUBLIC FORUM can only cover it by PUTTING IT ON THE LIST–there can be no other comments about the book (other than putting the name of the book, Silver Skies, and the name of the author, Gabrielle Chana ON THE bestseller LIST). If anything else about the book, Silver Skies, is mentioned in any other PUBLIC FORUM–it will be a violation of my CONSPIRACY LAWS (and would be considered an attempt to draw attention to a SIGNIFICANT PERSON’s ethnograpy–which is a capital crime).

My real name will not be mentioned anywhere in the English language press (or any other press or PUBLIC FORUM) regarding my authorship of Silver Skies– only my pen name, Gabrielle Chana, can be mentioned–and that pen name can only be mentioned if the book lands on the New York Times bestseller list (or some other well established best seller list) by putting the name “Gabrielle Chana” next to the title of the book ON THE LIST–no other mention of my name or book can be mentioned anywhere else in any press or PUBLIC FORUM in the English language or in any other language (except to put my pen name and the title of my book on the New York times bestseller list or some other well established bestseller list–that is. . .if it makes the New York Times or some other well established bestseller list).

Vladimir can use any method he wants to use to forward to me any proceeds I may earn from the sales of Silver Skies. I have authorized him to make direct deposits to one of my checking accounts. I have instructed this financial institution not to disclose publicly the source of any funds I may receive from Vladimir Putin. If this financial institution (xxxxx) discloses to anyone (besides Vladimir Putin) that the funds (from Vladimir) deposited into my xxxxx account are from Vladimir Putin, this will be considered an attempt to draw attention to a SIGNIFICANT PERSON’s ethnography and may result in the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR. Vladimir can deposit whatever amount he wants to deposit (from the proceeds of Silver Skies) into my checking account. For security purposes, he may choose not to deposit all the proceeds of my book (all at once) into my checking account. I will leave that up to him. A copy of the letter I mailed to the xxxxxxx today is as follows:

Gail Chord Schuler
Melbourne, FL xxxxx
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

February 10, 2004

P.O. Box xxxxx
xxxxxx, FL xxxxx-xx

Dear Sir:

I authorize Vladimir Putin, Russian President, to make direct deposits to my xxxxxxx account # xxxxxx. I have mailed him a deposit slip, which, I believe, he will need in order to do this. You should be hearing from him sometime. I am just letting you know. I enclose my checking account’s deposit slip for your information.

Please keep the source of the deposits confidential and don’t send any correspondence regarding this matter to me or to anyone else–except you may send correspondence to Vladimir Putin. However, I would like to know when deposits from Vladimir are made and how much money has been deposited into my account–so mention the deposit amounts and when they were made in my statements, and have the deposit information ready should I call you to verify deposits amounts and when the deposits are made.

I may call you to verify when (and if) I have received any deposits, but I request that you not mention who the deposits are from. Vladimir may come up with an alias to use as the source of the deposits.

Vladimir Putin is my agent.


Gail Chord Schuler

I will follow the advice of my agent, Vladimir Putin, regarding any book signings (of my book) which I may participate in. I probably won’t participate in book signings.

No unusual or weird tactics can be used by any press or public forum to draw attention to my novel Silver Skies or, to me, as its author. Any attempts to draw attention to any SIGNIFICANT PERSON’s ethnography will be dealt with very severely and the CONSPIRACY LAWS will be enforced.


Vladimir has my permission to use my 666-Computer memories to help him polish Silver Skies. I did a lot of polishing of this last draft of Silver Skies in my mind and some of the polishing was a definite improvement. Vladimir can make any editorial changes he feels is necessary before Silver Skies goes to press.

I haven’t written the ending to the book, so this book will have a cliffhanger ending. . .
Vladimir tells me that when Bill Fuller went to BINGO tonight that a huge crowd of his fellow Shriners showed up in order to draw attention to me as the famous authoress. I want all the people that showed up at BINGO tonight (with Bill Fuller) to undergo complete FINANCIAL, CONSPIRACY and EMOTIONAL HISTORIES. Those that are guilty of being JESUIT CONSPIRATORS will make CONFESSION STATEMENTS on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. It appears many of them are attempting to draw attention to my ETHNOGRAPHY.

Judging by Jesuit behavior today, the Jesuits expect my book to make the bestseller lists. My main reason for allowing this book to go to press, is to give Vladimir an opportunity to assist me financially–since, it appears, the Jesuits have taken over the entire American job market and I can’t get any job without it strengthening the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir.

However, because the Jesuits are trying to make a conspiracy about my book, when people ask me about my book, I’ll tell them it’s a religious book. I won’t tell them I used a pen name and I’ll tell them the name of the book is Pathways to Love. I’ll tell them it isn’t selling very well. Now, if anybody tries to make a conspiracy out of the fake name I’ve given to my book–which is the name, Pathways to Love–NAIL THEM and make them give CONFESSION STATEMENTS. I’m definitely not participating in any book signings. I plan on being as inconspicuous as possible. If somebody asks to look at my book, I’ll tell them I don’t have a copy on me. If they insist on talking about the book, I’ll tell them I’m busy working on another one and have my heart and mind set on the new book and don’t have time to talk about the one out right now or I’ll come up with something else. Maybe I’ll tell them I don’t have time to talk to them right now. I might turn the tables on them and say them seem inordinately interested in my book–perhaps they are a writer themselves? Or I might bore them to death with terms like characterization, setting, theme, symbols, layers, and go into a bunch of boring writer techno talk to make it obvious that their interest in my book is forced or contrived. If they continue to be interested in talking about my book after this, it will be fairly obvious what their motives are.

You say, you’ll do this even if your book makes no. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list? Yeah, THAT’S RIGHT! I’m not giving those Jesuits an inch. They stink.

The Jesuits expect my book to make the bestseller list and they want to turn this to their legal advantage. I won’t let them. I don’t give a flip about fame. I think fame is the curse of mankind. However, I wrote a beautiful book and those who want to read it for the right reasons, deserve a chance. But those who want to read it or publicize it for the wrong reasons–I’m not helping them out A BIT.

XXX1/2–G.S. (2-10-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (2-10-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (2-10-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (2-10-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 2-10-04
Place: Melbourne, FL