Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (2-12-2004)

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2-12-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

There is some weird tractor outside my home, making a lot of noise– as I type the CONSPIRACY LAWS which make it possible for extortion victims to make EXTORTION STATEMENTS and to present their cases on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. Check out who is driving this tractor and if he/she is guilty (or an extortion victim), take care of them according to the CONSPIRACY LAWS. Time now is 1 p.m.

The following bracketed section is a reprint from my legal document (Sect. 13 of General 666-Computer Laws). I would like the following bracketed section to be aired on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS and mention that I am the one who wrote it:

[[People must understand the nature of the Jesuits. There is likely to be more harm done and more chances of death to oneself or one’s family if one cooperates with Jesuits. The reason for this is because the Jesuits have only one goal when they enlist cooperation from anyone, and that is to strengthen their legal case in order to commit more murders. THEY NEED MURDERS TO START WARS. THEY NEED WARS TO BUILD THEIR EMPIRE.]]

[[Jesuits are killers, but they are afraid of bad press and of the bad press they will suffer if their deeds are EXPOSED and especially if their legal arguments are presented to the world as the sham that they are. Giving in to Jesuits actually increases the chances of harm coming to oneself or to one’s family. And Jesuits have a PERFECT MEMORY. Once you cooperate with them (in any matter), they always remember and can pull it up later (to use against you or your family); that is– if they need to murder you or your family (and, of course you made it so easy for them because you cooperated with them by strengthening their legal case) and so, you– the nobody little cog– (Jesuits are very arrogant–you are of no value to them unless you help them in their goals)–well, your cooperation may be the incident they need to help them orchestrate a murder conspiracy, in order to start wars so THEY CAN TAKEOVER THE WORLD AND SET UP THEIR EMPIRE–that’s because all Jesuit conspiracies are designed to strengthen the Jesuits’ legal case in order to pave the way for murders and wars and kingdom building. ]]

[[Jesuits murder, to eliminate their opponents–because Jesuits feel they have a God-given right to set up a Jesuit-run Catholic mongrel dictatorsip over the whole world. Jesuits are KINGDOM BUILDERS and all KINGDOM BUILDERS ARE BLOODY KILLERS. Jesuits don’t care about individual rights; they are cold, calculating and brilliant empire builders and people are cogs in their schemes. If you allow them to use you as a cog to strengthen their legal arguments, THEY WILL, and it may mean your death (if it’s ever convenient for a Jesuit to kill you). They’re worried about their legal arguments because if they can’t come up with good legal cover-ups for their murderous schemes, THEN THAT MEANS THEY MAY SUFFER BAD PRESS. THIS GIVES THEM A HEART ATTACK. THE NUMBER ONE THING JESUITS ARE SCARED OF IS BAD PRESS. People think because the Jesuits don’t kill them right away, that they’re safe–but Jesuits are long range planners.]]

[[They may use the wonderful cooperation you gave them, three or more years after you gave them the wonderful cooperation–after you’ve forgotten all about it. JESUITS NEVER FORGET–THEY HAVE A PERFECT MEMORY. You’re nothing to them, but a “cog”–a little nobody, as they build their majestic and brilliant JESUIT EMPIRE. If they think your death will help them build their marvelous kingdom–you’re a goner. They might think twice about killing you, if they think they might get bad press from the incident, though. . . But, if you helped them out, they might be able to negate the bad press they might receive from your death with their brilliant legal arguments, because that was their sole purpose for enlisting cooperation from you in the first place (so they could bolster their legal arguments when they kill you and make themselves look innocent). They’ll wipe their dirty, bloody mouth and feign outrage at your murder and you made it so easy for them by giving them the legal clout to kill you–IT’S STUPID TO COOPERATE WITH JESUITS.]]

[[You might think, “But I’ll die for sure if I don’t cooperate with them.” You might die if you don’t cooperate with them–that is true——–, but you probably will DIE FOR SURE IF YOU DO. It’s just that Jesuits aren’t stupid, they’ll wait a couple years before they kill you. See Loree McBride’s case and what happened to her. See what she got for her wonderful cooperation with Jesuits. Take your pick–serve Jesuits or serve HONOR. And when they kill you or your family, just think how glorious you and your family’s memory will be: you and your family died as a traitor who helped out killers.]]

The Jesuits went on a killing rampage yesterday. Many of those killed, were people who had cooperated with Jesuits in the past (see my comments above). Some of the people, we were not able to get FINANCIAL HISTORIES on them.

Nevertheless, I never would have wished the death of any of these people. Most of these were people who I had communicated (or dealt with) in the past–like a former student, one of my dentists, the psychologist who testified against me in my divorce, etc. I had no hard feelings toward any of these people who were murdered and feel those Jesuits who killed these people MUST RECEIVE THE DEATH PENALTY IMMEDIATELY and we must broadcast to the whole world that these Jesuit killers have been executed. I instructed Vladimir to give those PLPs who murdered so heedlessly yesterday– the death penalty– and to do it immediately–that is, after these killers make their CONFESSION STATEMENTS. Those Jesuit conspirators must give CONFESSION STATEMENTS and then afterwards we would immediately execute them. On RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS we will mention the names of those PLPs who were executed and when they were executed. We must carry out these executions to show our outrage at these murders which were commited by Jesuits. We have no choice but to execute these killers right away or else we will create the impression that we secretly supported the murders. I believe the method that was used for most of the murders was 666-Computer induced heart attack.

Unfortunately, a lot of my CONSPIRACY LAWS are not being enforced and I am working on toughening up my laws to require reporting and accountability, so that my laws can be better enforced. This is a big problem and so the Jesuits are still able to carry out crimes.

I have also written new laws to deal with this rash of murders which occurred yesterday–in the hopes, that we can clamp down on those people who don’t enforce our laws, but should. See my new laws (written today and yesterday). Check the end of my legal documents for the new laws. I made the new laws in 666-Computer Laws for PLPs and General 666-Computer Laws.

I’d like to say that I feel this whole gay marriage outrage has been orchestrated by Jesuits, from people on both sides of the argument. The Jesuits need a good fight to start wars and riots and build up their kingdom.

XXXX–G.S. (2-12-04)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 2-12-04
Place: Melbourne, FL