Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (2-13-2004)

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2-13-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir tells me (via 666-Computer) that Bill O’Reilly of FOX News has been hit with a defamation lawsuit by the Jesuits, in which the Jesuits claim that Bill O’Reilly endorsed my novel Silver Skies in order to defame the Jesuits and to unduly draw attention to the Jesuits negatively.

If the Jesuits follow through on this lawsuit, all parties to the lawsuit will have their FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL and CONSPIRACY HISTORIES presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS throughout the lawsuit proceedings (from the beginning of the lawsuit until the end of the lawsuit). And the lawsuit will be publicly broadcast on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. Significant highlights from the case will be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS, until the case is finished. Also, all questions from all trials (related to this case) will be subjected to 666-Computer lie detection.

I’ll be one of the 1st lawyers on the case. I have some questions to ask the lawyers who represent the Jesuits and I want their answers to these questions to be subjected to 666-Computer lie detection (the 666-Computer lie-detection results will be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS). Here are the questions:

1) Why bring this case against FOX News? Bill O’Reilly also works for Russian Broadcast News and this is probably why he endorsed Silver Skies, so why have you brought this case against FOX News?

2) Why haven’t you sued RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS?

3) Do you believe Russian Broadcast News and FOX News have similar news philosophies?

3a) Will you admit that Russian Broadcast News and FOX News have different philosophies?

If lie-detection confirms that they admit the 2 news organizations have different philosophies, then the next question is this:

4) If you know that Russian Broadcast News is different in its approach to news than FOX News, then why are you dragging FOX News into this case?

5) Will you admit that Bill O’Reilly has beliefs and philosophies that are different from FOX News?

6) Will you admit that Bill O’Reilly seriously considered quitting FOX News and coming to work for Russian Broadcast News because of some of the difference in philosophies between FOX News and Russian Broadcast News?

7) Why are you so sensitive about a work of FICTION? Are you admitting that the villains in Silver Skies operate just like you? Is this the problem?

All questioning in this case will be subjected to 666-Computer lie-detection and full 666-Computer lie detection results for all questioning in this case will be available on the Russian Broadcast News website. Significant 666-Computer lie-detection highlights from this case will be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

My response to this ridiculous lawsuit is to have Pope John Paul II endorse my novel Silver Skies. As I stated in my car today, I completed about 98% of my work on Silver Skies in 1996. This was before I knew that the Vatican or the Jesuits were my enemy. At that time, I thought my enemy was Loree McBride or some Hollywood group (which revolved around her). I never figured out until Dec. 1999, that my enemy was the Vatican.

However, Vladimir and I consider Pope John Paul II to be our friend. He has offered us excellent support in this war against terrorism. Pope John Paul II no longer cooperates with the Jesuit Order.

When I wrote Silver Skies my goal was to write an awesome love story, my main goal was not to expose the Vatican or the Jesuits. I was aware that there was corruption in the country’s government and I hoped that I might be able to address this on some level, but I primarily wanted to write an awesome love story–that’s why I continually watched The Thornbirds as I worked on Silver Skies. I chose to use the Vatican as my villain in Silver Skies because I felt the Vatican would make an interesting villain, and I believed (and still do) that the future Beast (or 666) will be a Pope. However, I don’t feel that Pope John Paul II is 666 or the Beast. I think it’s going to be another Pope–it will probably be a Jesuit Pope, but maybe not. However, I think 666 will be a Pope.

I realize now in looking at my Silver Skies manuscript, that some of the stuff I came up with was so brilliant that it was an accurate reflection of what is happening right now. I discussed a lot of this in my car today. You can use any taped recordings of myself (from my car) on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. I must be a genius–I mean some of the stuff I came up with is so uncannily similar to what we are dealing with right now. I just used my imagination when I wrote most of the book (from 1992 to 1996)–I had no idea how close my book would be to very significant current events which are taking place right now. In fact, my inspiration for Silver Skies was the novel The Thornbirds. I patterned Dor Ben Habakkuk somewhat after the Catholic priest Ralph DeBriccassart (not sure of spelling) and I patterned Brianna somewhat after Meggie. I used to watch The Thornbirds over and over as I wrote Silver Skies, because The Thornbirds was my inspiration for Silver Skies. I wanted to write a mainstream romance (which is what The Thornbirds is).

After I read the novel, The Thornbirds, I fell in love with it and immediately went to a video store to see the miniseries. I was so in love with this story that I patterned Silver Skies after it, even giving my main character a name that had a feel like the name “Ralph DeBriccassart”. If you analyze my HISTORY (via 666-Computer) you will see that it is true that I watched The Thornbirds over and over as I worked on Silver Skies. I chose to make my lead character a religious leader because Dor Ben Habakkuk is somewhat patterned after Ralph DeBriccassart.

I would classify Silver Skies as a mainstream romantic fantasy. The ending to Silver Skies will be a strong fantasy ending. When I say fantasy, I am referring to the genre of my novel. The Lord of the Rings belongs to the fantasy genre. However, I wanted Silver Skies to be a strong mainstream romance, so I really played down the fantasy element and will only bring it up strongly towards the end of the book. The Thornbirds is a mainstream romance with no fantasy element, and I wanted to create the same feel with my book, so I really played down the fantasy element in Silver Skies–I wanted the romance in Silver Skies to be in the mainstream romance style because this is what I like to read.

My goal was to write a book which are like the books I like to read. I want all my comments in today’s statement about how, why and when I wrote Silver Skies (and what I said about Silver Skies in my car today) to be read on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS and I want all my comments about Silver Skies (in today’s statements–whether those comments were in my car or in this document) to be evaluated by 666-Computer lie-detection and for those lie-detection results to be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

An E-mail address that people might be able to use to submit EXTORTION STATEMENTS (see yesterday’s statement) to is defattru@erols.com. This is the E-mail address for the Office of Defense at the U.S. Russian Embassy.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 2-13-04
Place: Melbourne, FL