Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (2-14-2004)

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2-14-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I would like to give the world some clues about the rest of Silver Skies. These are the scenes which I haven’t written yet. The clues to the end of my book are all underlined and I want all these UNDERLINED clues broadcast on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS and mentioned on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS’ website☛ In the ending there will be a rapture, a marriage supper of the Lamb, a Battle of Armageddon and the beginning of the Jewish (or Israeli) millenial reign of Jesus Christ. If you have any questions about what the previous underlined terms mean, ask Dr. Peter S. Ruckman, who is an expert in the Bible.

In fact, Dr. Peter Ruckman can explain what the terms “rapture”, “marriage supper of the Lamb”, “the battle of Armageddon” and the “Jewish 1,000 year reign of Jesus Christ” all mean on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. And maybe on the RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS website, Dr. Ruckman can write a special section (kind of like an encyclopedia entry) which thoroughly defines each of these Biblical concepts. I would recommend that Dr. Ruckman do this, so that our lawyers and law enforcement persons can more easily identify those who may be trying to make a conspiracy over any of these Biblical concepts (which will be used in my novel’s ending). The rapture, the battle of Armageddon, the marriage supper of the Lamb, and the Jewish millenial reign are all in the King James Bible. Please have Dr. Peter S. Ruckman broadcast and educate the world about these clues (to the ending of Silver Skies) on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS–so that, hopefully, this may discourage Jesuits from attempting to make conspiracies which revolve around my novel’s ending. Please also broadcast that I decided I would use these Biblical concepts in my novel’s ending around 2001 and 2002. The concepts for Silver Skies’ ending kind of mulled around in my mind from 2001 to 2003, so it’s not something I just thought of recently. This is important (from a legal perspective) because the Jesuits may claim I came up with these concepts recently to frame them or some other such nonsense. I will say some more about the ending: the battle of Armageddon will be part of the book’s climax; and if the book is made into a movie, I’d like for the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky (or some variation of it) to be played during the battle of Armageddon scene. The song I’ll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time will be played at the very end of the movie, if this book is ever made into a film. I will also have this theme song, I’ll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time at the end of my book. I’ll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time is the book’s theme song. The book will end with a watershed scene, like the watershed scene at the beginning of the book.

The reason I want to give clues about the ending is because I’m already seeing Jesuits trying to make a conspiracy over some aspects of Silver Skies’ ending. Now that I’ve mentioned essential components of the end of the book, if anyone tries to make a conspiracy out of these, we can nail them as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR and arrest them for drawing attention to my ethnography.

I’m not sure if I’m imagining things, but, it appears, that the bestseller lists (and any mention of books–period–) have been missing from the newspaper for the past week. If the Jesuits plan to reintroduce the bestseller lists (and/or a mention of books) ON THE DAY MY BOOK MAKES THE LIST, this will be considered an attempt to draw attention to my ethnography and will result in the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to anyone who willingly, knowingly and deliberately is (directly or indirectly) involved in such an attempt. The bestseller lists should be treated in a completely normal manner and should not be manipulated in any manner to draw undue attention to Silver Skies; and any willing, deliberate and knowing attempt by anyone to draw attention to the bestseller lists in order to draw undue attention to Silver Skies or to my ethnography, will result in the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator.

I have observed a lack of sound reasoning abilities in my mother in the past week, though she has had tendencies in this direction for years–but it’s getting worse. Vladimir tells me that the 666-Computer has been used to wreck my mother’s brain so that she is currently emotionally and mentally unstable. He’s working on the problem and from what I understand, it’s quite a mess. Apparently, the Jesuits have messed with her 666-Computer program so that it has several loopholes, which allow many programs (which should be blocked) to be executed. Vladimir is currently working on fixing the big mess in her 666-Computer program. Most of the mess is centered on controlling and manipulating her reasoning abilities and her emotional state. We just discovered this because of my new laws regarding MANDATORY BLOCKED PROGRAMS (see Sect. 52 updates from 666-Computer Laws for PLPs). It appears that some of these loopholes allow Jesuits to illegally manipulate my mother’s reasoning and emotions (using satellite and 666-Computer technology). I want a CONSPIRACY HISTORY done on Vladimir to determine whether he was aware that my mother had these loopholes in her programming and whether this revelation (about the loopholes in the MANDATORY BLOCKED PROGRAMS) was a surprise to him. I’m afraid the Jesuits are going to claim he did this on purpose to her to ruin her brain, so that he could frame the Jesuits with what the Jesuits did to her brain. I don’t believe Vladimir has ever deliberately tried to harm me, my mother or Bill Fuller. I think my mother’s current confused and manipulated state is a product of Jesuit manipulation of her brain through illegal 666-Computer (and satellite) activities.

There are some loopholes in my 666-Computer programming and in Bill Fuller’s programming that need to be addressed. Vladimir is working on these problems now. It appears the MANDATORY BLOCKED PROGRAMS need to be rewritten for a lot of SIGNIFICANT PERSONs. (See my new updated laws in Sect. 52 of 666-Computer Laws for PLPs). I have written new laws to address this problem because it appears some MANDATORY BLOCKED PROGRAMS have been deliberately written to allow Jesuits to maintain illegal 666-Computer control over persons.

Again, do a CONSPIRACY HISTORY on Vladimir Putin and the head Jesuit to see if either of these men knew all along about these problems. I want the results of Vladimir and the head Jesuit’s CONSPIRACY HISTORY (which I’ve requested in this paragraph) to be broadcast on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. We will also ask Vladimir Putin and the head Jesuit questions regarding whether they knew all along about this problem. Read the next section:

I want Vladimir and the head of the Jesuits to be interviewed on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS and for the person who interviews Vladimir Putin and the head of the Jesuits to ask Vladimir (and the head of the Jesuits) the questions in the next 5 numbered paragaphs. Vladimir and the Jesuit head will be under 666-Computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection as they answer these questions. It may be helpful to define what a MANDATORY BLOCKED PROGRAM is, before the questions are asked. See Sect. 52 of 666-Computer Laws for PLPs. Here are the questions:

1) Were you aware (before this week) that Bill Fuller, Misao Fuller and Gail Schuler’s
666-Computer programs had serious loopholes (which would allow CONSPIRACY LAW violators to have illegal 666-Computer control over them) because these MANDATORY BLOCKED PROGRAMS for Gail, Bill and Misao were deliberately written to allow these loopholes?

2) In fact, were you aware (before this week) that there were any MANDATORY BLOCKED PROGRAMs anywhere that had serious loopholes (which would allow CONSPIRACY LAW violators to have illegal 666-Computer control over persons) because these programs were deliberately written to allow these loopholes?

3) Are there any serious problems (that are unknown to the general public) with the
666-Computer laws that need to be addressed in order for these laws to be effective in preventing illegal or harmful 666-Computer activities against innocent persons?

If Vladimir or the head Jesuit answer “yes” to question 3 (or if lie-detection reveals that the answer is “yes”), then the next question will be–

4) Can these problems be fixed or can laws be written (or rewritten) to fix these problems?

If Vladimir or the head Jesuit answer “yes” to question 4 (or of lie-detection reveals that the answer is “yes”), then the next question will be–

5) Can you tell us what we can do to fix these problems?

The results of the 666-Computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection for these 5 questions will be presented during (or right after) Vladimir and the Jesuit head answer these questions on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. Anyone who deliberately, knowing and willingly presents any false, misleading, incomplete or inaccurate 666-Computer lie-detection or amnesia results regarding the honesty of Vladimir Putin or the head Jesuit’s response to these questions, will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.

In the meanwhile, Vladimir, I need some money. Try to get some to me. I’m not sure my mother has the sanity or autonomy to take care of my needs right now. And I can’t get money from Bill Fuller.

I’m very tired. I need some sleep. Jesuits are on a 666-Computer rampage. They hate my book, Silver Skies and they have been attacking me quite a bit. Vladimir is working on fixing the MANDATORY BLOCKED PROGRAMS over persons, because these programs are an area which we have just recently found out are still a Jesuit stronghold. Jesuits seem to have all sorts of “hidden cards” (when it comes to 666-Computer and satellite technology). It may be because they invented the 666-Computer and criminal satellite technology and we didn’t. So it’s easy for them to outsmart us with 666-Computer and criminal satellite technology.

If Silver Skies is made into a film, it can be advertised and promoted like all films are. However, there is to be no mention that Gail Schuler is Gabrielle Chana. Anyone who deliberately, knowingly and wiilingly advertises that Gabrielle Chana is Gail Schuler will get the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR. I love to write a great story, but I hate the fame. I’m used to fame, but I don’t like it. Let my story speak for itself and KEEP ME OUT OF THE PUBLICITY. I want my PEN NAME used in any credits mentioned in the film or in any advertising. I don’t recommend that Silver Skies go into production as a film until the screenplay is written. I studied screenwriting on my own in 1991 and 1992, but I have forgotten a lot and would really like to have all my writing books from Seattle (if I could get them). When I wrote Silver Skies, I had a voluminous writing library, about 100 or more files (of research just for this novel). I also put some of my scene descriptions on videotape. I need my videos, my books, my files–this would really help me. I had a shelf of writing instruction books (from the ceiling to the floor). I couldn’t afford to move my stuff, so I lost these books. This is a real heartache to me.

From a legal perspective, it would be wiser to let the book stay on the bestseller lists for awhile before the book is made into a film or else the studio may get hit with some Jesuit lawsuit (in which the Jesuits will claim that the studio knew all along the story would make the bestseller list and that the studio was in some sort of conspiracy against the Jesuits).

Vladimir has told me that a major Hollywood producer has already signed a deal with him for a movie. But that this producer has told me to take my time in writing the ending to the story. I told Vladimir I am very picky about my stories’ endings and it may take awhile before I am finished. Endings are what I do best. I love the wrap-ups. But I’m also very perfectionistic about them because I care a lot about my endings. I’m not going to work on my writing until I get paid some sort of advance, because I don’t have time and I can’t concentrate on writing when I have to worry about money all the time, and I don’t think it’s wise for me to work on my writing in front of my mom and step-dad. Jesuits have really blockaded me from working on Silver Skies. I think this was their goal all along.

I don’t trust Hollywood, but this particular producer has a very good reputation and Vladimir tells me this producer has clean 666-Computer HISTORIES. And I feel that this producer’s motives for wanting to make my story into a film is to honor my story and its theme, and not to turn it into a solely commercial venture. I never wrote Silver Skies for money. This story is very personal to me and is like a calling–this story has to be right and it has to be beautiful and meaningful. My goal is to write a story that will bring meaning and purpose to people’s lives–a story that will (maybe) change this world (somewhat) for the better. It is not my goal to be rich or famous or powerful or to have my name in lights. My greatest satisfaction in writing comes from writing a story that reaches people’s hearts and maybe makes them a little better. I almost decided not to release this story to the American public, because I thought maybe Americans would be too shallow to like a love story like this. I’m not too impressed with American love stories. There is a strong foreign style to the lovemaking in my story, though Americans reading it may not be aware of it. I waited 8 years after I finished it, before I released it to the American public. It was released in Germany and Russia last year. The Germans and Russians loved it.

Actually, I’m very surprised that Hollywood came knocking so soon. As far as I know, my book has only been released in Washington state. This book I wrote is the kind of book I WOULD LOVE TO READ (my goal was always to write what I love to read) and it has some deep and heavy Biblical truth in it–for this reason, I thought Hollywood would be too shallow to be interested in this type of story–though the story is not preachy and my characters are not high and lofty, because THAT IS A BORE–but my protagonist characters are very human and they are heroic and big people (the kind of characters I like to read). So, I have to say, this particular Hollywood producer has surprised me. I’ve always felt American love stories are too glittery and shallow and I wanted to write something with more layers and depth and create characters that aren’t your typical glamour guy or girl as lead characters in a romance. I hate the Harlequin type of romance and was determined to write something different. I imitated the foreign romance writers.

I’ve heard that the Australian writer Colleen McCullough has agreed to be one of the main writers in my story’s screenplay. I greatly admire this writer’s style and am surprised she agreed to the project. This is a good sign that the movie which will be made will be of very high quality–so I give my consent to this Hollywood project. Now I need some money so I can focus on my writing again. I can’t write, if I can’t eat. I need to polish up a bit on my writing–I’m kind of rusty–but it will come back to me. Colleen McCullough is an Australian Catholic writer who wrote The Thornbirds. I am honored that she is interested in helping me to write the screenplay for my story. I think she will be a real asset. I have great respect for the work she did on The Thornbirds. She refused to have anything to do with the Hollywood version of The Thornbirds. In fact, I think this is the first Hollywood project she’s ever agreed to. Like me, she isn’t too impressed with Hollywood. So, it looks like the people who will be working on my story (in Hollywood) really care about creating a high quality production and not just some commercialistic trash–so I give my consent (despite my reservations about Hollywood).

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 2-14-04
Place: Melbourne, FL