Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (2-17-2004)

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2-17-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

As far as Mel Gibson’s film about the last days of Christ, I have never seen it. But some of the footage which I have seen of this film on the news, seems to suggest that it overemphasizes and glories in Christ’s death. The Bible places the emphasis, not on Christ’s death, but on His resurrection. I don’t think God wants to glorify the suffering that Christ went through on the cross (Why would God revel in the suffering of His Son?). Instead, God would want us to focus on the horribleness of our sins which caused such a horrible death and on the power of forgiveness in the blood which flowed on the cross (which was wrought to us by Christ’s death) and on the power of the resurrection (which this film seems to have missed–so I do not recommend this film for viewing–it’s priorities seem to be in the wrong place). So, it appears to me, that this film has an unscriptural emphasis regarding Christ’s sacrifice for our sins. You see, if Jesus Christ didn’t rise again from the dead, his horrible death would be the biggest joke of all time. His death means nothing, if Jesus Christ wasn’t God when He died. He proved He was God, because He rose again from the dead and is currently seated at the right hand of His Father in heaven. It’s OK to show His gruesome death, as long as that ISN’T THE FOCUS OF THE FILM. I’d show the gruesome death of Christ, but I wouldn’t dwell on it–I’d move on and emphasize the power of the Christ’s resurrection and the power of forgiveness because of Christ’s blood shed on the cross as the payment for our sins.

Let’s respect God in this matter. If that was YOUR SON, would you want a whole film that glorified the suffering your son went through?

For instance, in my Battle of Armageddon scene in Silver Skies, the blood shed in this war (according to the Bible) is like a high river (it goes to the horse’s bridles). However, in this scene (when I write it) I will not focus on the river of blood; but instead, will focus on how this blood (which will be from those criminals who tormented the earth), cleanses the earth from the suffering which had been inflicted by those (whose blood will be shed in the battle of Armageddon).

And then in the next scene, the blood will be totally gone and there will be a new earth with justice and a righteous leader (the Jewish Messiah, the son of David, Jesus Christ, on the throne in Jerusalem).

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 2-17-04
Place: Melbourne, FL