Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (6-26-2003)

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6-26-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I would like to state that the Jesuits supplied the blank page for this document for me before I entered the WordPerfect commands to pull up a blank page. They are anticipating my moves (by reading my mind via the 666-computer) and then programming WordPerfect to do what I had THOUGHT ABOUT DOING before I enter the commands to carry out that function. I have seen the BOLD (under Format) already marked for me and set up, BEFORE I HAD A CHANCE TO GO INTO FORMAT TO ALTER FROM NORMAL TO BOLD lettering. One thing I don’t appreciate is how they are messing with the capitalization function and causing capital letters to appear where I don’t want them. I have been ignoring this and just letting it go, unless the capitalization is REAL DISTRACTION and needs to be fixed.

The 666-Computer has been keeping me up at night and I’ve been tired the past several days.

In Song of Solomon 8:11, the thousand pieces of silver may be mentioned here because I dedicated my novel Silver Skies to Brent Spiner (who God seems to indicate will be my husband in the 1,000 year Jewish kingdom–future).

LOREE almost spells like WHORE. I’ve noticed in my personal Bible study recently, that God places an emphasis on W’s and H’s a lot. First off, I’d like to say that I believe towards the end of Loree’s life, that God reached her, and she became a born again Christian. However, previous to her conversion, she was a whore and she served the Jesuits. I define a whore as a woman who sells her body to men she does not love with the motive of MATERIAL GAIN. This was Loree. She did not love Brent Spiner.

You might say, “How could any woman not love Brent? He’s such a sweet guy.” Well, we could say the same thing about Laci Peterson. She seemed like a sweet girl. Criminals have no respect for nice people. They just think nice people are naive suckers that can be manipulated.

Brent was extorted into a relationship with Loree through clever Jesuit manipulation. The Jesuits tried to use Loree to break up my communication with Brent. So, it appears, the Jesuits gave her a fit name. You might say, God was awful mean to allow her to be murdered, if she changed at the end of her life. I don’t claim to be God or to understand all He does. I do know there’s a principle of sowing and reaping in this life and you can’t live years and years in sin and not reap the results in your life, even if you repent. When King David commited adultery and murder, he repented, but boy did he suffer the results of that sin–in all types of intrigues and murders and deception in his own family and through his son Absalom. So, you see, we should not take sin lightly. It is a deadly poison and not a laughing matter. Maybe God, in mercy, allowed Loree to be killed to spare her suffering in this life. And this truly may have been a mercy killing, because if Loree was a born again Christian when she died, SHE’S IN HEAVEN NOW AND SHE DOESN’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT JESUITS UP THERE. Maybe God knew that the Jesuits would not tolerate her conversion if she had stayed alive and that she would have had to endure unbearable pressure from Jesuits.

In December 1996 (12/96), TWENTY years after the 200th anniversary of the U.S., I believe LOREE (the Jesuit sponsored whore) tried to seduce Franco Nero in London, England. I saw Vladimir in London yesterday on the news. I deduced that Loree tried to seduce Franco Nero from internet photos I studied at the time. I am a genius at reading faces. She did this while she claimed to be Brent Spiner’s girlfriend. See my earlier statements. So, the number 20 is associated with INFIDELITY. Loree (the Jesuit WHORE, tried to seduce FrancO NerO in DECEMBER 1996–20 years after the 200th birthday of the U.S.) See yesterday’s statement. Because I had transferred my affections from Brent to Franco in Aug. 1996, the Jesuits felt it necessary to now target Franco (via their agent, Loree) and so they instructed Loree to target Franco, with the goal of cutting off my communication with Brent by targeting Franco, that’s why she tried to seduce Franco in Dec. 1996. Eventually, they resorted to more violent measures to try and cut off my communication with Brent and Franco (trying to burn my house down and make me think it had to do with Loree), when they discovered how emotionally tough I am and that I am not a jealous or suspicious person and that I was too shrewd to believe that Brent or Franco were Hollywood playboys only. I saw emotional depth in Brent and Franco’s eyes, so the Jesuits could not succeed in making me so disgusted with Brent and Franco that I would cut them out of my life. See my previous statements.

Recall it was DECEMBER 1999, when God revealed to me that my enemy was ROME.

Putin, in English pronunciation, is pronounced like POOT-en. The 2nd syllable is pronounced like how English speaking people say the letter “N”. This is why God omitted the extra “N” from “Mattanah” in Numbers 21:18, 19.

Prince Charles relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles show what happens when public opinion and protocol become more important than THE HEART. I support Charles in his love for Camilla and think their relationship should be treated as legitimate. Camilla (like myself with Vladimir Putin) does not love Charles for his prestige or position, and, for this reason, I support her all the more. I think Diana was a beautiful woman, a victim of circumstances, who ended up in a loveless marriage, not because Charles was a bad person, but because Diana and Charles were incompatible and allowed themselves to be pressured into a loveless marriage. One should always be TRUE TO THE HEART ABOVE PROTOCOL. However, I have great respect for Camilla, who, obviously, despite public censure, has loved Charles deeply over the years; and had the courage to support him and to buck censure to do so. As is true of all great lovers, she was more concerned about the welfare of her lover than IN HER REPUTATION. For this generosity of heart and genuine concern for her lover, I commend her. To be a great lover when in a high profile relationship (like Charles and Camilla) when you’re against the accepted protocol of the times, takes a magnanimous heart and great courage. Camilla has risen above the pettiness of the high profile life and realizes where life’s true values lie.

I bring all this up now because Prince Charles met Vladimir at the Heathrow airport and I appreciate the kindness the English royal family shows to Vladimir at this time in Vladimir’s life. I have always felt that Prince Charles and Camilla have been victims of unfair press coverage; and since Charles now supports Vladimir, this is my opportunity to defend Prince Charles and Camilla. I also offer my condolences to the English royal family over the recent death of their queen “mother”. When this great lady passed away, it was a loss to the world and to England.

You might say, you’re just saying all this to make a good impression. Anybody who’s read my statements thus far, should know me better than that. This is how I genuinely feel. I am truly honored that Vladimir has a friend in the English royal family. I am happy for Vladimir and proud of the English royals for their “royal” behavior. I’m always pleased when I observe honor, in any form. And for the English royals to stand behind Vladimir at this time, reinforces my belief that royalty is not dead and is an institution to be honored.

I’m not very good at being a phony. Maybe because of all my royal blood, I have a subconscious understanding of royal families. I feel a lot of pride in my heart toward the English royal family right now and wanted to let them know how much I appreciate their honorable deportment in their handling of Vladimir. I can see why God used an English royal family to produce the King James Bible, which is the greatest masterpiece this world has ever seen. Queen Victoria of England and King James 1 were some of the greatest leaders this world has ever seen.

I will be guessing on some of the meanings to the names in Numbers 21, and I could be wrong. However, these are intelligent guesses meant to give insights into our present times. The following passages need to be read in conjunction with the King James Bible passages mentioned, in order to get the full impact and meaning. After studying the passages in Numbers 21, I have developed the following interpretations for the following names. So please read Numbers 21 with my interpretations in mind. It makes for interesting reading. These are the names and my interpretations for our present time:

Sihon: The Jesuit leader of the WHORE, who is obsessed with Spiner and Putin (Sihon).

Amorites: the WHORE, which alliterates like AMORites.

Israel: Myself and those who support me.

Jahaz and Jaazer: Japan and Asia

Jabbok: from Japan to Baghdad’s Iraq (this total area).

Ammon: the Americas, including North, Central and South America.

Heshbon: Hitler’s Berlin, which used to be the city (headquarters) for the Jesuit general during WWII.

Moab: Communist or Soviet Moscow

Arnon: Russia

Ar: Russia

Chemosh: the Chechen rebels and Chechnya.

Dibon: the new name for Hitler’s Berlin to replace the name Heshbon, Heshbon is now called David’s Berlin or Dibon, because the German people currently support ME (the descendant of David).

Nophah: the Polish pope and Putin

Medeba: new name for Moscow, to replace the name Moab, because Moscow is no longer communist, but honors my ancestor David. It’s gone from Baal worship to David worship, the worship of the royal line of David.

Bashan: Brazil and South America

Og: remnants of communist Russia, because Russia in the Bible is called Gog.

Edrei: an amalgamation of Egypt, Russia, Rome, and King David’s influence.

Moses: David woman’s leaders

Numbers 21:21–(6) Sihon (Spiner and Putin without the P? The “put” sound is missing, because Sihon symbolizes the leadership of the WHORE. You see, Sihon, does not want me to have the “put” sound in my last name)(10) AMORites (WHORE, LOREE). [TOTAL: 11]

Numbers 21:22–(1)Let (2) me (3) pass (4) through (5) thy (6) land: (7) we (8) will (9) not (10) turn (11) into (12) the (13) fields, (14) or (15) into (16) the (17) vineyards; (18) we (19) will (20) not (23) drink (24) of (25) the (26) waters (27) of (28) the (29) well: (30) but (31) we (32) will (33) go (34) along (35) by (36) the (37) king’s (38) highway, (39) until (40) we (41) be (42) past (43) thy (44) borders. [TOTAL: 44]

Numbers 21:23–(14) gathered, (17) people together.

Num. 21:24–[TOTAL: 34] Cf. To Gen. 32:22 regarding Jabbok, where Jacob’s 11 sons are mentioned.

Numbers 21:25–(6) cities, (13) cities. [TOTAL: 24] Notice “H” emphasis in Heshbon. God emphasizes the H and W sounds. Notice that the English pronuncation for WHORE, leaves off the W sound (silent W) and it is pronounced like HORE. This indicates that the WHORE downplays or tries to hide her W or Whorish activities. Refer back to my LOREE comments.

I will replace the Bible names with the definitions I came up with for the names. I may be wrong in my interpretation.

Numbers 21:26–My interpretation: For Hitler’s Berlin was the city of the Jesuit General, the king of the Whore, who had fought against the former king of Moscow, and taken all his land out of his hand, even unto Russia. Notice the “S” sounds in this passage. The Pope in charge of the Vatican during this time period was called PIUS.

HISTORICAL NOTE: It was in 1917 that Russia became communist. The Russian imperial family was murdered in 1918. Cf. To Rev. 17 and 18. So, in 1917, the AMORite (WHORE) king took Ar (Russia), that’s why he’s described as having fought against the former king of the Moabites or Moscow. Jack Chick has documented evidence to show that it was JESUITS who orchestrated the murder, in 1918, of the Russian imperial family.

Numbers 21:27–(6) proverbs, (9) Heshbon, (14) Sihon. [TOTAL: 19] My interpretation: Wherefore they that speak in proverbs (I read proverbs every day) say, Come into Hitler’s Berlin, let the city of the Jesuit General be built and prepared:

I believe this is God’s way of saying that He now honors Berlin or Germany and wants it built and prepared. Notice He will change its name to Dibon later in this passage. God mentions this in v. 27 to indicate that He rewards Germany for her support of the #27 marriage between Putin and the David woman.

Numbers 21:28–(9) Heshbon, (11) flame, (14) city, (22) Moab, (31) Arnon.–”For there is a fire gone out of Hitler’s Berlin, a flame from the city of the Jesuit General: it hath consumed Russia of Moscow, and the lords of the high places of Russia.” The 31 woman has conquered the heart of the lords of the high places of Arnon (Putin). Also, a “German” sits on the throne in Russia: PUTIN.

Cf. To Numbers 21:11 & 12. Moscow used to be MOAB (heathen), but because of 9-11, she is now the Zared in v. 12 (because of the influence of the David woman). She is now called Zared (back to the Czars).

Numbers 21:29–”Woe to thee, Moscow! thou art undone, O people of Chechnya: he hath given his sons that escaped, and his daughters, into captivity unto the Jesuit General king of the Whore.”

The Chechen rebels are remnants of communist Russia (MOAB), and these serve the WHORE.

Numbers 21:30–”We have shot at them; Hitler’s Berlin is perished even unto David’s Berlin, and we have laid them waste even unto the Polish Pope and Putin, which reacheth unto David’s Moscow.” Interpretation: The David woman’s influence has transformed Germany, Putin and Pope John Paul and Moscow, so that the remnants of Hitler have been transformed.

NEW PARAGRAPH. Notice this is v. 31. Cf. To Prov. 31. Numbers 21:31–”Thus the David woman’s influence dwelt in the land of the Whore.”

Numbers 21:32–”And the David woman’s leaders sent out to spy out from Japan to Asia, and they took the villages thereof, and drove out the Whore’s followers that were there.”

Numbers 21:33–(11) BaSHan (notice the strong H sound, which indicates the Whore’s influence is strong in Brazil and South America)–”And they turned and went up by the way of Brazil and South America: and remnants of communist Russia, the king of Brazil and South America went out against them, he, and all his people, to the convoluted battle manipulated by forces of Egypt, Russia, Rome, and the David woman.”

Read the rest of the chapter. I wouldn’t die over how I interpreted the names, but this is how I felt God led me to interpret it. The next chapter is 22. When we get into chapter 22, we can see the battle over Russia is not finished. There are a lot of names that have the “N” sound at the end, this indicates that the David woman and Putin influence are strong during this time period.

I believe God is giving us a taste of His future conquest of the world, when He establishes His Jewish kingdom. Romans 11 hints at this. Jesus will come through the eastern gate to takeover Jerusalem and set up his capital. I believe God reaps SPIRITUAL victories now, using me as the instrument, which promote PEACE. I am NOT a kingdom builder, trying to conquer the world for a JEWISH kingdom for a simple reason: Jesus Christ can, and will, conquer the world ALL MY HIMSELF with his army FROM HEAVEN, not FROM EARTH.

All current kingdom builders are bloody killers. The only kingdom we should be building now is to teach people the Bible and lead them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. See how we are saved in this age, by reading the excellent testimony of the German lady, which I enclosed earlier as part of my statements.

A Jewish king from DAVID will sit on the throne GOD establishes in Jerusalem. Anyone else is an imposter. We are currently in the church age, not the Jewish age, and should be following the teachings of the Apostle Paul. Though we can get SPIRITUAL applications in our daily lives from the books which give instructions on how to operate the Jewish kingdom, we are NOT CURRENTLY SUPPOSED TO BE SETTING UP OR OPERATING A JEWISH KINGDOM. The Bible needs to be rightly divided and we need to figure out which dispensation God is talking about when we read a passage in the Bible, so that we can discern whether what’s written is meant for US, here and now, or FOR ANOTHER GENERATION.

The kingdom promises are for the JEWS.

Prov. 26:24-28–”He that hateth dissembleth with his lips, and layeth up deceit within him; When he speaketh fair, believe him not: for there are seven abominations in his heart. Whose hatred is covered by deceit, his wickedness shall be shewed before the whole congregation. Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him. A lying tongue hateth those that are afflicted by it; and a flattering mouth worketh ruin.”

Time is 7:10 p.m. and as I type notes for my ESL (teaching English second language) studies, the Jesuits manipulate the computer screen’s presentation so that when I look at my typing line, I can’t quite see all of the bottom section of the letters, the loops in the letters “g”, “p”, etc. are partially covered at the bottom.

Доброе вечер

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 6-26-03
Place: Melbourne, FL