Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (6-17-2003)

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6-17-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

God has revealed to me that most of His anger against the U.S. is directed at the ministers or preachers, and so He’s testing them. God says the ministers/preachers are the CAUSE of the downfall of the U.S. God expects MORE from a minister than from everyone else. If the ministers fail His test, and He will judge them by how they treat this matter of my marriage to Putin, then God will destroy the United States. He’s testing the U.S. right now, and I’M THE TEST. In the following verses from Isaiah, you’ll notice that God instructs the beasts to DEVOUR ISRAEL in v. 9, and then in verses 10-12 He states WHY He’s allowed the beasts (666 Jesuits) to devour the land. It’s because the religious leaders in Israel were guilty of what God describes in verses 10 -12 of Isaiah 56.

GOD’S PUNISHMENT TO THE COUNTRY: Isaiah 56:9☛ “All ye beasts of the field, come to devour, yea, all ye beasts in the forest.

WHY GOD SENDS THIS PUNISHMENT: Isaiah 56:10-12☛ “His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they CANNOT BARK; SLEEPING, lying down, LOVING TO SLUMBER. Yea, they are GREEDY DOGS which can NEVER HAVE ENOUGH, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all LOOK TO THEIR OWN WAY, EVERY ONE FOR HIS GAIN, from his quarter. Come ye, say they, I will fetch wine, and we will fill ourselves with strong drink; and TOMORROW SHALL BE AS THIS DAY, AND MUCH MORE ABUNDANT☛ this indicates an attitude that they didn’t believe they would reap what they had sown–that God was asleep and that God was not aware of, or that He didn’t care about their evil activities and attitudes.

I wish God wouldn’t use me as the test for whether or not He will spare the United States from His wrath. All I want is to marry Putin.

God says He has raised up a WOMAN to sound the alarm, because he couldn’t find MEN (preachers) to do it, and the fact that He has to use a WOMAN is a judgment against, and meant to be an INSULT to American preachers. God is angry at America’s preachers and blames them for the destruction of the United States. God says the message in Lev. 26:1-3 is for THE PREACHERS as well as for everyone else. He instructs them to: 1) Refrain from idols, 2) Reverence His sanctuary, 3) Obey His Word.

Proverbs 16:8–”Better is a little with righteousness than great revenues without right.”

Proverbs 16:19–”Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, then to divide the spoil with the proud.”

A Dr. GOOD (from ST. PETERSBURG, FL) just died, who began his career in 1944. A lot of doctors have died lately. The Jesuits attack the doctors who won’t cooperate with them.

Regarding “Escambia to take action on drownings” (6-16-03) Florida Today: Both Dr. Peter S. Ruckman of PENSACOLA, FL and Bill O’Reilly of FOX News used to be lifeguards. Please notice that Pensacola is in ESCAMBIA County. I’ve incorporated Dr. Ruckman’s Israel: A Deadly Piece of Dirt into my statements with all the rights of written legal documentation under my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document.

There are a lot of BEACH articles in the 6-16-03 Florida Today.

I’m not sure, but I suspect that the resignation of Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating and the confession of the pastor of Beacon Baptist here in Melbourne, along with the possible recall of Governor Gray Davis of CA, may be part of an elaborate orchestration by Jesuits, in order to create a “confession and exposure” conspiracy. Since the Jesuits know my statements will expose their treachery, they are now trying to minimize damage to themselves by making a CONSPIRACY OUT OF THIS EXPOSURE. Possibly, Keating and the little-known CONSERVATIVE congressman who has poured $800,000 thus far into a campaign to OUST Governor Gray Davis and the Beacon Baptist pastor here in Melbourne, are guided by Jesuits in their “confessions” and in HOW they expose the Catholic Church, in order TO CREATE THE IMPRESSION THAT THEY ARE PART OF A “PUTIN” CONSPIRACY to trash the Jesuits.

Regarding “EGYPTIANS (see my previous statements about EGYPT) work for Mideast truce”, p. 4A, Florida Today (6-16-03)–The woman’s face (in the photo) looks similar to mine.

Regarding “Saudis foil ‘imminent’ terror strike” from 6-16-03 Florida Today–The Jesuits mention a BOMB-FILLED, BOOBY-TRAPPED APARTMENT. The administrator of the church school for the Landmark Baptist Church in Haines City, FL is presently looking for an apartment for me. You Jesuits up to something?

WOMEN, like myself, are plastered all over the front page of the MONEY Section (6-16-03) Florida Today. Has Putin been trying to get money to me lately?

In Numbers 11:34–”And he called the name of that place KiBRothhaTTaVah (notice the Putin and Brent alliterations): because there they buried the people that LUSTED.” Here’s ANOTHER “34″ associated with the sin of IDOLATRY. Apparently, the IDOLATRY was very excessive because God says they LUSTED IN THEIR IDOLATRY. See p. 4 of my 6-13-03 statement.

Numbers 12:1–”And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses BECAUSE OF THE ETHIOPIAN WOMAN (a black woman) WHOM HE HAD MARRIED: for he had married an Ethiopian woman.” I think it’s generally better to marry your own kind, but, as you can see, from this passage, you can’t put God in a box. When Moses was a virile young man, he was forced into exile, and didn’t have a lot of women to choose from. I believe God gave Moses leeway because of his circumstances. Generally, God preferred that a Jew marry a Jew. But there are exceptions, like RUTH (a Gentile) who married Boaz; and Ruth was honored, because God included her in the bloodline of Jesus Christ and King David.

And you can’t tell God WHO HE SHOULD USE.

God used an ADULTERER: David.

God used a MURDERER: Saul of Tarsus, who became the Apostle Paul.

God used a TAX COLLECTOR who robbed Jews: Zaccheus


Miriam and Aaron, motivated by PRIDE, which produced LUST and GREED, made a STINK about Moses CHOICE FOR A WIFE. We know Miriam’s sin is PRIDE, because God says, IN CONTRAST (in Numbers 12:3) that “the man Moses was VERY MEEK, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth.” Notice the results of Miriam’s PRIDE. In v. 10, Miriam becomes a leper. In v. 14, Miriam is SHUT OUT from the camp for 7 days. And, in v. 15, GOD PUNISHES THE NATION for Miriam’s sin by DELAYING their journey to their PROMISED LAND, because it says in v. 15–”And Miriam was shut out from the camp seven days: and the people journeyed not till Miriam was brought in again.”

God says the reason I am not with Putin IN RUSSIA RIGHT NOW, is because God has had to DELAY HIS WILL because of American peoples’ sins. The sins of the American people are MIRIAM’S SINS: Pride, lust, and greed–and this is manifested by MEDDLING INTO A MARRIAGE WHICH IS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS☛ JUST LIKE MIRIAM.

It is the sin of PRIDE, which leads to idolatry, which leads to being a BUSYBODY, which leads to the DESTRUCTION OF A NATION. SEE 1 Timothy 5:13, 2 Thess. 3:11, 1 Peter 4:15.

You might say that being a busybody is a harmless sin.

God disagrees. God puts busybodies in the same category as MURDERERS, THIEVES, and EVILDOERS. 1 Peter 4:15–”But let none of you suffer as a MURDERER, or as a THIEF, or as an EVILDOER, or as a BUSYBODY IN OTHER MEN’S MATTERS.” God lumps busybodies in with MURDERERS.

I believe the reason God puts this “busybody” sin in the same categoy as murder is because THE MOTIVE FOR ALL THESE SINS IS THE SAME: the murderer, the thief, the evildoer and the busybody all are aborbed in SELF-WORSHIP OR IDOLATRY and are so obsessed with self that they are oblivous to the hurts of others, and commit these crimes which hurt innocent people because they WORSHIP SELF. They commit the crime of murder, robbery, evildoing and being a busybody IN ORDER TO feed their idol worship (very possibly a worship of SELF) and their pride. The sin (idolatry) is the same, but the results of the sin (idolatry) are different, depending on the circumstances. God is saying that a busybody could EASILY BE A MURDERER if the circumstances are right.

Proverbs 16:18–”Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

Please recall that it was when my son was born in Sept. 1987, that I had MY FIRST I.V. I believe my brain was coated with the substance which enabled the Jesuits to manipulate my brain (via the 666-Computer) in Sept. 1987. They may have experimented with me earlier (with this “coating substance” in my foods and medicines) BEFORE 1987, but it was in Sept. 1987, when the Jesuits gave me MY FIRST I.V. WITH THE SUBSTANCE WHICH COATS MY BRAIN. Around 1988, when I was diagnosed with manic depression, I believe that my symptoms (at that time) were induced by the 666-Computer. In fact, I believe that from about 1988 until Jan. 2003, that the Jesuits have used the 666-Computer to produce the symptoms in me (via the 666-Computer) that they wanted me to have, in order to have me diagnosed with whatever illness they wanted me to have at the time. They have manipulated my symptoms, using the 666-Computer, so that I would have the illnesses and/or symptoms that the Jesuits wanted me to have, depending on what would be the most beneficial label for the Jesuits to put on me (at the time). This explains why I had so many STRANGE symptoms which seemed to defy the standard diagnostic criteria (for the illnesses I supposedly had). I think, often, that the doctors were stumped or bribed by Jesuits, and just put me in the category that seemed the most plausible explanation for the symptoms I had. I believe the Jesuits even manipulated the physician’s lab results by bribing the laboratories, in order to promote whatever diagnostic label the Jesuits wanted to stamp on me at the time.

Refer to my Sept./Oct. Statements for my description of how the 666-Computer was used to induce depression in me. I specifically recall an instance at a grocery store, where the depression hit me like a lightning bolt as I waited in line to pay for my food. Obviously, any computer that can manipulate the brain, is capable of inducing “mental illness”.

Time is 7:27 p.m. and I just cleaned the cat’s litter box. My mom or Bill haven’t been home for around 4 hours. I noticed that there was a loose bowel movement in the litter box and it had blood in it. I believe this is Powder’s bowel movement. I believe the Jesuits are using the 666-Computer to give Power (mom’s long haired white cat) loose stools with blood. For the past month, the Jesuits have used the 666-Computer to direct Powder to defecate behind and beside the washing machine in my mother’s utility room. In fact, today I helped mother clean a loose bowel movement (from one of my mothers’ cats) which was behind the washing machine. And then, just now, I saw a loose bloody bowel movement in the litter box. None of the cats are acting sick, including Powder, so I suspect that the 666-Computer may have cut her large intestine and caused some internal bleeding near the anal opening, so that blood is showing in her stool. Maybe they gave Powder a version of the human “hemorrhoids”.

My position on abortion is the same as Dr. Peter S. Ruckman’s. I feel there are too many abortions in this country; however, the Bible teaches that life begins with the BREATH. The CATHOLIC position is that life begins with CONCEPTION. You can’t find ONE BIBLE VERSE THAT SAYS LIFE BEGINS WITH CONCEPTION. I think people should be sexually responsible, but life begins with the BREATH (that’s what the Bible teaches). The reason the Catholic Church is against abortion is because they want to have more church members. You have more church members, when you teach your church members that it’s a sin to have an abortion. I, myself, have never had an abortion and would not lightly encourage it–but there are situations where an abortion is justified.

When I homeschooled my son, he did very well on standardized tests. However, I believe that the 666-Computer was used on my son when I homeschooled him to undermine my homeschooling attempts. At the end of his homeschooled 4th grade year, he experienced strange symptoms (he felt like he was freezing when the temperature was 98 degrees). Obviously, he was too distracted to learn and I was two months late in submitting his final exam scores. He was an A and B student under my schooling, but it was hard for me to keep him current with the homeschool schedule, because the 666-Computer was used to make him constantly ill and irritated. As hard as I tried to get him to stay in his desk to learn, the 666-Computer made him exceedingly restless and no matter what I did, I couldn’t force him to stay in his desk to take the tests and do his deskwork. He also was getting sick with all sorts of strange symptoms. I took him to the ER several times. David (my ex) thought he was faking symptoms, but I could tell he was really ill. The 5th grade year (when I homeschooled him) turned out even worse. The 666-Computer was used on him to make him ill and irritable to the point that it was a constant challenge to teach him. Eventually, I was accused of failing as his teacher, despite a monumental effort on my part to teach him, and David (my ex) pulled him out of the homeschool program and put him in the public schools. Once Erich was in the public schools, the Jesuits had more control over him. And Erich’s 6th grade year at Harbour Pointe Middle School was HELL. He failed 6th grade. It was a very discouraging experience for me. I felt like I was up against a MOUNTAIN.

I hope the Jesuits don’t use the 666-Computer to manipulate my students when I work as a teacher. When this happens, it is impossible to teach.

XXX1/2–G.S. (6-17-03)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 6-17-03
Place: Melbourne, FL