Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (6-12-2003)

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6-12-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I can tell by all the attention the Jesuits are giving financial mergers and finances in the newspapers, that Vladimir Putin is trying to assist me financially. This is the Jesuits’ attempt to claim that there’s a financial conspiracy against them and that Putin’s the mastermind behind this conspiracy. And, of course, the Jesuits don’t want me to have any money, so they are doing to Vladimir just like they did to Brent Spiner when Brent tried to assist me financially.

Let me tell you one instance where I believe Brent tried to help me and how the Jesuits stopped Brent. Back around November 2000, the CBS newstation in Seattle (KIRO news) had a contest where you could win a million dollars if the numbers you received in the mail matched the numbers which were read from the television news broadcast. As this contest was going on, I had the distinct impression that Brent was trying to give me some financial assistance through this contest. You can check with Brent Spiner to verify whether my hunch about this was correct. Anyways, as it got real close to the last day of the contest, I sensed that the newsreporters were getting unusually nervous, and it was pretty obvious from watching them on the screen that they were nervous. Why would they be so nervous about a contest?

UNLESS, this contest was Brent’s way of trying to get some money to me.

I believe that Brent was using KIRO news in Seattle (back in November 2000) to try and give me a million dollars but, unfortunately, the Jesuits knew of this and BLOCKED HIS ATTEMPT. I’m not sure how the Jesuits messed it up, but I never received any money from this contest. In fact, I never received any substantial financial help from Brent, PERIOD–which is strange, because I desperately needed the money, and Brent knew it and Brent wanted to marry me. But everytime Brent tried to help me, THE JESUITS BLOCKED HIM. Brent could only help me in very small ways financially. The Jesuits ABSOLUTELY WOULD NOT ALLOW BRENT TO GIVE ME ANY SUBSTANTIAL FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE. It appears, at the last minute that KIRO news scrapped their plans to cooperate with Brent in giving me a million dollars through this “contest”, and Brent failed in his attempts to give me financial assistance. I sensed that the KIRO newspeople were good people and that they genuinely wanted to help me, but the Jesuits hit KIRO news in Seattle with a lawsuit or something, and I NEVER GOT ANY FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE from Brent Spiner via KIRO news, or EVER in any large way. What’s interesting is that while this contest was going on, the premiere episode of Esther (a German/Italian production) aired, and I believe Brent was behind this production, and maybe as a testament of his love for me, wanted to time its release to occur about the same time he gave me substantial financial assistance through this KIRO news contest. Esther made it to the screen, but I never received any substantial financial assistance from Brent, and I KNOW BRENT LOVED ME AND WANTED TO MARRY ME. I AM FIRMLY CONVINCED THAT THE JESUITS BLOCKED BRENT FROM GIVING ME MONEY AT THAT TIME, and EVERY OTHER TIME HE TRIED to assist me financially.

And now they are trying to block Vladimir Putin from assisting me financially.

The Jesuits never change.

Dr. Peter S. Ruckman is in Pensacola, FL. He’s too long winded, but he does present some good evidence, so I will use his materials from “Israel, A Deadly Piece of Dirt”, with his permission. As I’ve mentioned in my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document on how to utilize my written legal documentation, you may only want to air or broadcast portions of this tape series by Ruckman, since it is VERY LONG. With Dr. Peter S. Ruckman’s permission, please include the written transcription of Dr. Ruckman’s tape series “Israel, A Deadly Piece of Dirt” as part of my written legal documentation which will have all the legal rights I give to my written legal documentation under my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document. I listened to this whole tape series “Israel, A Deadly Piece of Dirt” in my Tallahassee apartment in 2002. I recall that Dr. Ruckman said that the Palestinians were considered useless and worthless, and were to be used like fodder to promote the Jesuits’ cause (WHICH IS to kill all the Jews in Israel). The Jesuits don’t care about Palestinian rights, they only want to USE Palestinians IN ORDER TO KILL JEWS. The Jesuits could easily take care of the Palestinian people, but they DON’T WANT TO, they want the Palestinians to stay POOR and helpless and look ABUSED and starving, IN ORDER to use the poor Palestinian people as an excuse to KILL JEWS. The Palestinian “cause” makes good public relations and a good “excuse” for the Jesuits, while the Jesuits systematically continue the goal they set with Hitler, which is GENOCIDE for EVERY JEW IN ISRAEL and GENOCIDE for the JEWISH RACE. The phone just rang and (time is 3:39 p.m.)☛ Some lady left a message for Bill Fuller.

Once the Jesuits caught on that the Jews might return to Israel and occupy Israel, “Palestinians” were FLOODED into Israel (in the 20th century). The Palestinians were flooded into Israel, in order to create an issue that could be used as an excuse to KILL JEWS and remove them from Israel. Before 1900, the Muslim/Palestinian type people were not the primary occupants of the land of Israel. THEY WERE SHIPPED IN in order to create a CRISIS which could be used to KILL JEWS. Dr. Ruckman discusses this in his tape series “Israel, A Deadly Piece of Dirt”.

Whenever a man loves me, and wants to help me financially, the Jesuits always try to stop him, and THEY HAVE ALWAYS SUCCEEDED THUS FAR IN BLOCKING ANY SUBSTANTIAL FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE TO ME FROM THE MAN WHO LOVES ME. That’s why my life is such a financial mess right now. I sense that Vladimir is going through some of the same things Brent Spiner went through when Brent tried to assist me financially. Brent did manage to assist me in small ways financially, but it wasn’t nearly as much as he wanted to assist me, BECAUSE THE JESUITS BLOCKED BRENT EVERY TIME.

From Florida Today (6-12-03), it looks like the Jesuits now own and operate Washington Mutual Bank and are considering Melbourne as a regional headquarters for this bank. It’s obvious that the Jesuits are orchestrating a major “Putin” financial conspiracy–trying to make Vladimir’s attempts to assist me financially appear to be part OF A LARGER FINANCIAL CONSPIRACY. And, of course, this larger financial conspiracy is a terrible terrorist network which hires homicide bombers and is behind all the orchestrations that I have been accusing the Jesuits of. See Revelation 18, for God’s assessment of the Vatican’s wealth. THEY ARE LOADED.

All I can say is, read The Vatican Billions by Avro Manhattan in combination with my statements and DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS ABOUT WHO YOU THINK IS BEHIND ALL THESE ORCHESTRATIONS I’ve mentioned in my statements. Anyone with an I.Q. of 30 would conclude the orchestrator is the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church.

Alberto Rivera (ex-Jesuit priest) had stated while he was alive, that the Jesuits can ORCHESTRATE RECESSIONS and manipulate the economies of nations (see Jack Chick’s materials). Obviously, any organization that can manipulate nations’ economies has QUITE A BIT OF MONEY. So, it would be easy for them to buy out and manage WASHINGTON MUTUAL and and it would be easy for them to buy out and manage the public schools of the state of Florida.

Please include The Vatican Billions by Avro Manhattan (with permission from Chick Publications in CA) as part of my written legal documentation with all the rights of my written legal documentation under my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document. I believe I read this whole book on my wiretapped phone in Seattle (around 2000). Vladimir Putin has my permission to use my oral reading of this book (in any manner he deems fit), if he chooses to. I’d like to emphasize that the material in this book is outdated–the book was written in the 1980s. I am SURE THE VATICAN’S WEALTH HAS INCREASED ASTRONOMICALLY SINCE THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN.

Also, I do give permission to include as part of my written legal documentation with all the rights of my written legal documentation under my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document, all copies I make from the copy machine in this house at 3200 Westland Ct., Melbourne, FL. I think I already gave this permission, but I’ll mention it again, if I haven’t.

XXXX–G.S. (6-12-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (6-12-03)
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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 6-12-03
Place: Melbourne, FL