Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (6-3-2003)

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6-3-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Yesterday, when I checked the mail, the mailman delivered some mail to our box that belonged to the Jesuit agent next door neighbors. So, to draw attention to the fact that the Jesuits were behind this, I personally walked over to these Jesuit agent neighbors and gave them the misdelivered piece of mail. Guess who answered the door. . . THE MAN. He gives me the creeps and gives me the impression that he’s a slithering snake.

I have been thinking about the Florida Today photo in the 9-25-01 paper which made me notice Vladimir Putin. I don’t believe Vladimir was behind this photo. Actually, what I think happened was that because the Jesuits could read Vladimir’s mind, they realized that at that time (in Sept. 2001) Vladimir was impressed with me. You see, because of the Brent Spiner case, I had become famous and, I believe, Vladimir may have been aware of me. From about September 11, 2001 to around Sept. 23, 2001, I was advising Brent and his legal team on how to handle Russia, because I was concerned that possibly the Jesuits were trying to orchestrate a war between Russia and the U.S. in order to weaken our side in the war against terror, so I advised Brent and his legal team to contact someone in the U.S. government in order to warn the Russian president to be careful for his life because, at that time, I was concerned that the Jesuits may try to HIRE AN AMERICAN ASSASSIN to murder the Russian president in order to prevent an alliance between Russia and the U.S. in the war against terror, and to cause friction between the two countries and possibly cause America to blame Russia for 9-11-01 (at that time I didn’t even know WHO the Russian President was–I didn’t know his name, nor did I know what he looked like). So, because of the way I discussed Vladimir with my American friends and my attitude toward him, I believe Vladimir was IMPRESSED WITH ME. And the Jesuits KNEW IT– BECAUSE THEY COULD READ HIS MIND.

The Jesuits then decided, they’d see if if they could print up a flattering photo of Vladimir in Florida Today on 9-25-01 to make it look like Vladimir approved of what I said about him, in order to draw attention to a conspiracy against the Jesuits and to make it appear that Vladimir had influence over the American press, so as TO DRAW RUSSIA INTO THE BRENT SPINER “CONSPIRACY” AGAINST THE JESUITS. The Jesuits’ motive for doing this, was to WEAKEN BRENT’S CASE against them, it was NOT to make me fall in love with Putin.

I believe when I DID NOTICE Vladimir, that Vladimir AND THE JESUITS was/were TOTALLY SURPRISED. For one thing, I don’t believe Vladimir realized that his enemies could READ HIS MIND with the 666-Computer; and secondly, I don’t believe (in Sept. 2001) that Vladimir was anything more than just impressed with me. In other words, he NOTICED ME and was impressed, and that was it (nothing more and nothing less), but he hadn’t planned (in Sept. 2001) to acquire me or “get my attention” in any manner–that is, until I NOTICED HIM and told Brent that “I would marry the Russian President” (around Sept. 27, 2001).

You might say, “How did you know he was single?” Actually, I didn’t know for sure, but I strongly suspected it because of the way the 9-25-01 photo was set up in Florida Today (the timing and presentation of the photo)–you must recall that I was discussing the Russian President with my friends at this time. The photo made Vladimir appear to be flirting with me. Therefore, I surmised, that because of how his photo presentation was set up that it was a flirtation; and I decided I was interested in following up on the flirtation. At that time, I thought Vladimir was flirting with me, BECAUSE I WASN’T AWARE OF THE JESUITS’ MIND READING CAPABILITIES. Now that I know they had mind reading capabilities (back in Sept. 2001), I believe THE JESUITS MADE VLADIMIR APPEAR TO BE FLIRTING WITH ME–not because they wanted me to fall in love with Vladimir (they probably assumed I was “stuck” on Spiner), but in order to make Vladimir appear like a flirtatious womanizer President who had connections with the American press. Back then, I surmised that Vladimir wouldn’t be flirting with me unless he was single, because I saw honor in his face and knew a man like this wouldn’t flirt so ostentatiously with a woman if he was married. Actually, it was the Jesuits who knew he was single and that HE NOTICED ME, and they decided to play this to the hilt –IT BACKFIRED ON THEM–because the photo they chose was SO ATTRACTIVE, that I became interested in Vladimir Putin–THIS PROBABLY GAVE THE JESUITS A HEART ATTACK.

You might say what a wild thing to say about a man you just noticed from a newspaper photo–that you’re going to marry him, after seeing his photo in the paper. This is because I’m a genius at reading people and when I saw Vladimir’s photo I knew immediately he was very manly and courageous (and that he was exactly what I looked for in a man) and that I was what he looked for in a woman. I expected that once he found out I was interested in him, that he would be interested in me. That’s how good I am at reading people. I’m a genius at reading people. I saw qualities in his eyes from the photo in the Florida Today article on 9-25-01, that I was able to “size him up” instantly and I liked what I saw. I would like to say, that as of this date, when I size someone up (as to WHO THEY ARE and what motivates them), my first impressions (in this respect) have never been wrong yet. I’ve been right every time. And, so far, Vladimir has been everything that I thought he was (back in Sept. 2001). I do make mistakes in predicting a person’s every move, but I always get their motive. Sometimes I will be slightly off with what motivates a person, but I’m usually at least 95% accurate and this is JUST FROM STUDYING THEIR EYES (and I can get them figured out within a half hour when I look at their eyes). The trick to reading people is to master the eyes–it’s all in the eyes. The eyes are the windows of the soul.

Maybe Vladimir knew that at that time (in Sept. 2001) I was committed to Brent Spiner. Vladimir THEN (back around October 2001) examined me more closely and decided he was interested in me and wanted to investigate me further, and he eventually decided he would follow-up on his growing interest in me and so he ended up at Pres. Bush’s ranch in Crawford (Nov. 2001). I do NOT believe Vladimir had ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE Sept. 25, 2001 attractive photo of himself that made it into the Florida Today newspaper, THE JESUITS WERE BEHIND THIS IN ORDER TO WEAKEN BRENT SPINER’S CASE AGAINST THEM–in order to draw Russia into the Brent Spiner “conspiracy” against the Jesuits. Maybe the Jesuits wanted to insinuate that Russia was part of the conspiracy that hatched 9-11-01. I think the Jesuits were concerned that after they orchestrated 9-11-01, that the U.S. would form NEW ALLIANCES that could be detrimental to the Jesuits. So the Jesuits were plotting ways to ensure that Russia and the U.S. would not form an alliance against them–THIS WOULD BE A SPECIAL PROBLEM FOR THE JESUITS IF THIS HAPPENED. So the Jesuits were scheming ways to ensure that the U.S. and Russia wouldn’t trust each other–either by assassinating Putin with an American (this would make the Russians mad at the U.S.), or by making it appear that Russia was behind 9-11-01.

At that time (Sept. 2001), I don’t believe Vladimir realized the Jesuits could read his mind, BUT THEY COULD, and the Jesuits realized Vladimir was impressed with me (around Sept. 15th to the 20th, 2001 while I discussed how to handle the Russian President with my American friends), and the Jesuits decided they might be able to make something of this (maybe draw Russia into the “Brent Spiner conspiracy” supposedly against the Jesuits)–and that’s why the attractive photo of Vladimir ended up in the 9-25-01 Florida Today paper–THE JESUITS DID IT.

I believe because the Jesuits knew how devoted I was to Spiner, back in Sept. 2001, that they never dreamed I would transfer my affections from Brent to Vladimir. So, when I DID, it was a SURPRISE, and required a CHANGE OF STRATEGY. And, of course, the Jesuits came up with the Lyudmila article in Nov. 2001 in USA Today, because as evidenced by the 9-25-01 photo of Vladimir, it was the Jesuits’ intent to draw Russia into the conspiracy against the Jesuits and to connect Russia to the “Brent Spiner conspiracy against the Jesuits”. This way the Jesuits could attack the hated Putin political machine in Russia. The Jesuits have always despised Putin and are using the Chechen rebels to try to oust Putin from power in Russia.

As I wrote this (around 9:15 a.m.) about what I feel is the Jesuits’ “newspaper conspiracy” and their attempts to draw Russia and the newspapers into the “Brent Spiner conspiracy” against them☛ around 9:15 a.m., some “newspaper” guy called Bill Fuller and talked to him on the phone. So, apparently, the Jesuits still have their mind-reading capabilities, because as I handwrote my notes for this statement about the Jesuits’ “Russia-newspaper conspiracy”, they had their “newspaper” agent call Bill.

From pages 8B (5-23-03), 16A (5-21-03), and other pages in the Madison County Courier and the Madison Enterprise-Recorder, I’ve noticed that the Jesuits have taken over the Annie’s Mailbox column (that used to be Ann Lander’s column). There are too many parallels to my legal case against the Jesuits in the writings and letters in this Annie’s Mailbox column.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 6-3-03
Place: Melbourne, FL