Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (4-1-2004)

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4-1-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

One of the managers I work under as a cashier at Wal-Mart is, I believe, an UNWILLING AGENT. Her name is Claudette. She is a black lady. I do not feel it would be wise for me to approach Wal-Mart about her, using their open door policy (see Wal-Mart policy for their definition of their open door policy)–because I am afraid if I do so, that the Jesuits will kill Claudette using their 666-Computer (or some other method), and then will frame her murder in a manner to blame Wal-Mart or myself or Vladimir Putin or some other innocent party. So, instead, I will write a letter to Vladimir Putin and ask him to contact Wal-Mart about Claudette. See below:

Gail C. Schuler
Melbourne, FL xxxxx
(xxx) xxx-xxxxxx

April 1, 2004

Vladimir Putin, Russian President
Russian Embassy
2650 Wisconsin Ave.
Washington D.C. 20007

Dear Vladimir:

One of the managers I work under at Wal-Mart, I believe, is being used heavily as an UNWILLING AGENT to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against you and myself. Her name is Claudette and she works as a CSM manager over the cashiers. She is a black lady.

Whenever I require assistance, she either ignores me or when she does give me attention, it is done in a manner to create an incident.

Whenever she tries to explain anything to me, she does it like a speeding bullet so that I can’t follow her and then she is deliberately confusing and overly convoluted in her explanation. In explaining cash register procedures to me, she never lets me do it myself, but takes over my register and whips her fingers over the keyboard (so that I can’t follow what she’s doing); and then, in a convoluted, brash, racing and confusing manner, attempts to explain the procedure to me. I’m usually totally lost and this, I believe, was her intent.

I tell her she confuses me, but this does no good, and she continues to approach me in the manner I describe in this letter.

As she attempts to explain procedures to me, she always laces the explanation with a few loud insults (in front of customers) to insinuate I’m a moron in learning procedures and in handling the cash register. Her manner toward me has consistently been abrasive, rude and obnoxious and I feel she does this to try to provoke me into an argument with her.

When it is convenient for her to ignore me or to neglect to tell me something, she will do so (like to fail to tell me the store’s requirement for each cashier to sign on to the register before they start their shift–when, it appears, she knew I was not aware I was supposed to do this)– or she will create distractions and false trails to cause me to forget or misunderstand important procedures so she can create an incident. An example: One time she rushed to my register and told me it was time to take my break. I assumed break meant my lunch and was puzzled that she left my till of cash in the drawer–but assumed, that because I was new and she may have thought I appeared stressed, that she was going to leave the register closed (with my till in the drawer) while I went to lunch and that I would return to the same cash register after lunch. While I was at lunch and off the clock, she paged for me over the store intercom. I ignored the page (because I thought it might have been for another Gail–after all, I was on my lunch break and thought she knew that). Then she phoned the lunch room and demanded to talk to me. Apparently, she deliberately orchestrated a misunderstanding about the word “break”–realizing that when she told me to take my break that I thought she meant my lunch break. You see, I had already taken my 15 minute break and was due to take my lunch break and I thought she knew that because of the time at which I took my break. Another manager (also a black lady), who happened to be in the lunch room, intervened, and told me to not worry about it and to finish my lunch– and said I should not have been approached about work matters while I was off the clock and at lunch. Later, I found out Claudette had called the lunch room to demand to talk to me because my till was in the register and she thought I had exceeded my 15 minute break.

Please approach Wal-Mart about Claudette and work with them in deciding how to handle her. You see, it’s not really Claudette, but it’s the IMPOSED PERSON who has taken over her brain, who is doing this to me. So, I feel, you need to intervene in this matter and possibly consult with your legal team.

Thank you for your time and concern and I look forward to the day I safely can be with you without undue Jesuit harassment.

Sincerely and with much affection,

Gail Chord Schuler

I mentioned on my Wal-Mart Global Competencies application that I have had experience as a legal writer/assistant to the Russian President. I also mentioned that I do this as work for the Russian government. This is because I am the author of CONSPIRACY LAW and write many legal statements which are used in legal proceedings all over the world (through the authority of the Russian government). Vladimir tells me that Harvard University Law School is thinking about teaching a new law course about the new law specialty which I’ve created: CONSPIRACY LAW.

I feel that in order to protect himself legally, Vladimir should make sure to provide evidence on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS that I am being paid for my work as his legal writer/assistant–or else Vladimir will appear to be exploiting my legal services for free.

Though Vladimir has not paid me directly for my legal work, he has paid me indirectly by paying off my car with Chrysler Financial (for my 1999 Plymouth Voyager), paying for my car registration with the state of Florida (even though I have not been provided with an up-to-date sticker on my tag), paying off my K-Mart/Capital One card (including legal expenses to sue Capital One for harassment), giving me free legal representation over my IRAs (because Vladimir’s suing the companies that managed my IRA accounts and who have ripped me off from much of the money I paid into these accounts).

Make sure when Vladimir provides evidence that I have been compensated for my legal work, that this compensation is not taken from the proceeds of my novel, Silver Skies–because that would not be considered payment for my legal work.

Unfortunately, when I get my first Wal-Mart paycheck (in order to detract from any amnesia conspiracy which could be orchestrated because of my mother’s serious 666-Computer induced amnesia problem), I will be paying my car registration and car payments–so these payments and expenses for my car will subtract from the compensation that I should be paid for my legal work. Nevertheless, any form of compensation which Vladimir pays me for my legal work should be documented and the evidence for this provided on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. Any benefits which have been provided to me by the Russian government (medical, health, dental, etc.) could possibly count as a form of compensation for my legal work.

I perceive that the Jesuits are trying to orchestrate a fire conspiracy, and this is the reason we are having a rash of wildfires sprout up over the U.S. The past couple days, my mother has come close to starting fires in the kitchen. Take all attempts (or actions) to start fires very seriously and treat those who are guilty of violating CONSPIRACY LAW in these incidents according to Sect. 66 of 666-Computer Laws for PLPs.

The Jesuits are just like the lawyers and Pharisees of Jesus’ day. Their response, when they are cornered, is just like the lawyers and Pharisees of Jesus’ time☛ Luke 11:52-54–”Woe unto you, lawyers! For ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered. And as he said these things unto them, the scribes and the Pharisees began to urge him vehemently, and to provoke him to speak of many things: Laying wait for him, and seeking to catch something out of his mouth, that they might accuse him.”

I can’t type words and characters into my 666-Computer Laws for PLPs document. Find out what’s going on and what they’ve done to this document so that I can’t type characters into this document and execute those who are guilty of this attempt to sabotage my legal writing. Time now is 2:55 p.m. I’m sure they’ve used satellite programming to undermine my legal writing attempts today.

70.0 An ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM is a program which greatly speeds up the adjustment time the brain needs as the brain phases from a LOOPHOLE PROGRAM to a 666-Computer program (which is not a LOOPHOLE PROGRAM). The ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM operates under the principle that if the brain actively participates in its own adjustment to a new program, that the brain’s adjustment to the new program will be greatly accelerated. Therefore, the ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM is a faster and more efficient way to eliminate LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING, than to simply gradually remove the LOOPHOLE PROGRAM (bit by bit) from the 666-Computer program (which has 666-Computer control over the brain).

70.1 Any 666-Computer program which contains LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING must use an ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM as soon as possible (and it must be the ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM designed for that particular 666-Computer program) in order to accelerate the removal of the LOOPHOLE PROGRAM on that 666-Computer program.

70.11 A COMPREHENSIVE LOOPHOLE PROGRAM is a compilation of many different LOOPHOLE PROGRAMs into a singular mass (or attachment on the PRIMARY PROGRAM) which contains all (or most of) the different LOOPHOLE PROGRAMs which can be executed on a person. In most cases, just one COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM can execute all the LOOPHOLE PROGRAMS possible for that person– through that person’s PERSON-PROGRAM. And, in most cases, there are hundreds or thousands of copies of the same COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM (and these copies [or COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAMS] are attached as hundreds or thousands of copies of the same COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM onto the PRIMARY PROGRAM) in a PERSON-PROGRAM.

70.12 A PRIMARY PROGRAM is the compilation of all the different (NON-LOOPHOLE) 666-Computer programs which can be executed on a person by the licensed 666-Computer practitioner. In other words, it is the PERSON-PROGRAM minus the LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING which may be attached to that PERSON-PROGRAM.

70.13 An ACROSS-THE-BOARD LOOPHOLE PROGRAM is the compilation of all the same LOOPHOLE PROGRAMs from every COMPREHENSIVE LOOPHOLE PROGRAM (which contains that LOOPHOLE PROGRAM) in a PERSON-PROGRAM (see Sect. 57.2). For instance, the removal of all the LOOPHOLE PROGRAMs anywhere in that PERSON-PROGRAM which can execute a heart attack, would constitute the removal of the ACROSS-THE-BOARD LOOPHOLE PROGRAM for heart attack (or the removal of heart attack programs ACROSS-THE-BOARD)–and, hopefully, would eliminate the ability to use LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING in that PERSON-PROGRAM to induce a heart attack.

70.13 The PLPs (in cooperation with the PROGRAMMER CORPS) who have 666-Computer control over any person, must write an ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM PLAN which details how LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING will be removed from each person who is under their 666-Computer control.

70.14 The LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING must be removed ACROSS-THE-BOARD– instead of removing it COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM by COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM. And life-threatening programs must be the first ACROSS-THE-BOARD programs removed. This way the programs are removed according to their capabilities, instead removal by random chunks which would allow all the illegal capabilities to be retained while LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING is removed–that’s because it only takes one remaining COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM in a PERSON-PROGRAM to execute all the LOOPHOLE PROGRAMS in that remaining COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM. Better to shrink all the COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAMS in a PERSON-PROGRAM (by removing completely the same program [or capability] from all the COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAMS)– than to remove the LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING (COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM by COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM) and, thus, allow the Jesuits to retain the capabilities to execute all the LOOPHOLE PROGRAMS which remain in that one remaining complete COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM. What this means is that, let’s say, we want to remove the programs which can induce heart attack. And this PERSON-PROGRAM has 100 COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAMS (and each of these COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAMs contain the same heart attack program). Any and all of these heart attack programs should be removed from all the COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAMS in that person’s PERSON-PROGRAM rather than remove 10 complete COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAMS and have 90 complete COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAMS leftover which could induce 90 heart attacks all at once. Better to remove ALL the heart attack programs from all the COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAMS, than to allow one complete COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM to remain in a PERSON-PROGRAM (since it only takes one heart attack LOOPHOLE PROGRAM to induce a heart attack).

70.15 Before an ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM PLAN is implemented, it must first be approved by the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT (which has jurisdiction over that PLP who wrote the ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM PLAN). All persons with LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING in their PERSON-PROGRAM must be in an ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM and should be cared for (and their LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING removed) according to the guidelines of their individual ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM PLAN (which has been approved of by their country’s HOMELAND SECURITY DEPT.).

70.16 No ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM PLAN will be approved by the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPT. until the creator and author of that plan makes a statement which passes 666-Computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection. This statement will say that that ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM PLAN for his/her DESIGNATED PERSON is (to the best of his/her knowledge) the best plan (according to the latest scientific and technological evidence) for his/her DESIGNATED PERSON to remove this DESIGNATED PERSON from the control of illegal 666-Computer operators, and that this ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM PLAN honors CONSPIRACY LAW and is in compliance with this Sect. 70.

70.17 Once an ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM PLAN is approved by the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPT., it must be followed by the PLP (and/or any other persons involved in the execution of the ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM PLAN). Any deliberate, knowing and willing attempt (or action) to not follow an ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM PLAN (by any person responsible to do so) will result in the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to the violator and that violator will be treated according to Sect. 66 of 666-Computer Laws for PLPs.

70.2 Any person (like a PLP or PROGRAMMER or auditor) responsible to insure that a LOOPHOLE PROGRAM is using an ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM (in order to accelerate the removal of the LOOPHOLE PROGRAM), and who (directly or indirectly) deliberately, knowingly and willingly (whether by acts of omission or commission) causes a LOOPHOLE PROGRAM to remain in a 666-Computer program, or who causes a LOOPHOLE PROGRAM to remain in a 666-Computer program for a longer time than it would remain (if not for the immediate inclusion of an ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM into that 666-Computer program)–will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR and will be treated according to Sect. 66 of 666-Computer Laws for PLPs.

70.3 Under the leadership of the German led auditing and programming network, there will be a subdivision [which will be a German/Israeli auditing and programming team (called the ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM AUDITING TEAM)]. This German/Israeli ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM AUDITING TEAM will audit all nations’ PLP networks and PROGRAMMER CORPS to insure that the correct ADJUSTMENT PROGRAMS and ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM PLANS are used as soon as possible on all 666-Computer programs which contain LOOPHOLE PROGRAMS, and that all 666-Computer programs with LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING are using (as soon as possible) the correct ADJUSTMENT PROGRAMs (in order to accelerate the removal of all LOOPHOLE PROGRAMs from those 666-Computer programs).

70.4 Once an ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM PLAN is in place in a PERSON-PROGRAM, strict monitoring should be done to see if that person is being overwhelmed with illegal attacks (via LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING) while the ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM works. If the person is overwhelmed with attacks on their body (via the illegal LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING), the ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM may have to be “phased in” (and may have to be temporarily “turned off” for awhile) so that the person is not overwhelmed with attacks from LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING violators (while the ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM works). Regardless of how the ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM is implemented, any PERSON-PROGRAM with LOOPHOLE PROGRAM attachments, needs to have its LOOPHOLE PROGRAMS eliminated, and these LOOPHOLE PROGRAMS should be removed as quickly and safely as possible ACROSS-THE-BOARD (as long as the person is not overwhelmed).

70.5 If a person is overwhelmed with attacks on their person (via LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING violators) while an ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM is used on their PERSON-PROGRAM, and a “phase in” process must be instituted on that person (and the ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM PLAN may have to be adjusted and reapproved by the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPT. or the INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE)– those responsible to monitor that person (to insure that they are not overwhelmed); and who willingly, deliberately and knowingly allowed this person to become overwhelmed, will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR and will be treated according to Sect. 66 of 666-Computer Laws for PLPs.

70.6 If it becomes necessary to institute a “phase in” process on an overwhelmed person (see Sect. 70.4 & 70.5), a record (by the CLEAN-OUT COMMITTEE of that person’s country of citizenship) needs to be kept of all those LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING criminals who caused this to happen. No “phase in” process can be instituted on a person until an APSL is accepted by the country’s INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE for that overwhelmed person. When a country’s INTELLIGENCE COMMITEE accepts a APSL, this is also an order by that country to institute a “phase in” program on the person associated with that APSL And no APSL can be accepted by an INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE until the writers of the APSL have passed 666-Computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection (see Sect. 70.7) regarding the contents of that APSL. The APSL must also present evidence that that person is overwhelmed and a “phase in” process has become necessary for the ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM on that person.

70.61 This record of the LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING criminal activities which caused a person to become overwhelmed will be called the ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM SABOTEURS LIST. The APSL (or ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM SABOTEURS LIST) must list the locations and execution times of ALL those criminals who were executed [because the cumulative effect of all these criminals caused this person to become overwhelmed to the point (that it became necessary to institute a “phase in” process on that person–see Sect. 70.4 & 70.5)]. The preferred method of execution for these types of criminals is to detonate (or explode) the building (or underground bunker) in which they operate (whether by satellite, missiles, or whatever), and to totally destroy their operation (this should also result in the execution of that/those criminal[s])–so that they cannot torment their victim any longer [while attempts are made to free their victim from LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING control].

70.7 No ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM SABOTEURS LIST will be accepted until those members of the CLEAN-OUT COMMITTEE (who wrote the APSL) pass 666-Computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection regarding the contents of the APSL which they wrote. Any person who deliberately, knowingly and willingly writes an incorrect, deceptive, incomplete, or misleading APSL will be given the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR (and will be treated according to Sect. 66 of 666-Computer Laws for PLPs).

70.8 The contents of any ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM SABOTEURS LIST for SIGNIFICANT PERSONs will be broadcast on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS and evidence will be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS regarding the LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING attacks made on a SIGNIFICANT PERSON, so that it became necessary to institute a “phase in” process on a SIGNIFICANT PERSON. Those responsible for causing a SIGNIFICANT PERSON to be overwhelmed with LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING attacks (so that a “phase-in” process had to be instituted on the SIGNIFICANT PERSON) will be cross-examined on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS (and those criminals [if still alive] will be treated according to Sect. 66 of 666-Computer Laws for PLPs). If these LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING violators (mentioned in the APSL) have already been executed, then evidence will be presented as to why they had to be executed. All those executed for tormenting a SIGNIFICANT PERSON with LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING violations (and whose names are listed as criminals on a APSL), will have their motives exposed on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS and they will be IDENTIFIED (that is, we will make sure to mention which organization they are affiliated with and any Jesuit connections).

70.9 Statistics will be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS, regarding what percentage of those on ADJUSTMENT PROGRAMS need to be placed in “phase in” programs (because of LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING violators). Statistics may be presented country by country, or by religious groups or by whatever turns out to be legally significant. Any legally significant data from these statistics (like certain countries which harbor most of the LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING violators or certain organizations which sponsor most of the violators) will be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

70.91 If persons continue to be overwhelmed after a “phase in” process has been instituted for those persons, serious measures will be taken–which could include a declaration of war against a country, or bombing large sections of a country (where most of the LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING violations are occurring). The evidence for why these serious measures must be taken will be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. For instance, it may be necessary to send in 500 bomber pilots to bomb out large areas of a country in order to eliminate underground bunkers which house unregistered 666-Computers.

XXX/12–G.S. (4-1-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (4-1-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (4-1-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (4-1-04)

Signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 4-1-04
Place: Melbourne, FL