Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (4-3-2004)

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4-3-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Have Vladimir Putin and the Chinese leader(s) cross-examined according to Sect. 2 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT regarding the fact that underground 666-Computer bunkers were used from China to keep me up tonight. I think I only got 4 or 5 hours of sleep and I have to go to work today at 7 a.m. The questions I specifically want you to ask them are 1, 2, 2a, 3, 6 & 7. Questions 6 & 7 should be asked if they are applicable. You can ask other questions, if you feel they would be helpful, and you don’t have to limit yourself to the questions from my list of questions in Sect. 2.

I request that you do not cross-examine the criminals involved in this Chinese/Jesuit operation since it is obvious what their motives are–cross-examinations of these criminals will only strengthen the CROSS-EXAMINATION CONSPIRACY they have orchestrated–instead, we are just going to execute them immediately and we will broadcast their execution dates and times and (if we know), we will mention what organization they are affiliated with (especially if there is any Jesuit involvement).

Begin a massive campaign, in cooperation with the Chinese government, to locate and destroy immediately and as soon as possible all underground 666-Computer bunkers in China. I would recommend the use of the Chinese military, maybe in cooperation with the Russian military–to go in and destroy as soon as possible all these underground bunkers which were used to keep me up tonight. You can detonate these bunkers or do whatever you have to do to destroy them and their 666-Computer capabilities. We aren’t going to worry about preserving the lives of anyone in these bunkers, because no one should be in these bunkers in the first place.

Vladimir must send the clear message that he is outraged at this attempt to create the CROSS-EXAMINATION CONSPIRACY, which was done in a manner to torment his future wife. If not, he will create the impression that he tolerates those who torture his wife and enjoys all the publicity and cross-examinations associated with it–that’s why we aren’t going to cross-examine these criminals, we are going to kill them. To give them a cross-examination, would actually strengthen their case at this point, because of the way they TIMED this operation against me. And, besides, it’s obvious what their motive is–so cross-examination isn’t necessary (or desired) for these criminals.

When it’s OBVIOUS what the JESUIT CONSPIRATOR’s motive is, it is better to just kill them and kill them now–otherwise, we create the impression we are trying to create the CROSS-EXAMINATION/LEGAL CONSPIRACY. The Jesuits are upset about the cross-examination they have undergone regarding question 21. Instead, cooperate with the Chinese government in destroying as soon as possible all underground 666-Computer bunkers.

One exception to cross-examination of the criminals: Ask the Chinese and Jesuit leader(s) during cross examination, if they feel these Chinese underground bunkers may have been used to create the SARS outbreak and other outbreaks in China. I think China would love to kill those behind this illegal 666-Computer underground bunker operation in China. If it is determined these Chinese bunkers were used in any outbreak in China, be sure to take the Chinese leaders through questions 1, 2, 2a, 3, 6 & 7.

Going to work tired is bad enough, but, it appears, they are also giving me the feeling I have to urinate every 20 minutes. Kill whoever is doing this. Show absolutely no tolerance for this, because these are attempts to create the CROSS-EXAMINATION CONSPIRACY and we aren’t going to play this game–and the way to show it is by immediate execution of the violators–the motive is OBVIOUS, so cross-examinations are not desired–executions are desired.

Time is 7:24 p.m. I will handwrite a brief letter to Chrysler Financial like the following. Vladimir may need to find a better address to make sure the President or Chief Executive of Chrysler Financial receives the following letter:

Gail Chord Schuler
Melbourne, FL xxxxx
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

April 3, 2004

President or Chief Executive of Chrysler Financial
Chrysler Financial
P.O. Box 55000 DEPT 277001
DETROIT, MI 48255-2770

Dear President or Chief Executive of Chrysler Financial:

I have given Vladimir Putin, Russian President, the power of attorney to represent me in all financial and legal matters related to my communications and interactions with your company, Chrysler Financial. Vladimir has informed me that he has paid off my 1999 Plymouth Voyager and yet I continue to be harassed by your representatives regarding car payments which they allege I owe to your company. Because Vladimir has paid off my car, I want you to send to Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, the title to my 1999 Plymouth Voyager (vehicle I.D. #1P4GP45G4XB634901). My account number with you was/is 1010596213. You will be hearing from Vladimir Putin regarding your company’s communications with me and regarding any monies which your company may receive from me.


Gail Chord Schuler

Vladimir, I want you to contact the President or Chief Executive of Chrysler Financial and send him a STOP HARASSMENT ORDER. This order will be worded like the following. You can consult with your attorneys and make it better. I’m just giving you some guidelines. I will also mail you a copy of the letter to Chrysler Financial which I’ve written above:

WRITE THE PRESIDENT OF CHRYSLER FINANCIAL A STOP HARASSMENT ORDER WRITTEN IN THE FOLLOWING MANNER–make sure to receive proof that the President of Chrysler Financial has received any and all legal correspondence which you send him:

Your company is to send me the title to Gail Schuler’s 1999 Plymouth Voyager as proof that I have paid off her car. You (or any direct or indirect representative of your company) are/is under court order to stop harassing Gail regarding payments which you (or any direct or indirect representative of your company) allege she owes your company and are forbidden to charge her any late or penalty charges. If you (or any direct or indirect representative of your company) harasses Gail Schuler regarding any type of car payments (including late or penalty charges) which you (or any direct or indirect representative of your company) allege she owes your company, I will sue you (or any direct or indirect representative of your company) for criminal harassment and begin criminal charges against you (or any direct or indirect representative of your company) for violations of CONSPIRACY LAW. You (or any direct or indirect representative of your company) may be required to undergo public cross-examination on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS; and if you (or any direct or indirect representative of your company) are found guilty of willing, knowing and deliberate cooperation with terrorist conspiracies, you (or one of your direct or indirect representatives) may be given the death penalty.

Any monies which Gail Schuler mails to you (or your company) as car payment must be turned over to me, where I will save this money in a trust fund for Gail Schuler. If you deliberately, knowingly and willingly neglect (within ten days after receipt of any monies which Gail may send you) to turn over to me any monies which Gail mails to you (or your company), I will begin criminal charges against you (or your company) for complicity with terrorist conspiracies (with the possibility of the death penalty) and will sue you (or your company) for the intent to criminally harass (or for the actual criminal harassment of) Gail Schuler.

XXXX–G.S. (4-3-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (4-3-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (4-3-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (4-3-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 4-3-04
Place: Melbourne, FL