Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (4-22-2004)

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4-22-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

All attempts to create any “respiratory distress” conspiracy will be cross-examined on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS, confession statements will be made and guilty persons will be executed.

I’ve noticed an inordinate interest in asthma, coughing, lung cancer and other respiratory ailments in the newspaper, by customers and co-workers (at Wal-Mart) and everywhere. The Jesuits are obviously trying to orchestrate a “respiratory distress” conspiracy and serious measures need to be taken to deal with this. We must execute these violators, to show our outrage over this Jesuit attempt to frame us with their murderous respiratory conspiracies. Recall that Rich Lemon (who worked in the same classroom as myself) at Landmark Baptist Church (when I worked there) had life-threatening 666-Computer induced lung cancer problems, which appeared “out of the blue”–though the guy was not a smoker.

Vladimir says the Jesuits have been trying to give me lung cancer (via LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING) and my PLPs constantly have to undo their damage. The Jesuits use LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING and 666-Computer genetic manipulation to induce cancer. All these incidents need to be exposed on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS in order to make it clear WHO the criminal is and what their MOTIVE is. After MOTIVE and who the criminal is– is made clear, publicly execute the JESUIT CONSPIRATORS on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS (that is, mention dates, times, names of those executed on the broadcast or on the website). We have to kill these people to show that we are not cooperating with them, or else they will try to frame us with their murders (via respiratory distress–lung cancer, SARS, asthma, etc.).

Regarding the North Korean train crash which is alleged to have killed about 3,000 people–investigate this matter and also investigate those involved in any other conspiracies which may be designed to be connected to the North Korean train crash (since I heard about a conspiracy involving EMBASSIES in Asia which targeted South Koreans and Japanese). Cross-examine any satellite or 666-Computer practitioners involved in these conspiracies on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS, in order to determine the motive for these crimes and WHO the criminal is. I believe these are deliberate attempts to draw attention to the conspiracy which my UNWILLING AGENT mother orchestrated against myself and Vladimir on 4-21-04, because these were timed (see *** section below) to occur at the time that the Jesuits induced severe urinary frequency in me, so that I was unable to sleep and had to pass large amounts of urine every ten minutes–and this was made to occur on the same day (or within 24 hours of the time) that my mother was used to orchestrate the 4-21-04 conspiracy. I will quote from my updated 4-16-04 statement regarding the 4-21-04 conspiracy, which the Jesuits orchestrated using my mother:

For instance, Erich will mention how Misao was used on 4-21-04 to draw attention to how the 666-Computer is used on Gail, because Misao made a dinner for Gail (even though Gail did not ask Misao to make her a dinner and Gail felt obligated to eat the dinner when Misao asked her to eat it) and this dinner was loaded with the enhancing substance (which is used to highlight 666-Computer activities in the brain and assist PLPs in removing LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING). To fix a dinner loaded with the enhancing substance, in itself, was not bad, but what was bad was that Misao tried to draw attention to the enhancing substance by putting too much lemon juice (loaded with the enhancing substance) in the tuna and she timed this dinner to occur in the same evening that Gail was to clean the bathroom and the TUB. Also, Vladimir instructed Gail (via 666-Computer) earlier in this day to try to clean the bathroom and the house on this day, though he told her this in a “take it or leave it” fashion (Vladimir has never ordered Gail to do anything–he suggests things)–so Misao’s request for Gail to clean the tub was obviously an attempt to draw attention to Vladimir’s hints to Gail (via 666-Computer) to clean the bathroom–since this would enhance the Jesuits’ “LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING removal process” conspiracy against Vladimir. Apparently, the Jesuits wanted to emphasize the tub–since soaking in the tub really enhances the removal of LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING. Misao had asked Gail to clean the tub because Misao said she needed to take a bath because of muscle aches (which were obviously 666-Computer induced). Also, the bath was obviously designed to draw attention to the water in the tub which would be absorbed by Misao’s body (while she soaked in the tub) and thus this absorbed water would help PLPs to remove LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING from Misao’s PERSON-PROGRAM. Though Misao taking a bath, in itself, was not a bad thing–the timing of the bath to occur in the same night that she made a dinner for Gail loaded with the enhancing substance and the same night that Gail would shower and clean the bathroom, was obviously designed to draw attention to the process involved in removing LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING from PERSON-PROGRAMS. Misao also drew attention to the mind reading abilities of the 666-Computer by asking Gail to clean the bathtub that evening when Gail had made a mental decision (and had told no one about it) earlier in that day to clean the bathroom. Misao asked Gail to clean the bathtub (thus emphasizing that she already knew through mind-reading that Gail planned to clean the bathroom that night). And then Misao took a bath that night (after Gail cleaned the bathroom) which drew attention to the water absorbed during the bath and which drew attention to Gail’s obedience to Vladimir’s hints (via 666-Computer) to Gail to clean the bathroom that day (thus, Misao drew attention to the enhancing substance which she had put into Gail’s dinner –by drawing attention to the water and the TUB and the 666-Computer–which would enhance the removal process). Misao also asked Gail to do the dishes that night, and while Gail did the dishes, Misao insisted on getting a drink of WATER from the kitchen sink’s faucet immediately as Gail rinsed her soapy, washed dishes in the sink–Misao couldn’t wait until Gail was finished rinsing her dishes to get her water–so this was deliberately rude and intrusive and perfectly timed in order to draw attention to the water from the tap (which has the enhancing substance). And then, when Gail tried to go to sleep that night ***(at around midnight on 4-22-04–the same time as the North Korean train crash)***, LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING violators used the 666-Computer on Gail to cause Gail to have to urinate every ten minutes and Gail passed large amounts of urine (obviously an attempt to draw attention to the water Gail absorbed through the shower she took that night–and Gail had taken this shower right before Gail cleaned the bathroom that night, as Vladimir hinted for her to do). Gail couldn’t sleep right away that night because she felt she constantly had to urinate. So, in effect, Misao was used to assist the Jesuits in their attempts to create a conspiracy against Vladimir Putin and Gail by drawing attention to the process involved in removing LOOPHOLE PROGRAMS from PERSON-PROGRAMS. This harmed Gail, because Gail’s sleep was stolen from her because she had to urinate every ten minutes. This drew attention to the water, the tub, the bathroom being cleaned, Vladimir’s 666-Computer instructions to Gail about cleaning, the LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING removal process, the enhancing substance in the dinner and in the water, and was a meticulous and perfectly timed conspiracy against Vladimir– and Misao perfectly cooperated with this orchestration. Also, using the 666-Computer against Gail to cause her to pass large amounts of urine at bedtime, insinuates that Vladimir doesn’t care if Gail is tired or not; and makes Vladimir appear to be a relentless, ruthless taskmaster who drives Gail relentlessly (via the 666-Computer and other means) to the point of exhaustion as he gleefully orchestrates conspiracies–and thus, Misao brilliantly (with perfect timing and precision) assisted the Jesuits in promoting this conspiracy against Gail and her true friend and future husband–and Misao, therefore, helped to prevent or destroy a happy marriage between Vladimir (who genuinely loves Gail) and Gail–and thus, Erich concludes that Misao is NOT Gail’s mother.

After the motive for the crimes (and WHO THE CRIMINAL IS) has been established through public cross-examination and through confession statements on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS, those found guilty of using these incidents to orchestrate (or frame) Vladimir, myself, or another innocent party or parties with these monstrous conspiracies will be publicly executed on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS (that is, we will mention the date, times and names of those executed and will emphasize their Jesuit connections when they are executed) to show our outrage over Jesuit attempts to commit mass murder in order to cover their bloody butts and to show our outrage over Jesuit attempts to frame and use innocent people (including UNWILLING AGENTS) in their monstrous conspiracies.

Time is 7:55 p.m. It appears the Jesuits are orchestrating a “repeat incident”, since my mother is cooking again tonight. This is unusual, since (until yesterday), she hasn’t been cooking much. My mother mentioned again that she needs to take a bath and she asked me to clean the tub (if I took a bath–the Jesuits are playing stupid–they know I haven’t showered or bathed today) and I’m starting to feel urinary frequency (as I get ready for bed). I believe the Jesuits’ motive for orchestrating a “repeat incident” of yesterday’s 1-21-04 incident is to play down the connection between their use of my mother as an UNWILLING AGENT yesterday and the horrific North Korean train crash (which they orchestrated to connect with my mother’s 1-21-04 incident yesterday). Cross-examine the IMPOSED PERSON who is in my mother right now and see if I am right–that the Jesuits are attempting to create a repeat incident in order to play down their use of my mother yesterday to connect with the horrific North Korean train crash. If so, mete out the death penalty for this Jesuit attempt to play down their involvement with my mother and this horrible train crash in North Korea. It appears by trying to make yesterday’s incident with my mother to appear to be random (by orchestrating a repeat incident today with my mother), they hope to create the impression that they weren’t trying to connect the horrible train crash in North Korea with what they did with my mother yesterday. I don’t want to be up for over an hour urinating, just to help the Jesuits cover their dirty butts for what they attempted to frame Vladimir with (regarding this horrible train crash in Korea and my mother).

When one of their orchestrations backfires on them, Jesuits resort to “random” incidents all the time. I call it their coverup strategy. If something they orchestrate turns out badly for them, they create other incidents to make what they originally orchestrated appear to be random and not a deliberately created event. Witness when they tried to burn down my mobile home in South Carolina in 1998, and then all the wildfire problems the U.S. had after that. Jesuits never change and they NEVER GIVE UP. Usually once they go on one of their repeat incident binges, it turns into a fanatical rage–like all the wildfires in the U.S.

XXX1/2–G.S. (4-22-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (4-22-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (4-22-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (4-22-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 4-22-04
Place: Melbourne, FL