Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (5-12-2004)

Gab Share

5-12-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Erich and Vladimir will make an appearance to my mother (via internet or however they want to do so) and will plead with her to remove all items in her house which contain the HINDERING SUBSTANCE. The reason for this is because I believe the Jesuits want to harm or kill my mother with the 666-Computer and to blame this on Vladimir. If Vladimir encourages her to use items which have the ENHANCING SUBSTANCE, it shows that he’s doing his best to remove her from the control of those who would harm her.

So, it’s essential that Vladimir shows that he is concerned that my mother does not cooperate with us in our attempts to remove LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING from her PERSON-PROGRAM and that Vladimir’s doing all in his power to remove Misao from the 666-Computer control of evil people. An attitude of apathy in this area by Vladimir could be used later (by the Jesuits) to implicate Vladimir in my mother’s death or serious illness (if the Jesuits use the 666-Computer to harm or kill my mother).

Erich will show (via video or other methods) to my mother (in Japanese) what a HINDERING SUBSTANCE is and what an ENHANCING SUBSTANCE IS.


This explanation about what an ENHANCING and HINDERING SUBSTANCE is (and how they work) should be in Japanese, since the Jesuits have really hampered Misao’s ability to understand English–especially when any difficult concepts need to be explained.

Erich and Vladimir will then tell Misao which items in her house contain the HINDERING SUBSTANCE and tell her that they don’t want Misao (or anyone in this family–including Bill or Gail) to ingest or use items (which contain the HINDERING SUBSTANCE) and that they want her to get rid of these items and that Vladimir will give Bill Fuller the money to buy suitable replacements (that is, Bill will purchase items that are equivalent to those HINDERING SUBSTANCE items that Misao disposes of and these items will contain the ENHANCING SUBSTANCE). Vladimir and Erich will then tell her which items in her house contain the ENHANCING SUBSTANCE and tell her that they want her to use or ingest these items instead.

If Misao refuses to cooperate, Erich will state that her lack of cooperation shows even further that she is not Gail’s mother, because her lack of cooperation shows that she desires to keep her brain under the control of those who are Gail’s enemies (which are people who desire to bring harm or death to Gail and her family).

I received a letter (which purports to be from David Schuler), along with a lot of “photos” (allegedly of Erich with David and his family). I believe these photos are FAKES and are forgeries and I will mail these items to Vladimir tomorrow at the Russian Embassy address in Washington D.C. (along with the letter I received)–so that he can use them as evidence in legal proceedings. I am certain that these are violations of CONSPIRACY LAW.

I believe the Jesuits mailed these photgraphic forgeries to me, in order to keep my mother in her delusional world, where she will not face the reality that the Russian President loves me and wants to marry me and that Vladimir has custody of Erich (while he attempts to safely marry me).

The forged letter sent to me was designed to create the impression that David has custody of Erich–since the forged letter was fat and obviously contained “photos” and had a return address on the outside (with David’s Connecticut address) and I’m certain that the Jesuits had my mother go to the mailbox, so she’d see this letter.

When I came home from work today, the forged letter (along with a Chrysler Financial statement) was on my bed.

Only my mother puts my mail on my bed.

So, because she saw the envelope for these documents, she will have the impression that Vladimir does not have custody of Erich (or that Vladimir wants to dump Erich) and that Vladimir does not take care of her daughter’s financial problems–that Gail is crazy when she claims that Vladimir has paid off her car.

We need to make it plain to Misao that Vladimir has custody of Erich, or else the Jesuits may try to harm Erich and claim that Vladimir never intended to keep Erich (but that Vladimir was only using Erich as a tool to further his ends).

Let my mother see the cross-examination on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS of those behind this forged letter and of those behind the forged photographs I received today.

Let her see how these criminals created the fake photos and letters. When these criminals make their CONFESSION STATEMENT, they will be required to demonstrate to the world on world-wide television (on IBN) how they created the fake letter and photos (which I received in the mail today). Have my mother see this whole legal proceeding on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS. She needs to understand how clever and resourceful these criminals are, or else they will keep her solidly in her delusional world, where she will only believe the things the Jesuits want her to believe.

Also, let her see all the cross-examinations and CONFESSION STATEMENTS of those who are behind all the Chrysler Financial harassment which I’ve received, to show her how stubborn these criminals are and how resourceful and creative they are and to show her that Vladimir is doing his best to take care of my finances.

This is the letter which I handwrote and will mail to Vladimir:

May 12, 2004

Dear Vladimir:

I’m enclosing what I received in the mail. I want you to investigate this letter and these photographs. I believe these are forgeries and that the photographs are fake. Jesuits are experts at photographic hucksterism.

Prosecute any violations of CONSPIRACY LAW revolving around this letter and these photographs.


Gail Schuler

I’m not keeping these photographs because they are fakes. Erich is with you.

XXX1/2–G.S. (5-12-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (5-12-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (5-12-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (5-12-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 5-12-04
Place: Melbourne, FL