Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (5-10-2004)

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5-10-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

There are some points and suggestions that I feel should be implemented (or pointed out) during our rerun of the Nuremberg trials.

First off, I would like to assign Dr. Peter Ruckman to the German prosecution team [which assists the Israeli prosecutors (in the current Nuremberg trials)] in order to assist the German prosecutors in their research in order to find the evidence of Jesuit involvement in the Nazi regime and also to find the evidence about how the Jesuits prepared Germany for the Nazi regime.

For instance, one of the arguments might be that it is a GERMAN trait to obey an order unthinkingly, and that, therefore, it was the GERMANS, and not the Jesuits, who were primarily responsible for the Nazi regime and its atrocities.

One of the main defenses by the Nazi war criminals in the original Nuremberg trial was that they followed military orders, like any good soldier would do, and that they were not aware of the atrocities committed against the Jews by their own Nazi regime.

And their prosecutors countered that unthinking obedience to orders would not be a valid excuse for the atrocities which were committed and that the Nazis were aware of the atrocities committed during the Holocaust (because SOME of the Nazis were aware–specifically the Jesuit-Nazis).

The original Nuremberg prosecutors (against the Germans) insinuated that this attitude of obeying orders unthinkingly (in the German military) WAS A GERMAN TRAIT (as borne by German history).

However, I would like to point out that these prosecutors used examples of recent German history (1800s and afterwards) and CERTAINLY one could not accuse the German, Martin Luther, of having the attitude of obeying orders unthinkingly! What about the ninety theses Martin Luther nailed to the PUBLIC door in protest against the Pope? Therefore, this attitude of obeying orders unthinkingly was/is NOT a German trait, but is rather a ROMAN CATHOLIC or JESUIT trait which was cleverly imposed and infiltrated onto the German race (and specifically the German military) during the time leading up to and culminating in World War II.

If (during the Nazi era) unthinking obedience to orders was a German trait, it is my contention that it was introduced into German culture by the Jesuits and that this trait was encouraged and cultivated by the Jesuits in order to pave the way for Nazism.

However, it must be pointed out that one organization which has had a long history of encouraging unthinking obedience to orders (and had this attitude long before Germany even became known as the German nation) is the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH–and this needs to be emphasized somehow during the trial.

So, it only makes sense that any country which the Jesuits takeover will have the attitude of unthinking obedience to orders, SINCE THIS IS THE HISTORY OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. Present a history of what happens to countries that the Jesuits have taken over and what kind of “attitudes” are fostered when they takeover ANY country–including Germany☛these attitudes are ANTI-SEMITISM and UNTHINKING OBEDIENCE TO ORDERS. Because these are the attitudes the Jesuits require of those under their jurisdiction–and history bears this out. Use evidence from the history of the Jesuits to point this out. THE JESUIT ORDER REQUIRES THESE ATTITUDES of ANTI-SEMITISM AND UNTHINKING OBEDIENCE TO ORDERS, IN ORDER TO SET UP A DICTATORSHIP RUN BY THE JESUITS. That’s because the Jesuits think the Roman Catholic Church has replaced Israel in the Bible.

I feel it is partially true and partially false that the Nazi leaders on trial at Nuremberg were aware of the catastrophic extent of the Holocaust. I feel that those Nazi leaders on trial who were NOT Jesuits may not have been aware of the extent of the Holocaust, but that those Nazi leaders (who were strong Roman Catholic and Jesuits) WERE aware of the extent of the holocaust (and that these Roman Catholic Jesuit Nazis encouraged all the atrocities committed during the Holocaust).

And this difference between those Nazis that were Jesuits and those that were NOT must be HIGHLIGHTED AND EMPHASIZED–since this will establish that it was the JESUITS and NOT the Germans (and maybe not even all of the Nazis), who were anti-Semitic during the Nazi regime.

It’s too bad we didn’t have 666-Computer lie-detection during the original Nuremberg trial, the verdict may have turned out differently.

In fact, during this trial, use the terms JESUIT-NAZIS and GERMAN-NAZIS (or non-Jesuit Nazis) to differentiate between those Nazis who were Jesuits and those who were not. This will help us to point out the differences between those Nazis who were strong Roman Catholics and those who were not.

I’m certain that many of the Nazi leaders were aware of the atrocities committed against the Jews in the concentration and death camps (and these were probably JESUIT-NAZIS), but I do believe that some of these Nazi leaders were NOT aware of these atrocities or were not aware of the EXTENT of these atrocities (and these were probably NOT Jesuits).

I also feel that if these non-Jesuit Nazis were aware of extent of the atrocities committed by Jesuit-Germans in the concentration and death camps, they would have been outraged and would have considered these killings unnecessary and monstrous and possibly the German nation would no longer have supported the Nazi regime and the Jesuit-led Nazi regime may have been toppled BY THE GERMAN PEOPLE THEMSELVES.

Why don’t you cross-examine the Jesuits (under 666-Computer lie-detection) and ask them if they were worried about Germany’s reaction (including the reaction of some high-ranking officers in the Nazi Order) to the SECRET Holocaust against the Jews by the Jesuits during the Nazi regime?

Many of these death camp operations were probably kept secret (even from high-ranking Nazis)–the Jesuits knew that if the extent of their holocaust became evident, they would lose the support of the Germans (including high-ranking Nazis).

Find out if I am correct that these operations were kept secret from the Germans and from non-Jesuit high-ranking Nazis.

If I am correct, then present this evidence about the SECRET HOLOCAUST in the current Nuremberg trials as further proof that the monstrous Holocaust was a Jesuit, and not a GERMAN, invention.

Then cross-examine the Jesuit leaders and ask them WHY THEY FELT IT WAS NECESSARY TO KEEP THEIR HOLOCAUST A SECRET FROM THE HIGH-RANKING NON-JESUIT NAZIS. It appears only some of the Nazis –that is, the JESUIT-NAZIS (during World War II) really understood the extent of the Holocaust against the Jews..

Did the Jesuits know that if the non-Jesuit Germans knew of the extent of the Jesuit-orchestrated holocaust, that the Jesuits would lose the support of Germany for the Jesuit-led Nazi war? If it is determined (through 666-Computer lie-detection) that the Jesuits’ motive for keeping secret the extent of their Nazi holocaust against the Jews was because they were afraid of losing Germany’s support for the Jesuit-led Nazi war, then the Jesuits (by their own SECRET actions and attitudes) admit that the Germans did not (or would not) support the Holocaust if they had known the extent of the massacre and the onslaught against the Jews by the Jesuits.

This would be proof that the Nazi Holocaust was not a German idea, but was the Jesuits’ invention.

We know from how the Jesuits conduct their 666-Computer operations, that they conduct their criminal enterprises stealthily and in secret and never up-front and courageously as do the Germans.

What we need to do in this present trial is to determine WHICH NAZI LEADERS were aware of these atrocities (and were aware of the EXTENT of these atrocities) and WHICH NAZI LEADERS were NOT aware of these atrocities (and of their extent).

Once it is determined which Nazi leaders were aware of these atrocities (and the EXTENT of these atrocities) and which were not aware, then we should analyze the histories of those Nazi leaders to determine the main religious differences between those who WERE AWARE and those who were NOT AWARE of the atrocities committed in the camps.

Study the religious activities, religious histories and religious convictions of all the Nazi leaders.
It is my contention that most or all of those Nazi leaders that were aware of the atrocities in the death camps (when they were occurring) and who encouraged these atrocities were devout JESUITS and that these Nazi leaders all had strong Roman Catholic backgrounds. At least two of those on trial at the original Nuremberg trial were very strong Roman Catholics: Rudolf Hoess and Von Papen.

I quote from pg. 316 of Nuremberg by Joseph Persico, “Rudolf Hoess’ family, devout Catholics, had intended him for the priesthood. . .”

Adolph Hitler was a devout Roman Catholic.

The reason all the Nazi leaders (who were aware of the Jewish extermination which occurred in the camps) were Jesuits was simple: Because it was the JESUITS who sponsored and supported the idea of exterminating the Jews. In fact, I contend that this was one of the Jesuits’ primary motives for creating the Nazi Order.

If Germany had a history of anti-Semitism, it is my contention that she inherited this attitude from the Roman Catholic Church. For the Roman Catholic Church’s history is one of long, fierce and devastating attacks against the Jewish race. In fact, it should be borne out in this present Nuremberg trial that it is the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH (and not the German nation) which has the long history of anti-Semitism.

There is no country in the world that has adopted more Jewish surnames than has Germany. So, apparently, the Germans had enough respect for the Jews in their midst TO ADOPT THEIR NAMES. Example: STEIN.

And that if the German Nazis were anti-Semitic, this attitude was fostered and encouraged by the Roman Catholic Church at the time, since the Nazi Order was financed, created and orchestrated by the Roman Catholic Jesuit Order.

I would like to quote from what an American prosecutor said at Nuremberg, from pg. 137 of Nuremberg by Joseph Persico:

Jackson turned to the bench. “And let me make clear that while the law is first applied against the German aggressors, the law includes, and if it is to serve a useful purpose, it must condemn, aggression by any other nation, including those which sit here now in judgment.”

I would like Pope John Paul II to make a statement (under 666-Computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection) on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS regarding how he feels about the Jesuit and Roman Catholic Church involvement during the Holocaust (including the involvement of Pope Pius XII), and also about how he feels about the anti-Semitic history of the Roman Catholic Church. Perhaps he can make this statement at the current Nuremberg trial, but I will allow Vladimir to determine where (and when) the Pope will make this statement.

We don’t want to allow the Jesuits to use the events of this Nuremberg trial to make martyrs out of innocent Roman Catholics. Most Roman Catholic people are not aware of (and do not promote) the bloody history (in the top hierarchy in their church)–certainly we will not punish these people for ignorance, nor will we encourage anyone else to inflict such punishments.

Those that are punished are those knowing and willing violators of CONSPIRACY LAW–this exempts most Roman Catholic people.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 5-10-04
Place: Melbourne, FL