Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (5-7-2004)

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5-7-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Since the Jesuits love trials and court-martials so much, I’ve decided to give the Jesuits a taste of their own medicine.

I feel that the Jesuit Order needs to be tried for its crimes against the Jews (through Nazi Germany in World War II). This is a matter where justice was not served and those Jews that were slaughtered deserve to have justice. It isn’t fair that the Germans had to be tried for Nazi war crimes and that the Jesuits weren’t included– because the Jesuits sponsored and financed the whole Nazi movement BEHIND THE SCENES and they would have killed and tortured any Germans and their families (if those Germans wouldn’t cooperate with the torture of the Jews).

Before we conduct this rerun of the Nuremberg war crimes trial FOR THE JESUITS (we’ll leave the Germans out [except for those Germans who are Jesuits], since the Germans have already been tried) on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS, we will take a poll among the Jews (who are not UNWILLING AGENTS) all over the world to see if they favor a rerun of the Nuremberg war crimes trial for the Jesuits (since the Jesuits sponsored and FINANCED the Nazi Order and specifically directed the Germans to slaughter the Jews). However, I’m certain the Jesuits will try to pin all the blame on the Germans for the Holocaust, so if Germany desires it, we will allow some Germans to testify on behalf of Germany. The results of this poll among the Jews (whether there should be a rerun of the Nuremberg trials) all over the world will be broadcast on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS. We will honor what the Jews all over the world want.

If the Jews favor a rerun of the Nuremberg war crimes trial (in which the Jesuit Order will be placed on trial)–then INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS will conduct a rerun of the Nuremberg War Crimes trial FOR THE JESUITS in Nuremberg, Germany.

So we will make up for this gross oversight in history on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS.

INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS will sponsor a rerun of the Nuremberg War Crimes trial and the Jesuit Order will be placed on trial for its crimes against the Jews during World War II, and this trial will be televised on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS. The whole trial will be televised on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS and may be presented in its entirety on the IBN COURT STATION.

Hire lawyers for each side and present evidence for the involvement of the Jesuit Order in the Nazi death and concentration camps of WWII (in which millions of Jews were slaughtered). In this trial the defendant is the JESUIT ORDER and the one who brings the case against the JESUIT ORDER is the JEWISH RACE. The nation of Israel will hire those attorneys they want to hire to prosecute the JESUIT ORDER and the Jesuits will hire those attorneys they want to hire to defend themselves.

The trial will be held in Nuremberg, Germany just like the original Nuremberg war trial. This seems the most appropriate choice since INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS is headquartered in Germany anyways.

I’m sure Dr. Peter Ruckman, Jack Chick and others will be able to help provide the evidence for the supreme Jesuit involvement behind the Nazi Order. Get evidence from Pope John Paul II as well.

Since all those Jesuits who were behind the Nazi Order are now dead, the punishments for the Jesuits (still alive) will be determined by the level of anti-Semitism which is determined to exist in the current Jesuit Order. I am convinced that the Jesuits are still very anti-Semitic and that we won’t have trouble establishing that they have not changed their position toward the Jewish race AT ALL SINCE WORLD WAR II.

The difference between this Nuremberg war trial and the one in the 1940s, will be that CONSPIRACY LAW will be used and 666-Computer analysis and 666-Computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection can be admitted as evidence–this will be especially important in order to determine whether the Jesuit Order still has the motive to wipe out the Jewish race.

It’s possible that after this trial is over, that the verdict against the Jesuit Order will be the death penalty for every person who is a member of the Jesuit Order and/or the death penalty for all those who (directly or indirectly) and willingly, knowingly and deliberately assist them. In other words after this trial is concluded, and IF THE VERDICT IS THAT THE JESUIT ORDER IS GUILTY OF THE SLAUGHTER OF MILLIONS OF JEWS IN WORLD WAR II and that the current JESUIT ORDER HAS THE SAME GOALS–we won’t have to cross-examine or try any Jesuits at all when we capture them–all we have to do is ESTABLISH THAT A PERSON IS A MEMBER OF THE JESUIT ORDER AND/OR ASSISTS THEM WILLINGLY, DELIBERATELY AND KNOWINGLY and that will be sufficient to give that person the death penalty.

I would like Dr. Peter Ruckman to present a documentary on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS about the influence of the Jesuit Order over the various translations of the Bible and other sacred texts (including Muslim texts, Buddhist, Hindu, etc.). And especially about the Jesuits’ attempts to corrupt and discredit the 1611 King James Bible and their motives for doing so. The title of this documentary will be JESUIT INFLUENCES OVER SACRED TEXTS. The purpose of this documentary is to educate the public about the invasiveness of Jesuit influence into all aspects of society (including all aspects of religion–including sacred books for all religions of the world). We can assist Dr. Ruckman in the research for this documentary and we can supply video coverage and present this in a news documentary format. Give Dr. Ruckman artistic freedom to set up the documentary as he sees best.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 5-7-04
Place: Melbourne, FL