Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (5-14-2004)

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5-14-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Put me under 666-Computer lie-detection as I write today’s statement.

I had an incident with my “mother” yesterday while I watched (for the first time) Nuremberg with Alex Baldwin. My “mother” insisted on watching portions of this video with me–that is, she just sat down in her chair several times and watched it.

I wasn’t too comfortable with the idea of her watching it with me (but I said nothing when she sat down several times–though the Jesuits orchestrated a couple of cough spasms in my mother while she watched it –but I said nothing), but made no spectacle about Misao’s cough spasm (which I’m sure the Jesuits didn’t like because my lack of response to their cough spasm didn’t help their case), because I knew that she was being manipulated by the Jesuits to be a troublemaker and that her real motive for watching it was not because she was interested in the movie, but because she was fishing around to see if she could say or do something to strengthen the Jesuits’ legal case against us.

However, when my “mother” made comments about Goering’s suicide (in the movie) and seemed obsessed with how he did it–I decided I needed to say something about this or else I would appear to approve of my “mother’s” obsession with Goering’s suicide. Goering used cyanide, which he somehow snuck into his jail cell, thus he eluded his captors. And I was afraid if I didn’t say anything about this obsession my “mother” had with how Goering committed suicide, that this might encourage the Jesuits to orchestrate a cyanide-suicide conspiracy (possibly involving myself, my mother or others) and then they would blame this cyanide-suicide conspiracy on Bill Fuller or Vladimir Putin.

The way I handled this was I changed the subject and I used the legal strategy of cross-examination on my mother (using a deflecting tactic)–and I immediately strived to put her on the defensive–that is, I commented about other aspects of the end of this movie and said that Franz Von Papen should have been executed because he was a Jesuit. The film stated that Von Papen was declared NOT GUILTY. I also stated that the Roman Catholic Church was behind the Nazi Order and that Roman Catholic church leaders (and specifically the Jesuits) should have been tried along with the German Nazi leaders on trial at Nuremberg. I told her that this trial was NOT JUSTICE and that we are doing a rerun of Nuremberg right now to correct this injustice. By doing this, I hoped to discourage the Jesuits from orchestrating any cyanide conspiracy, because now I put them on the defensive, so now we could claim they orchestrated any cyanide conspiracy (if they decided to do so) as a REVENGE FOR WHAT I ACCUSED THEM OF about the Jesuit Franz Von Papen’s NOT GUILTY verdict in this film, and as revenge because they are angry at us for doing a rerun of the Nuremberg trial for the sole purpose of bringing the Roman Catholic Church’s Jesuit Order in as a defendant..


By allowing this injustice, we have suffered more unnecessary wars and more holocausts as a result (since World War II)–and we currently suffer from the scourge of rampant and tyrannical 666-Computer use on innocent people all over the world. By only blaming the Germans for the atrocities committed during the Nazi Holocaust and by omitting the MAIN PERPETRATORS (the Roman Catholic Church at that time)–we encourage the Roman Catholic Church in its imperialistic designs upon the world. So that today, we have to deal with massive and catastrophic 666-Computer control over innocent people all over the world.

This film made an incorrect statement in that it said that what happened during the Nazi regime was the worst atrocity committed in world history. This is not correct. What about Stalin in Russia? Stalin had more concentration camps in Russia than Hitler ever did. Why don’t we see the pictures of all the Russians slaughtered in Stalin’s camps? By the way, Stalin, like Hitler, was a Jesuit puppet. The Jesuits were very busy during World War II. They had two major operations going on in the world at that time: the Nazi regime in Germany and Stalin’s communist regime in the Soviet Union. If one failed, they would fall back on the other one and use that. And that’s exactly what happened. They were playing two hands and seeing which one they would go with in their goal to conquer the world for Roman Catholicism. Nazism failed, so the Roman Catholic Church changed their strategy (like a CHAMELEON) and went with Soviet Russia.


Why don’t we see pictures about the Serbs butchered by Roman Catholic priests in Serbia (during World War II)?

If justice had been served at Nuremberg and the Roman Catholic Church had been put on trial (along with the Germans)–PERHAPS THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO COLD WAR, because the Jesuits’ involvement with Stalin may have been exposed. In fact, some of the most unjust sentences handed out in this original Nuremberg trial were sentences handed out to appease the Soviet Union. And who was behind the Soviet Union AT THAT TIME?


I listened to the arguments presented by both sides in the film. And I felt that many of Goering’s arguments were more thought out than the arguments of the prosecutors against him. The prosecutors never satsfactorily addressed many of the points which Goering brought up in this trial. I felt that Goering had thought through his position more thoroughly than those who prosecuted him.

As to whether Goering deserved the death penalty, I’m not sure. I need to read the book that the film was based on, and read more of the evidence against this man. Goering stated that he was not aware of the severity of the holocaust against the Jews. I do believe that Franz Von Papen should have got the death penalty. Von Papen was a Jesuit. Von Papen was declared NOT GUILTY. SOMEONE WAS PULLING SOME POLITICAL STRINGS AT THIS TRIAL–I WONDER WHO?

They accused Goering of lying, when he stated he and Hitler were not aware of this horrible holocaust against the Jews perpetrated by the Nazi regime. But was he lying? Perhaps, Goering should have kept Hitler out of his statement, because anything that Georing would say about Hitler could be classified as “hearsay”. But, perhaps, Goering, HIMSELF, spoke the truth ABOUT HIMSELF, when he stated that he was not aware of the holocaust against the Jews or the about severity of the camps.

Only Hitler knew what he really knew about the Holocaust. I think Hitler conducted a lot of secret operations–so secret–that many of the top Nazi leaders didn’t really know what was happening in their regime. After all, Hitler reported to the POPE and to his Jesuit superiors. You see, Hitler himself, was under authority. Hitler was under the authority of the Roman Catholic Church at that time. Hitler was a devoted son of the Roman Catholic Church and dutifully obeyed his superiors: Pope Pius XII and the Jesuit Order. And this is what needs to be established in the current Nuremberg trial.

My impression of Goering was that he was forthright and direct and not one to lie. What is certain is that the only justice that was served in this trial was that the atrocity of the Nazi concentration camps got world-wide exposure–which was a good thing. And I agree with Goering that the way this trial was conducted was a farce. That is why we are doing a rerun of Nuremberg on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS.

Back to my mother. She made the statement that she and Bill would be willing to help me financially to move out of this house immediately.

Show my mother the cross-examination of the Jesuits who manipulated her into making this statement about offering to give me financial assistance to move out right away. I do not feel this would be wise–that is, to take a large amount of money from Bill Fuller. Because if I take any money from Bill Fuller (of such a large amount)–it would be a perfect set-up for a Jesuit-orchestrated conspiracy against Bill or Vladimir Putin. I’m sure the Jesuits would use this money against Bill or Vladimir somehow.

If I get any money, it needs to be established firmly that it comes from my OWN LABORS or that it is directly from Vladimir Putin. Any other source of money given to me can be used by the Jesuits to strengthen their case that Vladimir or Bill is part of a dirty money laundering conspiracy against myself or other innocent parties. Jesuits are clever at manipulating money. See The Vatican Billions by Avro Manhattan. In fact, I want a presentation (or special) based on The Vatican Billions to be made on IBN. I need to get the money to move out some other way.

From a legal perspective, to get the money from Bill Fuller would not be wise–unless it could be established beyond a reasonable doubt that the money (given me) is NOT Bill’s, but is VLADIMIR’S. In fact, my mother’s desire to try to set Bill Fuller up in a Jesuit-orchestrated financial conspiracy against her own husband (who is currently supporting my safe marriage to Vladimir) shows further that she is not my mother. Because at this time, Bill Fuller is assisting Vladimir and myself and doing all he can to encourage my safe marriage to Vladimir. Somehow show this to my “mother”–maybe by cross-examining the Jesuit as to WHY he directed my mother to offer to assist me (THROUGH BILL FULLER) financially to move out RIGHT AWAY. She made the statement that she and BILL would help me to move out. Did she lie? Did Bill really offer to help me? Let my mother see the cross-examination and trial of the IMPOSED PERSONS who led her to make these statements to me–to show her that these statements will not help her daughter to safely marry Vladimir and are the statements of my ENEMIES. She assists the Jesuits in strengthening their case against my future husband and my friends. Why is she all of a sudden asking that Bill be involved in assisting me financially? She never did this before. She has too many inconsistencies. What’s the BIG HURRY JESUIT? ARE YOU LOSING YOUR CASE AND NEED TO SPEED THINGS UP in order to create problems in Gail’s life that will HELP OUT YOUR CASE? IS THAT IT? Ask the Jesuit this.


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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 5-14-04
Place: Melbourne, FL