Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (5-17-2004)

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5-17-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Dr. Peter Ruckman will start a Bible study about Revelation 17 & 18. He will show in this Bible Study how the number 17 is associated with the leader of the Jesuit Order (see Rev. 17:17) and that the number specifically associated with the Roman Catholic Church or the Whore is the number 18 (see Rev. 17:18 and Rev. chapter EIGHTEEN), NOT THE NUMBER SEVENTEEN☛ BECAUSE THE NUMBER SEVENTEEN IS SPECIFICALLY ASSOCIATED WITH THE BEAST OR JESUIT LEADER OR THE COMPUTER GENIUS (666–see Rev. 13:17-18).

The Bible is a very detailed book.

Notice it is in Rev. EIGHTEEN that the destruction of the Roman Catholic Church (by those world leaders loyal to the Jesuit leader) is described. So, I believe the number EIGHTEEN is associated with the Roman Catholic Church and the number SEVENTEEN is associated with the Beast (or the Jesuit leader) that carries the Roman Catholic Church.

The Bible study will focus on how the Beast (or the present-day Jesuit Order) will be the vehicle that God uses to destroy the Roman Catholic Church by fire (see Rev. 17:16-17 and Rev. 18).

Notice the words of Rev. SEVENTEEN verse SEVENTEEN: “For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom UNTO THE BEAST, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.” Verse SEVENTEEN of Rev. SEVENTEEN, is the verse which describes WHO (i.e., the BEAST) will destroy the WHORE (or the Roman Catholic Church).

Those who destroy the WHORE (or Roman Catholic Church) are those that have the same mind as the Beast (or Jesuit leader) and who give their power and strength to the beast (or Jesuit leader)–see Rev. 17:13. So, basically, the Jesuit leader (or the Beast) will destroy the Roman Catholic Church.

This verse basically says that ten presidents or prime ministers will honor the beast or Jesuit leader’s desire and will destroy the Roman Catholic Church. The Bible describes these ten Presidents or kings as having “one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast”this verse seems to indicate that they have the same desires and goals as the Jesuit leader.

The Whore or woman of Rev. 17 and 18 is the Roman Catholic Church. We know this is the Roman Catholic Church because she has a GOLDEN CUP (see Rev. 17:4), she is arrayed like the Roman Catholic Church (see Rev. 17:4), she sits upon the SEVEN MOUNTAINS OF ROME (see Rev. 17:9).

Dr. Ruckman can present other evidence that the Whore is the Roman Catholic Church and that the Beast is the Jesuit leader–and he does not have to limit it to Rev. 17 and 18. He can cross reference to other scriptures and use evidence from statistics, history or whatever.

He can also present any other evidence he has that the Jesuit leader is the BEAST–besides Rev. 17 & 18.

The Beast is described as a NUMBER (see Rev. 13:18–this seems to indicate his obsession with COMPUTERS). Rev. 13:17–God describes the Beast in this manner–”And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or THE NUMBER OF HIS NAME.”

The Bible makes it clear that the Beast (or Jesuit leader) is associated with the Whore, because both the Whore and the Beast are associated with the seven mountains (see Rev. 17:7 and 17:9). The Whore sits on the seven heads OR mountains (see Rev. 17:9)–that is, she relies on the Jesuit leader. And the beast is described as having seven heads–which are also the seven mountains that the Whore sits upon (see Rev. 17:7 & 9). So the two are inextricably linked. The Bible defines what the seven heads are in Rev. 17:9–they are the seven mountains of ROME and are associated with both the Roman Catholic Church (the Whore) and the Jesuit leader (the Beast)–see Rev. 17:7 & 9.

The Bible describes the Roman Catholic Church as BEING CARRIED BY THE BEAST (or the leader of the Jesuit Order). The Roman Catholic Church sits upon this beast (Rev. 17:3).

This beast is described as being a vulgar and profane individual–”full of names of blasphemy”–see Rev. 17:3. See also the book of Daniel. Have you noticed how vulgar and profane the IMPOSED PERSONS are (who control the UNWILLING AGENTS)?

This beast has SEVEN heads (which are the seven mountains of ROME–see Rev. 17:9–the Roman Catholic Church sits upon the head of the Jesuit Order or THE BEAST).

As further proof that the number 17 is associated with the Beast (or the head of the Jesuit Order), notice that the Beast is described as having seven heads and ten horns. Seven plus ten equals SEVENTEEN. See Rev. 17:3, 17:7.

What is interesting about this Beast is that he orders those that work for him (TEN Presidents or prime ministers or KINGS) to destroy the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH (that the Beast is associated with)–see Rev. 17:16-17.

Already we see this prophecy being fulfilled in that the Jesuits are killing Roman Catholics. An example would be some young man (who was killed recently by Jesuits via 666-Computer)–who had the last name of Hughes (Howard Hughes??). This young man used to work in the Wal-Mart grocery department here in Melbourne, FL. This young man was described in the newspaper as being an altar boy in the Roman Catholic Church.

I hope this young Roman Catholic man’s death has been cross-examined on IBN and that CONFESSION STATEMENTS and the death penalty have been meted out for this violation of CONSPIRACY LAW.

Give Dr. Ruckman all the time he needs for this Bible study and give him the programming schedule that he requests on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS for this Bible study about Rev. 17 & 18 about the differences and similarities between the Beast and the Roman Catholic Church and that IT WILL BE THE BEAST (the number 17–see Rev. 17:17) THAT WILL DESTROY THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH and that this prophecy is already starting to be fulfilled.

Cross and direct-examine the Jesuit leaders and ask them why they have turned my mother into a LOUD busy body (who won’t mind her own business and gets into everyone’s else’s affairs), who is so busy being a loud busy body and a loud gossip on the telephone and everywhere else– that she won’t clean her own house and expects her daughter (who is holding down a full-time job and is busy writing laws on the computer) to do all the housecleaning for her.

This may a good thing, because she may clean the house, so she can nose into my things.

I’m just puzzled over what the Jesuits are up to.

It appears she is cleaning her own bathroom, but she is neglecting everything else.

The house, if not for me, would be a disaster.

If my mother spent as much time cleaning house (as she does gossiping LOUDLY with her buddies on the phone and running everyone’s life except her own), this house would be clean.

It isn’t that I mind cleaning the house, but I’m afraid that if this house gets really dirty, the Jesuits may use it as an excuse to cause problems for Vladimir.

Perhaps, by insinuating that he couldn’t love a girl who has such a big-mouthed, loud, and slovenly mother. Or perhaps by using my mother to clean the house in a manner that gets into my legal files.

I don’t know what the Jesuits are up to. Ask the Jesuits WHY they have turned my mother into this person.

They’re up to something no good –by turning my mother into a BIG-MOUTHED, LOUD, bossy, gossipy, slovenly housekeeper–and I want to find out what it is.

My mother used to be a great housekeeper. Why have the Jesuits transformed my mother into a slovenly housekeeper and a big mouthed, LOUD gossip and busy-body (whose only asset is to open her BIG MOUTH make everyone around her uncomfortable with her bossiness and controlling behavior). Ask the Jesuits why they have turned my mother into a lazy housekeeper and into a BIG MOUTHED, LOUD GOSSIP AND CONTROLLER.

Could the Jesuits have turned my mother into a very unattractive woman (believe me, her big LOUD mouth makes her unattractive) and a lousy wife and housekeeper, in order to kill her and say Vladimir allowed IMPOSED PERSONS to take her over and make her unattractive, in order to find an excuse to harm or kill me and then to try to blame it on the Jesuits? Have the Jesuits come up with another elaborate attempt to frame Vladimir with their attempts to do me harm?

First, they’ll claim that Vladimir deliberately made my mother unattractive (using the 666-Computer), so that he could blame it on the Jesuits. After all, Vladimir has revealed under 666-Computer lie-detection that he has gotten irritated with my mother for her BIG AND LOUD MOUTH.

And then, if they succeed in killing or harming my mother permanently with the 666-Computer, then the Jesuits will zero in on me and will say that Vladimir harmed my mother and blamed it on the Jesuits (AFTER ALL HASN’T HE REVEALED HE DOESN’T LIKE HER LOUD MOUTH?), so that he could find an excuse to blame the Jesuits for any murder or harm they will do to me.

Because my mother is so loud and never listens, I have to be loud when I talk to her, JUST TO GET HER TO LISTEN. You see how the Jesuits manipulate me into being loud? And this is because Vladimir has revealed that he finds my mother’s LOUD mouth repulsive (especially when directed against me☛this should be emphasized). And so the Jesuits cleverly manipulate me, so that I am forced to be loud.

Ask Vladimir (under 666-Computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection) how he feels about MY LOUD MOUTH (especially when I talk to my mother). See if there’s a difference between how he feels about my mother’s loud mouth and mine.

They’ll say he harmed my mother (via 666-Computer) so he could find an excuse to blame the Jesuits for harm he wants to do to me. Because, obviously–they will claim, he will blame the Jesuits for any harm done to my mother and then the Jesuits will claim that this was his intent for harming her in the first place, SO THAT HE COULD SET THINGS UP TO FRAME THE JESUITS FOR HARM HE WANTS TO DO TO ME. Ask them if this is what they’re up to.

If so, expose this MOTIVE for what they’ve turned my mother into (on IBN) after questioning these killers, then make them give CONFESSION STATEMENTS and then execute the killers.

They’ve violated the CONSPIRACY LAW about orchestrating MURDER CONSPIRACIES.

Let my mother see this cross-examination, so she can have insight into why she is so bossy and LOUD and unattractive and is such a lousy housekeeper. Let her know she has been turned into a bossy, LOUD, unattractive woman so that the Jesuits can frame Vladimir with her murder or harm; and that they plan to murder or harm me next and to frame Vladimir with my murder or harm–because I’m often loud, just like my mother.

It is very important to determine (through 666-Computer lie-detection) how Vladimir feels about me when I am loud. I believe he has different feelings about my loudness than about my mother’s loudness–and this needs to be FIRMLY ESTABLISHED. FINE TUNE WHY HE FEELS DIFFERENTLY ABOUT MY LOUDNESS (AS OPPOSED TO MY MOTHER’S LOUDNESS).

There must be a believable reason for this, or else the Jesuits will claim that our 666-Computer lie-detection is a fraud.

My position about homosexual marriage is the same as Bill O’Reilly’s. I’ve heard him reinterate his position several times on FOX News. So, just listen to his position about homosexual marriage, if you want to know how I feel about homosexual marriage–because I agree with him.

I’ve heard that in Canada, they might pass a law that makes it illegal to read portions of the Bible (from the pulpit) which could incite hate crimes against homosexuals. I feel that before any such laws are passed, that a study needs to be made to determine if there is a connection between Bible reading from the pulpit about homosexuality and the hates crimes perpetrated against homosexuals.

I encourage free speech and think society is in trouble when speech must be legislated. I believe the true motives for these hate crimes are for other reasons (than because of what is preached from a pulpit).

If I am wrong, then we may have to deal with this matter. 666-Computer analysis would be very helpful.

If a speech or presentation is given knowingly and willingly with the motive to draw attention to (or to create) a hate crime CONSPIRACY (in which innocent people of a certain group are harmed or killed), and this hate crime conspiracy (which is [or would be] connected to the speech or presentation–and whether the speech or presentation is [or would be] connected to the hate crime can be determined by 666-Computer analysis) is orchestrated with the intent to frame an innocent party with the harm or murder of those targeted by this hate crime conspiracy, then that speech or presentation will bring the death penalty to the violator.

To ban all forms of a certain type of speech is TOO BROAD A STROKE and does not intelligently deal with what may be the REAL PROBLEM behind the hate crime.

The REAL REASON for the hate crimes perpetrated against homosexuals needs to be determined before we can write any intelligent laws about this matter.

666-Computer analysis should be done on all those that commit hate crimes against any group, in order to determine the motive or cause for the hate crime. Once the motive or cause is determined for hate crimes, then intelligent laws can be written to deal with this matter.

I am aware that in the Old Testament, homosexuality is a death penalty violation. However, if the death penalty is to be instituted against homosexuality, then it needs to be instituted against all other death penalty violations in the Old Testament (in order to be CONSISTENT). Other death penalty violations are adultery, for instance.

Anyways, in this present time, I do not feel that the death penalty for homosexuality is an appropriate way to handle homosexuals. Because we certainly aren’t going to execute adulterers or those that are greedy. I believe covetousness is also a death penalty violation in the Old Testament. So, you see, we definitely cannot live under the Jewish law in this age!

I do not encourage hate crimes against homosexuals, because I do not encourage hate crimes against any group that is living peacefully within society. If the homosexual is living in a disruptive manner that is harmful to society (that is a different matter). What he/she does in his/her bedroom is his/her own business (as long as what he/she does in his/her bedroom is not harmful to society).

Some homosexuals deliberately spread the AIDS virus. This should be a death penalty violation. You see, this is harmful to society.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 5-17-04
Place: Melbourne, FL