Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (5-27-2004)

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5-27-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

A special presentation will be made on IBN called JESUIT CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY THROUGH SATELLITE AND COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY. This is a very important news presentation and INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS will take as much broadcast time as is necessary to do this topic justice.

All UNWILLING AGENTS must view this historical educational presentation (made by IBN) in which IBN (in its primetime broadcasts) will educate the world on IBN about how and when the Jesuits discovered satellite technology and 666-Computer technology, and what the Jesuits did with these discoveries when they discovered these technologies.

Those that are not UNWILLING AGENTS will be encouraged to watch this IBN presentation on IBN. It will be heavily promoted and advertised on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS. The world needs to be educated about this very important history about the use of groundbreaking satellite and computer technology (within the past 30 to 40 years) on people and animals.

This presentation will be very specific, deep and thorough– with dates, places, persons involved, SIGNIFICANT PERSONs targeted, motives (with thorough character and psychological studies made of the criminals and persons involved), numbers of murders committed through satellite and 666-Computer technology, and times mentioned.

For instance, it will be mentioned when (the date) satellite technology was first used on a person to manipulate their health or body and which organization knew about this technology first and what they did with the knowledge which they possessed.

It will be emphasized in this IBN historical presentation that when the Jesuits discovered or invented these 666-Computer and/or satellite technologies, that the Jesuits used these technologies to SECRETLY and in an underhanded manner manipulate the brains and bodies and health of those persons who could be manipulated by satellite or 666-Computer technology.

It is important to show in this documentary how good the Jesuits are because they were able to keep this groundbreaking technology a secret for a very long time (around 30 years).

Show that the AIDS virus was invented by this technology and the consequences of this. Show that the cures to most cancers have been discovered by this technology and how these cures have been KEPT SECRET and the reasons for keeping this cancer cure secret. Show how the Jesuits have opposed our attempts to use this technology to cure cancers, terminal illnesses and AIDS and WHY they have opposed these attempts (namely because of exposure they would suffer for knowing about this technology and using it in a criminal manner). Show that Jesuits are more concerned about appearances and reputation than in genuinely doing what is best for humanity.

It is very important to show that the Jesuit mindset is one of obsession with appearances OVER THE TRUTH. This can be part of the psychological profile presented about the Jesuits in this presentation. Evidence needs to be presented about how the Jesuits have taken over the news media throughout the world and that most news sources are liars (because the Jesuits manage most news networks). Show evidence that the Jesuits manage most of the news networks in the world. In fact, that’s one reason the Jesuits were able to keep secret their criminal satellite and 666-Computer activities. Those news networks and outlets that are more honest will be honored by IBN and mentioned in this presentation.

Show a complete history of how these groundbreaking technologies were discovered, WHO DISCOVERED THEM and what was done about these discoveries.

Emphasize in this presentation how the Jesuits kept their knowledge of these groundbreaking technologies TOP SECRET and show WHY they kept their knowledge of these technologies TOP SECRET (basically because these technologies were used in a criminal and terrorist manner).

Jesuit attempts (through history and with SIGNIFICANT PERSONs) to cover up their satellite and 666-Computer criminal activities will also be exposed in these IBN presentations.

All evidence presented in these IBN historical presentations about what the Jesuits have done with satellite and 666-Computer technology (especially in the use of satellite and/or 666-Computer technology) to manipulate the health and bodies and brains of those manipulated by satellite (and 666-Computer) must be accurate and backed up with documented evidence.

Also, it will be mentioned which governments or world leaders or SIGNIFICANT PERSONs were deliberately kept in the dark about this TOP SECRET Jesuit-directed satellite and 666-Computer world-wide operation.

EVIDENCE WILL BE PRESENTED that the Jesuits deliberately tried to keep secret this groundbreaking technology and (how it was used) from certain people or organizations or governments. Also, the evidence for the reasons why the Jesuits did not want to inform CERTAIN governments or world leaders or SIGNIFICANT PERSONs about their TOP SECRET operations will also be presented.

This educational presentation will show WHO knew about these TOP SECRET criminal satellite and 666-Computer operations and WHO DID NOT KNOW about these TOP SECRET criminal satellite and 666-Computer operations and WHEN the various organizatons and persons involved with these groundbreaking technologies discovered these technologies.

EMPHASIS WILL BE PLACED ON HOW THE DIFFERENT ORGANZATIONS OR PERSONS reacted to this groundbreaking knowledge when it was presented to them.

Also, emphasis will be placed on those SIGNIFICANT PERSONs that were targeted by Jesuits with this groundbreaking technology and why they were targeted and what they suffered (loss of reputation, loss of health, loss of finances, loss of family members, etc.) as a result of this targeting.

Evidence from direct- or cross-examinations could be used as evidence to establish the motive for targeting certain SIGNIFICANT PERSONs by the Jesuits. Evidence from genetics and family trees may be presented as well. For instance, Gail Schuler was heavily targeted because her genetic make-up is 90% identical to Howard Hughes. Evidence will be presented about why the Jesuits did not like Howard Hughes and that they murdered Howard Hughes after they made him into a mental case (using satellite and 666-Computer technology).

Royal bloodlines may be brought in as evidence to explain why certain persons were/are highly targeted. Show that Jesuits are fascinated with genetics and genetic backgrounds on people and use this information to determine who they will target. This evidence from genetics could be tied in with evidence presented about the Jesuits’ holocaust and concentration camp atrocities.

This historical presentation about how the different organizations or persons reacted to this groundbreaking knowledge when it was presented to them, will delve deeply into the motives and modus operandi of those organizations which DID KNOW about these groundbreaking satellite and 666-Computer operations and reacted in a CRIMINAL and SECRETIVE MANNER.

Portions of direct- or cross-examinations from IBN may also be presented in this educational history as EVIDENCE for motive or time or place or persons involved in this history about groundbreaking satellite and computer technology.

All UNWILLING AGENTS are required to watch this special IBN presentation which will be entitled: JESUIT CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY THROUGH SATELLITE AND COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY. This presentation must be presented to them in their strongest language (for those UNWILLING AGENTS who speak or know more than one language) and UNWILLING AGENTS must be tested about this IBN presentation in their strongest language. If the UNWILLING AGENT is required to take a test because he/she has been used to harass people (see Section ***), we want to make it easy for them to pass their tests.

To HARASS any person is defined (for the purposes of this Sect. ***) as any action (or attempted action) designed to strengthen the appearance that the Jesuit Order is NOT a terrorist organization or as any action (or attempted action) designed to frame an innocent party or parties with the crimes of the Jesuits.

Those UNWILLING AGENTS who are used by Jesuits to HARASS any person (especially to harass a SIGNIFICANT PERSON) will not only be required to watch this IBN presentation, but must pass a test about what they watched. If they do not pass this test with at least 80% comprehension, they will be confined or prevented from harassing the person which they targeted (while they were/are used as an UNWILLING AGENT) until they pass the test.

No cheating will be tolerated. All test taking will be monitored to eliminate cheating. If cheating is involved, then another test about the IBN presentation called JESUIT CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY THROUGH SATELLITE AND COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY must be taken. They can retake this test as many times as they need to take it in order to pass it. The test must be designed so that it clearly indicates that the UNWILLING AGENT has a good comprehension (80%) of the history of how the Jesuits used satellite and 666-Computer technology within the past 30 to 40 years and why they used it the way they did.

This presentation must also show how the Jesuits have used 666-Computer and satellite technology on animals and other living creatures, and WHY they have used animals. Probably because they felt if they used animals, they could cover their criminal behavior, motives and actions better.

Jesuits don’t miss a thing when they want to cover their tracks. This must be shown and emphasized.

Those who watch this presentation must be tested to see if they understand the psychology and nature of the Jesuits and how brilliant, brazen, controlling, obtrusive, thorough, manipulative and fanatical this organization is. Emphasize that because the Jesuit Order possesses the above qualities, that is how they escaped blame for their Nazi atrocities, until this year.

It is very important to show how thorough and fanatical the Jesuits are, since to many people what they will see will appear unbelievable and incredible. Therefore, much evidence should be presented about the character and nature of the Jesuit Order, to show that we are dealing with an organization that has the money to hire the best brains in the world, and it may be wise to show some clips from history (about how the Jesuit Order behaved before they discovered satellite and computer technology’s ability to manipulate people and animals), to show that their current and recent behavior regarding satellite and computer technology fits right in with their history.

We don’t want this presentation to be totally negative or else it could cause those who watch it to feel overwhelmed and devastated. Show the positive side: that is, show that when certain individuals discovered the use of this technology, it brought out the best in those who were willing to risk their life in order to expose the criminal use of this technology and in order to try to use this technology to SAVE LIFE RATHER than to murder innocent people.

Show what’s happening with CONSPIRACY LAW and what one should do (and what attitudes one should have and what actions or inactions one should take) to cause this groundbreaking technology to be used in a positive, instead of a negative manner.

At the end of this presentation, show that with good laws and proper law enforcement, this technology could be the cure to all cancers, heart problems, AIDS, and many other baffling illnesses that have confounded mankind through the centuries. That technology this powerful must be used by those who are humanitarians and not by those who are terrorists. And that our primary purpose for showing this presentation is not to expose the criminals, but to cause this groundbreaking technology to be used for the good of mankind.

We hope that those UNWILLING AGENTS (who are now under the control of Jesuit terrorists) who watch this presentation will gradually break free from the control of Jesuits over their brains, and that when those portions of their brain begin to be freed from Jesuit control, these UNWILLING AGENTS will have some guidelines (as a result of watching this presentation) about how they can (by their behavior and attitudes) promote the positive use of this groundbreaking technology on themselves and on others.

Show these UNWILLING AGENTS how we are trying to use this groundbreaking technology to free them from Jesuit control, but that we cannot free them immediately–because their brain has become USED TO the illegal programming; and, therefore, we must gradually wean them from Jesuit control over their brain–lest we kill them by putting their brain into shock.

Explain how LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING works in this IBN presentation and that the Jesuits anticipated we might discover their criminal use of this groundbreaking technology, and as we’ve learned from studying their history–they always have a back-up plan. So they designed this LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING to make it very difficult to wrest control away from the Jesuits’, once we tried to wrest satellite and computer control away from them.

Also, give the UNWILLING AGENT a realistic timeframe about how long it may take to totally free their brain from Jesuit Control. In this sense, the test for each UNWILLING AGENT will be individualized. Those UNWILLING AGENTS who have a long time to wait, should be informed that their brain has been especially targeted by Jesuits and so it may take longer to free them. In the meanwhile, assure them that we are doing all in our power to free them from Jesuit control as safely and quickly as possible.

Any (direct or indirect) willing and knowing attempt or action to include any information or evidence in these IBN presentations which are inaccurate, deceptive and designed to confuse or mislead the public will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to any person who cooperates in such a scheme.

I believe somebody stole 4 sheets of paper that I wrote notes on [that I left by my register (to help me learn my job)]. Whoever this person was, they have violated Sect. 34 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT and need to take the test mentioned in Sect. 34. See Sect. 34 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT to see how to handle this person. They will also be required to fulfill the requirements of Sect. 32 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT.

I have put on some weight since I moved from Tallahasee. Some of it is because I can eat anything now. I am not overweight, but Vladimir informs me that the Jesuits are trying to make me put on weight (using their illegal technology). I do have some weight around my waistline and my face that I did not have before, and I, personally, would like to lose about ten pounds. Vladimir is concerned that the Jesuits are trying to make me fat and to blame it on Vladimir saying he’s doing this to find an excuse to dispose of me.

I know that Vladimir loves me, despite the extra weight, and I have no doubt about his true love for me. My desire to lose about ten pounds is my own (though I’m more concerned about eliminating the LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING from my PERSON-PROGRAM than I am about my weight) and Vladimir has always told me that he thinks I’m beautiful just the way I am. However, my number one priority now is to remove LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING from my PERSON-PROGRAM and I am not extremely distressed about the weight. I just don’t want Vladimir blamed for the weight I’ve put on, because it is not his fault at all.

Have Vladimir make a statement (under 666-Computer lie-detection) about how he feels about the extra weight I’ve put on and whether or not he feels that I am beautiful with the extra weight I’ve acquired over the past year or so. I have utmost confidence that he will make a beautiful statement about his true love for me and I look forward to the day I can be with my dear husband, who shares the same goals in life that I do.

I’d like to lose about ten pounds, because then I would be stunning and I’d love to be a sexual thrill to Vladimir in bed. Though I’m certain he would find me thrilling even with the extra weight. The Jesuits have been sabotaging my ability to enjoy my lovemaking fantasies. They are true busy bodies who stick their nose into my love life and it’s none of their stinking business.

I can’t stand those controlling Jesuits!!

They think they own everybody and that they have the right to run everyone’s life and run everyone’s business and then to kill you or destroy you if you don’t agree with their “right” to run and control your life. They feel they have the right to manipulate your orgasms and your mind, goals, desires, dreams, your love life, who you’re supposed to marry, who you can have as a boyfriend, what religion you should be, and what you’re supposed to think and do and say every minute of the day. THESE CREEPS ARE TOO MUCH. WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE? GOD?? These terrorists WHO SPONSORED THE NAZI DEATH CAMPS think they are GOD? OH, please SPARE ME!! And PLEASE spare God the great insult–I’m sure He’s about to PUKE, if He hasn’t already every time God even thinks about the Jesuit Order.


AAAAAAA–G.S. (5-27-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (5-27-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (5-27-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 5-27-04
Place: Melbourne, FL