Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (5-28-2004)

Gab Share

5-28-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Investigate this incident in Maryland (I believe) where 3 children were beheaded. I believe this was an attempt to draw attention to Vladimir’s custody of my son (along with his two daughters). Cross-examine those persons involved in this incident on IBN and determine if their motive for committing these murders was to set up an innocent party (like Vladimir Putin) with a murderous plot by the Jesuits–perhaps to murder my son, along with Vladimir’s two daughters.

Those who are guilty of violating CONSPIRACY LAWs in the murder of these 3 children in Maryland, will be publicly cross-examined on IBN, will give CONFESSION STATEMENTS (where their motives for their crimes will be exposed) and they will be publicly executed on IBN.

Also, I want my son and Vladimir’s two daughters to make statements on IBN (under 666-Computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection) about the quality of their family life and how they feel about me, about all of their caretakers, about each other, and about their father (step-dad) Vladimir Putin.

If Vladimir wants, he can cover the faces of his daughters and my son, and only allow their voices to be heard. I’ll leave this up to Vladimir.

My son has a spot on IBN. Maybe this is a good time to let him make some appearances (on his spot on IBN) with his sisters. Maybe his sisters can help Erich host some talks (or discussions) or help Erich in his spot on IBN. I think it’s time for Vladimir to introduce his daughters to the world on IBN. Let them work with Erich in Erich’s spot on IBN.

I will reprint what I wrote in Dec. 2003, to give you some ideas about how to use Erich and his sisters in their presentations on IBN:

It appears that my son, Erich, wants to make statements on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. At least, this seems to be what Vladimir is telling me (via 666-Computer). Erich has my permission to make any statements he wants to make on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. If Vladimir wants to give Erich an interview or allow Erich to write a statement (which will be aired and/or read on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS) this is fine with me. How (or what method) Erich uses to make his statement(s), I will leave up to Erich and Vladimir. I will leave all this up to Erich and to Vladimir. Erich and Vladimir can discuss this, and I trust Vladimir’s judgment in this matter. Please make it plain when Erich’s statement is broadcast, that this is all Erich’s decision and that Erich was not coerced by Vladimir or myself to do this.

It appears Erich has done an interview on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS and he has become a public person. I predict the Jesuits will look for inconsistencies in my son as he makes public statements. Therefore, Vladimir may broadcast in languages besides Russian and German the EMOTIONAL HISTORY, FINANCIAL HISTORY, and CONSPIRACY HISTORY of Erich Schuler, David Schuler, and myself, and of himself–and highlights from these may be presented (broadcast) on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Analyses by 4 or 5 clinical psychologists may be used to analyze and comment on the highlights. These HISTORIES may be updated as often as Vladimir desires. In the EMOTIONAL HISTORY, it is very important to note (and point out) when the emotions have been “fed into” the person (via 666-Computer) and are not the natural emotions of the person.

Now that my son is with Vladimir, I want Erich’s EMOTIONAL HISTORY to be updated hourly (or more often) and for highlights from these updates to be reported on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. From what I understand, Vladimir and my son have a very good and trusting relationship and I want the world to know this. We don’t want to foster any false impressions that my son is scared of Vladimir, because Erich is calm and happy to be with Vladimir and trusts Vladimir (Erich’s emotional readings from the 666-Computer verify this). Erich is absolutely thrilled (and very calm) to be with Vladimir and we will show this to the world by broadcasting Erich’s EMOTIONAL HISTORY on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Also, broadcast how Vladimir feels about my son (by broadcasting this information as we obtain it from Vladimir’s EMOTIONAL HISTORY).

We will have the readings/analyses from the EMOTIONAL HISTORIES of myself, Erich (my son), any SIGNIFICANT PERSON that Vladimir feels should be included, and on Vladimir verified by lie detection, so that those who create the EMOTIONAL HISTORY analyses (will be monitored for lying via 666-Computer). We will also be sure to mention when the emotions and/or the body or mind of Vladimir, myself or my son are/is interfered with by the Jesuits’ 666-Computer or satellite treachery. In other words, if an emotion has been induced by the 666-Computer and it is not the emotion that the person would have without the 666-Computer interference, this will be mentioned in the EMOTIONAL HISTORY analysis (if it is appropriate). Or if someone is unable to concentrate, has mental lapses, or has shaking hands or trembles–but this is not the way the person would really behave or feel (without the unnatural interference from the 666-Computer), this will be pointed out in the analysis.

Those who compile the EMOTIONAL HISTORY analyses will be under lie-detection as they compile the analysis; and the lie detection results (from our readings of those who compile the EMOTIONAL HISTORY analyses) will be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

Vladimir can broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS any video/camera coverage of interactions between himself and my son, so that the world can see the excellent relationship that Vladimir and my son have.

I only give RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS permission to cover myself or my son. Anybody from any other news organization that does so will get the death penalty as a Jesuit conspirator.

I like the idea of using EMOTIONAL HISTORIES and making these public. Vladimir, you may want to do this with your daughters (as I recommended for Erich) and have the results of your daughters’ EMOTIONAL HISTORIES (along with my son’s and yours and any other person you feel should be included) made public on IBN (see above).

We want to discourage the Jesuits in their attempts to make it appear that we have serious family problems that could lead to murders. We can do this by showing the world (through IBN) that we are a happy and emotionally healthy family, and that if any murders occur, it’s THE JESUITS who will do it.

XXX1/2–G.S. (5-28-04)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 5-28-04
Place: Melbourne, FL