Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (6-3-2004)

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6-3-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Time now is 9:55 a.m. and my mother is being attacked by Jesuits (via LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING)–disable the computers involved and mete out the death penalty to those JESUITS INVOLVED and let my mother see (when she watches her required IBN presentation[s]), that these Jesuits (who have attacked my mother and will be executed)–that their execution is because of the laws which I have written and because of what I am writing right now in this statement.

Both my mother and Bill Fuller have been attacked by the Jesuits (via LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING) today. Make sure to deal with these criminals according to my laws. Let my mother see the connection between what I write in these statements and how the Jesuits react and how the Jesuits are cross-examined, make CONFESSION STATMENTS and are executed for their crimes in using LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING.

Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that the Nobel Prize Committee wants to give the Nobel Peace Prize for outstanding work in international law to both myself and Vladimir. I have noticed that already the Jesuits are trying to make it appear that Vladimir is jealous of me for getting this award, so I propose the following solution:

Both Vladimir and I will write separate acceptance speeches (regarding our Nobel Peace Prize). In our acceptance speeches we will describe how Vladimir and I worked as a team to create and implement CONSPIRACY LAW.

We should mention how CONSPIRACY LAW originated and we should highlight our appreciation about how our team approach made CONSPIRACY LAW work so effectively.

We should describe what we both did together to contribute to CONSPIRACY LAW. We want to minimize any impression that there is any jealousy between Vladimir and myself about our outstanding accomplishments in any field or about the Nobel Peace Prize.

The description about our work in CONSPIRACY LAW and the contributions of the other should be honest, lest the Jesuits claim that one or both of us was/were forced (against our will) to write a flattering view of the other’s contributions to CONSPIRACY LAW.

The speech should mention WHY we chose to work with the other in creating and implementing CONSPIRACY LAW. We should mention how we feel about sharing this Nobel Peace Prize with the other. How we feel about sharing this prize with the other– especially needs to be written and/or said under 666-Computer lie-detection and emotion-detection, and the results of this 666-Computer lie-detection and emotion-detection needs to be presented on IBN.

The acceptance speech (for our Nobel Peace Prize) will be broadcast on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS and may also be read by ourselves (or another party or parties) during presentations of the Nobel Peace Prize to Vladimir and/or myself.

When Vladimir and I make or write or say our acceptance speech, our emotional state and our honesty in what we write or say in our speech will be analyzed by 666-Computer and the results of these analyses [on myself and Vladimir (by 666-Computer)] regarding what we say or write in our acceptance speech(es) will be presented on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS.

Vladimir and I will write our own speeches and we will not hire speech writers to write our speech for us–that we wrote our own acceptance speeches will be verified on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS.


Around 1991, Jesuit legal pressure in my life became a day to day event which worsened for myself and my friends with every passing year. But the love between myself and my friends brought emeralds to my life, which inspired me to climb mountains. I sensed that coldness and cruelty, an encroaching iceberg, clamoured to destroy my peace and tranquility– but I focused on the emerald of rare friendships which steeled me to face the monster. I determined never to assist that iceberg or to betray the emeralds of honor, courage, love and forgiveness. So to honor those emeralds, I climbed mountains. Onlookers jeered, while the iceberg rolled over me.

I taught myself to write. The emeralds smiled–that was all I needed. With God’s help. . . the iceberg receded.

I climbed a mountain. I wrote a book. I developed my mind and used my talents. The Jesuit iceberg railed and mounted its pressure against myself and my friends.

Most of this pressure was legal.

From 1991 to 2001, I developed a legal mindset, in which I learned how to think like a lawyer in order to effectively deal with Jesuit legal treachery in my life and in my friends’ lives. I couldn’t betray the emeralds and let that iceberg win, so I forced myself to become good at law and to think like a lawyer.

I knew if that monster won, that maybe there would be no more emeralds. That those who worshipped power would crush all the emeralds. Better to go down in my own blood than to allow this. What would life be without emeralds?

In spite of catastrophic attacks on my body which I didn’t understand, I climbed and stumbled over some more mountains. The dream to keep the emeralds, turned into a life and death struggle. If I lost, the emeralds would all die–I knew it. The iceberg would crush all of them. More mountains had to be climbed, if I didn’t climb them, the emeralds would all perish.

So I climbed and stumbled, onlookers jeered– but the emeralds smiled. That was all that mattered. I also studied for and passed my real estate and insurance licensing exams, which introduced me to some academic legal concepts.

Sept. 11, 2001: The Jesuit iceberg crushed my dream of having emeralds with Brent Spiner in this life.

But 9-11-01 caused a world to become enraged, and one man in particular seemed to me to be the heroic leader. And my heart rose in triumph to reach the soul of another emerald dreamer.

I had fallen in love with Vladimir Putin.

I saw in his eyes that he climbed his own mountains and had his own dreams of emeralds. I determined to include this heroic dreamer in my life–to assist him to reach his emeralds.

Because of my ten year long distance intimate and very close relationship with Brent Spiner from 1991 to 2001, I had already had considerable experience in dealing with Jesuits icebergs who targeted my brave dreamers.

So I was ready for the Russian President.

Vladimir’s feelings for me were returned and we attempted to realize our oneness and to reach for emeralds together.

By January 2002, I had developed a significant legal mindset (from my experience in dealing with Jesuits), and I began writing statements (almost on a daily basis) to assist my friends and myself in legal trials.

I dreamed of emeralds.

I placed these statements in my mailbox (almost every day) in an envelope for Vladimir Putin and my friends to retrieve.

Vladimir and I realized the Jesuits relied heavily on legal treachery to undermine and destroy our love for each other. I learned that if I wanted to marry Vladimir, that while my heart dared to dream of emeralds and the feelings we had for each other, I needed to keep my mind sharp and level headed.

My relationship with Brent became platonic and an emerald I would always treasure–and I decided in spring 2002, that I definitely wanted to marry Vladimir Putin.

The Jesuit iceberg thwarted Vladimir and I on every turn, and Vladimir and I realized we would have to be brilliant in law (and in its enforcement) if we ever wanted to realize our love for each other in this life.

When I realized that every statement I wrote made a significant difference in the outcome of cases I assisted, and that every statement I wrote was used by my friends’ attorneys in their courtroom battles, I decided to expand my statements into a form of legal representation in the courtroom–where, I, myself, entered the courtroom as an attorney (through my written and tape recorded statements). I discovered that I could discern how each case I assisted was going (by studying how the Jesuits reacted through the circumstances which they orchestrated around my life). And then, after discerning their reaction, I submitted my written and tape recorded statements to my friends (through my mailbox) to counter what I sensed the Jesuit opposing party was bringing into the courtroom.

I discerned that all of my statements were used in the courtroom and were so effective that no case which I assisted was lost.

I discovered that I became one of the most important lawyers on my friends’ legal teams.

It didn’t matter that the iceberg roared and creaked its tentacles over my head–because the emeralds smiled. So what if everyone thought I was crazy and my relentless labors went unnoticed and unrecognized? The emeralds smiled– and love, courage, honor and forgiveness reigned.

By the spring of 2003, I had gained considerable day to day experience dealing with Jesuits in the courtroom (through my submitted statements) and it was at this time that Vladimir was able to talk to me. Now I no longer had to guess about what was occurring in the courtroom, since Vladimir could talk to me directly (via 666-Computer) and could give me specifics about what I needed to know.

I was given a computer and was able now to type my statements and no longer had to mail them to Vladimir, since as soon as I typed my statements into my computer– Vladimir could retrieve them immediately.

Because my statements had been used to win every case I assisted, Vladimir knew I could write effective law.

The Jesuit iceberg continued to attack and harass Vladimir, myself, our family and friends through their criminal and groundbreaking technologies and there were no laws that dealt with these technologies.

Vladimir had seen my legal skills in action, since every case I assisted him with, he had won. He told me I was the most important lawyer on his team. He admired how I could dream of emeralds and nurture him with my dreams of our oneness– and yet maintain the keenness, balance, and legal perception needed to write effective law.

And since there were no laws about this horrifying and pioneering technology used by the Jesuits, Vladimir encouraged me (his dreamer of emeralds–his brilliant pioneer) to write laws to deal with these technologies. And this is how two dreamers of emeralds, two pioneers, developed CONSPIRACY LAW.

The Jesuit iceberg continued to harass and extort us and we discovered that these criminal technologies used by them were convoluted, entrenched, and brilliantly deadly–and that the laws needed to defeat their criminal use of these technologies needed to be just as brilliant. Because of my laws and their enforcement (by Vladimir and our ever growing support network), the iceberg had receded and was threatened– and our laws had caused it to crack and split open and it came back at us from every direction.

Vladimir emerged as the world leader in enforcing my laws. He became what I saw in his eyes in September 2001–the heroic leader of emeralds. Every law I wrote– Vladimir jumped. My laws were passed worldwide.

We cracked that iceberg some more, but that Jesuit iceberg fused together and returned to torment us. We saw the emeralds on the horizon, Vladimir reached out for me and reached out to contact me any way he could. But the iceberg’s tentacles were around us and he couldn’t claim me yet.

We found that Vladimir’s position as a President of a country was essential to enforce the laws which I wrote and that popular Russian and world opinion backed us like a wall.

Though I wrote these laws by myself, whenever I wanted to talk with Vladimir about anything or about these laws, he listened as if all he cared about was to hang on my every word. He always offered me feedback about how the Jesuits responded to the laws I had written, and so with push and pull we wrote the laws that needed to be written.

He never complained about anything, even when I awakened him from his sleep (time and time again) to talk to him.

No matter when I wanted to talk to him, he jumped to hear my every word.

If he sensed that a law I wrote might let the iceberg win, he gently nudged me aside, gave me a suggestion, kissed me with emeralds and called me his beautiful genius. . . and I would go in the direction he suggested.

We never argued about anything, because we knew our support for each other was solid and we shared the same dreams.

But when the iceberg rolled over us and we felt its tentacles, our two minds and hearts melded together and we prayed for a way to see the emeralds again.

Our obsession was to shove off that iceberg, so that our dreams of oneness and of emeralds could be real.

It seems fit that any Nobel Peace Prize given to Vladimir and myself for these laws should go to both of us, since we have worked as a team –in pursuit of emeralds. So that we could realize our dreams, Vladimir and I have faced life and death as ONE. Our unity has melted the iceberg. Together we have dared to confront that iceberg; and, through our dreams of emeralds and through pioneering law, Vladimir has led the world effort in mounting of walls of fire against the Jesuit iceberg.

Because the iceberg changed its configuration and its attacks against us every day, I had to write law everyday and as soon as I wrote the laws on the computer, Vladimir jumped to push them into action. The world followed his lead.

Heroic pioneers dare to keep their dreams.

A worthy dream should be pursued and should never be abandoned. Even if the dream is never reached, the striving makes you great. Vladimir and I honor each other because we honor the greatness we know exists in the other. To share this Nobel Peace Prize with Vladimir– who perseveres with me through calamities, makes me feel that I swim with emeralds.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 6-3-04
Place: Melbourne, FL