Gail Chord Schuler is Constitution, Libertarian & Green (7-23-20)

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Here is the same test that I took on May 5, 2019:

Here are my results from the test which I took in May 2019:

This page really details where I stand on all issues and compares my stands with Donald Trump, Jo Jorgensen, Joe Biden, and Howie Hawkins. THIS PAGE IS A MUST READ TO KNOW WHERE THE CANDIDATES REALLY STAND. It covers ALL TOPICS, even some that the candidates may not be willing to discuss in mainstream news. It also will help Tulsi Gabbard (my Vice President) to know my stands on issues and gives her guidance as she makes choices, since I delegate a lot to her.

Tulsi Gabbard is my Vice President and since I delegate a lot to her, it almost makes her the U.S. President. She is trying very hard to honor my wishes as U.S. President. I appreciate her taking a lot of the load off my back, since I’m very busy and would also like to work on my writing.

Regarding vaccinations for childhood diseases, I feel they should be mandatory with exceptions for those with religious exemptions; HOWEVER, this would only be true if my National Health Care Plan covers these vaccinations for free and administers the vaccines (to ensure the vaccines are high quality and not designed to give people illnesses like how the current flu vaccine is designed by Jesuits to give people the flu).

Regarding some issues, I could change my positions if I have to in order to enforce Conspiracy Law. My Conspiracy Law is the supreme law of the land and I am open to changing certain positions, if I have to, in order to enforce Conspiracy Law. Like I believe in giving Israel financial support, BUT if they continue to allow Loree McBride to run their country, I could cut off all aid until they have a moral and legitimate government that honors my Conspiracy Law.

Regarding “peaceful” protests. . .when ten percent or more of the protesters in a group become anarchists rather than protesters, the Federal government has the obligation to order the group to disband and to stop protesting, as long as it can determine with certainty that those who are anarchists genuinely belong to the group of protesters and were not planted there by the government to frame them. So, if they continue to protest once their group has been determined to be anarchists and not protesters, they will be treated as criminal anarchists under the law. Video and photographic evidence must be provided by the government that these are anarchists before the government comes in to arrest the anarchists. Once the anarchists have been disbanded, they cannot return for at least a year to protest anywhere in the country. Hopefully, this will force protesters to behave like adults and not spoiled brats when they protest. No nation can survive when anarchists take over, so they must be dealt with severely. Once a group has been legally identified as a group of anarchists, any in that group that remains in the vicinity where the anarchy is taking place (unless it is their normal place of business or commerce), can be arrested, as long as they are clearly a protester/anarchist that belongs to the group protesting. It is the responsibility of anarchist protesters to disband and LEAVE THE AREA (once their group is identified as an anarchist group), unless that area is their normal place of business, i.e., that is, they reside there or conduct business operations there. Once the group has disbanded, the arrests must stop, so that the area can return to normalcy.

Here is the Constitution Party platform and I agree with about 90% of it. I am not opposed to Social Security or welfare and feel government should try and take care of the poor, however. Other than that, it describes my feelings almost exactly.

Here is the Libertarian Party platform. Areas where I differ: I believe in the death penalty. I believe government should give people maximum freedom, BUT I also feel that some people need some help to get back on their feet and the government should help them if it can. I agree with about 80% of the Libertarian platform:

Here is the Green Party platform. I agree with about 65% of it. I have a heart for the poor, hate pollution and feel government should take some responsibility to help those who can’t help themselves. The areas where I disagree are whenever they don’t acknowledge that men are sinners and so government needs to hold sin in check. My main agreement with them is that I am very much against the military-industrial complex and oppose greed in all forms.

The star shows my position in the charts below. I am a Centrist who leans Libertarian.

Here is my platform as U.S. President:

What is interesting is that the test seems to have skewed its results and answering the questions the way I did in May 2019, I got Constitution, Libertarian and Green today on July 23, 2020, which seems to indicate to me that the parties may have changed their positions somewhat since then.

Here is the web page where I took the test today on July 23, 2020 and the results:

To read the posts below, it might be helpful to enlarge the page on your browser. You can also click on the images and they’ll open up in a separate page. I am the “ME” in the images below.