Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (6-11-2004)

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6-11-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

As a note of interest, I became a Christian (prayed the sinner’s prayer) on September 19, 1971 in Oxnard, CA at the Oxnard Baptist Temple, during the Sunday School service (around 10:50 a.m. Pacific Standard Time).

Pres. Ronald Reagan has been interred at Simi Valley, CA which is almost walking distance from Oxnard, CA –where I accepted Christ as my Saviour in 1971.

Pres. Reagan died 33 years after I became a Christian.

2004 minus 1971 = 33.

Jesus Christ (the son of David, I am descended from King David) paid the great price for our sins on the cross at the age of 33. What made me realize this interesting coincidence was when they played Just As I Am at Reagan’s funeral rites in Simi Valley, CA, which was the hymn that was playing when I prayed the sinner’s prayer 33 years ago in Oxnard, CA in 1971 to accept Christ as my Saviour.

XXX1/2–G.S. (6-11-04)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 6-11-04
Place: Melbourne, FL