Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (6-12-2004)

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6-12-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

IBN will present evidence from 666-Computer and/or satellite studies, that Alzheimer’s disease is an invention of the Jesuit Order and was created (like the AIDS virus) through the use of 666-Computer and/or satellite technology. IBN will air a special called CATASTROPHIC ILLNESSES CREATED BY ADVANCED COMPUTER AND SATELLITE TECHNOLOGIES. This special will focus on all the illnesses that have been created by the 666-Computer or satellite technology and WHO was behind these inventions (the Jesuit Order–with evidence presented for this assertion) and how we are trying to eradicate these illnesses. It is an interesting thing that both Alzheimer’s and AIDS are recent illnesses that, apparently, did not exist in the 19th century. This is a strong indication that both these illnesses are criminal inventions, through the use of groundbreaking computer and satellite technology.

The way the Jesuits handled the Nazi death camps and concentration camps is a strong indication of their interest in criminal medicine. This should help us establish evidence as to their motive for creating AIDS and Alzheimer’s.

Obviously, any use of the 666-Computer or satellite technology to induce AIDS or Alzheimer’s or any other illness is a death penalty violation of CONSPIRACY LAW.

The following questions will be added to my questions in Sect. 2 of CL&G. I just don’t have time to do it now. So, go ahead with the questioning. These questions need to be asked. The Jesuit leader(s) and others that need to be questioned (perhaps Russian leaders or other world leaders), will be cross-examined or questioned on IBN (according to the guidelines of Sect. 2 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT) with the following question(s):

Did you (or someone you assist) invent (directly or indirectly) the AIDS virus or Alzheimer’s disease or any other serious and baffling illness? This question must be answered with “yes”, “no” or “I don’t know”. If the answer is determined to be “yes” or “I don’t know”, then ask the next 2 questions, and question them to determine ALL illnesses which they have invented.

How did you (or someone you assist) invent the AIDS virus or Alzheimer’s disease or another serious and baffling illness? They must tell us exactly how they used the 666-Computer or satellite technology or whatever to create these illnesses. If they won’t tell us, we will use 666-Computer HISTORIANS to find out how they did it.

Why did you (or someone you assist) invent these illnesses?

The International government does not encourage the use of stem cell research to find a cure for Alzheimer’s, since we do not believe that stem cell research is the answer to Alzheimer’s. Instead, any research for Alzheimer’s should focus on mastering the 666-Computer and satellite technologies, because it was these technologies that were used to create this illness–and, therefore, it seems logical that the cure to Alzheimer’s lies in 666-Computer or satellite technology. Also, stem cell research could encourage CONSPIRACY LAW violations of reproductive law (as outlined in INTERNATIONAL REPRODUCTIVE LAWS).

INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS will thoroughly condemn the use of the 666-Computer on former President Ronald Reagan. Because the 666-Computer was not only used to murder former Pres. Ronald Reagan–but to torture he and his family during the latter years of Reagan’s life by inducing an Alzheimer’s condition (via 666-Computer and advanced criminal technologies) on the former American President.

6-13-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Any willing and knowing attempt (or action) by any satellite practitioner or by any person to cause damage to any body’s accessories (such as eyeglasses, watches, jewelry, a dog’s collar, etc.) will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that practitioner. See Sect. 3.021a of General 666-Computer and Satellite Computer Laws.

666-Computer HISTORIANS will be used to search through the brains and the computers of Jesuit Conspirators to determine how to obtain an UNWILLING AGENT BRAIN-READ, so that when an UNWILLING AGENT’s brain is taken over by an IMPOSED PERSON(s) [via LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING], a BRAIN-READ can be made of that UNWILLING AGENT–in order to obtain a record of the thoughts, motives, actions and emotions which governed that UNWILLING AGENT while that UNWILLING AGENT was under the 666-Computer control of an IMPOSED PERSON. This UNWILLING AGENT BRAIN-READ must be accurate enough, complete enough and detailed enough to be admitted as evidence in a court of law–so that an attorney can use it as evidence to show exactly how, when and where an UNWILLING AGENT was used by an IMPOSED PERSON.

All PLPs and RSPs (who have 666-Computer or satellite computer control over DESIGNATED PERSONs who are UNWILLING AGENTS) must obtain UNWILLING AGENT BRAIN-READs on all those UNWILLING AGENTS under their control any and every time that UNWILLING AGENT is under the full or partial 666-Computer or satellite computer control of any IMPOSED PERSON. These legal records (called UNWILLING AGENT BRAIN-READs) could determine the outcome of significant legal cases and MUST be stored permanently and accurately (by those PLPs and RSPs who have control over these UNWILLING AGENTS) in computer records and/or other records.

An UNWILLING AGENT BRAIN-READ is necessary because IMPOSED PERSONs have the ability to remove totally from that UNWILLING AGENT’s brain all records (and memories) of activities conducted by that UNWILLING AGENT (while that UNWILLING AGENT was under the control of that IMPOSED PERSON). But since UNWILLING AGENTs are being used by IMPOSED PERSONs to commit crimes, it is necessary to know exactly what, how, when and where these crimes occurred and, for this reason, the UNWILLING AGENT BRAIN-READ could become one of the most important pieces of evidence in a court of law. So, while it is true that the IMPOSED PERSON can remove from that UNWILLING AGENT’s brain all recollection of how that UNWILLING AGENT was used to commit a crime–if (while the IMPOSED PERSON controlled that UNWILLING AGENT) the PLP or RSP (who also had full or partial simultaneous brain control over that same UNWILLING AGENT at the same time that that IMPOSED PERSON did) could obtain an UNWILLING AGENT BRAIN-READ, then the necessary evidence about how, when, where and what that UNWILLING AGENT did (while the crime was committed) could be obtained (even if that IMPOSED PERSON was able to completely remove from that UNWILLLING AGENT’s brain all recollection and records of what occurred while that UNWILLING AGENT was controlled by that IMPOSED PERSON).

Once it is determined how to obtain an UNWILLING AGENT BRAIN-READ, it will become law that those conditions necessary to obtain this BRAIN-READ must be there, so that the UNWILLING AGENT BRAIN-READ can be immediately obtained whenever necessary. For instance, it may become mandatory to have brain-imaging material in the bloodstream of all UNWILLING AGENTS at all times. Perhaps this brain-imaging material could be introduced into the water supply.

Because the Alzheimer’s illness is caused by using a person as an UNWILLING AGENT, all persons with Alzheimer’s disease for the purposes of CONSPIRACY LAW are considered UNWILLING AGENTS. This means BRAIN-READS must be obtained on all those with Alzheimer’s disease at all times.

Any (direct or indirect) willing and knowing attempt (or action) to neglect to obtain the UNWILLING AGENT BRAIN-READ as defined by this Section ***, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that RSP or PLP or violator.

Every time a person is used as an UNWILLING AGENT, the UNWILLING AGENT BRAIN-READ must be obtained for all that UNWILLING AGENT’s activities and stored in organized and easily understandable records. Also, the IMPOSED PERSON(s) involved with that UNWILLING AGENT must be immediately arrested and captured, so that the brains of those IMPOSED PERSONs can be 666-Computer scanned and analyzed, in order to ferret out any and all evidence from the brains of those IMPOSED PERSONs– regarding how, when, where and how they used that UNWILLING AGENT (who was under their control).

XXX1/2–G.S. (6-12-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (6-12-04)
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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 6-12-04
Place: Melbourne, FL