Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (6-22-2004)

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6-22-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir informs me that my PLPs have eliminated all my LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING, except for one program. The Jesuits have put a shield around this program that, so far, we have not been able to penetrate. The way they are doing this is–it appears–that all their 666-Computer practitioners throughout the world are targeting my PERSON-PROGRAM through the one LOOPHOLE PROGRAM they have left to work with, so that when we disable one of their computers–all their back-up computers (from all their other practitioners) are already latched onto my PERSON-PROGRAM–therefore, in this manner they maintain the shield to prevent us from eliminating this one LOOPHOLE program left in my PERSON-PROGRAM. All they need is one program in order to overcome our PLPs and maintain control over my brain. However, because we have eliminated many of their programming capabilities ACROSS-THE-BOARD (including some of the programs which were in this one program which they have left), we have eliminated (hopefully) all or most of their ability to use lethal methods (via the 666-Computer) to harm me.

However, Vladimir informs me that they have enough capabilities (with this one program which they have left to work with) to make me very uncomfortable.

I am not the only person who has one LOOPHOLE PROGRAM left in my PERSON-PROGRAM. It appears that, so far, there is not a person in the world who does not have some LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING left in their PERSON-PROGRAM. The Jesuits obviously consider it number one priority to maintain LOOPHOLE control over the world and we will have to make it number one priority to take it away from them.

I want our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM to research to find ways to overcome this shield which the Jesuits have placed around the final program left (after all other LOOPHOLE PROGRAMs have been removed from a PERSON-PROGRAM). I have some ideas to throw out to the NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM: See if some sort of reflecting mechanism (maybe using colloidal silver or some other colloidal metal) could be integrated into this shield which the Jesuits are using around the final LOOPHOLE PROGRAM and maybe program this colloidal metal to feed from all the signals of all the LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING violators’ computers that target the last remaining LOOPHOLE PROGRAM. In other words, cause to work against the Jesuits’ their own catastrophic and fanatical attempt to inundate the last remaining LOOPHOLE PROGRAM (with signals from all their operators all over the world)–the more signals they feed into shield around the last remaining LOOPHOLE PROGRAM, the stronger its reflective qualities become–so that their own signals are reflected from, rather than able to penetrate, the shield around the last remaining LOOPHOLE PROGRAM. However, our legal operators will be able to penetrate this shield through the use of an ever-changing password (which would only be accessible to our operators).

Eventually, the magnetic qualities of the shield would become so strong, that the Jesuits’ own signals will not be able to penetrate their own shield (but, instead, would be reflected back to the originating computer).

In essence, because we turn their own shield into a powerful mirror–the stronger and more abundant the signals they feed into their own shield–the greater the reflecting character of that shield’s mirror becomes–to the point that the more signals (and the more powerful the signals are), that are fed into their shield–the harder it is for them to penetrate their own shield.

Also, because the colloidal metal (which we program into the Jesuits’ shield) would cause the Jesuits’ own shield to have mirror qualities–maybe we could program into the Jesuits’ own shield (through the use of the colloidal metal), the ability to cause this reflective shield to reflect the criminals’ signals back to the source–thus making it easier, quicker and more efficient for us to destroy their illegally used computer.

Also, see if the towers which are used to transmit the satellite signals, could be used to enhance and strengthen all the Jesuits’ satellite signals. Therefore, when the Jesuits’ signals hit the LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING’s shield, the increased power of the signals would cause the concentration of colloidal metal in the Jesuits’ shield to be stronger [because we would program it, so that the stronger the signal (and the more abundant the signals), the more reflective metal would be incorporated into the Jesuits’ shield]–thus making the reflective qualities of the shield even stronger–and thus making it impossible for the Jesuits’ signals to penetrate their own shield.

Vladimir informs me that Jesuits are using UNWILLING AGENTS at Wal-Mart to cough and then to use these coughing fits in a manner to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against us. This is because the Jesuits have used biological terrorism to make me ill (through a contaminated garbage can at Wal-Mart’s bathroom) and I’ve been coughing a lot, and they want to frame Vladimir and his friends with their orchestration. REMINDER: These UNWILLING AGENTS need to be treated according to Sections 32 and 34 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT.

Also, the Jesuits have used my mother a lot to harass and torment me and my mother has been used as an UNWILLING AGENT to draw attention to garbage cans a lot lately (see above paragraph)–she always asks me to take out the bathroom garbage, because she says my stuff in it smells. They are trying to cause her to put pressure on me to make poor decisions which would make it impossible for Vladimir to acquire me safely. My mother also needs to treated according to Sections 32 and 34 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT.

XXX1/2–G.S. (6-22-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (6-22-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (6-22-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (6-22-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 6-22-04
Place: Melbourne, FL