Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (6-23-2004)

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6-23-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir and I have decided to give a gold medal to the Chinese acupuncture team for their outstanding contributions in the war against Jesuit terrorism. This acupuncture team has made it possible to remove LOOPHOLE PROGRAMs from PERSON-PROGRAMS, because they use acupuncture techniques (and have made outstanding contributions to 666-computer and satellite computer programming which utilizes acupuncture principles via the 666-Computer) to alleviate and minimize attacks from Jesuit LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING violators as LOOPHOLE PROGRAMS are removed from PERSON-PROGRAMS, and thus this good work by the Chinese acupuncture team prevents that person with LOOPHOLE PROGRAMS from being overwhelmed with Jesuit attacks as LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING is removed from his/her PERSON-PROGRAM.

Very recently, the Chinese acupuncture team has come up a technique whereby colloidal silver is being used to enhance the reflective qualities of the Jesuits’ own shield and, therefore, makes it very difficult for the Jesuits’ shield to effectively prevent us from overcoming that Jesuit shield (and/or preventing that shield from being effective against us).

At the same time, using acupuncture techniques, they cause the silver to go to the area of the body targeted by the Jesuits–thus blocking the Jesuit attack and, in many instances, making it so that the Jesuits are unable to carry out their attack (via illegal LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING) on that person. This is very important work and makes it possible for us to carry out our LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING removal process.

Because China has a bad reputation in the world and many may feel that we are showing favoritism to the Chinese, I want Vladimir to show the world through a video presentation exactly how this acupuncture technique works (on IBN) –especially in the use of colloidal silver with acupuncture and electricity– and how this acupuncture technique sabotages the Jesuit shield and uses colloidal silver to block the Jesuits’ LOOPHOLE programmed operation from reaching its desired target.

Show the world that this often saves lives and that this latest acupuncture technique (involving silver and electricity) makes it possible to remove the very last LOOPHOLE PROGRAM from a PERSON-PROGRAM, in spite of an avalanche blitzkrieg of attacks from LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING violators all over the world onto those persons who are down to their last LOOPHOLE PROGRAM.

This acupuncture science using 666-Computer and satellite technology is quite complicated and needs to be shown through visual presentation. But I feel we must educate the world about how important this acupuncture work is by the Chinese team, and why this Chinese acupuncture team deserves a gold medal. We will be criticized for giving this medal to a communist Chinese team, but I feel after we show how important their contribution has been to our war against terrorism–that through our educational presentation, the world will understand that China is changing and is no longer the way it was under Mao Tse Tung and that these Chinese have earned their reward.

Personally, I think the Jesuits are furious that they are losing a stronghold in the Chinese nation and that the communist Chinese nation is evolving into a freer country that has respect for human rights. And so, they do not like it that we are making the Chinese respectable.

XXX1/2–G.S. (6-23-04)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 6-23-04
Place: Melbourne, FL