Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (10-14-2004)

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10-14-04 Bemerkungen über 1-12-02 Tatbestand

I am aware that the Jesuit Order has sued Bill O’Reilly and FOX News for about 60 million dollars, and I want Lis to have this letter which I wrote yesterday to the Family Practice Residency Program to assist her in her lawsuit against the Jesuit Order (for their harassment of Bill O’Reilly and FOX News).

Go ahead and give to Lis Wiehl, FOX News legal analyst and our attorney, all the copies of my 10-13-04 letter to the Family Practice Residency Program that she wants. Today, I will be mailing a copy of this letter to Vladimir Putin at his Russian Embassy address at Washington D.C. Lis can use this letter in the Justice Department’s legal proceedings involving FOX News and the Jesuit Order, in order to assist Lis and FOX News in their legal fight against the Jesuit Order. This letter can be publicized in any manner that Lis desires, and she can publish/broadcast this letter in any major news networks and/or on our IBN news network. I trust Lis’ judgment in this matter.

Put me under 666-Computer lie-detection as I make the following statement: I would like to mention that I made the decision to allow Lis to use this letter, AFTER I FOUND OUT THAT BILL O’REILLY AND FOX NEWS HAD BEEN SUED FOR MILLIONS OF DOLLARS BY THE JESUIT ORDER. I did not compose this 10-13-04 letter to assist Bill O’Reilly and FOX News, but now on 10-14-04, feel this 10-13-04 letter I wrote to the physicians at Family Practice Residency Program, would be useful to Bill O’Reilly and FOX News and I give Lis permission to use this letter (which I wrote yesterday) and to use any or all of my statements and legal writings, in all lawsuits or legal proceedings which she may be involved with involving the Jesuit Order.

I experienced quite a lot of Jesuit harassment while I worked at my Wal-Mart job yesterday. I want all violations of CONSPIRACY LAW, which occurred at my job yesterday to be investigated and all violators to be questioned on IBN. Yesterday I attended an open enrollment meeting at Wal-Mart (Nataliya happened to be there–investigate this), which dealt with our health insurance and our Wal-Mart benefits. Right before I was to attend this meeting, the Jesuits caused very long lines at my register, in order to draw attention to this meeting I would attend and they also caused me, just prior to this meeting, to make a lot of mistakes on the register. They also used UNWILLING AGENT customers (throughout the day yesterday) to try to confuse me, in order to cause me to make mistakes at the register. I felt like I was attacked by a blitzkrieg of UNWILLING AGENTS yesterday and sensed the Jesuits were on a rampage against me. I want this exposed on IBN. Use the methods that I recommend in the following paragraphs to accomplish this exposure.

Also, since the day I was hired by Wal-Mart, the Jesuits have been unrelenting in their attempts to undermine my job performance. They use UNWILLING AGENTS and the 666-Computer control they have over my mind, to manipulate myself and UNWILLING AGENTS (which they congregate around me), to undermine my job performance, as they attempt to bankrupt me and/or to cause me to lose my job or any means of financial promotion for myself. We need to firmly establish that it is the Jesuits, and not Vladimir Putin or anyone else, who is behind this unrelenting attack against myself to undermine my job performance and to make me appear incompetent in my job. All CONSPIRACY LAW violations (from 3-20-04 until now) which revolve around my job performance and which revolve around reports about my job performance (such as reports about my performance as a cashier, like how many items per hour that I ring up at the cash register), will be tried on IBN. Especially concentrate on CONSPIRACY LAW violations which occurred yesterday, since these were very obvious and should not be overlooked. The Jesuits used illegal satellite/computer technology to undermine my job performance and cause me to make stupid mistakes at work. They also caused me to lose sleep, so that I was tired at work. And they went on a rampage with UNWILLING AGENTS yesterday to unduly draw attention to cats (my mother’s cats?) and the Wal-Mart benefits (including health insurance–cross ref. to the legal case we have against Starbridge insurance right now) meeting that I and Nataliya Dimova attended at 4:30 p.m. I didn’t know Nataliya would be there, but was glad to see her.

However, I was distressed over the way Susan (the lady who was in charge of the meeting) handled Nataliya (regarding Nataliya’s husband’s heart attack). Susan’s response to Nataliya’s question, caused Susan to bring up the heart attack (in a loud and obvious manner) during the meeting, which I feel Susan should not have done. The way and manner that Susan talked about this heart attack was done in a manner to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Wal-Mart and Vladimir Putin. The Jesuits’ interference with this open enrollment meeting was very subtle (like most Jesuit involvement is) and only because I have had extensive experience in dealing with Jesuits, was I able to sense that the Jesuits were using Susan as their UNWILLING AGENT. Also, Susan totally and loudly misunderstood some questions I asked her about disability insurance, to make it appear that I was trying to claim disability benefits right now. I thought this was strange and couldn’t understand how she could have misunderstood my question, because I did not feel my question was that misleading. Susan’s behavior and comments at this meeting, made Wal-Mart (and/or Vladimir) appear to be part of the conspiracy which targeted/targets Nataliya and myself, and it made Wal-Mart (and/or Vladimir) appear to be part of this conspiracy which gave Nataliya’s husband a heart attack and causes Nataliya’s financial problems. Susan, appears to be a nice lady (like my real mother), who is being used as an UNWILLING AGENT. I want this investigated. I also feel the Jesuits used some UNWILLING AGENT workers at Wal-Mart (while I was at Wal-Mart yesterday) to make statements against me (or about me), that were designed to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir Putin. All these instances need to be investigated and tried on IBN.

The following questions need to be asked of Vladimir Putin and all those involved in CONSPIRACY LAW violations yesterday against myself (and against Nataliya Dimova, Gail’s friend at Wal-Mart):

1) Have you (directly or indirectly) knowingly and willingly tried to undermine Gail Schuler’s job at Wal-Mart, either by using computer/satellite technology (directly or indirectly) to undermine her job performance or by using UNWILLING AGENTS and others to assist you in undermining Gail’s Wal-Mart job, including attempts to directly or indirectly manipulate computer reports and other reports written (and/or posted) about Gail’s job performance as a cashier?. They must answer this question with “yes” or “no”. If the answer is determined by 666-Computer lie-detection to be “yes”, ask them question 3.

2) Have you (directly or indirectly) knowingly and willingly tried to undermine Gail Schuler IN ANY MANNER (maybe through her residence at Pentagon Apartments) or through her UNWILLING AGENT mother or (directly or indirectly) through other methods, including the targeting of Nataliya Dimova and/or her family or the targeting of Gail’s sister (or her nieces or nephews–Katherine has been quite ill with Kawasaki’s disease)? If so, list all other methods you are using (directly or indirectly) to undermine Gail Schuler. They must answer this question with “yes” or “no” and this question must be answered completely and thoroughly. If it is determined that they are guilty of trying to directly or indirectly undermine Gail Schuler, ask them question 3.

3) Why have you tried to undermine Gail’s job performance (and/or reports about her job performance) at Wal-Mart and/or why have you tried to (directly or indirectly) undermine Gail Schuler with other conspiracies? Tell us all the reasons you desire/desired to do this, and you must tell us all parties that you desire/desired to frame with your conspiracies. If you are trying to frame any innocent parties, you must tell us which innocent parties you are trying to frame with your conspiracies and why you are trying to frame these innocent parties. If you refuse to answer these questions, we will use 666-Computer Historians to search your brain records and we will broadcast on IBN, those innocent parties which you wish to frame with these conspiracies against Gail Schuler and we will list all conspiracies (which we are aware of) which you have launched against Gail Schuler. We will also broadcast why you desire to do this.

After the above questions have been asked, those determined to be guilty of death penalty CONSPIRACY LAW violations, will be executed together AT ONE TIME on IBN. There may be a mass hanging ceremony in which 1,000 or more violators will be hanged all at once and we will let the corpses hang for days while the buzzards eat them. We will handle these executions according to CONSPIRACY LAW and will state that all these violators have been executed for targeting Gail Schuler (and/or Vladimir Putin or other innocent parties) through her Wal-Mart job or through her residence at Pentagon Apartments or through her UNWILLING AGENT mother, etc., and that we publicly execute these criminals ALL AT ONCE AND AT THE SAME TIME to make a firm statement that we abhor any attempts (or actions) to undermine Gail Schuler or any innocent parties (such as Vladimir Putin or Nataliya Dimova) in any manner (including attempts to undermine Gail’s job performance and including attempts, in order to assist the Jesuit Order or in order to influence how reports about Gail’s job performance are posted or written at Wal-Mart). Vladimir, Pres. Bush and others must be included in the above questions, in order to clear them and to firmly establish WHO the criminal is that targets (and desires to undermine) Gail Schuler.

I also want our INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK to take care of my Ukrainian cashier friend, Nataliya Dimova, at Wal-Mart. Nataliya speaks fluent Russian and Ukrainian, as well as very good English, and has been targeted because of her friendship with me. I have told Nataliya more about my relationship with Vladimir Putin, than I have any other person at Wal-Mart. The Jesuits used their criminal 666-Computer technology to give Nataliya’s husband a heart attack and this has left Nataliya and her husband in a bad state. Her husband lost his teacher job, as a result of the heart attack, and can only find poor paying teacher jobs to support his family. Insure that Nataliya and her husband have all their financial needs taken care of, including coverage of all the medical bills associated (directly or indirectly) with her husband’s heart attack. Also, cross examine publicly all those who target or have targeted Nataliya and her family (through illegal 666-Computer use and other CONSPIRACY LAW violations) and execute them with death by hanging with buzzards, since she is my friend and is being targeted for her friendship with me.

There is a crime scene in progress (time now is 11:50 a.m.) at an elementary school in Opa-Locka, FL. Investigate this according to CONSPIRACY LAW and arrest the violators and tie them in with the investigations underway for yesterday’s Jesuit violators through my Wal-Mart job. They will be asked the same questions which I have written above.

The Jesuits are obviously trying to include this Opa Locka elementary school as part of their conspiracy against us. Nataliya’s husband is an elementary school teacher. This attack against Nataliya’s husband (and this Opa Locka incident) may also be attempts to connect these incidents with the Jesuits’ Beslan school massacre in Russia and to frame Vladimir Putin with these orchestrations.

XXX1/2–G.S. (10-14-04)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 10-14-04
Place: Melbourne, FL