Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (10-15-2004)

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10-15-04 Bemerkungen über 1-12-02 Tatbestand

Treat my sister and mother as UNWILLING AGENTS, according to CONSPIRACY LAW. The Jesuits used my UNWILLING AGENT mother to call me, in order to extort me to contact my sister, so that they could use my UNWILLING AGENT sister to strengthen their case against Vladimir Putin (see what I wrote below). I believe those creepy Jesuits actually caused my sister’s kids to have fevers of 105 and to be admitted to the hospital, just so they could manipulate me into calling my sister, so they could use my sister to strengthen their case against Vladimir Putin. They wanted to use my sister to talk about Erich. I’m sure the Jesuits are not thrilled that I told my sister Erich’s REAL ADDRESS–which is Vladimir Putin’s address. Check out my wiretapped phone records and play this stuff back in the IBN court proceedings that we have against the Jesuits.

My UNWILLING AGENT mother was used to call me and tell me about my sister’s kids, who are in the hospital and my UNWILLING AGENT mother told me to call my sister. My “sister” kept asking me about Erich, and I could tell she was being used as an UNWILLING AGENT to try to get me to say things to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir Putin. This is because my “sister” seemed more concerned that I called her daughter Katie instead of Katherine (actually I usually call her Katherine and was manipulated by the Jesuits’ TRIGGER PROGRAMMING to call her Katie) and Sandra told me it would be nice if I sent her kids some cards (this is part of the Jesuits’ smear campaign against me). The Jesuits know my budget is really tight and they want me to spend money on cards and everything. They’re trying to weasel money out of me every way they can, so that I will be forced to live with my mother and they can have me more under their control. What really clued me in that “Sandra” was being used as an UNWILLING AGENT is because she insisted on talking about Erich and seemed more concerned about Erich than in her own kids–which is rather strange, since it is her kids that are in the hospital. She seemed more concerned that I got Katherine’s name wrong and that I hadn’t called Erich in a long time than with the fact that her kids were in the hospital for high fevers. This was a dead giveaway that she was more concerned about what the Jesuits are concerned about, than what the real Sandra Metcalf should be concerned about. She wanted an address, so she could send Erich a card. I first gave my “sister” David Schuler’s new address in Michigan, but told her she would get Erich’s twin (IMPOSTER) at this address.

I knew that by saying this, she’d label me as a nut, but it’s time for the truth to come out. Vladimir and I are not playing this Jesuit game anymore. I also told her that our grandfather’s brother was Howard Hughes and that’s why our family is so targeted. I mentioned the use of computer/satellite technology.

After I hung up and finished talking with her, Vladimir told me (via 666-Computer) to call her back and give her Erich’s real address, so I called her back and gave her Erich’s real address (through Vladimir Putin), and told her she was more likely to get Erich if she sent Erich’s birthday card to the Russian Embassy address at Washington D.C. in care of Vladimir Putin. I told her Erich has two lovely new sisters–Vladimir’s daughters. She then claimed I am psychotic, which indicates that she is an UNWILLING AGENT.

First off, get her kids well, so that the Jesuits cannot torment her by making her kids sick. Arrest, interrogated and execute those who are making my sister and kids ill. Show this on IBN. Make sure my sister and mother watch the videos required of all those that are used by Jesuits as UNWILLING AGENTS. This is because I don’t want the Jesuits to use my sister and mother to harass me about going to the psychiatric hospital. This would suit the Jesuits just fine.

It might be helpful to have my sister and mother watch what Steven Spielberg has done on this film he’s making about my life. Maybe have them watch this production on the internet (via the IBN news channel).

Also, pray for my brain, since it is under severe attack. I keep having amnesia and brain interference so that it is impossible for me to stay focused, and I omit letters as I type and skip words as I speak, etc. The problem is that the Jesuits illegally used TRIGGER PROGRAMMING on myself, because many of our LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs were not reporting CONSPIRACY LAW violations, and so now we have more TRIGGER PROGRAMMING which needs to be removed from my PERSON-PROGRAM, which we were not aware of before. So this TRIGGER PROGRAMMING was in my PERSON-PROGRAM, but it was not reported by our LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS, and so now we are dealing with it and have to get rid of it. JESUITS ARE STUBBORN as hell, AND WILL try to GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING, if we don’t kill them or force them to obey our laws.

Now that our law enforcement is getting better, we are catching more violations and working on these problems. The Jesuits are on a rampage to make me appear psychotic, in order to undermine the letter which I wrote to the Family Practice Residency Program and which I’ve allowed Lis Wiehl and Vladimir Putin to use (to help them in legal battles with the JESUIT ORDER).

I want Bible believing Christians to pray for myself, Vladimir and his family, my sister, my mother and my sister’s kids (who are being attacked by illegal 666-Computer/satellite technology). Pray that we can free my sister and mother from being used as UNWILLING AGENTS. This has been one of the Jesuits’ strongest weapons against Vladimir and myself.

My UNWILLING AGENT sister’s kids have been attacked by high fevers (through illegal 666-Computer use) and pray that we will be able to wrest from the Jesuits their ability to make my sister’s kids so ill with their illegal use of the 666-Computer. My UNWILLING AGENT sister’s been sleeping at the hospital for the past 4 days, because her kids have been in the hospital and they have been made so ill (fevers of around 105 degrees) by the Jesuits.

I want all Jesuits and Jesuit supporters who have made my sister’s kids ill to be tried on IBN (and let my sister and her husband see this), and once their guilt is determined, have them publicly executed on IBN (let my sister and mother see this, too).

Please pray that I can be with Vladimir Putin and my real son, Erich Schuler. I’m sick and tired of playing Jesuit games. These bastards have gotten away with too much for too long.

Also, pray that we can get victory over the Jesuits’ use of satellite technology to cause rust to appear on my cooking equipment. They want to ruin all my pots and pans and cooking equipment, so that I have to spend more money on cooking equipment. Give the death penalty to all those behind this attempt to ruin my cooking equipment and those behind the rattling of my windows. Actually, I think the hurricane may have contributed to the rattling windows, but I’m not sure. It may just be satellite technology alone. The Jesuits are also using satellite technology to cause my windows to rattle whenever any noisy vehicle passes by my apartment. I called my apartment manager and very nicely told her I had some hurricane damage to my windows. She was rude and exasperated that I mentioned this. Apparently, the Jesuits are trying to use her to further their attempts to get me labelled as a nut, in order to minimize any damage they may suffer from this letter which I wrote to the Family Practice Residency Program.

They want to undermine the contents of this letter by attacking my character and labelling me as a nut or psychotic–which is typical Jesuit strategy and what they’ve done for centuries against their enemies. I thought it was strange for her to be exasperated that I mentioned the windows, since I wasn’t mean or rude to her and, despite the power loss and the cable loss I suffered (the loss of cable was due to mistakes made by the apartment complex during hurricane season) because of those Jesuit orchestrated hurricanes–I paid my full rent last month without any complaints, so you would think that this apartment manager would have had a better attitude. The Jesuits target me all the time and they want me labelled as the “complainer” just because they target me all the time and create a ton of problems in my life. I actually do have more problems than most people, because I am more targeted by the Jesuits than most people. So when I mention stuff, I am not a complainer–I am a high profile person and am a very targeted person. I wish this wasn’t so. I want some sleep and I expose what they are doing to undermine my sleep. Apparently, the Jesuits have some partial control over this lady–pray for her that we can release her from the Jesuits’ control over her brain.

I’ll tell you what’s really going on–the Jesuits are frustrated because Vladimir and I are winning in this war against them and their IMPOSED PERSONS through their UNWILLING AGENTS (my sister, mother and my apartment manager) are reflecting the exasperation that the JESUITS feel about Vladimir and myself.

XXX1/2–G.S. (10-15-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (10-15-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (10-15-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (10-15-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 10-15-04
Place: Melbourne, FL