Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (10-16-2004)

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10-16-04 Bemerkungen über 1-12-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir informs me (via 666-Computer) that my UNWILLING AGENT sister has been trying to start legal proceedings against Vladimir to cause Vladimir to lose custody of my son, Erich.

First off, my sister is an UNWILLING AGENT and no UNWILLING AGENT can bring any legal proceedings against another. See GENERAL 666-COMPUTER OR SATELLITE COMPUTER LAWS, Sect. 11.11 through 11.12. If Vladimir and his attorney desires, he can allow the case to go forward, but my sister cannot be the one who brings the case, the IMPOSED PERSON who manipulates her must bring the case against Vladimir, and this IMPOSED PERSON (as this IMPOSED PERSON battles it out in court against Vladimir) and this case will be shown publicly on IBN. My UNWILLING AGENT sister can watch the legal proceedings on IBN as the IMPOSED PERSONs (who manipulates her), brings the case against Vladimir Putin (about my son, Erich) on IBN. See Sect. 11.11 through 11.12 for guidelines about how this should be done.

Here is a statement that I would like to make (under 666-Computer lie detection) about this case and which can be used in the courtroom as this case is tried on IBN. It will be the IMPOSED PERSONS (who control my sister) vs. Vladimir Putin.

I feel my son, Erich, is better off with Vladimir than with his real dad, because David Schuler has been an abusive father and abused me (especially emotionally) while I was married to him. He often neglected his son’s medical care in emergencies and David is too self-centered and immature to be a good father. Also, David is an UNWILLING AGENT, and this makes it very difficult for him to be a good father to my son.

From what I understand, David remarried (after he divorced me) and my son had to watch his dad abuse David’s second wife, just as Erich had to watch his real dad abuse me emotionally and one time, physically. My ex-husband has a history of emotionally (and sometimes physically) abusive behavior towards his children and his wives, and this makes him unfit for fatherhood.

There was one incident that I recall with vividness and this was when the Jesuits used juvenile delinquents to start fires around our mobile home in Summerville, SC in 1998. When David came home from his deployment, he believed the UNWILLING AGENT preacher of the church we attended and our UNWILLING AGENT next door neighbor over myself and my son. They lied about my son and claimed that Erich started the fires. David refused to believe me when I told him the truth about what happened. I was there and know for sure that Erich did not start these fires. David was going to give Erich a hard whipping for the fires and I told him he would do it over my dead body and that if he laid one hand on Erich, that I would file for divorce. I knew that if Erich was whipped for these fires (when he didn’t do them) that this could cause serious emotional damage to my son and might turn him into a very rebellious son. I did not want my boy to become bitter and ruined for life, so I prevented the whipping. This is one of many instances where my ex-husband showed his immaturity and lack of sound judgment to be a good father. And then there were other instances where David was far too lenient and didn’t show enough consistent discipline to cause my son to have proper moral boundaries in his life. David could play with Erich, but he couldn’t be a good role model as a man and he often wasn’t fair (and expected much more from others than he did from himself) and indirectly taught my son that it was OK to be unfair with people. I was very concerned that David was a poor role model for my son and I wanted my son to have a better man as his role model. David is shallow and does not encourage my son to think through his beliefs or to be a thoughtful and mature man. David is more concerned with appearing to be a real man, than with really being a real man. So I am thrilled that he has Vladimir Putin now for his father, who, I believe, is an excellent role model for my son. My son desperately needs a good male role model in his life and now he has one.

Also, Erich is very sociable and has had a real problem with having good kids to play with. Because he was a military child, he often moved and lost his friends. He was an only child and a lonely only child. He longed for brothers and sisters. Erich is a super extrovert and needs people in his life, especially kids his own age. I recall how the Jesuits played on this and caused all his “friends” to turn on him and the effect this had on Erich. All his life he has always had friends his own age and I think this was an attempt to make up for the fact that he had no siblings. Often, he made friends with kids that I felt were not a good influence on him, but he couldn’t find better friends to play with and so we had to live with it. So I am thrilled that he now has two very lovely girls (his own age) as his sisters, that he can associate with all the time. I know my son, and I am sure that it means a lot to him to have Vladimir’s daughters as his sisters. Now he has sisters and companions of his own age– that he won’t lose when he moves to other places. This means a lot to my son. I know Erich. This is a kid who longs to have siblings and NOW HE HAS THEM. I am certain that Vladimir’s daughters are lovely girls and wonderful companions to my son and that, because of this, my son has finally found the brothers and sisters he’s always longed for. Their ages are perfect for Erich, since he is 17 and I believe Vladimir’s daughters are about 17 and 15, or somewhere around that age. Vladimir’s daughters are the perfect age for my son.

Another reason I am thrilled that Erich is with Vladimir is because Vladimir and I have a very good relationship and have never had an argument. When we disagree, we discuss it and come to a compromise which we both can live with, we never downgrade each other or cause the other to feel less worthy. We treat each other with respect and honor. I feel that for my son to see his mom in a strong relationship with his “dad” will be very healthy for him and will help him in his future relationships. I was concerned over what my son was seeing in my relationship with his real dad. This is because his real dad is abusive and does not treat his wives with honor and respect. This is a poor example for my son. From what I understand, Erich had to watch his dad not only abuse me, but also abuse his next wife. I don’t want my son to emulate his real dad, who is a poor excuse for a father. The only thing David does good is he takes Erich out camping all the time and spends time with Erich. David does a lot of “boy” things with Erich, but neglects to show Erich how a mature and responsible man should behave. David lacks true manliness and honor, which are qualities that Vladimir is loaded with. Therefore, David neglects to be a good role model for my son. Erich needs more than a playmate in his dad, he needs a good male role model and this is where Vladimir excels.

Though I am sure that as busy as Vladimir is, he spends some time with my son. Also, you must remember, that even if Vladimir can’t spend as much time with my son as Erich’s real dad did, Erich now has sisters and this makes up for it. Erich has plenty of companionship, so he doesn’t need to spend as much time with his dad, though I’m sure Vladimir spends enough time with Erich to satisfy my son. Ask my son how he feels about this. Remember, Erich has sisters now, so he’s as content as a bug in a rug. Erich is not lacking for playmates. I am certain that Vladimir’s daughters are good girls and it will be real good for Erich to have good girls as his sisters and companions. This will be very good for my son. I am thrilled that Erich has Vladimir’s lovely daughters as his sisters. This is one big reason I’m thrilled he’s with Vladimir. Erich is very influenced by his day to day playmates, and these good girls will be a good influence on my son.

Also, my influence is strong on my son, and despite the fact that he was a lot with his father in his teen years, Erich spent more time with me than his father up to age 13 and I was a good influence on him. So he’s turned out to be a good boy. I just don’t want his real dad to undermine the influence I had on Erich from his younger years. Erich saw in me an authentic Christianity that he did not see in his dad, despite the fact that his dad was a better church attender than I was. Though I had been real regular in church attendance until 2001. I tried to be the same person at home as I was in church and he observed in me a strong devotional and prayer life. However, I was discouraged to note that Erich tended to emulate his dad (when his dad came home from deployments) and often adopted the attitudes of unfairness and meanness that his dad displayed (when his dad was around). I was not proud of who Erich’s dad was as a person, but this was Erich’s dad and boys follow their fathers, so I desperately wanted Erich to have a better dad and am so pleased that he has one, now. So, there is hope for my son and now that he has a great man for a father, Erich may turn out great himself.

David’s life is hypocritical. David’s Christian testimony is phony and how David behaves in church is different from how he behaves in the home. If Erich stayed with David, Erich would grow up to believe that it is alright to play church and be one thing in church and another thing at home. Of course, a real big problem is that David is an UNWILLING AGENT, which means for Erich to be with David could turn out to be life-threatening.

From what I’ve observed about Vladimir is a consistency that would be very healthy for my son to observe and emulate. I am very proud of who Vladimir is as a person and am thrilled that my son now has a healthy male role model in his life. In fact, Vladimir is a better person in private than he appears to be in public. This will be very good for my son to see. Therefore, I want my son to stay with Vladimir, because this will encourage my son to follow Vladimir’s example. Boys follow their fathers. Girls follow their mothers. My boy was starting to be like his real father. This concerned me. Now he has a better father than his real one and now there is a chance that my son will grow up to be a fine young man, because he will follow the example of his new dad, who is a fine man (and great leader) with courage, consistency and honor. If my son grew up and adopted Vladimir’s qualities of courage, consistency and honor– he would be a son I’d be proud of.

October 17, 2004

Vladimir informs me that Dr. James Dobson wants to make a testimony for Vladimir to say that he feels that my son, Erich, is better off with Vladimir Putin than with his real dad. I heartily encourage this, because Dr. James Dobson has a strong following in the Christian community and is a well respected writer and commentator in the Christian community about how to raise children. I have read several of Dr. James Dobson’s books about child rearing, and feel that he is an expert in the area of how to raise good children, so let him testify on Erich’s behalf, this will only strengthen our case. All comments made by Dr. Dobson will be shown in IBN, since this case is a public case. Also, Dr. Dobson is a medical doctor and this will also strengthen our case. Make sure to mention Dr. Dobson’s training and credentials before he testifies on our behalf. I believe he is a pediatrician. Before Dr. Dobson testifies, have him make a statement (under 666-Computer lie detection) that he is doing so of his own free will and has not been bribed or coerced in any manner by any party to make this testimony on Erich’s behalf.

XXX1/2–G.S. (10-16-04)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 10-16-04
Place: Melbourne, FL