Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (8-14-2004)

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8-14-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

The Jesuits are causing cell phone problems and mail problems as a result of Hurricane Charley. I got wrong numbers when I tried to call my sister. It seems the Jesuits’ goal is to bankrupt people by making them use minutes on their phone and then causing them to get wrong numbers when they call the right number. Of course, these people will be charged minutes for mistakes made by the phone companies. Prosecute these according to CONSPIRACY LAW and make arrests. All these cases will be tried on IBN, and all executions for these violations will be shown on IBN.

I feel that these executions should be death by hanging and then we will supply buzzards to feed on the corpses and let the corpses hang for days before we dump them into graves. Maybe we will dump them into a garbage bin and hack them into pieces (like they did to Lori Hacking) and create a huge trash pile with their corpses. That would be a fit judgment!!

Pick the most humiliating death possible to really make a statement about how we feel about the actions these Jesuit killers attempted or committed. That’s because Hurricane Charley was an attempt by Jesuits to attack Gail Schuler and her family. Conduct questioning to make it clear who is the guilty party (according to Sect. 2 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT).

Also, the Jesuits have been using optional TRIGGER PROGRAMMING on me to cause me to believe that I didn’t report to work today until 2 p.m., so I took some Unisom to help me sleep at 8:30 a.m. Then I checked my schedule and realized that I report to work at 11:30 a.m. So now I have Unisom in my system and it will be in my system when I report to work at 11:30. Find out who was behind this TRIGGER PROGRAMMING on myself and execute them on IBN according to CONSPIRACY LAW.

My mother claims she got some mail for me, even though I have a forward mail order at the Post Office. She insists I come to her place to get it. Find out who is behind this mail fiasco, arrest them and treat this matter according to CONSPIRACY LAW. The Jesuits are determined to use my mother to strengthen their case. It’s possible they may have deliberately used UNWILLING AGENTS at the Post Office to lose any payments for medical reimbursements (which I received from Starbridge) in order to bankrupt me. This is a death penalty violation of CONSPIRACY LAW and should be treated according to CONSPIRACY LAW. Those behind this fiasco, should be tried publicly on IBN, and then will receive death by hanging and buzzards will be supplied to feed on their corpses. I think after these killers have hung for days and the buzzards have fed on their corpses, we should hack them to pieces (like they did to Lori Hacking via their UNWILLING AGENT Mark Hacking) and dump them in a huge trash pile. All this will be shown on IBN.

The Jesuits are on a rampage because of the Steven Spielberg movie which is being made about myself and my ancestry from King David and because this movie greatly exposes the Jesuits.

You may say, then you shouldn’t make the movie. NO–they need to be exposed. By not exposing their methods and tactics, it makes it easier for them to blackmail people. We are in a war with a determined enemy and that’s all there is to it. We just have to keep fighting them until we win. Making this movie is part of the war. The Jesuits know it, and so they are fighting it tooth and nail. We won’t win the war if we retreat. We have to stay on the offensive–if the enemy retaliates, we have no choice but to take the blows. We cannot allow them to strengthen themselves any more than they already have. Better to be on the offensive than on the defensive.

In a war there are always casualties. And the Jesuits have declared war on us, we have no choice but to fight them. It’s them or us.

There would be more casualties if we retreated and allowed these creeps to regain the sole offensive. At least we are on the offensive.

Back in Sept. 11, 2001, we were fighting a defensive war. You never win a defensive war. Now, we are on the offensive. And it needs to stay this way. Unfortunately, in any war, there are casualties. The enemy will never give up. Our only option is to destroy them as much as we can. We can destroy them better if we are on the offensive.

All death penalty violations of CONSPIRACY LAW which target SIGNIFICANT PERSONS (such as Gail Schuler and/or her family) will be publicly tried on IBN and the deaths will be by hanging and they will be shown on IBN. We will send buzzards to feed on the corpses (as they hang for days) and film this on IBN. The reason for this method of execution is to show our disdain for criminals such as these, and that we despise the actions they committed which caused them to be executed AND TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT WE, IN NO WAY, ENCOURAGED THE ACTIVITIES OF THE JESUITS. After the buzzards eat them, we will hack them to pieces and dump their bodies in a huge trash pile, just like the Jesuits did to Lori Hacking!! This trash pile will be the final resting place of JESUIT CONSPIRATORS. This trash pile will be shown on IBN.

The Jesuits have orchestrated two more storm systems in the Atlantic, and one storm (Danielle) is predicted to follow the same track as Charlie. I want Bible believing Christians all over the world to pray that Danielle will not hit land (especially Florida) and that any new storm systems which Jesuits create in the Atlantic or elsewhere will disintegrate and become harmless.

In the meanwhile, I want our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM to study ways to defeat Jesuit satellite programming. The Jesuits know they are losing their ability to control people (via 666-Computer) and are relying more on satellite to attack us. There has to be a way to disintegrate hurricane, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc. which are created by satellite programming. And there must be a better way to detect and/or defeat Jesuit satellite criminal activity (to create hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters).

In fact, to show our strong opposition to the use of criminal satellite programming, IBN will establish another channel called the IBN prayer channel. Since Vladimir and I are both born again Christians, we feel that we need God to help us in this war against terrorism. The Jesuits are a formidable enemy.

On the IBN prayer channel, religious leaders will lead in prayer on the broadcast to ask God to help us to defeat any Jesuit terrorist attacks against us. Our first prayer session will be over the storm systems (called Danielle and Earle) in the Atlantic.

Because the Jesuits are on a rampage to kill me or my family and to blame it on Vladimir, Vladimir will devote some time everyday on IBN to pray for the safety, financial health, and health of my family and myself. Before Vladimir’s prayer is broadcast, it will be mentioned that his prayer has been screened for sincerity and that the death penalty is meted out to anyone at IBN who allows an insincere prayer onto the broadcast, and that his prayer would not be broadcast if it was an insincere prayer. Vladimir can add other prayers to his prayer, like praying for the safety of Brent Spiner or Franco Nero, to show he isn’t jealous. But Vladimir will have a special prayer slot every day on the IBN prayer channel.

Because Vladimir and I are affiliated with the Bible believing Christians, we will only allow those to pray on the broadcast who (under 666-Computer lie-detection) can state that they believe the King James Bible (AV 1611) is the divinely inspired Word of God without any errors and that it should be the supreme authority in one’s life.

We will allow anybody of any religion, race, sex, etc. to pray as long as they pass 666-Computer lie-detection regarding the above statement.

Because we are in danger of getting “nuts” in the prayer session, we will screen all prayers first before they are broadcast.

Also, during the screening, each person as he/she prays will be under 666-Computer lie-detection and emotion-detection to detect insincerity or lying during the prayer. If 666-Computer lie-detection or emotion-detection detects that the prayer has not been made sincerely and that the person is lying or putting on a performance as he/she prays, that prayer will not be broadcast on the IBN prayer channel.

Any (direct or indirect) willing and knowing attempt (or action) by any person to allow any prayer onto the IBN prayer channel which does not meet the criteria specified in this statement, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator. Some of these prayers could possibly end up in the courtroom, so we need to establish some legal guidelines about how this channel should be managed and over how prayer leaders should be picked for the IBN prayer channel.

If anyone thinks this is unspiritual, read about how God handled Ananias and Sapphira in the book of Acts, chapter 5, for PUTTING ON A SPIRITUAL PERFORMANCE. They got the death penalty.

Those that we feel are appropriate will be broadcast and we will invite the world to pray along (with the person on the broadcast) as he/she leads in prayer. Get Dr. Ruckman’s help in establishing this channel and in setting up the guidelines for it. That man has a lot of wisdom and he’s a real prayer warrior. I definitely want Dr. Ruckman to lead in prayer sometimes on this channel.

Anybody of any religion, sex, race, profession, etc. who can make the above statement (and pass 666-Computer lie-detection) while making that statement is welcome to lead in sincere and honest prayer on the broadcast. All prayers will be screened by our executive producers (all of whom are attorneys).

Some of those who offered to pray on the broadcast and who were rejected because of insincerity may also be mentioned. For instance, if Jesuits complain that they can’t pray on this channel and that they are discriminated against, we may present 666-Computer evidence (breifly) to show that Jesuit prayers were insincere and could not be broadcast because that violated our guidelines. We don’t want this to become a legal channel, but want it to be primarily a prayer channel, so the evidence for rejecting some prayer leaders will be presented briefly, and then we will move on into prayer.

We may (or may not) mention the religious affiliation (or name or identification or sexual affiliation) of the person praying. We will let the executive producers decide how to handle this. I encourage people from all walks of life to be the prayer leaders who lead on the broadcast. We may end up having Presidents of nations lead in prayer, but whoever leads in prayer has to pass 666-Computer lie-detection regarding the above italicized statement and must pass the 666-Computer sincerity test as he/she prays. We do not encourage prayer PERFORMANCES, we want the prayers to be SINCERE. We may allow some unpolished prayers onto the broadcast, since SINCERITY is the criteria, not a beautiful and polished performance (and sincerity will be determined by 666-Computer lie-detection and emotion-detection).

That’s how we’ll screen the prayers. That this is how we screen those to be prayer leaders on the IBN prayer channel will be mentioned (probably in subtitles) when we introduce each prayer leader.

For instance, let’s say a President comes on to pray. As he begins his prayer (in subtitles beneath him), it will be mentioned that he passed 666-Computer lie detection while making the following italicized statement: I believe the King James Bible (AV 1611) is the divinely inspired Word of God without any errors and that it should be the supreme authority in one’s life. It will also be stated that this prayer has been screened for sincerity and it has been determined by 666-Computer lie-detection and emotion-detection that this prayer was made in sincerity and reflected the true feelings of the person as he/she prayed.

The prayer leaders must have utmost respect for the 1611 Authorized Version of the Bible or we won’t use them.

I specifically encourage prayers to give our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM wisdom and brilliance to defeat Jesuit terrorism. I suggest prayers over specific attacks made upon us by Jesuits (like the Danielle and Earl storm systems out in the Atlantic right now).

I don’t care if the person is a homosexual, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Roman Catholic, Jew, Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, charismatic, pentecostal, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, etc. If they can make the italicized statement above and pass 666-Computer lie-detection (while making that statement) and if they pray in sincerity, we may let them lead in prayer. You may say, how can you call yourself a Christian and let a homosexual lead in prayer? Well, you know, maybe it’s a saved homosexual who’s struggling to overcome his/her sin. If he can make the above statement and pass 666-Computer lie-detection and if he/she can pray in sincerity, maybe God will hear him. We’re all sinners and God still hears us, if we’re not proud of our sin.

It’s just that maybe our sins are sins like pride (which aren’t so noticable). Who says that pride is a better sin than homosexuality? I think the worst sin is pride and that one’s not so easy to define or notice. See Proverbs 6, a proud look is the first sin on the list which God hates. I wonder how many proud preachers are out there? I bet God would listen to a humble homosexual first before He’d hear a proud Bible-believing Baptist preacher.

However, we would not allow a homosexual to promote homosexuality in his prayer–because that’s pride in his sin. That’s why we need to screen all prayers offered.

I encourage our executive producers to pick people who are humble and approach God with humility and great respect for His Word (the King James Bible) and who are submissive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. We can’t demand God to do things our way. So the attitude of the prayer warrior should be a submission to God’s will regardless of how God chooses to answer the prayer. This prayer channel will be 24 hours (round-the-clock) and prayers will be offered continually for crises which evolve around the world because of Jesuit terrorism.

This prayer channel will be specifically devoted to prayers over Jesuit terrorism. They are a formidable enemy (and launch overwhelming attacks against us like a tidal wave) and we need God’s help.

We might devote one hour to Jesuit attacks in Africa. Another hour to Jesuit satellite treachery –like hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. Another hour to political machinations in certain countries with Jesuit problems, like political problems, riots, assassinations in South America, etc. Another hour or prayer to comfort victims of Jesuit treachery, etc. If there’s an urgent crisis, we could interrupt a prayer and start another one. Let’s say the Jesuits use Hamas to blow up a bus in Jerusalem, then we might put a Jewish person on and have them pray for Israel.

Because Vladimir and I feel prayer is so important to give us victory in the war against Jesuit terrorism, we will create another channel on IBN just for this purpose.

So now, IBN will have 3 broadcast channels: The main broadcast channel, the court channel and the prayer channel.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 8-14-04 , (updates on 8-17-04).
Place: Melbourne, FL