Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (8-19-2004)

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8-19-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I have made more suggestions for the upcoming film The Kingdom of David (War of the Worlds?). Make sure to show clips of this film NOW on IBN, so that current Jesuit attempts to undermine this film and/or those who will be featured in this film can be exposed. The Jesuits are wasting no time to try to make a conspiracy about every aspect of this film’s production.

Progress made on this film should be shown in IBN, including some clips from the film.

Another advantage of showing advanced clips of this film on IBN, will be that it will help Steven Spielberg to assess in advance the public reaction to the film, because we can use our ratings experts and pollsters to assess public reaction to film clips which have been shown.

You might say, but if we show the whole story in advance no one will go to the movie, because they will already know the ending. I disagree, I think people will go to see it, not because they are dying to find out the ending, but because they want to experience the heroism and the grandeur of the film. Also, if we show clips and these clips are impressive, this will make people want to see the whole production in its entirety. You can often get a sense of a great film just by watching clips of it. So the people want to have the EXPERIENCE of watching the film and of sharing in the victory of the protagonists at the end of the film–it will give them a sense of purpose about this seemingly meaningless war we are in.

Also, they may feel that this film might be a compelling version of the news and an interesting alternative version of news presentation. So, just to see a different and very interesting version of the news, the people will go.

Because this film is actually a pioneer venture in news reporting. It uses fiction and storytelling techniques to present news that is very relevant to our times.

You must remember everyone in the world is experiencing the stress of the current war against terrorism. And this film will help people deal with the stress of war more. It will cause the war to MAKE SENSE. People will go to this film in the hopes that the courage and vision and loves of King David will become a part of their lives. Great storytelling gives people purpose in their lives–it helps them to make sense of things, to have some order in their lives, some sense of purpose. That is what I hope this film will do.

A lot of Muslims admire King David. I expect a lot of Muslims to watch this film as well. I think it’s going to be a worldwide hit in Russia, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America, everywhere. It has something in it for everyone.

And the Jesuits will hate this film because it will give people (including Muslims) courage to fight the Jesuits more.

So people will go see this film. It will be like a great stress reducer and a way to give people courage and vision and clarity of purpose in this war against Jesuit terrorism. The men will like it because it is the story of a manly man, a man of vision and courage and his heroic dreams–King David–the heroic and visionary warrior king of Israel–probably the greatest king of Israel.

The women will like it because part of King David’s vision and courage involved heroic and passionate and very intimate, human, vulnerable, romantic, sensitive and beautiful love relationships that expand into an eternal and everlasting love between heroic and great lovers.

King David’s heroic stand against Goliath (BABYLON THE GREAT) expands throughout the universe and romantically involves him with the great women and men of history and antiquity. So we will have a film with great and heroic war battles which will determine history for eternity, and great, intimate human love stories that change nations and destinies.

And the wars by David and his genetic ancestors are fought to bring about the eternal Davidic kingdom which will solve all the world’s problems. If the film has this vision as it portrays the life of king David and his dreams of his kingdom; and if the actors capture the vast and heroic, yet human and intimate Davidic spirit in its portrayals of King David and his ancestors; and captures the brilliant, ruthless, mesmerizing, creative, relentless chameleon (BABYLON THE GREAT) who opposes King David’s dream, this film will be an epic.

XXX1/2–G.S. (8-19-04)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 8-19-04
Place: Melbourne, FL