Jesuits Used George W. Bush To Try & Murder Gail Chord Schuler

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Jesuits used George W. Bush to try and murder Gail Chord Schuler (Nov. 2004). The following account that I wrote about 2008 (using records from my files), accurately describes a real event that happened. Though Jesuits have tried to use Donald Trump in the same manner, he has, to his credit, tried to protect Gail. Also, Barack Obama never tried to pacify Jesuits like Bush did to harm Gail. Vladimir has forgiven George W. Bush, because he understands what it’s like to have your wife’s life threatened. After all, Jesuits murdered Vladimir’s wife Larisa in 2000. Gail is having a harder time trusting George W. Bush.

While Gail lived in her new apartment, she survived two major Jesuit satellite-induced hurricanes that plowed right through Melbourne. During one hurricane, her son’s clone called her from her ex-husband’s Michigan home, and tried to convince her to fly to Michigan to be with her ex. But she’d rather risk the hurricane than betray Vladimir and her real son, who now resided with Vladimir.

At the last minute, on November 1, 2004, Gail decided to vote for George Bush as President in the U.S. Presidential elections. She sent in her ballot through absentee ballot.

The next day, on November 2, 2004, her mother called to inform her that Chrysler had called at her mother’s residence, to inquire over her late car payments. Gail instructed Vladimir to investigate the matter and to enforce her Conspiracy Law, and to castigate Chrysler for calling her mother’s residence rather than hers.

Apparently, because she had voted for George Bush, the Jesuits did not waste any time to use George Bush to further their conspiracy against Vladimir Putin. The Jesuits chose to use Bush, because Gail had just voted for Bush and so she’d never suspect that Bush would have anything to do with the van conspiracy they planned for her in a few days.

The Jesuits approached Mr. Bush, while he was in a hallway at the White House–at gunpoint. You can see how the Jesuits treat their own. It’s treacherous to be a Jesuit.

The Jesuit, who posed as a U.S. Senator [actually a clone of a real senator, who followed the orders of the Jesuit general (described as the head Wal-Mart Customer Service Manager in this memoir’s introduction)], aimed his pistol at Bush’s head, and scowled. “Well, did you know that yesterday, your lovely Gail decided to vote for you as President?” The Jesuit clicked the trigger of the pistol and shoved the pistol into Jesuit Bush’s head. “Remember the contract you signed with us to obtain your Presidency?”

Bush trembled. “What do you want?”

The pistol remained at Jesuit Bush’s head. “Well, I’ll tell you this much. If you don’t do what we want, we’ll blast this pistol into your head and then another into your wife’s head. And we’ll make it look like Vladimir Putin did it.” The Jesuit smiled. “By the way, your re-election is assured. You’ll have a second term–thanks to us. So you better do what we want.”

Jesuit Bush screamed at him. “What do you want!”

“I’m going to escort you to the phone and you will say exactly as I instruct you to say, on this phone.” The Jesuit shoved the pistol into Bush’s head and escorted him to a White House phone. “Here, it’s all in writing. You’ll read from this script.”

Jesuit Bush read it. “Hey, I can’t do this. I’ll be impeached. This is murder.”

The Jesuit shoved the pistol harder into his head, and made a phone call to another Jesuit. “Get your agents ready, flank Laura Bush, and when I give you the signal, blast a bullet into her head.”

“But I can’t do this to Gail Schuler. She’s popular with the people. The public will crucify me.”

The Jesuit laughed. “You like to be dead? Or even better, you like your wife and you to be dead?”

“Alright, take me to the phone.”

Jesuit Bush walked to the phone like a robot, and called the towers who’d tow away Gail’s van on November 8, 2004. “Hello, this is President George W. Bush. I need to talk with the head of your towing service.”

“This is George W. Bush? What do you need to talk to us for?”

“I’m giving you a Presidential order. When Chrysler Financial contacts you about the late car payments of Gail Schuler, you are to tow Gail’s van, regardless of what else happens. If you don’t, Russian President Vladimir Putin will hire hit men to come and get you, and it appears, there’s nothing I can do to prevent it.”

“Look, we don’t want to get involved with all this politics.”

“I’ll pay you a million dollars if you follow this order.”

A pause. “Oh. . .really. . .perhaps we will reconsider. . .”

Bush ended the call, and faced the Jesuit. “Now, are you happy?”

The Jesuit shoved his pistol harder into Bush’s head. “You aren’t finished yet.”

“What? You mean there’s more you want from me?”

“Of course.” The Jesuit smiled. “You know that Gail will raise hell when her van gets towed. We are prepared for that contingency. . .”

Bush sat down and sulked on a bench. His hands grasped nervously at his hair. “What else do you want from me?”

“We’re going to follow you until November the 8th–or more, if we have to, to ensure you follow all our orders. You’re to hire a hit-man to murder Gail at the junk yard she’ll come to, when she reclaims her car–that is, if she somehow comes up with the money to pay-off her van. You’re to say that this hit-man was hired by Vladimir Putin.”

Jesuit Bush scowled in outrage. “I can’t do this to Vladimir!” Jesuit Bush jerked his head away from the pistol. “And I won’t stay President, if I commit this act. I’ll be impeached.”

“Exactly. That’s what we want. And then in 2008, our Jesuit, Hillary Rodham Clinton, will be the next U.S. President. We’ll have a stronger Jesuit in the White House, a Democrat. That is, because your actions, as a Republican President, will so turn the stomachs of Americans, that they’ll vote for her as President in 2008.” The Jesuit then blasted a shot onto the ground. No one came to assist Jesuit President Bush. Apparently, the Jesuits had all angles covered. “As you can see, your Secret Service seems to be defunct. We have them all distracted. They never expected us to attack you inside the White House.”

The Jesuit got on his cell phone in front of Jesuit Bush. “Get your hit men ready to hit Laura Bush, because President Bush is going to break his contract with us.” The Jesuit smiled. “Make sure the guy is a Russian, with KGB connections. . ..”

On November 8th, 2004, the Jesuits towed Gail’s van; and the Jesuits used their computer/satellite technology on Russian President Vladimir Putin to give him a sudden and devastating heart attack that day, and he was rushed to the hospital. Several days later, thanks to Gail’s Conspiracy Law networks, ground breaking technology was used on President Putin to save his life, and he regained enough bearings to assume some Presidential responsibilities.

But because she couldn’t afford her car payments and assumed that Vladimir had taken care of these for her, as she walked on the balcony outside her apartment and talked with the Jesuit maintenance man about her loss of cable service, she noticed a towing vehicle came into the area of her apartment (where her van was parked).

The towing vehicle backed up toward her van and a crude, vulgar and muscular looking man (with dark curly and greasy hair) rushed out, and began to hook up her car. She realized that her car was about to be towed and she approached the man. “Why are you towing my car?”

“Can you open your car’s door for me, please?” he said, as he studied her car.

“No! This car has been paid off. You have no right to tow my car.”

“That’s not what I’ve been told. Chrysler Financial has ordered me to tow your car.”

The man ignored all Gail had to say, except for brief and gruff replies, rushed to his towing vehicle, got out something that looked like a wrench bar, that he slid under the hood of the van into her engine, that made it so he could tow her car, even with the door shut and her hook still on the wheel.

The car’s tires skidded and left marks in the parking lot as his towing vehicle took her car, and because Gail’s anti-theft hook was still on the steering wheel, the vehicle’s horn went off as he towed away her van. There was nothing she could do, except watch helplessly as she heard her car’s horn get lighter and lighter, as her van disappeared from her life.

She dialed 911 to call the police, and talked to a local police officer. No use.

A letter that she wrote to Vladimir Putin, to his Russian Embassy address explains what happened and what she went through:

November 8, 2004

Vladimir Putin, Russian President
Russian Embassy
2650 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.
Washington D.C. 20007

Dear Vladimir:

The time is 1:30 p.m. on 11-8-04 and my car was towed about an hour ago, by an unidentified tow truck and the man who towed my car was the same man who came to get my car back in January 2003. I recognized him. I assume it’s the same towing company. There was no identification on the towing truck. Back in Jan. 2003, my mother was with me and when this man showed up, he escorted my mother and I to the Suntrust bank at the intersection of Augusta St. and Florence Ave. and my mother sent the $600 car payment to Chrysler (via Western Union express), that prevented my car from being towed back in Jan. 2003.

I don’t have my car now and I don’t have a way to go to work, unless I pay outrageous taxi fees.

I called the police while the man was towing my car and a police officer showed up and said that there was nothing he could do, that this was a civil matter (and that I needed to contact Chrysler Financial), and so this man with this tow truck, went off with my car. Because there was a hook on the steering wheel, he opened my front hood and did something to my engine so he could tow my car. I hope he didn’t damage the car. I received no notice from Chrysler that my car would be towed today, and when I called them to tell them that I had received no notice, I was told that they couldn’t give me a notice, because I am under bankruptcy protection. I never heard this before. All my conversation with the police and with the Chrysler people can be obtained from wiretapped recordings of my cell phone.

The guy just showed up, and took my car, without giving me any information about who he was or about which towing company had my car, or about what his telephone number is. This guy said the car was being repossessed and that I could not get the car. He wouldn’t give me his name, phone number or the name of his towing company. All he said was that my vehicle was being repossessed, because the payments were not current. His towing vehicle had no identification, except a phone number on flaps in front of the tires of his towing truck, which I read out loud to the police on my cell phone –this can be obtained through wiretapping (as I attempted to get information from this man).

When I called Chrysler Financial at 1-800-561-5805 around 1 p.m. today, I spoke with someone who identified herself as Miss Pearson at Ext. 7024. I asked her to have Chrysler Financial send me something in writing that states my car is not paid off, because I told her that I believed that my car had been paid off by you, and I wanted something in writing, as proof that my car had not been paid off by you.

I told her if I had something in writing that stated my car was not paid off, that then I would make car payments. I asked her to put it in writing that you had not paid off my car. She said I would be getting something in the mail that would state that my car has not been paid off, but that they couldn’t make a statement that Vladimir Putin had not paid off my car, and that the only way I could get my car back would be if Chrysler received about $2,000.00–that they wouldn’t agree to monthly payments anymore.

She also told me that I could not have my car back, unless the total pay off for the car was received all at once, for the whole amount of about $2,000.00, and that there was no way I would get my car back in time for work tomorrow, and that she couldn’t tell me how much the pay off was right now on the phone, but that it was estimated to be about $2,065.34, and that I would get something in the mail about this.

She told me to call you and have you call her at 1-800-561-5805, ext. 7024 to state that my car had been paid off, and to have you deal with the matter.

I then called the Russian Embassy (which is the only number I have for you) at (202) 232-6020 and spoke with someone who sounded like he had a strong Russian accent. I thought we had Germans at the Russian embassy. This is because at that time I had written law to kick out the Russians at the Russian embassy in Washington D.C. and replace them with Germans, because the Russians were not in obedience to Vladimir Putin. I asked this Russian sounding man to contact you, and to tell you that I had an emergency in regard to my car. I left him my name and phone number. The man wasn’t rude, but acted like I was a mental case and eventually hung up on me. So I gave up on calling the Russian Embassy.

I then called the bus service to see if I could take a bus to go to work. The bus schedule is very bad and only runs during the day time, and I would have to take three buses to get to work from here. So, it appears taking the bus will not work, because I often work at night.

Vladimir, I need EVIDENCE that this car has been paid off–in the form of a title or something. And now these criminals at Chrysler Financial will not work with me unless I give them something like $2,100 all at once. They said they wouldn’t work with monthly payments, that they wanted the $2,100 (which they allege is what I owe them) all at once!

I have no way to get to work. I’m not going to call my UNWILLING AGENT mother about this because this will strengthen the Jesuit’s case against you. Eventually, I had to call my mother or I’d lose my car.

I just called a limousine service, and arranged to have a week of service (five days), where they will take me to work and pick me up from work with female drivers who will use their private vehicles. It costs $75.00 for a week. This is more than my salary and eventually, I cannot afford to pay this amount for transportation.

If I don’t get my car back, or I can’t car pool, then transportation to and from work will end up costing me $300 a month. Then I won’t be able to afford my rent and other expenses.

Vladimir, I am in a bind, and don’t know what to do. I am not used to being without a vehicle. I wish I was with you and my son. I hate playing these Jesuit games.

Is there anyway you can communicate with me directly? I know we have a problem with Jesuit imposters. Is there anyway I can obtain proof that my car is paid off?

Because I didn’t have a title to my car, when the police showed up, there was nothing that they would do for me. So this towing man went off with my car.    

I just wrote some new law that deals with a national health care plan and I think the Jesuits are very upset about this, so they’ve been very brazen and did something very illegal to get my car today. I ask God to give you wisdom as you deal with this. In the meanwhile, my financial situation is not good, because being without a car makes it so that I cannot go to work unless I take a taxi or pay for an escort to drive me (which I will be doing for the coming week). And Wal-Mart does not pay me enough to take a taxi (or an escort) every day to and from work.

So, I don’t have a car and now I don’t have a way to get to work, unless I pay outrageous transportation costs (for an escort) that I can’t afford. Some of my favorite music tapes were in the car, and the guy who towed my car, has all my favorite tapes. The towing occurred when I was outside talking with the maintenance man (because the maintenance man kept unplugging the power to my cable). It’s obvious that the Jesuits are trying to tie in this towing with the lack of cable service to my apartment. Also, when I came to this computer to type a report about this matter earlier, my power went off and I had to restart my computer later. So the Jesuits are on a rampage and are trying to make conspiracies about everything–like the power failure, hurricane, Chrysler Financial, Wal-Mart, computer, towing, taxi conspiracy.

Please, if there is anyway we could communicate directly, this would be wonderful. I long to be with you and my son.

I hope you like the new laws I wrote for a national health care plan. I think this would be very good for the U.S. and the world. You can download these laws on my Conspiracy Laws and Government document. It’s a new Section 55. I think these laws are the real reason the Jesuits took my car. Once these laws are passed, it should really help us to remove from the Jesuits their ability to control people with their criminal satellite/computer technology over people’s brains, and so the Jesuits are desperate and doing very brazen things. We need to be very tough on them.

Any ways, you know my situation, because I’ve already typed this out on my computer and you can download everything from my computer. I wish so bad I was with you. I pray that God will make a way for us to be together, without all this Jesuit garbage causing problems between us.

Make sure to enforce my laws to the letter. There have been some death penalty violations of my laws in this towing matter. Try this case publicly on IBN and please get me some money and some transportation! Please make sure I can afford to pay my upcoming rent and dental expenses. I have a cavity that will be filled on 11-15-04. These Jesuits are monsters.

I shall pray much about this matter, and ask God to give you courage and wisdom. You may want to tie in this case with the case that Lis Wiehl has against Starbridge and Tallahassee Memorial Hospital’s Family Practice Residency program. Thank you so much for your assistance. I miss my cassette tapes (that went off with my towed car). They took my Christian music and all my Russian and German tapes. I long to be with you and with my son.

Devotedly yours,

Gail Schuler




NOTICE OF SALE: The vehicle will be offered for sale, at private sale, beginning on 11/24/2004, and from day to day thereafter until sold. The vehicle will be sold by Chrysler Financial.


You have a right to redeem the vehicle AT ANY TIME BEFORE IT IS ACTUALLY SOLD. To redeem, we must receive the NET AMOUNT itemized below at the address on reverse, plus any other amounts that may become due after the date of this Notice and before the vehicle is sold. To learn the exact amount please call us at the number listed on the back of this Notice.


PLUS: FINANCE CHARGE TO: 11/24/2005 $45.25



The vehicle will not be sold until the date shown in the “Notice of Sale” at the earliest. After that date, YOU CAN STILL REDEEM THE VEHICLE BEFORE IT IS ACTUALLY SOLD. If you do, neither we nor the Dealer will have any further claim on it.

If you have any questions, you may call or write us.

Chrysler Financial, P.O. Box 860, Roanoke, Texas 76262, (877) 679-6096, ext. 7459.

Date Notice mailed: 11-09-2004. By its agent Chris Barajas, Customer Service Rep.


Gail had to humiliate herself and ask her mom for assistance to pay about $2,067.58 plus a $12.95 charge to send the Western Union quick collect, which was the only way Chrysler would accept the money for her car’s pay off. She sent this money to them immediately (via Western Union) and in cash to get her car back, because she was required to fully pay off her car in cash about $2,067.58.00 (via Western Union to Chrysler).

She came up with the money “just in time” because the towers were about to send her car to a big city (hours from where she lived), in order to put it up for auction– where she’d have to drive hours to get her car back. After Chrysler received her money and after a lot of run-around, Chrysler Financial finally give her the number to call, where she could get her car.

She told Vladimir to add this towing incident onto the financial and medical conspiracy case she had against the Jesuits.

In the meanwhile, while she did without her car, she still needed a way to work and discovered that the local bus could only take her to work, if she took about three different buses and she would have to meander around town on city buses for about three hours to get to work from her apartment–when it took her twenty minutes to drive from her apartment to work.

In other words, Jesuits ensured her town had lousy bus service.

When she asked people at work to give her rides, not many responded, perhaps because their schedules differed from her. This just wouldn’t do, and she realized that the Jesuits even manipulated her city’s bus service so that the buses didn’t have any direct routes from her apartment to where she worked at Wal-Mart.

So she ended up paying about $75.00 for an escort service for a week to take her to and from work and to the dentist (to have a cavity in her molar filled). She bought groceries from her Wal-Mart and put them in the escort’s car. And she walked to the CVS pharmacy about one block from her apartment for other things she needed, until she got her car back. She didn’t want to humiliate herself before her mother any more than she already had, because she claimed to her mother that Vladimir would take care of her, and it was humiliating enough that Vladimir couldn’t rescue her from the Chrysler Financial towers. The escort turned out to be a nice and dependable man, who tried to sell her his car, but she said she would still try to get her car back.

Because Gail had told her mom that Vladimir wanted to marry her, that he had custody of her son, and that he had millions of dollars from her novel, now she was really humiliated and ashamed of Vladimir, who failed to rescue her when her car was towed.

Vladimir informed her (through computer/satellite brain communications) he had to go into emergency surgery because of a heart condition when her car was towed; and, therefore, was “unavailable”. Another had to speak to her via 666-Computer during this time, to inform her that Vladimir had become an Unwilling Agent and that, when her car was towed, he denied ever knew her.

Gail’s supporters did emergency surgery on Vladimir to fix his heart and his brain against Jesuit control.

“Mr. Putin, Gail’s van has been towed by Chrysler. She called the Russian Embassy in the United States and the Russian man who answered hung up on her, when she asked to talk to you about her van.”

Vladimir scowled. “Start a lawsuit against Chrysler and all criminals involved in this. I’ve paid off her van, but those bastard Americans never let me help her. They block me every time.”

Vladimir was unaware of Jesuit President Bush’s involvement in this, so Putin’s lawsuit was directed only at Chrysler and those who towed her car.

The day that Gail went to claim her van, Jesuit President Bush made a call to the towing service. “Gail is getting ready to come pick up her van. Continue to give her a hard time as I instructed you before, and be rude and abrasive. She’s a tough woman, so she’ll buck you, and when she does–shoot her in the head.”

“Wait a minute, President Bush. We can’t do this. Russian President Putin has a lawsuit against us and against Chrysler, and claims that her van was unjustly towed and that he paid off her van. Who do we listen to–you or him?”

“If you don’t do as I say, Vladimir Putin’s agents will shoot you in the head. It’s either you or Gail.”

“God d—- it. What kind of hell hole set-up is this?” The man hung up in fury.

The Jesuits then flanked the man at the junkyard. “Well, will you do as President Bush ordered you to do?” They handed him a pistol.

“I’m not holding this thing. . .when she shows up.” He looked at the pistol. “She doesn’t trust us.”

The Jesuits smiled. “Of course, you won’t. Put the pistol here in your desk and pull it out at our signal and shoot her.”

When Gail called the tower’s number, it was difficult to talk to a person, because they were all unavailable and she had to be persistent. She ended up talking to the same man who towed her car.

“I’ve paid off my car. How can I get my car?”

“Oh, how are you?” he said, with a sarcastic tone. “You won’t be able to get your van unless you pay us for holding your car for three days.”


“Yes that’s right.” She could hear the glee in his tone.

“And how much is this?”

“Three hundred dollars –and I want CASH.”

So Gail had to call her mother back and begged for more money and she told her mom it had to be cash.

Gail and her mother showed up at the junkyard to pick up her van.

As Gail walked toward the middle-aged man (who wasn’t the same guy she talked to on the phone and who had towed her car), she noticed the man looked real frustrated and exasperated.

And perhaps he was, because Russian President Vladimir Putin had hit him with a lawsuit for damages the day before, because he dared to charge Gail outrageous charges for each day that he had her car in the junkyard. In confusion, when he saw the car with Gail in it pull up, and she headed towards him, he muttered curse words against Gail and all politicians, and decided he was not going to murder Gail, because he’d already been hit with a lawsuit, and didn’t want murder charges next.

When she went to the place where her car was stored, the man was very nasty and refused to give her a receipt (dated 11/17/2004) until he had inspected all her bills in the morning light to see if they looked counterfeit. The place where her van was stored looked like a junk yard. 

Her mother came with her, and sat in her car and waited for her daughter. The man eyed her mother nervously and didn’t dare look behind him to see what the Jesuits did, who were hiding, with their pistols aimed at his head.

Gail’s toughness, and her mother, who stared at him, caused his nerves to break. He couldn’t shoot her, and if those Jesuits wanted to shoot him, well, they could go ahead, because he was already in enough trouble, perhaps it would be better if he was dead.

So God protected Gail and she got her car back, and she did not suffer from a bullet to her head, nor did the man at the junkyard. At least, not while she was there.

She tried to look like a President’s wife on her limited income. Because she lost the $500.00 Montgomery Ward sewing machine she had in Seattle, because it got auctioned off (with all the stuff she had in her Mukilteo apartment), she could finally afford to buy a sewing machine, which she did (a $100.00 Singer sewing machine) from Wal-Mart around Christmas 2004.

In the spring of 2005, she sewed herself a pair of blue cotton pants with pockets and belt loops that looked well with her Wal-Mart blue jacket. Sewing machines had gone down in price since the time she bought her Montgomery Ward sewing machine in Portland (1985). And later in 2007, when Wal-Mart dropped the blue vest, she used this sewing machine to sew clothes that would fit in with the requirements for Wal-Mart’s new uniform requirements for its workers. In 2007, she had plenty of clothes, but they did not fit in with Wal-Mart’s uniform requirements, so Gail still wanted to look fashionable (despite the fact she could only wear a dark blue shirt and beige pants or skirt), and she accomplished this with her sewing machine.  

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