Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (11-11-2004)

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11-11-04 Bemerkungen über 1-12-02 Tatbestand

Dr. Ruckman will present a special presentation on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS, in which he will give us a presentation of his special series called Israel: A Deadly Piece of Dirt. Make sure to mention that Dr. Ruckman is of Germanic heritage and is German in blood. As you can see, I use him for everything–so I have great respect for the Germans and think they have been unfairly trashed by the Jesuits, because the Jesuits want to cover their butts over their involvement in the Nazi movement.

Our video and audio people will support Dr. Ruckman and will volunteer video and camera footage to the presentation to make his presentation come alive. We will show why God has allowed the Jewish nation to suffer (according to Biblical accounts and history) and what is the scriptural stance toward Israel (according to the King James Bible).

INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS will make this presentation because of the death of Yasser Arafat, in the hopes that this presentation can be used to educate the world about what is really happening in the Middle East and will help to encourage the Palestinian people (at this historic point in their history) to elect a leader who will truly promote peace in the region. We will make sure that this presentation is aired on our Palestinian and Muslim television networks (since we now own Al-Jazeera), and this presentation will be our comment on the death of Yasser Arafat.

Also, I have created a SATELLITE SCREENER CORPS to conduct 24/7 surveillance over any vehicles I may be associated with and on my person. We have decided to use the Israeli SATELLITE SCREENER CORPS to watch over me, since they have extensive experience in this area.

Vladimir will make a statement (under 666-Computer lie-detection and emotion detection) as to why he chose the Israeli SATELLITE SCREENER CORPS to watch over his fiancé. In this statement he should mention that he feels the Israelis are the most qualified because of their extensive experience with terrorism and because he feels that the Israelis greatly appreciate how Gail (who is descended from King David) helps Israel in their war against terrorism, and so he feels the Israelis will put forth extra effort (beyond the call of duty) to protect Gail, because she protects and defends Israel and is good for Israel.

The emotional analysis of Vladimir’s statement will be presented on IBN. This emotional analysis will reveal how Vladimir feels about these Israelis who protect Gail. I predict that he will feel quite grateful and his grateful feelings about the Israelis should be advertised (and revealed) to show clearly that Vladimir is not in any way anti-Semitic and it would seem logical that he would want to marry a woman descended from King David.

Put me under 666-Computer lie-detection as I make the following statement:

My personal opinion, I don’t think Germans are any more anti-Semitic than anyone else. In fact, when I found out that Vladimir is half German, I was delighted, because I have great respect for the German people. I consider Germans one of the most honest races on the planet and admire their consistency and courage. That is a bunch of Jesuit hype–that the Germans are anti-Semitic. And don’t forget that I have some German blood. I, like Vladimir, have genetic ties to Frederick the Great and Catherine the Great (the German empress of Russia). And the Jesuits foster this hype, that Germans are anti-Semitic, in order to cover up the prime Jesuit involvement behind the Nazi movement. I believe that if it wasn’t for the Jesuits, there would have been no Adolph Hitler and no Nazism in Germany. The Jesuits POISONED GERMANY, JUST LIKE THEY POISON EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH. In fact, the German culture is one of the few that has adopted many Jewish names into their culture. It doesn’t sound like Germans have an anti-Semitic problem. It’s the JESUITS WHO ARE ANTI-SEMITIC!! DON’T FORGET THAT THE JESUITS EXTORTED THE GERMANS INTO THE NAZI MOVEMENT AND THAT ADOLPH HITLER WAS NOT ELECTED BY THE POPULAR VOTE. MOST GERMANS DID NOT WANT HIM IN CHARGE OF GERMANY. THE JESUITS USED POLITICAL CHICANERY TO SHOVE HITLER TO POWER IN GERMANY.

Pray for my health and that Vladimir can find a way to give me safe transportation, since the Jesuits have deprived me of transportation. The Jesuits gave me a stomach virus, from which I am still suffering. It began several days ago. I have had to miss two days of work, so far, because of this virus. They used a sick kid to throw up in the bathroom while I was there and the mother of that child threw the napkin he threw up on into the open garbage container in the bathroom. I believe that’s how I caught this. And now they are using illegal 666-Computer technology to interfere with the PLPs and RSPs who are striving to help me get over this virus.

Vladimir, I just returned from walking to the CVS Pharmacy, which is about a ten minute walk from my apartment. I went there to get some vitamin C for my stomach virus. I have to cross some nasty traffic, but there are lights and a crosswalk for walkers.

I noticed that there is a small car dealership right next to my apartment complex (on New Haven Avenue) and they sell used cars (with warranties). I’m not sure if they sell new cars. You may want to check this out. I walked right through it on my way to the CVS Pharmacy. Maybe you could arrange a deal with them. Right now, I can’t even afford a used car, because I don’t have the income to make car payments at all. Also, I would need to get new car insurance and a new car registration, if I switched cars, and I don’t know if I could afford this. But this car dealership near my apartment, may be a way for you to get a car to me.

One of these days I might walk over there and check out the cars, when I feel I have the money to buy a car. I don’t want a gas guzzler. Even better, just give me the keys to a car. I trust you. It’s not easy for you to communicate with me or meet me. I wish this wasn’t so.

But I know that all communications between us are very complicated, thanks to the Jesuits–who try to undermine all your attempts to help me out. I won’t pay Chrysler the $2,000 they claim I owe them (because this isn’t fair to you and makes you look bad), and this will be a financial loss to me, since I have already invested a lot of money in that 1999 Plymouth Voyager (I just put new tires on it last year) and I can’t use that Voyager as a down payment for another car, since Chrysler has it.

Again, the Jesuits have stolen money from me. This is nothing new.

I hope that Chrysler has returned to you the money you sent them to pay off my car. You may want to make a stink out of this. You may want to tell them you want the money back that you sent them (plus damages), and that you don’t trust them and will not deal with them anymore. You need to get this money back, because if you don’t make a stink out of this, the Jesuits may claim that you paid Chrysler to take my car. You need to show that you are outraged over how they treated me and how they breached their contract with you.

When, and if, they return the money you paid for my car, show this on IBN, so that you can have evidence that you did pay off my car. Tell them that when they return to you the money which you paid for my car, that it must be on camera and a close-up of the check will be shown on camera (on IBN) and you will show the world that you did pay off my car, but that Chrysler tricked you and betrayed you and breached their contract with you. If Chrysler refuses to return to you the money which you paid them (PLUS MONEY FOR DAMAGES) and to correct any bad reports they sent to credit bureaus regarding this incident, then sue them for breach of contract. The contract was this:

Your consideration was the payment you made to Chrysler. By accepting this consideration, Chrysler accepted your offer, which was to promise that they were not to harass me about my car because the car was to be treated as if it was paid off. If this promise not to harass me about my car (in exchange for your pay off for my car) was put in writing or recorded, get that document or recording. You will have a solid case.

The contract was this: You offered to make the pay off for my car, only if Chrysler promised to allow me to keep my car and not to harass me about payments and not to take my car away from me or not to take negative actions against me for not making the pay-off to my car (such as filing bad reports about my lack of payments to credit bureaus). Even if it was not put in writing, the contract was understood (if you have any recording of the communications you made with Chrysler about your pay off for my car–this may be helpful). You still have a case. I mean, why else would you give them the money to pay off my car?

By accepting your payment (which was the consideration), Chrysler accepted the offer and the contract became binding at that point. Therefore, when they sent a tower to tow my car, THEY VIOLATED THE CONTRACT THAT YOU MADE WITH CHRYSLER AND YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SUE THEM FOR BREACH OF CONTRACT.

Tell them you will not be satisfied, until Chrysler also promises IN WRITING not to file any negative reports about this, which would affect my credit rating. CHECK THE CREDIT RATING BUREAUS to see if Chrysler has filed any negative reports about my credit (after you made the pay-off to my car). If they have done so, THAT IS ALSO A BREACH OF CONTRACT and you will sue them for more damages. They are required to return the money you paid them, to correct any false data they submitted to credit rating bureaus regarding my credit, and you will also sue them for damages that occurred because they breached the contract.

You had A CONTRACT WITH CHRYSLER. There was an offer and acceptance; legal purpose; competent parties and consideration–all the requirements for a contract were met. CHRYSLER BREACHED THE CONTRACT YOU MADE WITH THEM. Try this breach of contract case on IBN, and show proof that you made the pay off for my car and then show proof ( show the tower who took my car) that the contract was breached. If Chrysler refuses to return to you the payment you made (plus money for damages), you will bring them to court for breach of contract and a judge will make them pay–show this whole case on IBN. Also, IF THEY REFUSE TO PAY for damages and to correct any bad reports they submitted to credit bureaus (regarding this matter), and to refund to you the money you sent them for my car’s pay-off, THEY GO TO JAIL.

I never order Vladimir over what to do, though he usually adopt my suggestions. I don’t believe in bossing my husband, it goes against the Biblical admonition for wives to be in submission to their husbands. It helps that I have great respect for Vladimir and his judgment. I want to be in submission to him, because I think he is a very capable leader and I like to let him run things. He’s good. What’s ironic is that he has never told me that this is his policy–that I should be in submission to him. He just about always respects my opinions and adopts my suggestions and encourages me to be a leader right beside him. This really isn’t what I want. I just want to be his wife. But he says I have too great talent and it should be used. He definitely is not on an ego trip. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all he expects from me, but he encourages me to be a leader and tells me that he needs my input and that my assistance is invaluable. He says he has observed me over the years and I’m brilliant and should use my talents, and that I greatly help him in his work as President. Since I love to please him, I do what he says.

Perhaps this is why Vladimir adopts most of my suggestions and even wants me as Vice-President. Vladimir and I just happen to be in agreement over many matters. We take the same approach to things–maybe because we both have German and Russian royal blood in common. Maybe it’s the Germanic approach or the Frederick the Great approach. We have similar philosophies about how to run the military, how to run a country, how to deal with traitors. We just think alike on very important issues, so we get along great together. We are definitely on the same wavelength and so we never argue and are a great team. I give Vladimir suggestions, but have such great respect for his judgment that I never force my suggestions on him, since I may be wrong and he may have better ideas. But he likes my input and often asks me to help him in making statements and Presidential decisions. Every statement I make, he broadcasts on Russian television. This is how the Russians have gotten to know me and now they want me as Vice-President.

He thinks I’m brilliant. If so, maybe it’s my genes from Kings David and Solomon the wise. I read my Bible everyday, too–I think that helps a lot.

Vladimir and I both think the Jesuits are the scum of the earth and regard them as the feces and garbage of the planet.

XXX1/2–G.S. (11-11-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (11-11-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (11-11-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (11-11-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 11-11-04
Place: Melbourne, FL