Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (11-10-2004)

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11-10-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir has informed me that the Scott Peterson case in California is really getting out of hand and he feels the Jesuits are trying to frame him for this. Vladimir and I have reason to believe that the Jesuits are attempting to tie-in Vladimir with this Scott Peterson case. Perhaps they plan to use illegal 666-Computer technology to cause Vladimir to make me pregnant, if he and I ever get together. And then they’ll murder me and try to frame it on Vladimir.

We believe that Scott Peterson was used as an UNWILLING AGENT to (directly or indirectly) murder his wife. We believe that the 666-Computer was used to murder Laci, but that Scott Peterson may have been used as an UNWILLING AGENT to dump her body in the bay. If this is true, then Scott Peterson should not get the death penalty, but should be kept in jail (since he is still a dangerous UNWILLING AGENT). The outcome of this case could end up affecting the relationship between Vladimir and myself and we feel this was the Jesuits’ intent. For this case to have justice, the Jesuits’ involvement in Laci’s death and in using Scott as an UNWILLING AGENT must be exposed and the main criminals (the Jesuits) in this case need to be prosecuted (along with Scott Peterson). It is our belief that those Jesuits who willingly and knowingly killed Laci Peterson and her son (using illegal 666-Computer technology) should be executed instead of Scott Peterson (who was not a willing and knowing murderer–but was used as an UNWILLING AGENT).

Therefore, the Scott Peterson case will be taken over by the International government and it will be retried on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS. Since Lis Wiehl knows a lot about this case and since she is prosecuting other cases for Vladimir and myself against the Jesuit Order, we may use her as one of the attorneys for the International government’s case against the Jesuit Order.

No UNWILLING AGENT attorneys, judges or jury members can be on this case and all VOTER JURORS and attorneys and judges involved in this case must know CONSPIRACY LAW. This is because CONSPIRACY LAW deals with the Jesuit Order and the Jesuits will be on the stand for the murder of Laci and her unborn son, and they will be tried for the murder of Laci Peterson and her unborn son.

The verdict for the Scott Peterson murder case will be decided by VOTER JURORS (from all over the world). The reason for this, is because the outcome of this case could have the wrong international repercussions, especially if an unjust verdict comes in which executes the wrong killer (or completely misses the killer –and we believe the killer of Laci is the Jesuit Order) and which does not present as evidence the Jesuit involvement in Laci’s death.

The Jesuits definitely need to be implicated in this Scott Peterson case, since they orchestrated this murder and brought this case it into the limelight, and they did this in order to destroy the relationship between Vladimir and Gail. This motive needs to be exposed and brought into the case.

Since they have already replaced two jurors in this case, and are revamping this case, it may as well be presented all over again (with the new evidence which shows the Jesuit involvement in this case). So this case will be decided by VOTER JURORs from all over the world, who will be chosen according to the guidelines of Sect. 31 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT.

I’ve heard on the news, that the present jurors are not allowed to go on the internet. Well, that will change, once we get VOTER JURORS involved, because VOTER JURORS will need to go to the internet to view the case on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS. However, the jurors cannot talk to each other about the case, because pressure may be placed on jurors (by other jurors) to vote one way or another. The VOTER JURORS just need to pass the test to show that they have watched all the evidence and proceedings and are knowledgeable about (and have not been influenced or pressured by another to vote one way or another)–see Sect. 31 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT.

We don’t mind jurors doing their own research (as long as all the information they obtained for the research comes from the evidence presented on IBN). VOTER JURORS must meet all qualifications of VOTER JURORS (as outlined in Sect. 31 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERMENT).

The Scott Peterson case will be set up differently than it is currently set up now. The case, as presented on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS will have the Jesuit Order as the defendant and the International government as the prosecutor. The alleged crime: A murder conspiracy (which involves the murder of Laci and her unborn son) in order to prevent and/or destroy the marriage of Vladimir Putin to Gail Schuler.

So, you see, this case has international repercussions and must be decided by VOTER JURORS from all over the world. This case could end up being decided by thousands of VOTER JURORS. These VOTER JURORS will have to be familiar with all the evidence and must watch all the proceedings of the case on IBN. We will not ban the VOTER JURORS from watching other media coverage of the case, since the evidence they will see on IBN will straighten out any confusion, and the VOTER JURORS should be able to ascertain which media outlets are reporting this case truthfully or not.

As long as the VOTER JURORS meet the qualifications for VOTER JURORS (as outlined in Sect. 31 of CL&G) they can participate as jurors in this case.

You may say what about the jurors currently on the case? We can keep them for stage purposes (or to keep up appearances), but only those who meet all the qualifications of a VOTER JUROR will have their votes count in the final jury verdict. However, they can’t talk to each other, like they are doing now, because this violates Sect. 31 of CL&G. Their influence will probably be minimal, since they will only comprise about 1% of the jury. So, it might be best not to talk about them too much. We might get rid of all of them, since, it appears, according to Sect. 31 of CL&G, they are all disqualified. We’ll take each one of them on a person by person basis. Since the case is starting over, we might be able to keep some or all of them, as long as they meet the qualifications outlined in Sect. 31 of CL&G. BUT UNDER THE GUIDELINES OF SECT. 31, they cannot talk to each other or communicate about the case to each other. So, once the new case begins its presentation, these new jurors (the VOTER JURORS) cannot communicate with each other about this case. The conclusions they draw, must be completely their own. The verdict will be determined by VOTE from a large pool of VOTER JURORS from all over the world.

So, the Scott Peterson case will be retried with new jurors (VOTER JURORS) and new evidence and a new defendant (the Jesuit Order) and a new prosecutor (the International government).

You might say, how will we present the verdict, if the verdict is that the Jesuits are guilty of Laci’s murder–on the mainstream news? This is easy. Just say Scott Peterson was convicted of 2nd degree murder and that he needs to be kept in prison (because the murder was not committed with deliberate intent, but was committed by a insane man), therefore, he won’t get the death penalty, but will be treated for serious mental illness in prison (which is true).

We will present evidence that Scott Peterson is a dangerous mentally ill person who murdered Laci “by accident” or unintentionally as an UNWILLING AGENT and then tried to cover it up, and that he’s too reckless and mentally incompetent and dangerous to be allowed to roam loose (so he must stay in jail). While he’s in jail, we will try to wrest from the Jesuits their ability to control Scott as an UNWILLING AGENT. When he is not an UNWILLING AGENT (and he stays free from UNWILLING AGENT control for at least 2 years), he may go free.

We will publicly execute those Jesuits who willingly and knowingly killed Laci (and her unborn son) on IBN.

I have been informed by a maintenance worker for my apartment complex, that my apartment complex has sued BrightHouse networks (the local cable provider) and asked them to pay the costs to revamp the cable television set up for my apartment complex.

The way the cable is set up, all my next door neighbor has to do is turn off his power or unplug something that is plugged into one of his/her outlets and I lose my cable. My cable service is dependent on the behavior of my neighbor. I don’t like this and apparently what it costs to fix this problem would be about $200,000 or more. That’s why the apartment complex is suing BrightHouse networks to fix this problem, since they claim that BrightHouse is the one who set up this current cable system in this apartment complex and that BrightHouse needs to fix it. BrightHouse claims that it’s the apartment complex’s fault and the apartment complex needs to foot the bill.

Vladimir does not want to get involved in this, because it would strengthen the Jesuits’ case that he and FOX News and the cable networks are in a conspiracy against the Jesuits. He doesn’t want to create the impression that he is that obsessed over cable television.

However, I propose a possible solution.

Vladimir, ask Pope John Paul II if he would be willing to spend $200,000 (or whatever the amount needed to fix the cable problem in this apartment complex). The Pope could donate this money to the apartment complex or to BrightHouse and hire the workers needed to fix the problem. And then the lawsuit will be over and the work to reform the cable system in this apartment will begin. Pope John Paul II can make an announcement on IBN that he will donate the money needed to fix Gail’s cable problem in her apartment complex and that he will also pay the expense for all the workers who do the work.

This way if the Jesuits want to claim there’s a conspiracy involving cable, they will have to blame the POPE! I don’t think they want to do this– and then I’ll have problem-free cable (hopefully).

I think Vladimir wants to give me another car, but is afraid if he does, that the Jesuits will do something to the car and blow it up or poison it or something and blame it on Vladimir. I have a possible solution, so that Vladimir can safely give me another car.

Have my new car rigged, so that if any dangerous tampering or activity takes place in or around the car, that an alarm will go off, which will warn me (or the police) that the car (or area around the car) is dangerous and that I need to stay away from the car (or its vicinity) until the alarm turns off.

The alarm system will be tested every day (several times) to insure that it is in working order. If I approach the car when the alarm goes off, police may be waiting near the car (or its vicinity) to escort me and others away from it, in order to prevent a bombing or explosion or to deactivate a bomb.

This alarm may be a silent alarm (which the satellite practitioners who watch over my car would set) and that only the police will hear. We will hire people (probably satellite practitioners) to watch my car 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will periodically test the alarm system to insure that it is working (probably every hour or so). When they are testing the alarm they will warn the police, that it is only a test, so that the police will know if they need to respond to the alarm. If it is not a test, they will tell the police that it is not a test. Satellite practitioners are ideal persons to do the screening and surveillance, since they can use genetic detectors (via satellite technology) to detect the presence of explosives or suspicious materials around or near the car, including any airplanes that fly above the car or anything that approaches the vicinity of the car.

It will be the job of the satellite practitioners who conduct 24 hour surveillance on my car, to immediately set the alarm if there are any suspicious behavior or substances which occurs around (or near the vicinity of) this car (even when I’m driving the car) and if they notice any suspicious behavior or substances, they will set off the alarm (which will alert police to immediately come and investigate the car and/or its area). Or if the car appears to have been tampered in any manner to make it dangerous to enter or to drive, then the alarm will be set off.

The alarm system will be set up, so that MILITARY POLICE will immediately respond to the alarm and will investigate the car and try to deactivate any bombs or any other dangerous devices, chemicals, etc. on (or near) the car and will keep people away from the car when it is perceived to be dangerous.

Let’s say I’m driving and a pedestrian walks by my car at a red light and has suspicious materials on his person. Maybe this person has explosives on their person. The satellite practitioners would sound an alarm and the MILITARY POLICE would come immediately to the area and apprehend that person and remove that person and/or his/her explosives from the area to a safer place. The advantage of using satellite technology to screen is that it can screen for suspicious materials inside the intestines or the stomach or underneath a bra or in places that are not obvious.

To test and see if this works, use this on the Israelis, since they are often targets of car and bus bombs. This will be the real test. If this was tested just one or two weeks in Israel, that should determine if this alarm is an effective deterrent (and preventive measure) to prevent vehicle bombs, suicide bombers and vehicle tampering to harm people.

Use this system on Israeli buses, transportation and vehicles.

It could also be used to keep a continual surveillance around highly targeted people to constantly survey their surroundings for suspicious activities or substances and then the satellite practitioners who do this surveillance could sound an alarm at the MILITARY POLICE STATION and they’d respond immediately to the dangerous situation.

If this works, then use it on my car and I’ll have a free car. I really need my own transportation. Eventually, we could use this system on all people that are deemed to be targets of Jesuit terrorists.

We’ll test this on Israel first and if it works, I’ll write it into my CONSPIRACY LAW document and we’ll create a SATELLITE SCREENERS CORPS (who will operate as described in this statement). Their job will be to protect highly targeted persons. If this works in Israel, it will work anywhere. Because Israel has the most serious problem in this area.

The Israelis are really good at this. So if it works in Israel, then we will use Israeli satellite practitioners to watch over me and my car and they will inform the MILITARY POLICE (via alarm) when something suspicious occurs. I really need a car, Vladimir.

What if I get sick and need a prescription? How do I get to the drug store and the doctor? I can’t afford to pay for taxis all the time. Besides, I hear that some taxi drivers are criminals.

Time is 11:20 p.m. and I’ve just heard about the passing of Yasser Arafat. Vladimir requested that I make a statement about Yasser Arafat’s death. Here is my statement:

As a born again Christian I could never support the policies of Yasser Arafat, since he supported all those who tried to eradicate every Jew off the planet. The Bible teaches us to support the Jewish race. I’m sure he watched our INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS and heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. I only hope that he came to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. But judging by his behavior and attitudes, I doubt it. So his death is a real tragedy because his soul is now in torment and his life was a tragedy because he never brought justice to his Palestinian people. He was their greatest traitor, because he was more concerned about killing Jews than in helping his own people. I only hope that the next leader who replaces him, will have more concern for justice, not only for the Jews, but for the Palestinian people, who were used as pawns and martyrs by Arafat and the Jesuit Order, in order to support the total liquidation of the Jewish race. The poor Palestinian people received no justice under Arafat, who could have given them the money and means to release them from their poverty and misery, but chose instead, to keep them poor and helpless and miserable, so they could be used as political pawns to destroy Israel. Arafat was more concerned about his political agenda (to eliminate the Jews in Israel) than with the suffering of the Palestinians. Instead, Arafat (like the Jesuits he worked for) preferred to keep the Palestinians poor and helpless and weak, to use them as political bargaining tools, as Jesuit-created “martyrs” to realize his goal (and the goal of the Jesuits)–which is the destruction of the Jewish race. May the next Palestinian leader have more concern for his people and stop using the Palestinians as martyrs and pawns as an excuse destroy Israel. If the Jesuits and people like Arafat are truly concerned about justice for their people, then why don’t they give of their vast riches to the Palestinians, to train them for useful occupations and to release them from their cycle of poverty? The answer: they don’t want to, because they are more interested in killing Jews than in losing their Palestinian “martyrs”. They need Palestinians to remain poor and suffering, so they can always have an excuse to kill Jews. The Jesuits realize that there is a greater chance to destroy Israel, if poor and suffering Palestinians can be used as political bargaining chips– if these poor and suffering Palestinians can be used as an excuse to kill every Jew in Israel and to assist the Jesuits to turn over Jerusalem to a Jesuit Pope. May God have mercy on the soul of Yasser Arafat and may the next Palestinian leader have more of a concern for justice and mercy for his own people than did Arafat. May the next leader not be like Arafat, who was a Jesuit pawn to destroy the Palestinians and Israel, in order to assist the Jesuits in their goal to set up a Jesuit Pope over Jerusalem.

XXX1/2–G.S. (11-10-04)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 11-10-04
Place: Melbourne, FL