Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (11-8-2004)

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11-8-04 Bemerkungen über 1-12-02 Tatbestand

The Jesuits keep using UNWILLING AGENTS to turn off the cable to my apartment. I haven’t had cable for several days. This is like the 6th or 7th time that I have not had cable to my apartment because of work that’s being done next door, since I’ve been here. This is a violation of my laws and needs to be investigated and dealt with by the MILITARY POLICE. The Jesuits are trying to create a conspiracy which revolves around my cable, probably because Vladimir and I use Lis Wiehl of FOX News as our attorney.

This matter is not being dealt with by the MILITARY POLICE. Have the MILITARY POLICE get on this and starting enforcing CONSPIRACY LAW! If this apartment manager is an UNWILLING AGENT, she needs to be relieved of her duties and another must take her place. If this maintenance worker is an UNWILLING AGENT, then he/she should not be working next door to my apartment. These are violations of CONSPIRACY LAW and the law needs to be enforced or the Jesuits will treat my laws like a big joke and we are going to have serious problems. See Sect. 48.0 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT.

I just called the apartment manager and she got my messages (she told me) and apparently she has not contacted the maintenance worker (who I can hear working next door) to turn on my cable.

The reason I won’t go next door is because I sense the Jesuits want me to go next door and bug this worker, because they’re up to something. Maybe they want to create a romantic/murder conspiracy which might revolve around this maintenance worker. I’m not going to help them further any romantic/murder conspiracy, so I will not go next door and talk to this person. I sense I’m being set up. Investigate this matter and enforce my laws to the letter! Use 666-Computer analysis to determine motive and mete out the death penalty to any willing and knowing violations of CONSPIRACY LAW.

I sense we have a death penalty violation of CONSPIRACY LAW in this cable matter, and that if we examine motive with 666-Computer analysis, we will be able to prosecute this matter and mete out the death penalty. I think the Jesuits are UP TO MURDER. I’m not going to help them out. They want to create some sort of murder/FOX News cable conspiracy. Some IMPOSED PERSONS and/or Jesuits need to be executed in this matter and why are UNWILLING AGENTS violating Sect. 48.0 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT? GET ON THIS.

It’s pretty obvious to me that whoever is working next door is an UNWILLING AGENT. This is a brazen violation of CONSPIRACY LAW. Vladimir, you need to make sure this law (Sect. 48.0 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT) is enforced or the Jesuits could be successful in framing you with my murder. Get the MILITARY POLICE on this immediately.

But I would like to have my cable, so I can watch FOX News and keep up with what’s going on. It helps me to write law.

Time is 10:10 a.m. and my cable just turned on. Thank you. Now, let’s make sure there are no UNWILLING AGENTS doing maintenance work to this apartment or acting as apartment managers to this apartment, and make sure to prosecute the violations which have already occurred. Vladimir, you need to send a strong message that you do not condone violations of Sect. 48.0 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT or you could be dealing with a murder conspiracy, in which you and/or FOX News will be framed. It may not be my murder (though this is probably the Jesuits’ ultimate goal with this cable matter), but it is probably somebody’s murder! We know the Jesuits are killers and they would love to frame you with their murders. Make sure to prosecute this matter to the fullest and mete out the death penalty for death penalty violations of CONSPIRACY LAW.

Show this cable case on IBN and let the world see what you think about those who try to frame you with my murder. Mete out public executions on IBN to violators of Sect. 48.0 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT.

Time is 1:30 p..m. on 11-8-04 and my 1999 Plymouth Voyager was towed about an hour ago, by an unidentified tow truck and the man who towed my car was the same man who came to get my car back in 2003. I assume it’s the same towing company. There was no identification on the towing truck. Back in Jan. 2003, my mother was with me and she paid up the car payments until they were current and we sent them express, so that prevented my car from being towed.

I don’t have my car now and I don’t have a way to go to work. I called the police while the man was towing my car and a police officer showed up and said that there was nothing he could do, that this was a civil matter and so the tower went off with my car and opened my front hood and did something to my engine so he could tow my car, since there was a hook on the steering wheel. I hope he didn’t damage the car. I received no notice that my car would be towed and was told that they couldn’t give me a notice, because I am under bankruptcy protection. I never heard this before. The guy just showed up and took my car without giving me any information. This guy said the car was being repossessed and that I could not get the car. He wouldn’t give me his name, phone number or the name of his towing company. All he said was that my vehicle was being repossessed because the payments were not current. His towing vehicle had no identification, except a phone number on a flap in front of a tire, which I read out loud to the police on my cell phone.

When I called Chrysler Financial at 1-800-561-5805, I spoke with someone who identified herself as Miss Pearson at Ext. 7024. I asked her to have Chrysler Financial send me something in writing that states my car is not paid off, because I told her that I believed that my car had been paid off by Vladimir Putin and I wanted something in writing as proof to myself that my car had not been paid off, and then I would make car payments. I asked her to have this statement state that Vladimir Putin had not paid off my car. She said I would be getting something in the mail that would state that my car has not been paid off, but that they couldn’t make a statement that Vladimir Putin had not paid off my car.

She also told me that I could not have my car back unless the total pay off for the car was received all at once for the whole amount of about $2,000.00, and that there was no way I would get my car back in time for work tomorrow, and that she couldn’t tell me how much the pay off was right now on the phone, but that it was estimated to be about $2,065.34.

She told me to call the Russian President and have him call her at 1-800-561-5805, ext. 7024 to state that my car had been paid off and to deal with the matter.

I then called the Russian Embassy (which is the only number I have for Vladimir) at (202) 232-6020 and spoke with someone who sounded like they had a strong Russian accent. I thought we had Germans at the Russian embassy. I asked this man to contact Vladimir Putin and tell him to take care of my car. I left him my name and phone number. The man wasn’t rude, but acted like I was a mental case and eventually hung up on me. So I gave up on this method of contacting Vladimir.

I then called the bus service to see if I could take a bus to go to work. The bus schedule is very bad and only runs during the day time and I would have to take 3 buses to get to work from here. So, it appears taking the bus will not work.

Vladimir, I need EVIDENCE that this car has been paid off–in the form of a title or something. And now these criminals at Chrysler Financial will not work with me unless I give them something like $2,100 all at once. They said they wouldn’t work with monthly payments!

I have no way to get to work. I’m not going to call my UNWILLING AGENT mother because this will strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir.

So, I don’t have a car and now I don’t have a way to get to work. Some of my favorite music tapes were in the car, and the guy who towed my car, has all my favorite tapes. The towing occurred when I was outside talking with the maintenance man (because the maintenance man kept unplugging the power to my cable). It’s obvious that the Jesuits are trying to tie in this towing with the lack of cable service to my apartment. Also, when I came to this computer to type a report about this matter, my power went off and I had to restart my computer later.

Time is 11-8-04 and Vladimir informs me (via 666-Computer) that he may let Chrysler keep the Plymouth Voyager. I have to admit I’m a little skeptical over how Vladimir is going to give me another car, since he can’t even call me on my phone or knock on my door. He’s worried about IMPOSTERS.

Vladimir, they have my other King James Bible. I left it in the car. It’s a real old Bible that I have worn out. And they have about 30 of my cassette tapes (Russian and German language tapes), Christian music, and other Russian and German music that I love. They have my car insurance information and vehicle registration. The towing guy just came in like a blitzkrieg and took my car.

If you really do manage to get me another car, get me one that’s not a gas guzzler and that is easy to drive and maneuver. That Plymouth Voyager was easy to drive and spared me from many an accident. The car needs to be big enough, so that if I get in a car accident, I have a chance to survive. The Jesuits are always trying to kill me (via vehicular homicide). With my present salary, I can’t afford car payments. Above all, I want to be with you and with my son. Is there any way we can communicate directly? It’s very difficult to handle emergencies, when I have no means to contact you (except through the 666-Computer) and these statements. The Russian embassy number is no good. I can never get you through this number.

Vladimir is sick of Chrysler and wants nothing to do with them. I understand. He says that the Chrysler CEO is now an UNWILLING AGENT and that’s why my car was taken today. The towing guy took my car with a FULL TANK OF GAS. I JUST FILLED IT UP WITH VERY EXPENSIVE GASOLINE. I THINK THE JESUITS TIMED IT THIS WAY ON PURPOSE.

Vladimir’s not sure what will happen to the leadership at Chrysler, but he doesn’t trust them at all anymore. He says he’ll let them keep my car and he’s going to get me another car. Don’t forget about car insurance. I’ve already paid car insurance this month and the car needs to be registered (that’s more money).

If you get me another car, that’s fine, Vladimir. But I HAVE NO CAR, and I’ll believe I have another car, WHEN I HAVE IT. If you give me the car, give me the title or some evidence that it is not stolen or that it’s your car and I have permission to drive it or I may end up getting in more trouble. If we are going to dump Chrysler, please get me some affordable and reliable and safe transportation VERY SOON and I mean, soon–my expenses are adding up like a blitzkrieg. I’ve had a lot of unexpected expenses this month. The car also needs to have bugs (taping and video bugs) on it, so that you will have evidence if the Jesuits try to do something to the car or to me.

I had a recent doctor visit for an infected eyelid (because the Jesuits infected my eye), and I have to see the dentist to have a cavity filled (because the Jesuits gave me a cavity). HOW WILL I PAY RENT NEXT MONTH? HOW WILL I PAY MY ELECTRIC BILL? THE LAST ONE WAS $88. MY EXPENSES ARE GREATER THAN MY INCOME. RIGHT NOW I’M PAYING $75 for transportation to WORK IN THE COMING WEEK.

I’m sick of Chrysler, too. Sue their butts off and add them to the case we have against Starbridge and the Family Practice Residency Program. Put them in jail and prosecute them to the fullest.

Above all, I don’t want to have to go back to my UNWILLING AGENT mother. All she does is insult you and God all day long and claims that you are a KJB thug and that God or you will do nothing for me, but that I have to do it all MYSELF. Living with her is like living with Adolph Hitler. All she is, is a Jesuit roaming around in my mother’s body. She constantly screams at me and I never have peace and quiet when I’m with her and is always after me like a pitt bull over everything. Typical Jesuit. As far as I’m concerned, the Jesuits have killed my mother. All we have is her body. They have totally taken over her brain.


Ask the world to pray for us and to give you wisdom about how to handle this. Put the prayer request on the IBN prayer channel. We need wisdom from God about how to handle this towing incident and all the other “incidents” and how to handle my financial situation in the coming month.

Vladimir, if I am forced to go back to my “mother”, the Jesuits will use her to force me to see a psychiatrist (or to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital) and they may put me on medicines and mess up my brain. If it would be a death knell to our relationship, if I am forced to go back to my mother.

YOU HAVE GOT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT MY TRANSPORTATION AND MY FINANCES VERY SOON. This is an emergency to our relationship. I’m afraid you are going to have to go out on a limb and take some chances, if you want to save our relationship and if you want to save our war against terrorism. If the Jesuits get me and destroy me (by messing with my brain with psychiatric medications), this will be a serious loss to our side and we may LOSE THE WAR. You must not let them do this to me. The Jesuits are trying to use my mother, so they can destroy me and destroy our relationship. They know if they destroy me, it would be like knocking out a General Patton. They want to turn me into an UNWILLING AGENT. They may succeed, if they can extort me into going to a psychiatric hospital. VLADIMIR, THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. YOU MUST ACT decisively and quickly–before my finances become too desperate, so that I have to go back to my mother. I MUST NOT GO BACK TO MY “MOTHER”.

Nov. 9, 2004

I have been up a lot of the night because of what I feel is a stomach virus. I had these symptoms before my car was towed, but they were mild and I thought maybe I was suffering from antibiotic diarrhea. I do recall that when I worked at Wal-Mart two days ago, that a child threw up and the parent collected the vomit on a napkin and threw it in the open garbage can in the bathroom (while I was in the bathroom). I heard the parent say, “He just threw up.” It was a baby, I believe. The baby was crying horribly. I think that kid had a stomach virus, and because the parent threw that kid’s vomit onto a soiled napkin into the open garage container–it spread the germs throughout the bathroom (via the air).

Vladimir needs to firmly establish his innocence regarding my towed car and this “vomit” incidence, since both have affected me. He (along with the Jesuits) need to be asked if they knew this would happen and, if so, would they have prevented this from happening if they could. Go through my typical cross-examination questions regarding the towed car and the virus I suffer from now.

In the meanwhile, I covet the prayers of Bible believing Christians for Vladimir and myself, since we are both under intense attack by the Jesuits. They are attacking my health (infected eyelids, stomach virus) and my finances (towed car). I feel as though I am hit with a blitzkrieg of problems. I feel I am attacked because the Jesuits feel threatened by my brilliant legislation (see my new health care plan) and they are worried that I could possibly end up being a Russian President. In fact, ask them under cross-examination if this is true. This should help to establish Vladimir’s innocence. Ask Vladimir if he feels threatened by my legislation or by the fact that I could end up being a President. Vladimir’s innocence needs to be firmly established, or else we will encourage the Jesuits to continue their mischief and troublemaking, since they are obviously trying to frame Vladimir with their orchestrations–where they desire to harm me, but try to make it appear that it is Vladimir who desires to harm me. Mete out the death penalty on IBN to violators of CONSPIRACY LAW. Why are contagious people coming into Wal-Mart? MY LAWS ARE NOT BEING ENFORCED! And why do we have open garbage containers at Wal-Mart’s bathrooms? This is an OPEN INVITATION TO THE JESUITS. The Jesuits are going to town with UNWILLING AGENTS. This is also a violation of my laws. There is a closed garbage container there, but I’ve noticed that it’s lid is always facing away from the people and is facing toward the wall. This is strange. It’s possible that if this lady had thrown this soiled napkin into a close garbage container, that I would not be sick right now.

I’m not terribly sick, but because I have no car, if I get worse, I’m stuck in the store (no matter how I feel)–so this will probably force me to stay home today.

I have a suggestion for Wal-Mart. Why don’t they start a shuttle service for their employees? Maybe have a van run every hour or hour and a half. This van could take them home, and pick them up and take them to work. Make sure the van is well ventilated, so that if anyone is sick, they can’t easily spread their germs. The Jesuits love to make me sick. The employees could pay a couple bucks or less (one-way) to ride the van. This way the employees could “carpool”. I have been at Wal-Mart several times and have had several employees ask me for a lift. This is a real problem for some of the people that work at Wal-Mart. Since Wal-Mart hires around 500 people, this may be a workable solution for many Wal-Mart employees.

In the meanwhile, I must go to sleep.

My only ambition is to live in peace and quiet. I wish I didn’t have to write legislation or be a President or help a President in his job. I only do these things, because if I don’t, the world would be a horrible place to live. We cannot allow these Jesuits to prosper.

I just made some phone calls to Chrysler Financial and one to the company that repossessed my car. I was given the name of this company (American Asset Co.) by the Chrysler Financial representative. They told me that the phone number of the company that repossessed my car is (321) 726-6767. I want everything I said on these phone calls and the way Chrysler Financial and American Asset Co. responded to my calls broadcast on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS in primetime news.

You can play back these recordings verbatim on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS.

Vladimir and I will give the Chrysler company some of the worst press they will receive in years. I want this case to be headline news on our broadcast and we will expose what Chrysler has done and how they have refused to acknowledge payment from Vladimir for the pay off for my 1999 Plymouth Voyager and how they illegally repossessed my car. Show video footage of the guy who repossessed my car and how he did it. I’m sure it was on camera. He probably ruined my tires and messed up my engine. I want all this footage shown on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS. Let the world see how crass and low the Chrysler organization is.

Our goal is to make Chrysler have to file for bankruptcy. We will encourage anyone who has bought a vehicle from Chrysler to turn their car in and we will replace the vehicle with another equivalent or better vehicle (that is not a Chrysler vehicle). If a Chrysler customer has a payment arrangement with Chrysler we will tell them that if they stop payments on their car and give their car back to Chrysler, that we will give them another equivalent vehicle (not a Chrysler vehicle) for free. The proceeds for this will come from the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK and Pope John Paul II will assist us in this effort.

Those celebrities and others who sympathize with our plight are welcome to donate money or non-Chrysler cars to this effort, and they will be noted on our IBN broadcast and we will award them with a medal of valor in the war against Jesuit terrorism.

We encourage the people of Russia and Germany and all nations of the International government to ban Chrysler vehicles from Russia and Germany or from their country. We will allow no imports of any Chrysler products into Russia or Germany. Any other country that cooperates with us, will also ban imports of Chrysler products into their country. We anticipate great outrage over how Chrysler handled Vladimir and Gail, since both Vladimir and Gail are highly popular all over the world (not just in Russia), and Chrysler will pay dearly for what they did to Vladimir and Gail.

However, we do not expect Chrysler to give Gail back her car, because the Jesuits have control of Chrysler and the Jesuits don’t give a flip about Chrysler (or anyone who works there)–all they care about is to win their war against Vladimir and Gail, so the Jesuits will allow Chrysler to be destroyed because they feel this is necessary to beat Vladimir and Gail. Therefore, Gail will not be getting her car back, unless she agrees to the Jesuits’ terms, which she will never do, unless it’s over her dead body or unless they manage to control her brain illegally. The Jesuits’ terms are that she must make the $2,000 pay off to Chrysler for the car which Vladimir already fully paid off for Gail. Gail realizes that to pay Chrysler $2,000 for her car’s pay off, would be the same as admitting that Vladimir did not pay off her car and that to pay Chrysler this $2,000, is also the same as admitting that Vladimir is behind all the financial terrorism which Gail has suffered from the Jesuits, so Gail won’t pay Chrysler the $2,000 which they claim she owes them. She’ll let Chrysler keep her car, rather than betray Vladimir.

The Jesuits will let Chrysler Co. be destroyed rather than admit that Vladimir really did make the pay off for Gail’s car, and so Gail will not be getting back her car. And Vladimir does not want to deal with Chrysler anymore, so that’s another reason Gail will not get back her Chrysler vehicle. The Jesuits are in a war against us and they are willing to have Chrysler be destroyed, rather than to admit that Vladimir made the pay off for Gail’s car, because if they ever admit that Vladimir really did make the pay off for Gail’s car, so that it was not necessary for her to make car payments to Chrysler, THE JESUITS LOSE THEIR WAR AGAINST US AND THEY KNOW IT. Nevertheless, though our enemy is the Jesuit Order, and not Chrysler, it is necessary for Vladimir to make a firm statement that he did not in any way support the repossession of Gail’s car, so we must take a firm and strong stand against Chrysler–and that is what we are doing. We will show no mercy to any Jesuit sympathizers.

As of this 9th day of November, 2004, all Chrysler vehicles are banned from Russia and Germany and they cannot be imported into Russia and Germany. Those who currently own Chrysler vehicles can keep their vehicles, but no new Chrysler vehicles will be allowed for import into Russia and Germany.

IBN will air a special documentary about how Chrysler sabotaged Vladimir Putin and Gail Schuler and how Chrysler supports the Jesuit Order. We will encourage the people of every country not to buy any Chrysler products, in order to protest Chrysler’s outrageous behavior against the Vice President and President of Russia, Gail Schuler and Vladimir Putin.

We will broadcast a notice on our network (in prime time) that Chrysler assists terrorists and that this company has no right to exist and that we desire to cause the downfall and bankruptcy of the Chrysler terrorist organization, because Chrysler has betrayed and tricked Vladimir Putin and Gail Schuler (in order to assist the Jesuits) and has brought great distress in Vladimir and Gail’s lives by their continual refusal to acknowledge that Vladimir has made the pay off for Gail’s car (and that she owes Chrysler no money) and because Chrysler illegally and suddenly (without notice) repossessed her car and left her in a bind (where she has no means to get to work now, except by taxi or carpool or bus).

Pope John Paul II will make a statement on IBN in which he applauds our efforts and encourages people all over the world to ban Chrysler products and that the Roman Catholic Church will provide financial assistance to those who want to turn in their Chrysler vehicles and replace them with other vehicles from other companies besides Chrysler.

We are going to allow Chrysler to do all kinds of repossession, since they like it so much. We will encourage people to stop payments on their Chrysler vehicles and to give their Chrysler vehicles back to Chrysler we will give them an equivalent non-Chrysler vehicle for free.

Because my car was repossessed suddenly, and Vladimir did not know this would happen, Gail has been left in quite a bind. Vladimir had no time to prepare for this. They pulled the rug out from under him (suddenly, like a Nazi blitzkrieg) and Vladimir and I are furious with Chrysler and our goal is to cause the bankruptcy of Chrysler and we will give them hell and all the bad press they deserve. Chrysler had the audacity to claim that because Gail was granted bankruptcy in 2002, that is why they could not give her any notice (when they suddenly and without giving Gail any notice) repossessed her car.

They went off with her Bible and her Christian tapes and German and Russian tapes, since these were in her car and she did not have time to claim them.

Our response to this audacity, is to do everything in our power to cause Chrysler to have to file for bankruptcy, since they Chrysler (and the Jesuits) like to draw attention to Gail’s bankruptcy so much!

Time is about 2 p.m. I just received a call from the American Asset Co. In which the man told me that I was the one who accused him of being a crook and a thief.

I said, “That’s what you are.”

He said, “I’ll make it worse for you. If you want your stuff you will have to present I.D. and pay $50.”

I said, “That’s just what I expected from you.”

He then hung up.

I want that man arrested and put in jail for at least a week. Investigate him and found out if he is a JESUIT. If so, HE’S DEAD. All aspects of this case (including the jailing of this man and the fining of American Asset Co. and Chrysler will be broadcast on IBN, since this is a public case).

That man who called me or the man who took my car (if either one is a JESUIT) will be publicly executed with death by hanging with buzzards. First, we will prove that the man was, indeed, a Jesuit, and once we have presented the evidence for this on IBN, then the man will be executed publicly with death by hanging with buzzards.

Vladimir needs to make a firm statement that he had nothing to do with this repossession of my car, or else the Jesuits could end up framing him with my murder. This brazen action against myself and my car by the Jesuits must be dealt with firmly, swiftly and CONSPIRACY LAW needs to be enforced to the letter. This is what happens to all people who commit death penalty violations of CONSPIRACY LAW against Gail Schuler.

If my car or belongings will be returned to me (which I doubt), he and American Asset Co. will be fined for all damage he made to my car and for the cost of my tapes and Bible and raincoats and will have to make restitution by paying for the damage he made to my car and he or American Asset Co. must fix all the damage he made–OR, if my car will not be returned to me, then he must pay me the equivalent of the damage which I suffered because of his repossession of my car. After we receive the restitution, then those who are willing and knowing Jesuit conspirators in this matter will be publicly executed with death by hanging with buzzards.

These criminals must pay restitution for expenses I was forced to pay for taxis, gasoline, carpooling, etc. because they took my car illegally. If he and/or American Asset Co. refuses to do this, he and all co-conspirators with him at American Asset Co. and at Chrysler Financial will be placed in jail for at least 10 years as a terrorist (unless they are executed because we have firm evidence that these crooks are JESUITS).

Vladimir will eventually get this money back to me.

And if this man makes anymore harassing phone calls to me or contacts me in any manner (directly or indirectly), inform him that he will get the IMMEDIATE death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR. If this man is an UNWILLING AGENT, then the IMPOSED PERSON(s) who controlled him will be fined instead of the man. However, this man should still be placed in jail because I perceive that he could be a dangerous UNWILLING AGENT and he will be kept under strict surveillance. I want to deal with someone else besides this man, who comes across to me as a real shady character. I don’t feel comfortable dealing with this man, who I perceive to be Jesuit criminal and killer.

XXX1/2–G.S. (11-8-04), (11-8-04 updates on 11-9-04).

AAAAAAA–G.S. (11-8-04), (11-8-04 updates on 11-9-04).
BBBBBBB–G.S. (11-8-04), (11-8-04 updates on 11-9-04).
CCCCCCC–G.S. (11-8-04), (11-8-04 updates on 11-9-04).

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 11-8-04 , (11-8-04 updates on 11-9-04).
Place: Melbourne, FL