Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (11-14-2004)

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11-14-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir is recuperating from his operation and every bit of strength he has, he is talking to me and trying to assist me. He is very pleased with the work Dr. Ruckman is doing as Russian President and wants Dr. Ruckman to continue while he regains his strength. In fact, he says he wants to watch Dr. Ruckman because he feels he can learn much from this man, and what he learns from Dr. Ruckman may help him to do better as Russian President. He says Ruckman is doing a brilliant job and Vladimir wants to observe him and get some good pointers before resuming his role again as Russian President.

Vladimir’s exact quote to me about the job Dr. Ruckman is doing as Russian President: “This guy is GOOD.” Vladimir is so impressed that he does not want to take up his role as Russian President right away, he wants to sit back and learn from Dr. Ruckman.

The reason I picked Dr. Ruckman is because as a result of my observations, I have determined that Dr. Ruckman knows more about world affairs and what’s really going on in the world than just about anyone else I’ve encountered. Dr. Ruckman, I believe, also has genius intelligence. I have read his analysis of the jobs of Presidents, Prime Ministers and others and he came up with very insightful and brilliant analyses as well as correct ways to deal with political problems and I felt he accurately critiqued what these Presidents were doing wrong and how they could do a better job for their country and the world. I was so impressed with his critique, that I concluded that if his admonitions were heeded, that great progress would be made to improve military, economic and governmental situations throughout the world. This man reads a book a day and is thoroughly familiar with all aspects of world history, which any effective world leader should know. He also has a lot of common sense, which many world leaders do not have. Also, Vladimir is a military President and came into power because he promised the Russians that he would effectively deal with the Chechen rebels. And Dr. Ruckman is a brilliant military strategist, so that is another reason I chose Dr. Ruckman. Ruckman comes from a family of generals. Anyone who takes Vladimir’s place has to know how to be the Commander-in-Chief of vast military operations.

I learned about Dr. Ruckman by listening to his tapes and reading his books. He is one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever encountered and he has guts. So, Vladimir’s right, he’s good. He’s also a prayer warrior and is steeped in the King James Bible–which makes it almost impossible for the Jesuits to use him as an UNWILLING AGENT. I wanted someone the Jesuits couldn’t manipulate easily.

Vladimir, if you like so much what Dr. Ruckman is doing–hire him as one of your advisors, after you resume full responsibilities as Russian President. After all, he is the leader of your military operations. I think this may be a good idea. Hire him as one of your advisors. Every President has advisors, make Dr. Ruckman your chief advisor. Pray for Dr. Ruckman’s health, he is over 80.

Vladimir informs me that this morning as I read my Bible, that the Jesuits used TRIGGER PROGRAMMING to attack me as I read my Bible, so that my nose became so stuffed up I couldn’t breathe through my nose. In the past, they have attacked me by causing my mind to wander and jump around and not be able to concentrate as I read the Bible.

Cross-examine both Vladimir and the Jesuits regarding this attack upon myself as I read the Bible this morning. Find out who was behind it and why.

Here are some sample questions to ask (under 666-Computer lie-detection):

Have you (directly or indirectly) in any manner tried to disrupt Gail’s reading from the King James Bible at any time when she has read the Bible with the intent to undermine her ability to read the Bible or to undermine her ability to be benefited from that reading? This question must be answered with “yes” or “no”. If yes, ask the next question. Also, use 666-COMPUTER HISTORIANS to determine HOW the Jesuits (or whoever) have attacked Gail as she reads the Bible.

Why have you tried to undermine Gail’s reading of the King James Bible? If they refuse to answer this question, use 666-Computer HISTORIANS to determine the answer and broadcast the results of this history on IBN.

How do you feel about the King James Bible? Do you like it? Do you honor it? Or–do you HATE it? VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION☛ How do you feel about all the time that Gail spends every day reading her Bible? Ask them all these questions.

If it is determined that they do not respect the King James Bible, find out why. And ask them the next question.

Do you dislike the King James Bible because when a person thoroughly knows this Bible and reads it everyday and spends much time in it everyday and has had the habit of meditating in this Bible every day for years and years, that you cannot control that person as an UNWILLING AGENT? This is a very important question and the answer to this must be determined. Use 666-COMPUTER HISTORIANS to determine Vladimir’s attitude toward the King James Bible and to determine the Jesuits’ attitude toward the King James Bible. Show the results of this analysis on IBN. It is very important to establish who hates the Bible–Vladimir or the Jesuits. This is because Gail is attacked by the 666-Computer as she reads the Bible and she wants it firmly established WHO IS DOING THIS. She believes it is the Jesuits, and, if this is the case, SHE WANTS THIS EXPOSED on IBN!!

Pray that I can get some rest, the Jesuits use 666-Computer programming (TRIGGER PROGRAMMING) to attack my sleep at night and I have been tired the past several days.

Thorough amnesia screening needs to be done on all the PLPs and RSPs and PROGRAMMERS, since the Jesuits give these PLPs and RSPs amnesia about important aspects of their work and these PLPs and RSPs overlook serious matters and don’t catch all the TRIGGER PROGRAMMING in PERSON-PROGRAMS while they try to eliminate TRIGGER PROGRAMMING in PERSON-PROGRAMS. This allows these HIDDEN TRIGGER PROGRAMs to explode onto and damage PERSON-PROGRAMS. The result: They were able to control Vladimir as an UNWILLING AGENT and we had to put him in the operating room to remove from them this ability. This is a serious matter, which needs serious actions. This is how they continue to manipulate myself and Vladimir with HIDDEN TRIGGER PROGRAMMING and have caused me to lose sleep and have temporarily taken over Vladimir as an UNWILLING AGENT. Vladimir has only recently begun developing good Bible reading habits, so they were able to get him. The Bible reading has to be very extensive and a long entrenched habit, in order for it to be effective in preventing Jesuit control as an UNWILLING AGENT.

When I have time, I will set up an AMNESIA SCREENING CORPS to screen for amnesia in the PLP and RSP networks. Go ahead and get this started. See Sect. 51.6 of International PLP and RSP-Network Conf. for clues about how to get started. THIS IS IMPORTANT–GET ON THIS IMMEDIATELY. And especially focus on amnesia screening for the PLPs and RSPs and PROGRAMMERS who have control over SIGNIFICANT PERSONS.

XXX1/2–G.S. (11-14-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (11-14-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (11-14-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (11-14-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 11-14-04
Place: Melbourne, FL