Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (11-15-2004)

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11-15-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I just talked with Chrysler and was told that my car was going to be moved to the Orlando Auction to be set up for auction today. Representative Chris Barajas did not inform me of this until I called American Asset Co. (Here in Melbourne) about this. This is deliberate attempt to trick me and needs to be investigated. Chrysler is not operating in an honest and up front manner.

Warn Chrysler that if my van is moved for auction before the sale date (on the notice), which is 11/24/04–that all those willingly and knowingly behind this action will be given the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR and that the Russian government will sue Chrysler for billions of dollars worth of damage. Chrysler’s conspiracy with the Jesuits has cost Russia her President (since Vladimir had to go into emergency surgery) to deal with problems indirectly caused by this Chrysler incident and Vladimir is currently not able to execute the duties of Russian President at this time.

And the Jesuits (along with Chrysler) cooperated in this scheme to destroy Russia’s President and Vice President. If Gail’s van is moved from its present location to another location (which would strain Gail’s already super tight financial situation), the Russian government will be furious with Chrysler and will sue that organization for billions of dollars. Have the Russian government send a warning to Chrysler that if my van is moved from its location at American Asset Co. to another location, or if any harm comes to the van or if any difficulty comes to the van, so that Gail is not able to retrieve it in the condition that it was in, before it was stolen from her–that those willingly and knowingly behind this orchestration will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR and that Russia will sue Chrysler for billions of dollars. This case will be tried on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS.

Put Chrysler (RIGHT NOW) under court order not to move the van from its present location and not to damage it or interfere with it in any manner until 11/24/04, to make it difficult for Gail to retrieve her van. Warn them that if this court order is violated, they may receive the death penalty and that Chrysler will be sued for billions of dollars by the Russian government.

The Jesuits, through their illegal TRIGGER PROGRAMMING, have caused a lot of sleep loss in me (over the past several days) and I am now suffering from a relapse of the stomach virus I caught a week ago. I will have to have a cavity filled while suffering from a stomach virus. I covet the prayers of Bible believing Christians in the dental work and over my car.

I’m very tired from this virus and from dealing with a ton of car problems, and when I have time, I will write more law.

Satellite and 666-Computer technology can be used to determine whether any bodies in any building are dead or alive or whether any bodies have been booby trapped to detonate. Satellite and 666-Computer technology can also read the minds of anybody who is playing dead. To minimize casualties among our troops, our PLPs and RSPs must warn soldiers if someone is playing dead in a compound which is about to be raided OR is any body is bobby trapped to detonate. Those who are determined to be playing dead will be shot on the spot when any soldiers enter the compounds where these actors are. It’s obvious that if someone is playing dead, that they are up to no good and we will not wait for them to blow themselves up or commit other trickery on our soldiers. It is the job of satellite practitioners who work with our INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION, to inform any soldiers about to approach a compound, if there are fakers in there playing dead or if any dead bodies have been booby trapped (to detonate when the soldiers arrive). ANY FAKERS WILL BE SHOT ON THE SPOT.

Once a soldier is informed of this, once he enters the compound, he will be given orders to shoot that person on the spot. It is very important that the satellite practitioners give to our soldiers correct information (in regard to this matter)–so that the Jesuits cannot accuse us rightly of being barbarians. We are dealing with an enemy who doesn’t follow any rules and we have to be very tough in dealing with them.

I’ve heard that tailgating is against the law. WHY ISN’T THIS LAW BEING ENFORCED? I’m going to write it into CONSPIRACY LAW, that tailgaters must be ticketed. Though I will go into more detail about how to ticket them, since we don’t want to ticket minor infractions. I will go more into this later. Jesuits rely heavily on tailgaters to try to use vehicular homicide to kill people. Basically, we will use 666-Computer technology to analyze the motive for the tailgating, and if it is to support the Jesuits–that person will get a ticket. I’m tired. I’m going to bed. I think I’m going to be particularly harsh on those who drive big rigs and who tailgate.

Vladimir is very discouraged about how he has handled me over this Chrysler Financial incident. The Jesuits used him as an UNWILLING AGENT and Vladimir deserted me when I needed him and allowed the Jesuit creditors to rake me over the coals.

Vladimir informs me that the Wal-Mart CEO does not want to associate with him publicly anymore and that Bill O’Reilly and many of those who have worked with Vladimir have lost some respect and confidence in him. They are not going to risk their reputations by associating with Vladimir anymore.

You might say, you work at Wal-Mart. How do you feel about the Wal-Mart CEO’s atttitude? I like Wal-Mart. The time that I’ve worked there I have sensed that this company is committed to fighting Jesuit terrorism. I have good feeling about the CEO. What I think is going on, is that the Wal-Mart CEO is making a wise decision, in order to protect ME. I believe that the Wal-Mart Company and I have a similar approach to these terrorists. The CEO has noticed that Vladimir is vulnerable to being used as an UNWILLING AGENT, and to make it clear that he (the Wal-Mart CEO) does not in any way sponsor Jesuit terrorism, he has decided to distance himself somewhat from Vladimir. I don’t think this is a condemnation of Vladimir, but is rather a wise policy to discourage the Jesuits from implicating Wal-Mart in conspiracies which may revolve around Vladimir (when Vladimir could be used as an UNWILLING AGENT) and which could harm me. He doesn’t want to encourage the Jesuits to create murder conspiracies or other conspiracies against me and to accuse Wal-Mart of these things.

I think what will happen is that if over the period of about a year, Vladimir shows no signs of being used as an UNWILLING AGENT, that the Wal-Mart CEO will change his stance and will be willing to appear with Vladimir in public again. I understand his caution and he is probably acting wisely. I do not see this as cowardice, but as a wise precaution. I don’t think the Wal-Mart CEO has a personal grudge against Vladimir. He’s just being wise. UNWILLING AGENTS are a real problem.

I, personally, feel that Vladimir is being too hard on himself and perhaps other are being too hard on him. But he’s convinced right now that he’s not good for me. However, he says that he will continue to support my laws and encourages me to continue to write CONSPIRACY LAW. He says he still loves me, but he doesn’t trust himself.

Dr. Ruckman seemed to talk to me (via 666-Computer) and encouraged me not to give up on Vladimir. He says Vladimir is depressed and not himself.

Dr. Ruckman, I want you to counsel and be a friend to Vladimir right now. You are up in years and have more life experience than he has had. He needs a good counselor and someone who believes that God can use him. Can you be the Barnabas in Vladimir’s life right now? Show him from the Bible how he should respond to this “mistake” which he made. Maybe give him a Bible study about John Mark, who deserted the Apostle Paul. And the Apostle Paul gave up on John Mark, BUT THE LORD DID NOT. But Barnabas took up John Mark and encouraged him. And this paid off, because later in life this is what the Apostle Paul said about John Mark, when he talked about Demas who had forsaken the Apostle Paul. In this passage, the Apostle Paul mentions those few who stuck with him and had not deserted him, and he mentioned John Mark:

2 Timothy 4:10-11 “For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world, and is departed unto Thessalonica; Crescens to Galatia, Titus unto Dalmatia. Only Luke (the beloved physician) is with me. TAKE MARK, AND BRING HIM WITH THEE: FOR HE IS PROFITABLE TO ME FOR THE MINISTRY.”

Dr. Ruckman may also want to give Vladimir a study about the life of the Apostle Peter, who denied the Lord 3 times. Vladimir, when you fall, GET BACK UP. DON’T GIVE UP ON THE LORD–HE NEVER GIVES UP ON YOU. Remember, you are a young Christian. And you are not as grounded in the Bible as I am. When I was a young Christian, about 6 months after I accepted Christ, I let the Lord down. I quit reading my Bible and I denied that I knew Him. I became a Christian on Sept. 19, 1971 and was so on fire that I walked 10 miles to go to church when I couldn’t get a ride to church. But when my mother moved me to Florida in Jan. 1972 and forbade me to go to church, I slid away from the Lord and assumed that this Christian thing was a phase I was going through and that I was ready for another phase in my life. I gave up on church. I quit praying. I quit reading my Bible and I denied the Lord.

And then one day (around July 1974), after I sponsored a party with drinking and dancing, it seemed that my life was meaningless and that my activities were vain and shallow. I analyzed my life and was disgusted with myself for sponsoring this party and was just disgusted with myself–period. The teenagers who attended this party (which I sponsored) had no respect for my mother’s carpet and threw cigarette butts on the rug and drank and got drunk and seemed like a real sleazy crowd. I found an old gospel record and turned it on. It was a Pentecostal group that made the recording. An old friend of mine had given the record to me and I had kept it in the record collection. Though it was Pentecostal, the music was lovely and the singers sang the songs with reverence. I wasn’t Pentecostal, but the Lord used the music and I don’t agree with a lot of Pentecostal teachings. God uses what he has to work with. I heard hymns sung by a husband and wife team, sung to a lovely guitar background–like He Hideth My Soul, Day by Day, Peace Like a River, How Big is God, He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands. There were other songs. I had the record, but it got lost–maybe I left it in Seattle. I listened to the whole album–front and back. When I finished, I cried for 3 hours. I realized that this Christian thing was real and that the reason I was so miserable is because it was not a phase which I went through and that I could never undo my born again experience. And that when I prayed that prayer on Sept. 19, 1971, my life had changed and I could never be happy living in sin and living a life of denying the Lord. I vowed, that even if my mother refused to let me go to church that I would keep on trying and would keep on asking and that I would never give up on my Christian faith again. AND I NEVER DID FROM THAT DAY FORWARD. I fell down and sinned many, many times. But I never denied that I knew the Lord and I always witnessed for Him. So, after I seriously disappointed God in 1973, I also seriously repented of my sin and from 1973 to this day, I have read my Bible every day (with very few exceptions) and, though recently I have neglected church attendance, I have always acknowledged the Lord as my Saviour and have never denied him and I seek His guidance everyday and pray every day and offer my life as a living sacrifice to him everyday. So, YOU SEE, I, too, fell–as did John Mark–because I was young in the faith and not grounded and the devil got me. But I GOT BACK UP AND THE LORD NURTURED ME AND TRAINED ME AND STRENGTHENED ME. And though I have let the Lord down many times, I have never gotten to the point where I deny that Jesus Christ is my Saviour or refuse to witness for Him. And when the Lord grounded me, He made me a strong Christian, so strong that He knew I would be faithful to Him, in spite of the fact that I could not attend church. I believe God used the years when I could attend church to thoroughly ground me in the faith and those years (about 22 years or more) that I did go to church, I went to church about 3 times a week or more– so that I would be prepared for those days when I couldn’t attend church. And God has helped me stand. HE USED ME to influence others for Christ. For about 22 years of my Christian life, I was very faithful and active in church and usually attended about 3 services a week. I still have fond memories of my Christian friendships from my church-going years.

Don’t keep your eyes on yourself. We are all sinners and we all let God down. We must never worship men or ourselves. In all you do, LOOK TO JESUS. Your faith must be in Him and HIM ALONE. And here are some verses to MEMORIZE:

2 Corinthians 10:12–”For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves wth some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.”

Jude 24–”Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy.”

Vladimir, you have been under tremendous pressure. Some of these people who sit in judgment on you–if they were in your shoes, would probably not have done much better than you. Perhaps, those who sit in judgment on you have had a more advantageous childhood than you have had. Maybe they were raised in a Christian home. You must consider these things before you get too hard on yourself. God understands this and He will work with you, as you grow in Christ. GET BACK UP AND PRESENT YOUR BODY AS A LIVING SACRIFICE TO GOD and God will mold you and train you and strengthen you and USE YOU and He can keep you from falling. When you think you’ve failed and God is through with you–GIVE IT TO JESUS. TELL HIM ALL ABOUT IT. If your heart is right and you desire to honor Him, He will get you through and you’ll grow and become a better and stronger Christian as a result of this failure, AND NEXT TIME YOU ARE TESTED YOU WILL NOT FAIL, because you will learn that ONLY THROUGH THE POWER OF CHRIST can you do God’s work–whether it be His work as a Russian President or as a minister or as a schoolteacher or whatever line of work you end up in.

John 15:4-7 “Abide in me, and I in you, As the branch cannot bear fruit OF ITSELF, EXCEPT IT ABIDE IN THE VINE; NO MORE CAN YE, EXCEPT YE ABIDE IN ME. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the SAME BRINGETH FORTH MUCH FRUIT: FOR WITHOUT ME YE CAN DO NOTHING.

Without HIM, YOU CAN DO NOTHING. Immerse yourself in God’s Word, memorize Scripture and claim His promises and GOD WILL DO THE WORK AND NOT YOU, AND WHEN GOD DOES IT– IT’S DONE RIGHT. Don’t look on others or on yourself, KEEP YOUR EYES ON CHRIST and rely on Him for strength and guidance, and THEN HE CAN KEEP YOU FROM FALLING. When you fall, tell Him about it and HE WILL PICK YOU UP AND HE WILL CARRY YOU WHEN YOU ARE TOO WEAK TO WALK.

Maybe you have been too busy. Maybe you need to rest and get away and just pray and pray and read the Bible for a long Bible reading siesta. Unless you abide in Him, you will not have the proper perspective about things. You will get depressed, when you look to yourself. We are all dirty dogs. We are all rotten sinners. ONLY CHRIST IS THE TRULY FAITHFUL ONE. KEEP YOUR EYES ON HIM AND NOT ON YOURSELF OR ON OTHERS. And remember, that it is only GOD’S OPINION THAT MATTERS. And to find out what God’s opinion is, READ HIS WORD.

The number one thing we must do is to determine which direction God is going in, and to make sure we are going in that direction. This way, no matter what happens, we won’t worry. Because if we know we are in God’s will, then no matter what happens, God will work it out FOR GOOD. Romans 8:28. Maybe God wanted you to fail me. Maybe God wanted to teach you to rely more on HIM than on yourself. Maybe God wanted to teach you some humility–though, I don’t perceive you as a proud man. But we must all realize that any good we do, comes from ABIDING IN HIM. If we try to do God’s work in our own power–we fall flat on our face. The Christian life is impossible to live, unless GOD DOES IT THROUGH US.

Dr. Ruckman, I want you to disciple Vladimir. You are especially suited to disciple him, because you have temporarily done his job. So you understand the pressures he faces. Please work with him and nurture him as a young believer. I wish I could be with him now, but maybe this is not God’s time. Maybe God needs to train Vladimir some more, before he is ready to be my husband. And like John Mark, those who criticize you now will say, “TAKE VLADIMIR, AND BRING HIM WITH THEE: FOR HE IS PROFITABLE TO ME FOR THE MINISTRY.”

I learned from Dr. Ruckman one thing. If you’ve done your best, then you are at peace, because you can’t do more than your best. We get messed up when we haven’t done our best, because our consciences bother us. So, if your conscience is bothering you, ask yourself–”Have I done my best?” If you haven’t, then start doing your best right now and ask God how He wants you to do it AND THEN, DO IT AND DO YOUR BEST. Sometimes things happen that are very confusing. Those days, just stop what your doing, get down on your knees and pray and read your Bible until God shows you something. Don’t stop praying UNTIL GOD SHOWS YOU SOMETHING. Sometimes problems are so serious, we have to persevere in prayer to get the wisdom we need or the miracles we need. As you can see, I did that today.

This is not the first time I have prayed like this. I had to fight it out with God many times, when I’ve gone through some rough and confusing times. Eventually, God gives me some insights. If you seek Him, you will find Him and He will show you what He wants, if you truly desire to honor Him with your life.

Time is 12:30 a.m. on 11-16-04. TRIGGER PROGRAMMING is keeping me up at night. I think the Jesuits are trying to create the symptoms of manic depression in me, since I’m forced to use my mother’s money to get my car. Pray that I will get some rest and that we can defeat this TRIGGER PROGRAMMING.

Anyways, Vladimir I never blamed you for how the Jesuits used you as an UNWILLING AGENT. That’s why we call these people UNWILLING AGENTS! You need to stop blaming yourself for what the Jesuits did to you. That’s wasted energy, direct your energies towards beating up the Jesuits. We are in a war and don’t have time for self-pity or too much crying. Just pick up the pieces and FIGHT. Right now, I’m being attacked by these creepy Jesuits and they won’t let me sleep. We’ve got to continue to work together to defeat these Jesuits or we’ll all be dead.

Always make time to read your Bible and when you make a mistake, learn from it and MOVE ON AND KEEP ON FIGHTING THOSE DIRTY BASTARDS. They don’t waste time over lost battles. They just get up and go after us. We have to be just as relentless as they are, or else they will win.

Right now, assemble our amnesia teams and make sure our PLPs and RSPs aren’t afflicted with amnesia and remove all the TRIGGER PROGRAMMING from my program and yours. That’s our biggest priority right now. When I have time, I’ll write more law over this.

Maybe God is delaying our marriage because our side hasn’t achieved enough victory over illegal 666-Computer use and it may be too dangerous for us to come together. I want you to stop blaming yourself for what the Jesuits did to you. And if others want to blame you, in your mind just ignore them–who cares about your critics if they won’t fight with you anymore–they’ve deserted you. It will take awhile to regain their trust–just keep doing right and if they come back, they come back–work with what you have. Just learn from your mistakes–IGNORE THEM and GO ON. WE ARE ALWAYS GOING TO HAVE DEFECTORS AND TRAITORS AND CRITICS. CRITICS DON’T WIN A WAR–ACTION DOES. However, if someone is unwilling to appear with you in public, that does not necessarily mean they are critical of you or are cowards, but they may be taking a wise precaution (see my above comments about the Wal-Mart CEO). However, in some cases we are deserted by people for sorrier reasons. In any war, people will find excuses not to be brave. Maybe, they just want to blame you because they’re scared and maybe part of the fault lies with themselves and they are using you as a cop-out. Jesuits are scary and most people don’t have the guts to deal with them. I never put too much stock in criticism. When you are criticized, analyse it–if it’s true — do something about it. If it’s not true or unfair, then say to yourself, “I did my best and I may have made some mistakes, but at least I did my best. If you DID YOUR BEST, THEN DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT. IF YOU DIDN’T DO YOUR BEST, THEN FIND OUT WHAT YOU DID WRONG AND FIX IT AND DO YOUR BEST FROM NOW ON. WHEN YOU KNOW YOU REALLY DID YOUR BEST–IT’S FUNNY HOW YOU DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOU. ANY MORE TIME SPENT IN REFLECTION OVER FAULTS BEYOND THIS, IS WASTED ENERGY AND WILL RESULT IN MORE CASUALTIES. GET UP. GET MOVING AND KEEP FIGHTING. Too much time spent in reflection, when action is needed means WE LOSE THE WAR.

THOUGH YOU SHOULD ALWAYS MAKE TIME TO READ THE BIBLE. READ IT, DECIDE WHAT GOD WANTS YOU TO DO, AND THEN TAKE THE LICKS AND GO ON, FALL DOWN, GO ON AND GO ON AND GO ON. OR ELSE WE’RE ALL DEAD AND THE CREEPS WIN. When our side is stronger, then it will be safer for us to marry. In the meanwhile, we have to be relentless and go after those bastards till they’re all dead.

It would be pretty disconcerting to know that you have an enemy who can take over your mind and use you as an UNWILLING AGENT. If that was my problem and I had the money, I’d go through all the operations I needed to remove from the Jesuits their ability to do this to me. OR, I’d get busy and pass laws to make it so that Jesuits couldn’t do this to me.

You might say, the Russians want you as President instead of me. They’ll get over it. And who cares? You’ve got the job right now, so do it for God and not for men. Do your job in a manner, so that you can look yourself in the mirror and respect yourself. If you can do this, you’re ahead of 90% of world leaders today. Don’t make decisions based on popular opinion–do what’s right, though the stars fall and God will take care of popular opinion. Every world leader needs good counsel, so get your counsel, pray about your decisions and then embark upon a course of action. And when you act, act decisively and be brave. Leaders are DOERS–work with what you have and when someone deserts you, go on anyways and trust God for strength. Just get back up and keep fighting and remember you serve the Lord, and not men. If GOD BE FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US? Even Jesus was betrayed by all when the world realized he was going to be crucified, but Jesus went on and DID WHAT HE HAD TO DO and ignored the critics and ignored the crowds and OBEYED GOD. The result: WE WON THE WAR THROUGH CHRIST.

Don’t judge your worth by popular opinion–because it’s fickle. For a proper view and analysis of popular opinion, read in the Bible about how the world treated Jesus. Crowds and people are fickle. You can’t measure your worth by popular opinion. Read the Bible. Find out what pleases God and DO IT. Get alone with God and determine what He wants you to do and then DO IT. Do right, though the stars fall and let the chips fall where they may. If you can look in the mirror and respect yourself, it doesn’t matter what people think. You know your heart better than others know you, keep your heart pure. If others caused you to make mistakes, don’t waste your time blaming yourself. We always make mistakes. JUST GET UP AND KEEP GOING. IF WHAT YOU’RE DOING IS RIGHT, YOU MUST GET UP AND KEEP AT IT, LIKE A BULLDOG. You’ll never forgive yourself if you surrender to the enemy, when maybe another battle won could mean you’ve won the war. You can’t win a war without losing some battles. GET UP, STOP WASTING TIME IN ENDLESS REFLECTION AND FIGHT. JUST IMAGINE WHAT THE WORLD WILL BE LIKE IF THOSE BASTARDS WIN. THAT MAY HELP YOU TO KEEP A PROPER PERSPECTIVE. Analyze how they tricked you and ask God to help you beat them up next time. God honors the brave.

Dr. Ruckman, I want you to do a Bible study of the book of Ecclesiastes with Vladimir. Share this Bible study on IBN. I especially think this verse is appropriate for Vladimir right now:

Ecc. 7:16-17. “Be not righteous over much: neither make thyself over wise: Why shouldest thou destroy thyself? Be not over much wicked, neither be thou foolish: why shouldest thou die before thy time?”

Another good one. Ecc. 7:21–”Also take no heed unto all words that are spoken; lest thou hear thy servant curse thee: For oftentimes also thine own heart knoweth that thou thyself likewise hast cursed others.”

Vladimir, please reimburse my mother all the money she spent for the pay off to my car. $2,067.58 plus $300.00. Also, it would be nice if you could give her a little more for other expenses she’s paid for me throughout the years. If there’s any way you can reimburse my mother for all these Jesuit occurred expenses, it would strengthen your case against the Jesuits. Give her about $30,000 to $50,000. Actually, I think you should give it to Bill Fuller, since he seems to have less of an amnesia problem than my mother. Have Bill take over this situation and pay off her credit cards and whatever else she has used to pay off my car and to take care of other Jesuit incurred expenses she has incurred to rescue me from Jesuit damage. Make sure you obtain evidence that you have given this money to my mother or Bill Fuller, because the Jesuits might give both of them amnesia about this.

Since I’m sure she will forget that these costs have been taken care of, you will need to constantly remind her that these bills have been taken care of. Maybe have her watch the video every week.

Have my mother and Bill watch a video about why I have all these financial problems. This video should provide evidence that I am extremely targeted by the Jesuit Order. Even better, do more surgery on my mother and remove from the Jesuits their ability to control my mother. Surgery may be necessary on Bill Fuller as well. I’ve seen the Jesuits get him, occasionally. My mother is still very much an UNWILLING AGENT and I can tell that the Jesuits use their illegal technology to manipulate her body and make her sick and, especially, to control her mind.

Personal opinion: Vladimir, I think you are doing a very good job against a strong, determined and brilliant enemy. We just have to stick together and lick these murdering thugs. They are cold, ruthless killers. We won’t beat them overnight because they are very entrenched and we have to deal with their satellite/computer technology which makes things very complicated. It’s going to take time and perseverance to defeat these Jesuit thugs. We are going to have to be as relentless as they are.

When my mother and I go to 2849 Lineberry Lane in Malabar to pick up my vehicle, make sure that those who give me my vehicle have not tampered with it to mess with the bugs or have made the vehicle inoperable or have damaged the vehicle in any way. Also, I don’t trust the guy who towed my car. He operated like a typical murdering thug. Make sure he has no weapons on his person and monitor him carefully. If there are any indications that he is about to commit a crime when my mother and I show up, have his PLP or RSP knock him out IMMEDIATELY. All my phone conversations with this American Assets Company have been wiretapped, so use them in court. Add American Assets Co. to the list of companies (Starbridge, Chrysler Financial, Family Practice Residency) that cooperate with the Jesuits in their attempts to bankrupt me. This is the case that Lis Wiehl is handling.

In fact, you may want to remove the guy who towed my car as the person who releases my vehicle to me and have someone else do it. I don’t think it’s a good idea to allow this man to deal with me. I think he’s dangerous. Monitor other persons at this towing company. Also, I want American Assets Co. put under investigation as a company that violates CONSPIRACY LAW.

Have attorney Lis Wiehl contact American Assets Co. at 2849 Lineberry Lane (assuming this is the correct address) and serve them with an arrest as JESUIT CONSPIRATORS or catch them at home (or wherever they are) and serve them with the letter which I’ve written below. They will be arrested depending on how they respond to this letter.

If their response is negative, immediately follow up with arrest warrants. Also, they will be served with an order to appear in court for terrorist activities. The phone number to American Assets Co. is (321) 726-6767. This company is to appear in court as a company that sponsors JESUIT CONSPIRATORS. They will be part of the billion dollar lawsuit that we are bringing against Chrysler. We are going to sue them and bankrupt them. I don’t think that company has the right to exist. The case will be tried on IBN.

I have decided to drag American Assets Co. into this lawsuit, since they have the nerve to charge me $300 to pick up my vehicle. You can get all this information from my wiretapped phone conversations today.

I’m going to type a letter, which I want Lis Wiehl to serve to all those who work for the American Assets Co. which towed my car on 11-8-04. Vladimir Putin will co-sign this letter, along with Lis:

November 16, 2004

Dear worker at American Assets Company:

You are probably not aware of this, but you were used by Chrysler to illegally repossess Gail’s 1999 Plymouth Voyager van. This is because the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, had made the pay-off to Gail’s car in a contract which he made with Chrysler. Therefore, Chrysler breached their contract with Vladimir Putin when they hired you to repossess Gail’s van. We have charged Chrysler with death penalty violations of international terrorist laws and this matter is in the courts. You can view the proceedings of this case on our INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS on the internet.

Your behavior in the way in which you towed and stored Gail Schuler’s Plymouth Voyager van indicates that you cooperate with Jesuit terrorists in their attempts to bankrupt and destroy Gail Schuler, and that it is your goal to destroy her and to frame Vladimir Putin with the Jesuits’ murderous orchestrations against Gail.

The Jesuits have attempted to murder Gail many times. Gail’s duties as acting Russian Vice President are very threatening to the goals of the Jesuit Order. Therefore, the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church desires to destroy Gail, in order to eliminate her influence in the world.

As you may know, from watching the news, Vladimir Putin has personally appointed his cabinet. He has chosen some foreigners to be members of his cabinet. Gail Schuler has been chosen to be the acting Russian Vice President. She is a brilliant law maker and has written effective laws against Jesuit terrorism (which includes Al-Qaeda, the Chechen rebels, and most terrorist groups on this planet). This is a natural ability which she has developed from extensive experience in dealing with Jesuit terrorism and Vladimir considers her his most valuable assistant.

Though you may not be aware of this, Gail is the Russian President’s closest assistant and he has learned to rely on her brilliant law making ability over the years. He downloads her laws from her computer and passes them into legislation. Her laws have been passed into law in all free countries of the world. As payment for Gail’s excellent services as Russian Vice President, he made the pay off for her car in a contract which he signed with Chrysler. This contract stipulated that as a result of this pay off, Chrysler no longer had a lien to Gail’s van.

So, in effect, when Chrysler hired you to repossess Gail’s van, they stole the van from her and breached their contract with Vladimir Putin. For this reason, the Russian government is furious with Chrysler, especially since Chrysler blames Vladimir for the torture which they (in cooperation with the Jesuits) have inflicted upon Gail and her family.

From information we have obtained from wiretapped phone conversations between your company and Gail and from the bugs in Gail’s van, we have obtained evidence which strongly indicates that you are terrorist sympathizers and are dangerous to the freedom of the United States and Russia, and that you support the enemies of the United States and Russia.

We have strong evidence that the Jesuit Order sponsors Al-Qaeda terrorism and that they were behind the 9-11-01 attacks on the U.S., and that they use sophisticated computer/satellite technology (with mind-reading capabilities and other life threatening capabilities) to assist them in their terrorist activities. Because you may be victims of this technology, you may not be aware that you are being manipulated by these murdering Jesuit thugs. Gail’s laws deal with the illegal use of this groundbreaking technology.

It is possible that because you are victims of this technology, that you are not aware that you are being used to support terrorism, since the Jesuits use computer/satellite technology to control people’s minds against their will– and if this is the case, only those of you who are willing and knowing supporters of terrorism will face convictions.

However, American Assets Co. needs to be investigated and those in your company who willingly and knowingly have supported the Jesuits in their attempts to destroy Gail Schuler, will be prosecuted and brought to court for violations of international terrorism laws. Those persons at your company, if found guilty, may face the death penalty and may be sued for damages brought against the governments of Russia and the United States. The result could be the bankruptcy of American Assets Co.

We will send Chrysler a court order to pay you for your services in towing and storing Gail’s van and the property in her van. However, Gail should not be made to pay for Chrysler’s illegal action in hiring you to tow her vehicle.

Chrysler breached their contract with Vladimir Putin by repossessing Gail’s car, and currently Vladimir has sued Chrysler for billions of dollars for the damage they have brought to the Russian government (by their illegal actions against Gail Schuler) and Chrysler is also being tried for death penalty violations of international terrorism law and for willing and knowing support of Jesuit terrorism. If persons at Chrysler are found guilty of these charges, they could face the death penalty. This is because the Jesuits are very dangerous and sponsor Al-Qaeda and many other terrorist organizations.

If you waive the $300 storage, redemption and personal property fee (and any and all financial charges which you have assessed or may assess against Gail Schuler) and allow her to obtain her vehicle in the condition it was in (including all the bugs on her vehicle) before you took it from her and without damage to her vehicle or the property which was in her vehicle, we may decide not to pursue legal actions against the American Assets Co.

If you have tampered with any of the bugs on Gail’s van, we will know, since we are the ones who installed these bugs on her van and Gail communicates with us through these bugs while she drives. We can view her surroundings and hear all her surroundings in her car through these bugs. This tampering of the bugs on her vehicle will be strong evidence that you support the Jesuits– and, if you have tampered with any of the bugs on her car, we will certainly win our case against you in court. Your whole operation will probably be shut down as a terrorist operation. In fact, we already have evidence that you tampered with the bugs on Gail’s van while you had her van in storage. This behavior on your part greatly disturbs us. This will be very strong evidence against you in the courtroom. How could you know about these bugs unless you serve the Jesuits and why would you remove or tamper with them (unless you desire to help the Jesuits)? These bugs are designed to protect Gail by giving us evidence against Jesuit enemies who tamper with her car.

So, your further actions toward Gail Schuler, will be the determining factor as to whether American Assets Co. will be tried for violations of international terrorism law and whether American Assets Co. will be sued for complicity with Chrysler in their support of terrorism.

We can guarantee you one thing, if you charge Gail any money as a condition to pick up her van (which was illegally seized)–your company (and those responsible for this towing) will be charged with the crimes mentioned in this letter and you will all be in court.

If Gail or her mother or any other party (besides Chrysler) offers you any money to pick up her van, you are to refuse it and to tell her that she owes you nothing and you must give her the written document which states that she owes you no money (see next paragraph). Vladimir has a very strong case against Chrysler and we believe he will win.

To show your intent to cooperate with us and to relieve you of prosecution and arrest in this matter, when Gail comes to pick up her van, you must give her a written document which states that you have released her van to her (and all her property and bugs which were in the van or part of the van, when you towed it) in the exact condition it was in before you towed it and that you have not damaged her car (directly or indirectly) in any manner or cooperated with anyone who may have damaged her van (directly or indirectly). You will also state that Gail owes American Asset Co. nothing for any of the actions you have taken in regard to her van. You will also state that if you did damage to (or tampered with) her vehicle, that you have repaired it and her vehicle is being returned to her in the exact condition it was in before you took it from her. Before you give Gail this document, you will quote this italicized statement to us under computer lie-detection and you cannot submit this document (with the above statement) to Gail until you pass lie-detection regarding the statements made in this document.

If you are unable to pass computer lie-detection regarding the above italicized statement, then you must take the actions necessary so that you CAN pass computer lie-detection while making the above italicized statement. We have very advanced lie-detection techniques which are 100% accurate. We can use this lie-detection on you (via your brain) as you make this statment. We will let you know if you pass lie-detection regarding the above italicized statement.

If you fail this lie-detection, you will stay up tonight and make the repairs needed to Gail’s vehicle, even if you don’t sleep all night, so that when Gail comes to get her car, she will have the car she had before you seized it. If you refuse to do this, then you will be arrested as a terrorist conspirator. Also, if you never pass computer lie-detection regarding the above italicized statement, so that you are unable to honestly give to Gail the written document (with the above italicized statement) when she comes to get her van, you will be arrested as a terrorist conspirator and if you fail computer lie-detection (while making the above italicized statement) you are not to give Gail the document (with the italicized statement above), since if you did so, it would be a lie. And because you are unable to give Gail this statement, you will be arrested as a terrorist.

You are not to try to trick Gail into signing any document which makes any false statements as a condition to retrieve her vehicle. If you do so, you will be arrested as a terrorist.

If the van requires repairs because you damaged it, we will assist you in locating those who will repair the vehicle for you. If you refuse (or forget) to give Gail this document (as we instructed you) when she comes to get her van, you will be arrested, and if evidence is found against you for the charges mentioned in this letter–you will be prosecuted and tried for the charges mentioned in this letter.

It is also important that you answer your phone and not give Gail an answering machine when she calls you to arrange to pick up her van, and that you give Gail clear instructions about how to find your place, in order to quickly obtain her vehicle. Any (direct or indirect) attempts, actions or inactions on your part to prevent Gail from quickly acquiring her van in the condition it was in before you took it, will be grounds for an arrest, and your company will be investigated and you will be tried in court.

We hear you require Gail to make an appointment to pick up her van from your place. This should not be necessary. You should allow Gail to quickly obtain her vehicle without hassles and complications. If you become too complicated or evasive or tricky with Gail when she tries to obtain her van from you, you will all probably be in jail and you most definitely will be arrested for the charges mentioned in this letter.

If you give Gail this written document (as we instructed you to in the above paragraph), she will forward a copy of it to us for examination (after she picks up her van) to insure that you have not tricked her and that you have written it as we instructed you. If, it is found you have given a document to Gail other than the one we instructed you to write, with the intent to harm Gail, you will be arrested as a terrorist conspirator.


Lis Wiehl (attorney for Gail Schuler, Russian Vice President for Vladimir Putin, Russian President) and Vladimir Putin, Russian President

XXX1/2–G.S. (11-15-04), (updates to 11-15-04 statement on 11-16-04).

AAAAAAA–G.S. (11-15-04), (updates to 11-15-04 statement on 11-16-04).
BBBBBBB–G.S. (11-15-04), (updates to 11-15-04 statement on 11-16-04).
CCCCCCC–G.S. (11-15-04), (updates to 11-15-04 statement on 11-16-04).

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 11-15-04 , (updates to 11-15-04 statement on 11-16-04).
Place: Melbourne, FL