Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (11-21-2004)

Gab Share

11-21-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Make sure my laws are being enforced. The Jesuits have somehow given me AGAIN another relapse of my stomach virus. Everytime I feel like I’m getting over it, it comes right back. Vladimir seems to tell me (via 666-Computer) that the RSP who was in charge of maintaining my shield, let the shield down temporarily and this gave the Jesuits a window to reconfigure the germ and change it to another germ. The shield is supposed to be maintained by several back-ups, it should never be down for a second. Investigate this matter ASAP. Find out who was willingly and knowingly behind this break down of my shield and mete out the death penalty on IBN. Also, question Vladimir and other SIGNIFICANT PERSONs whether they were behind this shield breakdown, to establish their innocence. This is an important matter, because the Jesuits could kill me, if they can break down my shield!! We need to firmly establish who was behind this breakdown and NAIL THEM HARD. Death by hanging with buzzards to the violators.

Make sure that Nataliya Dimova’s husband has the shield protection needed (as outlined in Sect. 3.02 of General 666-Computer Laws). The Jesuits have already given him a heart attack–he doesn’t need another one. I believe the Jesuits want to give him a heart attack to make it appear that Vladimir is romantically interested in Nataliya and wants her for himself. Nataliya is a beautiful girl and speaks fluent Russian. Maybe the Jesuits want to claim that Vladimir wants her for an interpretor. She speaks perfect English and Russian.

However, I don’t believe Vladimir wants Nataliya. ASK HIM under 666-Computer lie-detection. After that, ask Vladimir WHO HE REALLY WANTS (I’m sure it’s me). This is necessary to establish his innocence and to discourage Jesuits from creating another murder conspiracy.

This is a bunch of bunk. Question Vladimir about this to establish his innocence and question Nataliya about how she feels about her husband getting heart attacks.

Ask Nataliya if she would be interested in romantic involvement with Vladimir. I doubt it. I don’t think she wants the pressure that goes with being associated with Vladimir. This needs to be established firmly, to protect all of us.

You may say, but what about you? Do you want the pressure? With me, it’s different because I will always be targeted by Jesuits, and I have resigned myself to the fact that even if Vladimir was not in my life, because of my ancestry from King David and from Howard Hughes– I will always face pressure and harassment from Jesuits. This pressure that goes with the celebrity lifestyle is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life. I know it. So I’ve decided that I may as well have a partner who can handle it. Not many men can.

One reason I believe Vladimir is interested in me is because he feels I’m tough enough and smart enough to be his wife. He knows that any woman who will be his wife, has to be a very strong and smart woman. So he will not get involved with just any woman. He wants a woman who won’t flake out on him. He wants someone who will be a true team player with him in his very difficult war against terrorism. And he feels he’s found that in me. He thinks I’m dependable. I’m a rock in his life, so he wants me. He wouldn’t get involved with any woman that he couldn’t depend on to take the monumental pressure that goes with association with the Russian President. The pressure is so bad, that a weak woman would betray Vladimir over it. It’s not easy to be a Russian President’s wife at this point in Russian history. Vladimir knows this. When the Jesuits push me against a wall and put their tidal wave of pressure over me, Vladimir feels he can trust me to not betray him by stupid or cowardly actions. So he wants me. I’ve been tested and have passed. So, he won’t go for just any pretty face. He wants a strong and good woman for a wife. A pretty face (Russian or otherwise) is no good, if the woman flakes out on Vladimir and wilts under the tremendous pressure associated with Vladimir.

You may say, how can you be so strong? God has prepared me for this, by my relationship with Brent Spiner. I will always have the pressure associated with a President, so I may as well marry one. It will never go away.

You might say, but the Jesuits will kill you because of your association with Vladimir. Hey, I got news for you. They’ll kill me, no matter what I do now–whether I associate with a President or not. So, since my life is always in danger, may as well team up with someone who will fight these bastards with the same passion I have about them.

Unlike Nataliya, this pressure will never be relieved in my life, no matter what I do. I just have to be strong and cope with it all the time. The Jesuits are threatened by my Howard Hughes genes and by my ancestry from King David.

Since I cannot change my genes, I cannot change the pressure. It will be with me until the day I die. The Jesuits are true genetic profilers. I am on their hit list because of my Jewish ancestry from King David. They will never be happy until all Jews (including myself) are dead.

You may say, you could convert to Roman Catholicism and they’d leave you alone. No they wouldn’t. First off, I could never do that because I don’t agree with Roman Catholic teachings and the Jesuits know it. They can read my mind–remember? Forget it, I’m stuck with these bastard Jesuits for the rest of my life. I just need a partner who will team with me in my war against the Jesuit Order.


Since they’ll never leave me alone, I have to fight them. That’s the only way to have peace in my life. So I have declared war on the Jesuit Order. Vladimir and I have the same goal. We want all Jesuits dead. THAT’S THE ANSWER. WE HAVE TO FIND THEM AND KILL THEM ALL.

Some people think that if I broke up with Vladimir or cancelled our engagement that the Jesuits would leave me alone. No, they wouldn’t. Instead, they would take advantage of the broken engagement to kill me off for good. The Jesuits have concluded that I am their most deadly enemy and if they ever get the chance, they will eliminate me. They’ll never leave me alone, no matter what I do now. They already targeted me because of my ancestry from Howard Hughes. Now that they know that I have the ability to write brilliant law to defeat them and that influential men fall in love with me, they will never be happy unless I am dead. And they WILL NEVER FORGET ABOUT ME, no matter who I’m romantically involved with. Their goal is to get me romantically involved with a man who will assist them–like David Schuler. That was my former husband, so they fiercely opposed my divorce to David Schuler, because David was helping the Jesuits to destroy me and my influence.

As long as I’m alive, they will go after me. I’m stuck. There’s nothing I can do. I have to fight them until the day I die. So I may as well stay with Vladimir, the pressure will be there for the rest of my life, no matter what I do. Breaking up with Vladimir, WILL NOT RELIEVE THE PRESSURE. IN FACT, IT MAY MAKE IT WORSE, BECAUSE THE JESUITS MAY SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY and go after me (when they think I’ve lost my friend and supporter). Vladimir has saved my life. If it wasn’t for him, I think they would have killed me by now.

So, I need a partner who is used to this kind of pressure and who will be a team partner with me in dealing with it. Not many men can handle this pressure that comes from being romantically involved with myself (a Howard Hughes’ descendant). Vladimir is having a real hard time, but I don’t think I can find a better man than he for this kind of pressure.

You might say, why would Vladimir want this pressure? Look, neither Vladimir or I like this pressure. Vladimir’s stuck–because he’s Russian President and the Jesuits are behind the Chechen rebels. You might say, Vladimir could quit being Russian President. No, he can’t. To the Russians, he will always be their President and they look to him for leadership. If he betrayed the Russians, he would be killed by them or destroyed. Besides, Vladimir does not want to betray Russia. He is a good man. The Russian nation is desperate and wants her freedom. They like Vladimir because he fights those who prevent Russia from being a free country. They like me with Vladimir, because they know I am as passionate about freedom as Vladimir is. Vladimir and I deserve to be together. We are good for Russia. We are good for the world. We are good for freedom.

The pressure will never be gone from my life. No matter what I do. I’m stuck–because I’m a descendant of King David and the Jesuits are behind the persecution of the Jewish race. Since both Vladimir and I are stuck with the same enemy and are both under relentless pressure, we may as well get together and team up to beat up our mutual enemy! We are stronger together than apart. The Jesuits know this–THAT IS WHY THEY SO FIERCELY OPPOSE OUR MARRIAGE OR ANY COMMUNICATIONS OR RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN US.

Question the Jesuits and ask them if I am right about what I accuse them of in this statement. We need to get on this, in order to firmly establish WHO would want to give Nataliya’s husband a heart attack, in order to kill him off. The Jesuits are always trying to create conspiracies with which to frame their enemies, in order to further their goals. Nataliya is a beautiful Ukrainian girl (and a Christian), and so maybe the Jesuits think they can get away with this. Nataliya is my cashier friend as Wal-Mart and I plan to go to her house to wash my car sometime. She speaks fluent Russian. Any Jesuits who try to kill Nataliya or her husband will be given death by hanging with buzzards and the case will be tried on IBN and the executions will be death by hanging with buzzards!!

Also, my SLEEP DISRUPTION LAWS are being brazenly violated. There are loud air conditioning units near my apartments and I hear mufflers and everything else during bedtime hours. Get on this, and enforce the LAW. Find out who’s behind this and EXPOSE THEM on IBN.

The Jesuits are using satellite to mess with the new filling I got in my molar. All of a sudden, it’s become very sensitive, so that it hurts to floss the area. There is no reason for this. The filling is more sensitive now than the day after I got the filling. That is weird. Get my RSP on this. I think the Jesuits did this because they were able to penetrate the shield and get to my teeth. This shield problem must be fixed immediately!

XXX1/2–G.S. (11-21-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (11-21-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (11-21-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (11-21-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 11-21-04
Place: Melbourne, FL