Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (11-22-2004)

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11-22-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

When I called my friend, Nataliya, and told her I felt too ill to wash my car at her place today–she told me that her husband made a funny face and did not feel comfortable about me coming to her place to wash my car. So, I will not be going to Nataliya’s house to wash my car.

I know why she and her husband did this. In fact, Vladimir tells me that he told Nataliya and her husband not to let me come over–that he did not feel comfortable about me going to Nataliya’s house after the results of questioning and 666-Computer analysis over topics I brought up in my last statement.

To prevent Jesuits from creating murder conspiracies over this, use 666-Computer emotional analysis on myself, Nataliya, her husband and Vladimir to determine the REAL REASONS that my car wash “appointment” at Nataliya’s has been cancelled. The results of these emotional analyses will be presented on IBN. I have respect for Nataliya and her husband, because I feel for her to say this to me showed some courage. My true feelings about Nataliya and her husband should be revealed on IBN.

What I sense is going on is that Nataliya, her husband, Vladimir and I are all equally committed in our goal to defeat the Jesuit Order. Once people understand the nature of the Jesuits and how they operate, the Jesuits are despised and people want that organization destroyed.

You might say, how can you be in league with Presbyterians? You are a strong Baptist. Let me tell you, I take everyone individually. I have seen some Baptists that I am ashamed to associate with. There are Christians in every denomination and I wouldn’t be surprised if some Roman Catholic Christians have better character than some of the Baptists I have gone to church with. Though doctrinally I am closest aligned to the Baptist position–it is possible to have head knowledge without a true heart commitment to Jesus Christ.

God would rather have one whose heart is right, who is not a Baptist or a King James Bible believer, than one who goes to the right church, but whose heart is not sold out and totally committed to Him.

If you do not read the Bible daily, then you are not committed to Jesus Christ. Because only by reading God’s Word can you determine what He wants you to do and how to best obey Him. Therefore, one who does not have a habit of daily Bible reading, is a friend of Satan and is ripe to be taken over by the devil. Those are the Christians who the Jesuits are able to take over as UNWILLING AGENTS. Apparently, many Christians who go to King James Bible believing churches do not have a strong habit of daily Bible reading, because I have seen many of these Christians used as UNWILLING AGENTS.

We also have strong evidence, that it matters which Bible you read. If you read the King James Bible, you have stronger protection against being used as an UNWILLING AGENT. We have also determined, that if one does not read the Bible, but is a big reader–period–that is also protection, because that person is strongly exercising their reasoning centers in the brain and this gives them some immunity from a takeover by Jesuits as an UNWILLING AGENT. In order for the Jesuits to be able to take over the brain, the brain has to be in an idle state where it is not being exercised. The best exercise to prevent a takeover of the brain is the reading of the King James Bible and it must be a DAILY READING. It also helps if the reading has gone on for an extended period of time and has been a long entrenched habit. In this case, the brain is well exercised and IN SHAPE and it is hard to get it into the idle state which the Jesuits need to take over the brain. As Dr. Bob Jones, Sr. said (who was a great Christian and a Methodist), If you give God your heart, he will comb the kinks out of your head.


I have noticed that those Christians who are fervent Bible readers (regardless of their denominational persuasion) are the ones the Jesuits can’t control as UNWILLING AGENTS. In this manner, God is showing that He favors those who read His Word daily, more than those who are regular in church attendance or who attend the “right church”.

The Jesuits are a Satanic organization, that supports all the goals of those who oppose God. The Jesuits oppose the King James Bible and no one who opposes the King James Bible is of God, but is of Satan. Therefore, those who truly love God and honor the Bible, despise the Jesuits–who are the opposite of all that is godly and righteous.

In fact, I have come to the conclusion that the Jesuits are responsible for this latest trend in churches with the strong emphasis on church attendance and religious activities. In many churches, church members are encouraged to be so busy driving buses, preparing for Sunday School, going on visitation and other religious activities, that they have no time to meditate on Scripture and to dwell in God’s presence as they read His Word. I believe the Jesuits are indirectly behind this, as they attempt to keep God’s people too busy to read His Word, so that the Jesuits could takeover these church members as UNWILLING AGENTS. It has been a successful Jesuit directed campaign, since most church members today are UNWILLING AGENTS. I know this from personal observation.

So, in effect, these church members are busy, busy, busy “serving the Lord” IN THE POWER OF THE FLESH.

God would rather these church members drop some of their activities and devote more time to Bible reading and meditation in God’s Word. And at the judgment seat of Christ, when these Christians are judged, their works will burn up and they will receive no reward, because their efforts were done IN THE FLESH.

The pastors who lead these flocks will also be judged for not instructing their members to devote more emphasis to Bible reading and to dwelling in God and in doing God’s work in the power of the Holy Spirit. It is wrong for pastors to try to manipulate their church members to be so busy serving God that they have no time to read the Bible. This type of guilt inflicted on church members, makes these church members ripe for attack by the devil and for takeover as UNWILLING AGENTS.

Back in the early 1900s and in the 1800s, the emphasis in Bible believing churches was on the Word of God and on prayer and holy living and in being immersed in Scripture. The emphasis was not as much on religious activities and busyness. But when Jesuits infiltrated the churches, they changed the emphasis in the churches IN ORDER TO MAKE CHURCH MEMBERS TOO BUSY TO READ THE BIBLE–to prepare for their onslaught on church members (via the 666-Computer). The Jesuits wanted as many UNWILLING AGENTS among church members as they could get. This would assist them in their attempts to set up a Jesuit dictatorship over the world. They needed the support of the religious crowd, because the Jesuits are a religious organization. The Jesuits’ goal is to meld together all the religions into a hybrid Muslim-Protestant-Roman Catholic-Pentecostal Jesuit EMPIRE. It would greatly help them to get as many UNWILLING AGENTS as possible from all religious groups to assist them in this effort.

Their greatest obstacle is the King James Bible. Those who read the Bible daily and are immersed in God’s Word, cannot be used as UNWILLING AGENTS–so the Jesuits try to distract and keep busy these Bible believers to get them away from the Word of God.

I want Dr. Ruckman to present a Bible study for Christians on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS. Perhaps he can present this study on the prayer channel. We are keeping him busy. Give him as much time as he needs. I want this Bible study to revolve around the principles in the book War on the Saints. This may help to prevent more Christians from being used as UNWILLING AGENTS. War on the Saints is a through and comprehensive study about how to prevent the brain from takeover by demonic spirits. I read this whole book from my Tallahassee phone (in 2002) and I believe it was recorded. Dr. Ruckman can use any or all portions of this recording to assist him in his presentation. I want my presence to be in this Bible study, to minimize Jesuit attempts to implicate Dr. Ruckman as they try to harm me. It will probably also increase the audience for the Bible study, since it will make it more interesting if the audience hears my comments (along with Dr. Ruckman’s) in this Bible study. I have discerned that -except among the Jesuits– I am very popular-.

Just as I was typing the above paragraph, the Jesuits used their UNWILLING AGENT, a maintenance worker (I can’t remember his name) at this apartment complex, to deliver to me the Bible which I ordered from Dr. Ruckman’s bookstore. Expose that this guy is an UNWILLING AGENT and that Dr. Ruckman had nothing to do with this “delivery”. I was hoping the Bible would be delivered in my mail box (via a key). Found why it was not delivered to a mailbox. Ask Dr. Ruckman, the Jesuits and Vladimir who was responsible for this manner of delivery and expose this on IBN. Investigate the Post Office, something is not right.

Why is an UNWILLING AGENT working at my apartment complex? This is a violation of my laws.

This seems to be a nice guy, but his behavior is that of an UNWILLING AGENT. I have had a lot of experience in observing UNWILLING AGENTS, so I know one when I see one. He just came to my door. Time is about 1 p.m. Investigate this matter. I do not think that it is a good idea for the maintenance guy to come to my door to deliver my mail. I do not feel comfortable about this. The Jesuits are behind this. EXPOSE THIS.

Pray that I get over this stomach virus. It is wearing me out.

As a result of an altercation I had with a Roman Catholic Wal-Mart worker yesterday at work, I have decided it is time for Pope John Paul II to formally declare war against the Jesuit Order.

This UNWILLING AGENT Roman Catholic Wal-Mart worker made the comment that the Jesuit Order is a part of the Roman Catholic Church and that to implicate the Jesuits is to implicate the Roman Catholic Church. This worker became verbally aggressive with me about my statement that the Roman Catholic Church was used to keep Palestinians poor, in order to use the Palestinians as political pawns to get rid of the Jews in Israel. I feel I was manipulated by the Jesuits into this conversation and when the other party became argumentative and threatening–I left the table, and said that I did not want to discuss this matter anymore.

I feel that the Jesuits are attempting to rally their Roman Catholic base and to marshall all Roman Catholics to assist them to destroy myself, Pres. Bush, Vladimir Putin, Dr. Ruckman and others who oppose their goals for a worldwide dictatorship for a Jesuit Pope. This is a last ditch desperado move on the part of the Jesuits and could result in an all-out war between Roman Catholics and those who oppose the Jesuit’s goals and will cause much misery, heartache and unnecessary bloodshed and turmoil. This is not what Vladimir and I want. We desire peace. It is the Jesuits who are for war.

I work with many Roman Catholics at my job and through CONSPIRACY LAW, and have much respect for most of them. I do not perceive the Roman Catholic people as my enemy. Rather the Jesuit Order is my enemy and is the enemy to world peace.

I feel that if Pope John Paul II will make a formal declaration of war against the Jesuit Order, this will greatly weaken the Jesuits’ ability to enlist Roman Catholics to their cause. We currently use many Roman Catholics to assist us in our war against Jesuit terrorism and some of them are our strongest allies. Bill O’Reilly of FOX News is an example. If Pope John Paul II will make a formal declaration of war against the Jesuit Order, the Jesuits will be unsuccessful in rallying Roman Catholics to their cause. So he must make this declaration.

Here is how I recommend he handle the declaration. He will make this declaration of war against the Jesuit Order on IBN (under 666-Computer lie-detection and emotion detection). If he does it like I recommend, the world will greatly respect his courage and he will be remembered as the greatest Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. We will present an analysis on IBN of his declaration, as to its truthfulness and the emotions the Pope felt as he made the declaration.

He must admit the role of the Roman Catholic Church (under Jesuit leadership) in the past in the manipulation of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and that under Jesuit leadership, the Roman Catholic Church was strongly anti-Semitic and that the previous Roman Catholic Church (under Jesuit leadership) desired to remove the Jews from Israel (by keeping Palestinians poor so they could be used as political pawns by the Jesuits), so that Israel could be placed under complete Jesuit control, in order to obtain Jerusalem as the headquarters for the Jesuit Pope. The Jesuits realized that in order to control Jerusalem and claim it as their capital, that the Jews needed to be removed from Israel.

He must admit that the Jesuits (along with their puppet–Pope Pius XII) financed and supported and orchestrated the Nazi Order of Germany and that the Jesuits also sponsored and supported Stalin of Russia and that the Jesuits are behind the Chechen rebels and the modern terrorist movements which we currently fight.

He must admit that until very recently he was not the true head of the Roman Catholic Church, but that the black Pope (or Jesuit General) was the true leader of the Roman Catholic Church. And that previously, he was in submission to the Black Pope (or the Jesuit General) as were most Popes before him.

He will state why he decided to assert his role as the true head of the Roman Catholic Church and why he must declare war on the Jesuit Order and that the Jesuit Order is no longer considered a part of the Roman Catholic Church and that all Jesuits and their Roman Catholic supporters are excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church. No Jesuit (or Jesuit supporter) is to participate in any Roman Catholic church ceremony. No Jesuit (or Jesuit supporter) is allowed to attend any Roman Catholic services or to support any Roman Catholic causes, and if a Jesuit is discovered trying to parade as a Roman Catholic, that Jesuit must be arrested and turned over to authorities with the full consent and support of the Pope.

All Jesuit-sponsored educational institutions (such as Loyola) will be shut down and reorganized and all Jesuits will be removed from any Roman Catholic institutions. No financial support will be given to any Jesuits by the Roman Catholic Church and if it is found that Roman Catholic money is going toward any Jesuit organization, those involved will be turned over to authorities to be arrested and face prosecution as JESUIT CONSPIRATORS. The Pope will encourage all devout Roman Catholics to turn over Jesuits and their supporters to the authorities in order to purge the Roman Catholic Church of its greatest cancer–the Jesuit Order. Tbe Pope will also make a financial statement about how much money is missing from the Vatican and how much money he feels that the Jesuits have stolen from the Vatican and will present evidence for this in his declaration. He will encourage anybody who knows about where this money is -to turn this information over to the authorities and that all Vatican money stolen by the Jesuits (and which is confiscated) will go to the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK sponsored by the International government.

It is obvious that the Jesuit terrorist organization is extremely well financed and they claim innocence by claiming poverty. We want to expose to the world that the Jesuits went off with a lot of Vatican money and that the Jesuits are probably the richest organization in the world.

In the meanwhile, the International government will give the Pope about 50 bodyguards and he will be treated as a world leader who needs special protection from Jesuit attacks. I LIKE THE NUMBER 50–GIVE HIM ABOUT 50 BODYGUARDS. THE JESUITS HAVE BEEN TRYING TO MAKE A CONSPIRACY OVER THIS NUMBER, SO WE WILL LET THEM–THAT WILL BE THE NUMBER OF BODYGUARDS WE WILL GIVE TO THE POPE. We will do all in our power to prevent Jesuits from murdering this Pope. We will go overboard to insure that all shields are working on the Pope, since he is considered a SIGNIFICANT PERSON. We will present updates to the world about the Pope’s health and condition and will ask the world to pray for this courageous Pope.

After the Pope makes his declaration, we will question Jesuits (under 666-Computer lie-detection) on IBN about how they feel about this statement and whether the Pope told the truth about them.

Vladimir, put Chrysler Financial under court order to send me my title as soon as possible, since they have received the pay off to my car. My mother made the comment that my ex-husband David may try to get the title. I believe my son is with you, but make sure the Jesuits don’t pull another trick on us.

Also, Chrysler Financial should send me the paperwork from the American Asset Company which the American Asset Company forced me to sign. I didn’t agree with what I signed, but they wouldn’t give me the car unless I signed the document. You can state in court (in the case which Lis Wiehl has against Chrysler and the American Asset Co.) that this document is legally invalid because extortion was used to get me to sign it and that American Asset Company also refused to give me a copy of the document which I signed. I should be entitled to a copy of everything I sign.

I do recall that the document I was forced to sign stated that American Asset Co. did nothing to the car or anything that was in it, and that I agreed by signing this document that Chrysler and the American Asset Company would not be held liable for any action they took in repossessing the car. I asked for a copy of this document and the man at American Asset Co. refused to give me a copy, and told me that if I wouldn’t sign the document as it was written, I couldn’t get my car. So, he used extortion on me to get me to sign the document. This makes the document legally invalid. He knew that if I allowed him to keep the car longer that he would charge me more if I picked the car up later and that I didn’t want to have to pay him anymore money, so he knew I was stuck and had to sign the document the way it was written.

Besides, I didn’t want to have to deal with those creeps anymore. I can’t stand looking at them and having to deal with them. They give me the creeps. I could easily imagine that man and those at his company being part of a murder conspiracy. The whole organization operates like a Jesuit sponsored car theft ring.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 11-22-04
Place: Melbourne, FL