Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-3-2004)

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12-3-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Make sure that Sect. 6.6 of General 666-Computer or Satellite Computer Laws is enforced. I observe brazen violations of Sect. 6.6 of GENERAL 666-CL everywhere.

For instance, I received a statement in the mail from Delta Dental, in which my oral exam, xrays and cleanings are covered by Delta Dental, but $57.00 of the work Dr. Pompura did on my filling was not covered. I figured this out using the calculator. This statement states that Dr. Pompura billed Delta Dental $155.00 for my filling. I already paid the $50.00 deductible. AREN’T THERE 50 STATES IN THE U.S.? However, only $110.00 (the covered amount for an amalgam filling) of this $155 is covered, because Delta Dental does not cover a resin filling, but only an amalgam filling.

And the coverage for amalgam fillings is at 80%. Therefore, $110.00 (the covered amount) minus $50.00 (deductible) is 60.00. Delta Dental pays 80% of this 60.00–or $48.00. THE JEWISH NATION WAS FOUNDED IN 1948 (ANOTHER ATTEMPT TO DRAW ATTENTION TO MY ETHNOGRAPHY IN ORDER TO ORCHESTRATE A CONSPIRACY). Which means Delta Dental pays $48.00 (after subtracting the deductible and 20% co-pay) for my filling.

The difference between $155.00 (what the dentist charged) and $110.00 (the approved amount that Delta Dental covers) is $45.00. So I have to pay the $45.00 plus my 20% co-pay. I chose to get the more expensive resin filling, so I have to pay $45. You add 20% of $60.00 (see above paragraph) the 20% (or my co-pay) is $12.00.

The total amount of the $155.00 that I pay is $107.00 and the insurance pays $48.00. Since I’ve already paid the dentist the $50.00 deductible, what I currently owe the dentist is $107.00 minus $50 or I currently owe him $57.00

$45.00 + $12.00= $57.00.

$57.00 is what Dr. Pompura will bill me for the filling.

I was born in 1957.

Also, in the mail was another statement from Tallahassee Memorial Family Medicine Residency which stated that I owed $57.00 4 times for 4 visits in 2002. This statement failed to acknowledge any of the correspondence which I have mailed certified, return receipt to the Tallahassee Memorial Family Medicine Residency.

As you can see there is an attempt to draw attention to my ethnography (I was born in 1957) in order to orchestrate a conspiracy and also an attempt to frame an innocent party (Vladimir Putin) with this orchestration. This is a death penalty violation and my Sect. 6.6 of GENERAL 666-CL needs to be enforced!!

I am pretty sure that American Asset Co., the criminal towing operation, that illegally towed my car for Chrysler Financial– stole the Wal-Mart receipt from the Lake Wales Wal-Mart for my new tires, which I bought on Oct. 24, 2003. I had it in the glove compartment and I can’t find it anywhere. I will reprint a former statement that I wrote about this receipt.

10-24-03: Time now is 7:30 p.m. I had my car serviced at Wal-Mart. The guys who worked on my car were all suspicious and I watched them constantly. Unfortunately, the tread on my tires was very low and I needed to replace all 4 of my tires–especially, since I anticipate that I will be driving (possibly a long distance). I’m not sure where God will lead me next. It cost me about $320 to replace my tires and I had an oil change and other necessary maintenance done. The total was $335.82.

The guys kept asking me for my phone number. I ended up giving them my cell phone number about five times. It seems their computer system was really messed up and kept losing my phone number. And then, when the work was completed there were several mistakes on the receipt:
1) My last name was spelled SCHNLER. Notice the “N” for PUTIN.
2) My car was described as a Plymouth Grand Voyager. Like a Grand CRUISE? My car is a Plymouth Voyager.
3) The color of my car was described as dark green. It is TEAL and looks BLUE.
4) On the receipt for the tire work, they listed the odometer reading as 40,000. But on the receipt for the maintenance work, the odometer reading was listed as 42,245.
5) The computer kept messing up my signature, so the signature for my last name was totally illegible and scrambled into an illegible heap on the receipt.

I went to the man behind the cash register and told him to fix these mistakes in the computer. His initials are ATO, I think. He told me he couldn’t do it, because it would take time. I then told him that I would draw a line through the mistakes and asked him to sign and date above the corrections. He refused to sign his full name and he signed his initials instead and acted like this was a real imposition. When I asked him to rewrite the word “teal” in place of dark green, he scribbled something very illegible, so I had to write “teal” in there for him. He was an elderly man with gray hair, kind of thin, maybe about 6 feet. He initialed the receipt for the maintenance work.

You see, I purchased a tire warranty for each tire. If this receipt does not look like mine and anything goes wrong with my tires, Wal-Mart will claim that I never purchased the tires from them because this receipt does not correctly identify me or my car, except in a manner designed to draw attention to my phone and my current church apartment address.

And then another younger man with dark hair showed up, kind of heavyset and shorter. I think he looked foreign, possibly Hispanic. He signed and dated the changes on the other receipt for the tire work. He also said, “Oh my God” as he did this.

These are the changes I made in front of these men: 1) I drew a line through the illegible signature of my last name and signed my last name in front of them and had them sign and date that it was my signature, 2) I changed the make and color of the car to a more correct description and had them sign and date the changes, 3) I drew a line through SCHNLER and changed it to Schuler and had them sign and date the changes.

Later when I came home I noticed the incorrect odometer reading and corrected that. I couldn’t get a full signature from the old man. The younger man signed an illegible signature, but it was better than nothing.

The bottom of the receipt says, “FOR GREAT DEALS ON CRUISES. . .GO TO WALMART.COM”.

I also noticed the receipt did not seem to give a lot of details about the kind of tire I purchased. There was a leftover sticker on one of my new tires, which I ripped off and attached to the tire receipt. I also attached a brochure which I picked up at Wal-Mart which had a photo and description of the tires, but not a lot of detail. It was like a page out of a catalog. I asked the men for a receipt which would clearly identify what kind of tires I bought and I asked them for any brochures about the tires. I received no brochures and I think I may have been tricked on the receipt, because the receipt only mentioned the SIZE of the tires, but did not seem to give much information other than this except to say that they were DOUG.TOUR (I guess this is shortcut for Douglas Tires). I specifically requested snow tires because I don’t know where I will live over the next couple years. Snow tires will work anywhere. But you need special tires for snow when you live in snow country.

I do the best I can NOT TO BE TAKEN by Jesuits, but they are on an all-out rampage against myself and Putin and it is very challenging. I do a lot of praying. Jesuits are getting tremendous cooperation from Americans. This country deserves to be destroyed. God will probably destroy the U.S. with the very Jesuits that they trust more than they do God. Since America likes Jesuits so much, she will get her wish. I pray I won’t be here when they takeover. America loves Jesuits more than God. And the Jesuits are the Rev. 17 WHORE.

There is definitely something suspicious going on at Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, the Jesuit infiltration is so complete, I can’t go ANYWHERE without being targeted. So I have to be very diligent. Americans are disgusting.

I believe all my transactions at Wal-Mart today were recorded. Please transcribe all these transactions and include them as addendums to this statement with all the rights of my legal documentation as described in my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document.

I have determined that no matter what we do and no matter how strong we make our case against the Jesuit Order, even when the evidence we have against them is catastrophically overwhelming, the Jesuits never give up.

It seems the only solution is to set up our case so that if the Jesuits are stubborn, that it will not be to their benefit. So I have an idea. We have to make it so that the Jesuits will desire to not be so stubborn. As long as a Jesuit is alive, they will keep fighting us. We have to make it, so that they will not want to fight us.

There is one thing the Jesuits don’t want and that is–they don’t want the Roman Catholic Church split right down the middle. And we are going to set things up, so that if they continue fighting us–that is exactly what is going to happen.

I want Pope John Paul II to enter into the lawsuit that Vladimir and I have against Starbridge insurance, the Family Practice Residency Program, Chrysler Financial, the American Asset Co., USPA and IRA, etc. The Pope will decide that in order to spare further embarassment to the Roman Catholic Church, that if Vladimir has already made the pay-off to any of my creditors and that if these creditors (because of Jesuit involvement) have continued to harass me, then the Pope will pay off all debts which I owe to these creditors who harass me for money and he will let these creditors know that he has made the pay-off.

If, after the Pope has made the pay-off for my debts, the Jesuits continue to use these creditors to harass me for money, evidence that the Pope has made the pay off will be presented in the case (which will be tried publicly on IBN) and the Jesuits (along with those organizations who harass me for money) will be tried for crimes against the Pope (especially for staining the Pope’s reputation and trying to portray him to the world as a miser).

The Pope will also put Chrysler Financial and the U.S. Postal system under court order to send me the title to my 1999 Plymouth Voyager as soon as possible and will warn Chrysler Financial and the U.S. Postal system that they face severe consequences, if they do not send me my title quickly.

The Pope will accuse the Jesuits of slander against himself and for lying about him and that their actions against me, make it appear that the Pope is a financial terrorist.

TO PUT IT IN A NUTSHELL, EVERY ATTEMPT WHICH VLADIMIR PUTIN HAS MADE TO GIVE ME MONEY, WHICH THE JESUITS HAVE THWARTED, THE POPE WILL TAKEOVER THE SITUATION AND WILL GIVE ME THE MONEY WHICH VLADIMIR HAS BEEN TRYING TO GIVE ME. It will work like this, Vladimir will give the proceeds of my novel (or any other money he has been trying to give me) to the Pope and Pope John Paul II will be Vladimir’s agent to give me the money which Vladimir has tried to give me.

If we get the Pope involved, and the Jesuits interfere, then this will stain the reputation of the Pope and I don’t think the Jesuits want to do this, because it will cause civil war in the Roman Catholic Church with the Jesuits clearly pitted against the Pope.

Since we anticipate that the Jesuits will claim that Vladimir has not made any payments to the Pope on my behalf, when I receive this money we (and the Pope) will claim it is FROM THE POPE and not from Vladimir Putin. However, evidence that this money comes from Vladimir and is funneled to me through the Pope will be shown on IBN.

If the Jesuits continue to harass me for money using their creditors–when Vladimir or the Pope have made the pay-offs on my behalf, then the Pope will increase the amount of the lawsuit he has against the Jesuit Order and will go after the Jesuits with criminal and terrorist charges. The Pope will also insist that any Jesuits involved in these financial scandals and harassment against myself be jailed and/or executed and be treated according to CONSPIRACY LAW. The Pope will admit (under 666-Computer lie-detection) that the Jesuits are undermining Vladimir Putin and myself, and the Pope will pay the debts for me (which the Jesuits allege Vladimir has not paid off and for which the Jesuits harass me).

The Pope will also give me the money which the Jesuits stole from my IRAs and will find a way to give me the proceeds from my novel Silver Skies,which the Jesuits have blocked me from getting. If the Jesuits continue to cause problems, so that I cannot obtain the proceeds from my novel or so that I cannot receive any other monies which the Pope will try to give me, then the Pope will sue and try the Jesuits in court for slander and interference against the Pope and his activities.

We are going to let Pope John Paul II join in our lawsuit against the Jesuit Order for other reasons, too. The basis for his lawsuit will be that the actions of the Jesuit Order against myself and Vladimir Putin stain the reputation of the Roman Catholic Church and he will sue the Jesuits for using the name of the Roman Catholic Church in their criminal actions (which stain the reputation of the Roman Catholic Church and of the Pope). He will also sue the Jesuits for money they have stolen from the Vatican and which they are using to promote terrorism, because the use of this money stains the reputation of the Pope and of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Pope will claim outrage over the actions of the Jesuit Order, when he has ordered all members of the Jesuit Order to be excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church and that they are not to use the name of the Roman Catholic Church in any of their activities. He will sue and bring criminal charges against the Jesuits for their activities against myself and Vladimir Putin which stain the reputation of the Roman Catholic Church and for their terrorist activities against Roman Catholic Church members throughout the world. Believe me, we have evidence for this.

Vladimir and I know, for a fact, that Jesuits kill Roman Catholics in attempts to make martyrs out of Roman Catholics to strengthen their case.


In fact, have the Pope involved in all communications and interactions between Vladimir and myself, because the Jesuits interfere with all aspects of my relationship and communications with Vladimir Putin, and so we need to Pope to intervene in all these matters.

Example, if Vladimir decides to market my novel Silver Skies in Florida, have Vladimir collaberate with the Pope in this effort, so that if the Jesuits oppose Vladimir’s efforts on my behalf, it will be the same as opposing the Pope. We want to make it so that all actions which the Jesuits take against me, will also be actions taken against the Pope!

For example, if Vladimir tries to meet me, get the Pope involved, so that if the Jesuits cause problems, it will be the same as attacking the Pope. Perhaps, Vladimir and I would meet at the Vatican and the Pope would be the matchmaker. We have to get the Pope involved or the Jesuits will block us everytime. The Jesuits are too good and the Pope wants to stop them, because everything they do makes the Roman Catholic Church look like a scumbag. So, we will get the Pope involved in all interactions between Vladimir and myself. This is the only way Vladimir and I can go forward, the Jesuits are too involved in all our communications and interactions, so we need the Pope to be our mediator.

Perhaps our wedding ceremony could be conducted at the Vatican, but I wouldn’t want the ceremony to be Roman Catholic, but rather a Christian ceremony. The Pope isn’t stupid, he can think of something. I don’t think Vladimir and I can ever get together if we don’t use the Pope as our mediator in all our attempts to get married, to get my writings published, to get my law degree or to go forward in any effort which promotes my legal abilities, my writings or my relationship with Vladimir Putin. The JESUITS WILL BLOCK US EVERYTIME, SO WE HAVE TO USE THE POPE AS OUR MEDIATOR IN ALL ATTEMPTS IN THESE DIRECTIONS.

I have gone to God in prayer and in Bible reading, and God seems to tell me that we should let Pope John Paul II be the leader (and we should consult with him and be in submission to him in everything) regarding any attempts for Vladimir and I to get married, or for me to be the Russian Vice President or to promote my writings or my legal abilities–such as my efforts to obtain a law degree or get a Juris Doctor, etc. It is because the Jesuits vehemently oppose all my attempts in these directions and, without the Pope’s involvement, we cannot overcome the Jesuit roadblocks.

I am reading from Jeremiah 40 through 45 right now, where the Jewish nation is taken over by Babylon and God tells the Jews that IF THEY WANT TO SURVIVE THEY MUST BE IN SUBMISSION TO BABYLON. God says, that the world is in a similar situation to what the Jewish nation was (when they were overcome by enemy forces). He has allowed the Roman Catholic Church to rule the world because of the world’s sins. It is God’s will for BABYLON or Rome to rule over us at this time–because this is the world’s punishment for not honoring the King James Bible and God’s Word. This does not mean that God’s eternal kingdom will be BABYLONIAN or that God endorses the Roman Catholic Institution, but rather, that because of our grievous sins, we are punished and God has allowed a heathen institution–BABYLON or the Roman Catholic Church–to rule over us to punish us for our rebellion against God. So, the way to survive at this time in history, is to be in submission to our BABYLONIAN rulers.

So, Pope John Paul is like Nebuchadrezzar of Babylon. God has allowed him to be the king over us, in order to humble us and to punish us for our sins. Jeremiah 42:11–”Be not afraid of the king of Babylon, of whom ye are afraid; be not afraid of him, saith the Lord: for I am with you to save you, and to deliver you from his hand.”

Here is how the prophet Jeremiah advised King Zedekiah (when Zedekiah was still king over Israel and before Babylon came and took over Israel) in Jeremiah 38:17-23–”Then said Jeremiah unto Zedekiah, Thus saith the Lord, the God of hosts, the God of Israel; If thou wilt assuredly go forth unto the king of Babylon’s princes, then thy soul shall live, and this city shall not be burned with fire; and thou shalt live, and thine house: But if thou wilt not go forth to the king of Babylon’s princes, then shall this city be given into the hand of the Chaldeans, and they shall burn it with fire, and thou shalt not escape out of their hand. And Zedekiah said unto Jeremiah, I am afraid of the Jews that are fallen to the Chaldeans, lest they deliver me into their hand, and they mock me. But Jeremiah said, They shall not deliver thee. Obey, I beseech thee, the voice of the Lord, which I speak unto thee: so it shall be well unto thee, and thy soul shall live. But if thou refuse to go forth, this is the word that the Lord hath shewed me: And, behold all the women that are left in the king of Judah’s house shall be brought forth to the king of Babylon’s princes, and those women shall say, Thy friends have set thee on, and have prevailed against thee: thy feet are sunk in the mire, and they are turned away back. So they shall bring out all thy wives and thy children to the Chaldeans: and thou shalt not escape out of their hand, but shalt be taken by the hand of the king of Babylon: and thou shalt cause this city to be burned with fire.”

Jeremiah the prophet also warns the Jews left in the land of Israel, after most of them had been deported to Babylon, not to go to Egypt. See Jeremiah 42, 43, 44. I asked God who was Egypt for us. He said that Egypt is what we perceive as the easy way or the way of least resistance or WHERE WE HAD BEEN BEFORE AND WHAT WE PERCEIVE AS THE EASIER AND SAFER OR MORE COMFORTABLE ROAD. For me, going back to Egypt would be to return to David Schuler or to go back to my old life. In most instances, going back to Egypt, would be to go the way the Jesuits want us to go. The Jesuits don’t want us to move forward and be courageous pioneers, they want us to retreat. After most of the Jews were deported to Babylon, the Jews left in the land made the mistake of wanting to go back to their old life–to Egypt–something they had experienced before and they remembered the wealth and comforts of Egypt and longed for the more comfortable, OLD DAYS. This is the mistake the Jews left in the land made. They were afraid of the unknown (the Babylonian Empire) and wanted to go back what they were familiar with–to Egypt–even though Jeremiah warned them not to do this, but to submit to the Babylonian king. Egypt was something they had experienced before, so they felt comfortable about going back to Egypt, even though Egypt was now a corrupt nation that worshipped false gods. For me, to go back to David Schuler, would be a return to Egypt–to the false god of putting my husband first before God–knowing full well, that my former husband is not right with God and is in rebellion to God. So God is warning us not to get the false assurance that a return to our old ways (or where we were before) will bring us safety–but instead, will only lead to our downfall, since Egypt will be destroyed. That to live, we must go forward into new territory, into experiences we have not known before.

For Vladimir, Egypt may be the life he had before he decided to invest in me and to pursue me as his wife. He’s had a real hard time since he decided to invest in me, maybe he thinks that going back to his old ways (and living his life as though I did not exist and as if he was never interested in me as his wife) will save him. God says that would be –for Vladimir–going back to Egypt. If he decides to do this, he will be destroyed, along with the Egypt (or old life) he depends on.

So, we must forget about that old life (and what appears to be the easier way) and go forward. To try to go back to Egypt (or our old life) will lead to our destruction. Read Jeremiah 42, 43 and 44 and see what happened to those Jews who went back to Egypt. We must go to Babylon and submit to our new ruler. The Roman Catholic Church is called BABYLON THE GREAT in Rev. 17, so Rome is a type of Babylon. Apparently, the sins of the United States and Russia are too great and God will not allow Vladimir and I to get together, unless we go through the king of Babylon (who is now Pope John Paul II). You may say, but why would God punish you and Vladimir for the sins of Russia and the U.S.? It is because we are leaders of these countries and we symbolize these nations. Therefore, God will allow Vladimir and I to get together, but only through the Babylonian king, because this is His way of saying that He is very angry with Russia and the U.S. for their sins, and will not allow us to have an overwhelming victory over our enemies (the Jesuits) in our endeavors (including marriage), that we have to be in submission to Babylon to succeed.

So, we must submit to Babylon and surrender to Babylon–this means to go to the Pope and let him work out how we will get married and how I will receive money from Vladimir. If we don’t go to the Pope, then the evil side of Babylon (the Jesuits) will destroy us–like happened to the Jews of Israel, when God allowed their nation to be deported. If we go back to our old ways (which would be Egypt), because we felt safer there–like if I go back to my former husband, then the evil side of Babylon (the Jesuits) will destroy us, along with the Egypt we had confidence in. In other words, God says that if I went back to my former husband, that when Babylon destroys my husband (Egypt), so will I be destroyed.

There is no retreat–to live–we must go to the Pope and surrender to the king of Babylon. This is God’s way of humbling the U.S. and Russia, since God has ordained it–that because of the sins of Russia and the U.S.– that we cannot live and survive unless we are in submission to the Pope. But because God favors His people (and born again Christians are God’s people in this Church age), if we will follow God’s leading and go through the Pope, then he will let us live. If there’s any good news in this, read the Bible account of God’s dealings with Nebuchadnerezzar. I believe this Babylonian king found the Lord. See Daniel 4.

And I believe Pope John Paul II is a born again Christian and I believe it was my testimony which caused this Pope to find the Lord. In fact, Pope John Paul II may be the only Pope in Roman Catholic Church history who is/was a born again Christian. So God is doing some strange things in the Roman Catholic Church. I don’t believe God approves of the Roman Catholic institution, but, it appears, He has touched certain individuals (including the Pope) in the Roman Catholic Church and that he wants Vladimir and I to use John Paul II in our attempts to get married or to get together and in our mutual war against Jesuit terrorism. THE POPE DESPISES THE JESUITS AND FEARS THEM. SO I BELIEVE HE WILL COOPERATE WITH US. THE JESUITS ARE NOT ONLY OUR ENEMY, BUT ARE THE ENEMY OF POPE JOHN PAUL II.

For instance, perhaps it will be the Pope, and not Vladimir, who will be my agent for Silver Skies. Or perhaps, Vladimir and the Pope BOTH can be my agents for Silver Skies. This means that the Pope can sign legal documents on my behalf, to insure that Silver Skies is marketed in a manner which helps the International government to defeat Jesuit terrorism. I want Vladimir to work with the Pope in all matters that affect myself, my son and Vladimir. I give Pope John Paul II, along with Vladimir Putin, the legal authority to be my literary agent in marketing and promoting Silver Skies and any other writings of mine.

The Jesuits successfully block all attempts by Vladimir Putin (or anyone else) to give me money or to give me any respect as a writer or a lawyer or in any other endeavor. Though we anticipate they will try to block the Pope, this will make things more complicated for them and I feel the Pope will be more successful in overcoming Jesuit-orchestrated roadblocks against myself and Vladimir. For the Jesuits to block the Pope, will bring tremendous damage to their goals and this may hinder them. This is what we need.

No one else can hinder the Jesuits like the Pope can. He has the greatest power on earth to block the Jesuits. I feel the Pope will cooperate with us, because I am very popular and respected in the world, and if the Jesuits seriously harm me and continue to harass me, this will devastate the image of the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope is eager to do damage control over what the Jesuits have done to the reputation of the Roman Catholic Church. Besides, I believe that the Pope despises the Jesuits and believes that they want to kill him–so, I believe we will get cooperation from the Pope to try to stop or hinder the Jesuits.

The Pope can work with director Steven Spielberg in promoting The Kingdom of David. We have to get the Pope involved in this as well, because the Jesuits are against this film. In fact, in any endeavor that Vladimir and I are involved in, and which the Jesuits oppose, we need the Pope’s involvement. We have to make it, so that if the Jesuits oppose the endeavor, it would be the same as opposing the Pope–and then we can go forward. A suggestion: Perhaps the Pope can give director Steven Spielberg sainthood for his work in Hollywood and for his work on The Kingdom of David. If the Pope honors Steven Spielberg and IF THE POPE COMMISSIONS Steven Spielberg to make this film, then if the Jesuits oppose the film, it would be the same as OPPOSING THE POPE.

It is mutually beneficial both to myself and to the Pope that we work together in our mutual war against Jesuit terrorism.

XXX1/2–G.S. (12-3-04), (updates to 12-3-04 statement on 12-5-04).

AAAAAAA–G.S. (12-3-04), (updates to 12-3-04 statement on 12-5-04).
BBBBBBB–G.S. (12-3-04), (updates to 12-3-04 statement on 12-5-04).
CCCCCCC–G.S. (12-3-04), (updates to 12-3-04 statement on 12-5-04).

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-3-04 , (updates to 12-3-04 statement on 12-5-04).
Place: Melbourne, FL