Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-6-2004)

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12-6-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir has told me that the Jesuits claim that he is jealous of me, because of my influence over the Russian people and because so many people respect my religious opinions and writings and because I am the Vice President of Russia.

First off, let me reprint what wrote in my November 1, 2004 statement:

Vladimir has informed me that I am now the Vice-President of Russia. He felt that after analyzing the poll results of the Russians (which show that they would desire me as their President) that he should appoint me as Vice-President of Russia. I told him I didn’t want this job, but he said that I have been doing this job for the past several years and that the only difference between then and now, is that I now have the title I deserve. So he said to just keep doing what I’ve been doing and things will be just fine. So I agreed– because I always support Vladimir in everything he does and maybe by taking this position, it will be easier for me to be with Vladimir and my son.

Please notice, that I really don’t want this job. I only took it, because THIS IS WHAT VLADIMIR WANTS. In fact, if Vladimir told me to quit my job as Russian Vice President, I would quit immediately. Vladimir INSISTED that I be Russian Vice President. In fact, he appointed me to this position without even asking me if this is what I wanted. Question him under 666-Computer lie-detection on IBN to see if this is so. Vladimir and I have such a good and trusting relationship, that I allow him to lead in everything. Vladimir knows he’s the boss in our relationship, that’s why he knew when he appointed me as Russian Vice President, that I would take this position, SIMPLY BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT HE WANTED ME TO DO. Whatever he tells me to do, I DO IT. So when he told me that he made me Russian Vice President (even though he didn’t ask my permission)–I said, OK, if this is what you want, then I’ll do it.

You might say, you should be furious, because he has imposed such a stressful position upon you. Well, it’s no more stressful than what I’ve already been doing and Vladimir talked me into it, because he told me, that I have already been doing this job, and that the only difference is that he has given me the title that I deserve–that I have already taken on the responsibilities and the work of a Vice-President. So this is how he convinced me, because I didn’t have to change anything I was doing. My life was still the same, the only difference is Vladimir bestowed on me a TITLE (for work that I’ve already been doing for YEARS). So, I figured that maybe this was a wise thing and I took the title. I took it, because Vladimir appointed me to this position and I always try to please my husband.

My guess is, that if I became Russian President and Vladimir was still alive, that he would really be the President and I would just be doing everything he wants. I am his most ardent supporter and I let him lead in our relationship, but he has learned to respect my intellect and my judgment and he gives me a lot of autonomy and he asks for my advice on just about all his Presidential decisions. I never force my opinion on him, and perhaps this is why he always welcomes my opinions. However, I NEVER EVER go against his leadership. If he says “no”, then I submit and let him lead. In other words, he would be the real President and I would just be following his lead. Perhaps, this is why he wants me as President, because he knows that in many ways, he would still be President. You think I would make any decision as Russian President that would go against my husband? No way, I would consult with Vladimir in everything! He’d be the real President of Russia and I would contribute my brains and insight into Presidential decisions, but I’d still let him lead Russia. The only exception would be if he became an UNWILLING AGENT. In that case, I would overrule him. But you better believe if he was an UNWILLING AGENT, I’d get him fixed as soon as possible.

I want IBN to question Vladimir (under 666-Computer lie-detection) about WHY he appointed me as Russian Vice President and how he really feels about having such a smart and influential wife. I don’t think he’s jealous of me at all, but considers me a real asset and values my intelligence and insights because I help him with the tremendous responsibilities of his job. Sometimes I think he feels a little overwhelmed and is relieved to have a wife he can rely on, when he feels a little inadequate. Instead of jealousy, he feels that I make his job a little less stressful and lonely. I think a President’s job is a very lonely job and that many times a good man who is a President feels overwhelmed over the decisions he must make and doesn’t want to have to make these decisions alone. A President really needs a good team to rely on and he really needs a good wife. Now, if he has a supportive wife, that is excellent–and I support him in everything because I think he is a good and smart man. However, if he not only has a supportive wife, but a smart and wise wife–then he may rely on her for more than support, but may ask her to help him in Presidential decisions. And this is what has happened to our relationship–Vladimir has discovered–to his delight–that the woman he loves is a brilliant leader and that she gives her support to his work wholeheartedly and shares the same goals that he does as President. Over the years, he has learned that I am very dependable and offer brilliant insights and support as a Presidential support, that I never let him down as his closest Presidential team member. Vladimir has been disappointed in his Prime Minister and this was very discouraging to him and he had to fire just about everyone in the Kremlin. This was devastating to him. It seems the only one he can rely on, not to let him down as a Presidential support, is his wife. In fact, if I was not in his life as a Presidential support, I think he would have gone into despondency because of all the corruption he had to deal with in the Kremlin. When he had to fire his Prime Minister and many of the leaders in the Kremlin, his “wife” was still there as a dependable rock that he could rely on. So, after all these Kremlin leaders disappointed him, he discovered that his wife stood behind him like a rock, offered brilliant support and helped him to save Russia from destruction. The Russians know this, too, and this is why they love me and desire me as Vice President. He experimented with me in 2002 and allowed me to make speeches on Russian television and got a good response from the Russians. He constantly features me on Russian television because the Russians love me and this is something he is delighted in–so much so, that he took advantage of this, to give me the title he has wanted to give me for years. My work as his Presidential helpmeet has been consistently “brilliant” and as dependable as a rock, and after observing me for years he is so impressed, that he has decided I should do his job if he can’t do it. He considers me his most dependable and valued Presidential team member.

Question Vladimir on IBN and ask him if what I’ve written in the above italicized paragraph is true, and if this is why he has appointed me as Russian Vice President. Ask him if he asked my permission before he gave me the title –Russian Vice President–and then ask him why he gave me this title without asking my permission.

I got a strange message from a Bill Miller who claimed to know a Mike Schuler and invited me to some party. The phone number was (321) 784-9126–I may have gotten it wrong. Have the Pope and Vladimir investigate this call. All my calls are wiretapped. I will not answer this phone call and I want this matter handled according to CONSPIRACY LAW. I think there are some death penalty violations of CONSPIRACY LAW in this matter.

It’s also strange that my “mother” called me at 2:10 p.m. (She left a message and I retrieved it this evening) and demanded I send her money for the car pay-off which she took care of 3 weeks ago. I was planning on sending her something–not for the car payment–but just to send her something, since she’s done a lot for me. You would think she would wait a month before she harasses me about payments. From what I understand, Vladimir has already paid her for her $2,300–but I’m sure the Jesuits have given her amnesia about this. So I expected this and planned to send her money, so she wouldn’t feel that I did not appreciate her efforts to get my car back. However, she should at least give me a month before expecting the first payment. She’s not being reasonable. I just paid my rent and all other expenses and don’t have money to give her now. I haven’t completely recuperated from November’s expenses–because of the surprise Jesuit attack on my finances and my health. I’m really budget shopping on food and looking for good deals. Get the Pope involved in this matter of my mother as well. I’ll leave that up to the Pope and to Vladimir. Maybe have the Pope pay her for all the expenses she has incurred because of Jesuit attacks against her daughter.

Document this and show evidence that the Pope has made up to my mother on IBN–the financial damage she has suffered because of Jesuit attacks against myself–so you can show it to her, when the Jesuits give her amnesia. Then, if the Jesuits give her amnesia about this, then the Pope will bring charges against the Jesuits for downgrading the Pope’s attempts to assist me financially. We need to get the Pope involved in this.

The Pope’s actions described in the following italicized section will be filmed, documented and shown on IBN, so that the whole world will see it: When the Pope gives my mother money, he will tell her WHY. He will tell her that the reason he is doing this is because the Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church have caused great harm to her, to myself and to Vladimir Putin and to my family and that they have prevented and undermined my marriage to Brent Spiner and now to Vladimir Putin and that they are responsible for my bankruptcy, my health problems, and for my desperate financial situations– and that he wants to compensate my family for the harm caused to my family by the Jesuits–that he is trying to stop the Jesuits from doing more damage to my family, but that they are relentlessly stubborn and listen to no one who opposes them. He will tell her that one big reason the Jesuits have tried to destroy her daughter, Gail, is because Gail is descended from Howard Hughes and Gail is a lot like Howard Hughes–and that the Jesuits murdered Howard Hughes and don’t want any of Howard Hughes’ family to survive and to carry on Howard Hughes’ legacy, and that the Jesuits have carefully covered all this up, so that few people (including Gail’s own family) knew that Gail is descended from Howard Hughes. He will tell my mother that the Jesuits have the ability to cause my mother to forget things they don’t want her to remember; and, for this reason, he will show my mother a photo of Howard Hughes, then a photo of my dad, then a photo of myself–to show her the Howard Hughes’ likeness in all 3 of us–and he hopes this will cause her to remember his meeting with her and what he told her. Hopefully, we can use these photos to kick my mother out of amnesia–when the Jesuits attack her mind later. He will tell my mother that my paternal grandfather’s brother was Howard Hughes and that the Jesuits despised Howard Hughes and, for this reason, they despise Gail–because Gail is like Howard Hughes. When he makes this statement to my mother, it will be shown on IBN and the whole world will see it.

If, after the Pope gives my mother money, the Jesuits continue to give my mother amnesia about financial assistance from the Pope, then the Pope will bring criminal charges against the Jesuits for slandering his reputation and for trying to make him appear to be a miser and a criminal and for trying to slander the reputation of the POPE. We want all criminal actions of the Jesuits against myself to be actions against the POPE. If, after the Pope makes reparation to my mother–and the Jesuits still use her as an UNWILLING AGENT to undermine my marriage to Vladimir or to undermine Vladimir’s attempts (through the Pope) to give me financial assistance, then we can claim that the Jesuits not only attack myself, Vladimir and my family–but that they attack THE POPE and the Pope will bring legal and criminal charges against the Jesuit Order for this, and this case will be tried publicly on IBN. This will seriously damage the Jesuits, since they will cause a deeper rift in the Roman Catholic Church and more Roman Catholics will turn against them. They really don’t want to do this, but they are so stubborn–I predict they will dig their own grave.

XXX1/2–G.S. (12-6-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (12-6-04)
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CCCCCCC–G.S. (12-6-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-6-04
Place: Melbourne, FL