Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-7-2004)

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12-7-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir informs me that the Jesuits are claiming that he and his International government are hypocrites and violating Scripture, in that I am a woman and I am allowed to have strong influence on the masses–because my speeches and writings are a regular feature on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS. They claim this goes against the Bible teaching that the woman is to be in silence and not to speak in the churches and so our news station has no right to claim to be a news station which claims to honor the Bible.

Vladimir wants me to respond to this Jesuit accusation. I’m not going to waste my time going into a theological argument with these crooks or we’ll argue about this for eternity. Instead, I’m going to throw out a few tidbits to them and invite the Jesuits to respond–

1) Explain to me, Jesuits, why it is that whenever you are presented in our news presentation that you never pulsate green. See Sect. 58 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT. If you are so concerned about honoring the Bible, THEN WHY DON’T YOU READ IT?

2) Explain to me why you sponsored Loree McBride as Brent Spiner’s girlfriend? This woman usually did the opposite of everything Brent wanted her to do and was a VERY REBELLIOUS WOMAN AND NOT IN SUBMISSION TO BRENT IN ANYTHING. The only thing she was good at was being a hellraiser. When this woman called me up and said in a loud, booming voice: “Hey bitch, what the fuck are you doing with my boyfriend!!” You say, this is a submissive woman? You sponsored Loree McBride, Jesuits. Apparently, you don’t care at all about a woman being in submission to a man. In fact, you encourage rebellion. You are like your father, the devil, and are the masters at all sorts of rebellion–so how dare you make any comments about ANYONE BEING IN SUBMISSION, when you submit to NOBODY AND THINK YOU ARE THE BOSS OF EVERYBODY–including the POPE. In fact, you have no spiritual principles at all, your only law is the law of the jungle: Me first, you next– and I’m qualified to beat you up because I’m stronger than you.

2) Next, let me remind you that Pope John Paul II fully sponsors and finances INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS and he is the one who approves of our news broadcasting guidelines or else he would cancel his full financial support of our news broadcast. So, this means that if you oppose our news broadcast and of my prime involvement as a woman in INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS, that you oppose the Roman Catholic Pope’s news station. INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS is the Pope’s news station.

Have the Pope come on and make a statement (under 666-Computer lie-detection) that he fully sponsors and finances INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS and that he approves of our news policies.

Now, if you oppose our news station, because a woman named Gail Schuler is regularly featured (along with her speeches and writings) on the broadcasts, then this means you OPPOSE THE POPE and his theology. What do you have to say to this? Apparently, the Pope believes that it is God’s will to allow Gail Schuler to make speeches and presentations on IBN.

Are you prepared to argue with the Pope over this matter and to assert your authority as a Bible expositor over the Pope? In other words, DO YOU CLAIM TO HAVE MORE SPIRITUAL and BIBLICAL AUTHORITY THAN THE POPE? Is the POPE WRONG TO ALLOW A WOMAN TO MAKE SPEECHES AND PRESENT HER WRITINGS ON THE POPE’S NEWS BROADCAST?

If the Jesuits want, we will sponsor a debate between the Pope and the Jesuits over the spiritual correctness of allowing a woman to have such preeminence on the Pope’s news station.

Here are some reprints from my 11-17-03 statement:

Pope John Paul II said the Vatican will finance the broadcast version of RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS, though the Pope wants to keep this quiet.

Here is a reprint from my 11-28-03 statement:

Pope John Paul II seems to be an unusual pope, in that he allows RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS to expose all the corruption in the Roman Catholic Church, so I no longer consider Pope John Paul II to be my enemy or the Jews’ enemy.

RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS was renamed INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS later. As you can see from previous statements which I’ve made, that the Pope finances our news broadcast. If he disapproved of my statements and writings being promoted on the news broadcast, he would cancel his full financial support for INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS. So, Jesuits, are you prepared to charge the Pope with violating Scripture by allowing me to have such preeminence on our news broadcast? If so, we will sponsor a debate between Pope John Paul and the Jesuits over whether it is Scripturally correct to allow a woman, such as Gail Schuler, to have such pre-eminence on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS. Come on, Jesuits, are you ready to debate the Pope over this?

Present my response to the Jesuits’ accusation about using a woman predominantly on IBN and then record their responses (according to 666-Computer lie-detection). Get the Pope’s response (according to 666-Computer lie-detection as well).

I will say that I don’t believe in women preachers. I don’t ever plan to pastor a church, because to be a pastor of a church puts the woman in the position of asserting her spiritual authority over the men, because the pastor’s position is set up to be a position of spiritual authority. Church members are supposed to submit to their pastors in spiritual matters, when it comes to church leadership and in how the church should be run.

However, there are many instances in Scripture where God approved of certain women making statements and having spiritual leadership roles. In all of these instances, the women received their authority from the MEN.

However, God used women prophets and judges and God has used women to influence politics. See Esther. See Deborah. See Huldah–2 Kings 22:14 and 2 Chr. 34:22. See Noadiah–Neh. 6:14. Anna–see Luke 2:36. God, obviously allows women to make statements and even to predict the future. So, I am not out of the guidelines of Scripture in having a predominant role on IBN. Notice that all these women worked with the men and did not force their statements or leadership on the men, who were the hidden spiritual leaders in their community. Usually, the men asked for the woman’s opinions or their statements or predictions or leadership. These women didn’t force themselves on the men in their community–THE MEN CAME TO THESE WOMEN AND ASKED FOR THEIR COUNSEL or LEADERSHIP ASSISTANCE.

And this is how you can tell whether the woman is in rebellion or is acting according to Scripture. If she forces her leadership on the man (against the man’s wishes), like Jezebel did with King Ahab, then she is a rebellious woman and is not in submission to the man.

Notice it says in 1Timothy 2:11–”Let the women learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority OVER THE MAN, but to be in silence.”

So, the Scriptural choice is that the woman is to be silent or a non-leader, until the man requests that she speak up or lead. She is not to assert her authority OVER THE MAN. This does not mean that a woman should be silent when the man needs her defense, but that she should be silent if she is in disagreement with the man or if she tries to usurp her authority OVER THE MAN or if she has the attitude that SHE IS IN CHARGE and should be the boss instead of the man.

If the man tells her to be quiet, she should be quiet. If the man tells her to speak, she should speak.

Usually a man will not invite a rebellious woman to speak up. So when a man invites a woman to speak, it is because she is in submission to him and the man trusts that the woman will not usurp her authority over that man. Vladimir has learned from experience that when I assert my leadership role, that I always do so in a manner to please him or defend him, so he likes me to be a leader–I help him out and that’s why HE ASKS FOR MY HELP AS HE DOES HIS PRESIDENTIAL JOB.

If the men ASK FOR A WOMAN’S LEADERSHIP AND HELP, and she gives them the help they seek wholeheartedly and with a good attitude, then she is in submission to the men. In fact, if a man asks a woman for leadership assistance and she refuses to give it to him, would that not be a form of rebellion against the man, since she has denied him his request? A woman who obeys a man’s request for leadership assistance, is taking the position of ACTIVE SUBMISSION. There is a false concept that a submissive woman is always a weak character who never speaks up about anything and that a submissive woman is always as weak as a mouse. But there are some quiet women who seethe in rebellion against their men. They usually rebel by NOT doing what the man wants and the rebellion is quiet; or they do what the man wants, but they seethe quietly in rage the whole time they do it.

The true test of submission is the woman’s ATTITUDE as she does whatever the man requested of her. If she’s doing it to please her man and to obey him, then whether her obedience results in a leadership role or a quiet role, she is in submission to him. If whatever she is doing is done with the ATTITUDE to disobey her man or to ASSERT HER AUTHORITY OVER THE MAN, whether her action or inaction is quiet, loud or inconspicuous, she is in REBELLION TO HER MAN.

If a man, who is a spiritual leader, asks a woman to make a statement or to lead in a certain spiritual matter, then SHE IS IN SUBMISSION TO THE MAN WHO REQUESTED HER TO TAKE THE LEADERSHIP ROLE; and, therefore, it is the man who is in charge, since he requested for the woman to speak or lead in the matter. And the woman would be in submission, since she has obeyed the man’s request for assistance. Both Vladimir Putin and the Pope are in charge and they request that I make statements, so they are the leaders, not I. I obey them and give them the assistance they seek from me. I am not asserting my authority over the men that I am in submission to–Vladimir Putin and Pope John Paul II. These men request for me to take a leadership role.

You may say, what about when the woman disagrees with the man? Can she present to the man her objections? Yes, she can, and if she is normally in submission, the man will consider her objections and may even come around to her point of view. To disagree with the man is not rebellion, as long as when she ACTS, she does what the man wants and does so with the attitude of submission. However, if the man makes it plain that he continues to disagree with her, she should drop the matter and obey the man and do what he wants.

However, a woman does not have to be in submission to every man–only to her husband and those who are in authority over her–such as her pastor or her boss. However, if she has to choose between several men who give her different orders, she is to be in submission to her husband over the others.

In fact, Vladimir gave me the position of Russian Vice President against my wishes. But, because this is what he wanted and I am in submission to him, I let him do it and did not argue with him about it. He’s the boss. I do whatever he says. He wants me to be Russian Vice President, so I am.

If Vladimir told me to stop leading, I would–but he likes my statements and my input, so I keep giving it to him because he asks me to take on a leadership role. These men (Vladimir and athe Pope) invite me to lead right beside them. I really don’t like taking all this responsibility, but I love Vladimir and do whatever he wants and Vladimir wants me to take on this leadership role, and I obey him and DO IT.

God prefers to use men as spiritual leaders. But, when he can’t find a man, he’ll use a woman. Anyone who reads the Bible knows that.

But the one who finances and supports IBN is a MAN and that man is the POPE. So, to criticize IBN is to criticize the man who sponsors IBN, which is the POPE. Maybe the debate needs to be whether or not I should be in submission to Pope John Paul II? The POPE HAS REQUESTED THAT I MAKE STATEMENTS ON IBN AND HE APPROVES OF MY INPUT, OR HE WOULDN’T SUPPORT IBN. You Jesuits want to debate about whether I should be in submission to the Pope?

You might say what about women Presidents? Does God ordain women Presidents? Again, God prefers to use men in leadership, but he will use women if no qualified man is available or if a woman is better qualified than the men. When you have a good woman leader, she is usually in submission to some men in her life. Even Britain’s great queen, Queen Victoria, always consulted with the men in her leadership team. The great women leaders never compete with the men, they WORK WITH THEM AS A TEAM AND THE MEN APPROVE OF THEM AS LEADERS AND DESIRE FOR THESE WOMEN TO LEAD–SINCE THE WOMAN ISN’T COMPETING WITH THE MEN, BUT WORKS WITH THEM.

No woman can legally come to power in a country unless the men allowed it. So, if a woman becomes President, who voted for her to become President? So, she receives her authority as leader from the MEN. Now, if the election was illegal or she extorted her way to power (which has happened), then she is an evil woman who came to power to assert her authority OVER THE MEN. But, if the elections were legal, and it was the MEN WHO VOTED FOR HER, then the MEN PUT HER INTO POWER and she is there BECAUSE THE MEN PUT HER THERE.

You may say what if men vote for a woman as pastor of a church? Wouldn’t it be OK for that woman to be the pastor, because the men requested it? The pastor of a church has a unique SPIRITUAL authority which is higher than the authority of a country’s President, according to the Bible. You see, a pastor has to counsel church members, solve marriage problems, make spiritual leadership decisions–these are things that God has ordained for the men to do.

God wants men to be spiritual leaders, not women. You can’t find a single woman writer of any book in the King James Bible. It is OK (but not usually preferred) for a woman to be a political or business leader, but the men are ordained to be the SPIRITUAL LEADERS. A President of a country is a political leader. You might say, isn’t a woman prophetess a spiritual leader OVER THE MEN? Not if she’s giving out prophecy in the submissive manner. A submissive woman prophet gives out her prophecies AT THE REQUEST OF THE MEN. The men GO TO HER for her SPIRITUAL counsel. SHE DOES NOT IMPOSE HER spiritual LEADERSHIP ON THEM. You never catch a good woman prophet in the Bible chopping off people’s head like the prophet Elijah did. You see, when the prophet Elijah chopped off heads, he was asserting his SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY as a SPIRITUAL LEADER. OFTENTIMES, THE WOMAN PROPHET DIDN’T WANT TO LEAD OR SPEAK, BUT TOOK THE JOB BECAUSE THE MAN REQUESTED IT.

However, what is interesting in the Bible, is that God often uses a woman to mock the existing male leadership and to do a man’s job better than the men (just to mock the male leadership at the time)–this usually occurs when God cannot wholeheartedly support the male leadership in existence at the time. See Judges 9:53 and 2 Samuel 20:21-22 and Judges 4:21-22. In all instances, when God uses a woman to do a man’s job, it is because there is no man available to do the job as God wishes. So God uses what he has and God determines that a woman would do a better job than the existing male leadership, He’ll use a woman. But if qualified men are available, God always prefers to use men.

You know what I think is going on in our present generation? We have a generation of men who are not as manly and heroic for God as God would like. God has determined that I, a woman descended from King David and from many royal families, am more qualified to lead a country, than most of the male leadership–so He’s using me. The male leadership in existence at this time, is like Barak, they sense that I have unique leadership gifts as a woman and that I’m good (like Deborah), so they ask for my assistance– and ask that I, like Deborah, assume the leadership role. I would rather not, but there is no man who is as qualified as I for this job. The men know it, so they use me. Barak was not jealous of Deborah, he needed her because he was afraid he’d lose the war without her. Deborah was good. I think this is how Vladimir feels about me.

I don’t like it. I wish I could just be a wife and mother. I don’t like taking on all this responsibility–but like Deborah, I sense I’m needed and that an enemy needs to be defeated and that I have unique gifts and talents to offer.

Ironically, when a woman is more qualified, the male leadership in existence at the time senses it, and asks for that woman’s assistance. This is why in Judges, Barak insisted on using Deborah. Deborah did not seem excited about leading Israel into war, but when she was asked, she did it and she did a great job, because they won the war. And it was the women who made the moves that caused Israel to win this war. Deborah acted more like a general than Barak. She was giving orders–see Judges 4:14. The Jesuits may say, then she was out of God’s will because the woman is to be in silence. Well, they won the battle and the Bible says that God was on her side. See verse 15. You must remember, that BARAK ASKED DEBORAH TO GO WITH HIM INTO BATTLE. So, she took the leadership role BECAUSE THE MAN ASKED HER TO DO IT. See Deborah and Jael–these women did it. Without their assistance, and if Barak was alone, Barak may have lost. He knew Deborah was good, so he asked for her assistance. In this case, Deborah was not out of God’s will, because the MAN ASKED FOR HER HELP.

What’s interesting is you get a clue that Deborah really didn’t want so much responsibility and that she was a bit irritated at the men she had to deal with. Judges 4:6 indicates that she chided Barak for being so reluctant to be the leader in something God had called him to do. “Hath not the Lord commandED (notice the PAST TENSE), saying, Go and draw toward mount Tabor, and take with thee ten thousand men of the children of Naphtali and of the children of Zebulun?” Notice Barak’s response and Deborah lets him know that God is not totally pleased with his slowness to obey God’s command for him to take the male leadership role and she says this to him, “I will surely go with thee: notwithstanding the journey that thou takest shall not be for thine honor; for the Lord shall sell Sisera into the hand of a woman.” Nevertheless, Barak does obey God and go into the battle ON THE CONDITION THAT DEBORAH GO WITH HIM, so God allows him to have the victory–even if he was slow to do so.

She had to fetch Barak, because, it appears he was hiding and didn’t want to assume his male leadership role–see v. 6 of Judges 4. So, you see, God was forced to use a woman, because the men weren’t male enough to be the great leaders. There were no King Davids or Joshuas or Moses. God used what He had. God had a male leader–Barak–but He didn’t have a GREAT LEADER. The men were making excuses and not obeying God TO THE FULLEST. We are in a similar situation today. That is probably why God is using me. I listen to Him more and am more quick to obey Him than the men.

You may say, you are accusing Vladimir Putin and Brent Spiner of not being manly? Well, let’s say Vladimir and Brent are about as manly as you are going to find in this present generation of men. God is hard up. Vladimir senses that I have many qualities of leadership, which I probably inherited because of all my royal genes and, like Barak, he’s taking advantage of the situation. He’s forcing me to lead right along with him. Like Barak, he says I’ll go into battle IF YOU’LL GO WITH ME. And like Deborah, I’m going along with the plan, but I’d be a lot happier if I didn’t have to do this. Nevertheless, like Deborah, I see the need and I see that we must win this war, so I’m going into battle with my Barak. And like Deborah and Barak, I will rejoice if we win this war, even if it means I have to be a leader (though I’d rather not).

I will say this in Vladimir’s favor. He has assessed me and determined that I have great leadership ability and he is determined to use my talent. It isn’t just because he’s scared to go to battle, he thinks I have unusual abilities and he feels that he must harness this talent in his wife. He thinks it could make a catastrophic difference in the outcome of the war. And perhaps this is why the men didn’t want Deborah’s job, because they sensed she could do it better than they. The men aren’t stupid, if they sense a woman has unusual talent to do their job, they will use the woman. However, I think that Barak was like Moses in that he made excuses and should have taken on a little more responsibility as a leader. But to Barak’s credit, HE DID OBEY GOD AND GO–But ONLY IF DEBORAH WENT WITH HIM. He knew Deborah was good and he insisted on her participation.

You might say, maybe you should play dumb and let the man take over, then you wouldn’t have to work so hard. Well, unfortunately, we are in a difficult war and my talents are needed, so I offer them. If I play dumb, we might LOSE THE WAR. In fact, I believe that if I had not taken on the leadership role, that we would be losing the war against the Jesuits right now. God has given me unusual talents that I must use, so we can win this war against these thugs. Vladimir needs my brains and my courage as well as my love and womanly support. I wish there was no war, BUT THERE IS A WAR and so things are complicated. I have to be a man and the leader of a nation, when I’d rather just be a woman. I couldn’t live with myself if because I played dumb and didn’t use my talents, that because of my lack of participation, we lose this war against these Jesuit thugs. AND IF WE LOSE THIS WAR, I CAN FORGET HAVING A HAPPY FAMILY, BECAUSE THERE WILL BE NO FAMILY FOR ME TO GO TO.

However, just because a woman is not to be a spiritual leader OVER THE MAN, she CAN BE A SPIRITUAL LEADER. She can teach Bible. She can give Biblical counsel–as long as WHEN SHE DOES IT SHE IS NOT ASSERTING HER AUTHORITY OVER THE MEN. In Deborah’s case, she was not asserting authority over the men, because none of the men wanted her job–so someone had to do it, and God used a woman. Notice Timothy uses the words OVER THE MAN. She can teach Bible and she can make spiritual comments, as long as she does so in a manner that does not assert authority OVER THE MAN. Which means she should only do so, if the MEN ASK HER TO, and she cannot force her teachings on any man who listens to her–like the prophet Elijah did, because the MAN is the SPIRITUAL LEADER.

All Bible translations which are honored by God, have been translated by MEN. God ordains the MEN TO BE THE SPIRITUAL LEADERS. The excellent German translation, Die Heilige Shrift was translated by a MAN–MARTIN LUTHER–not by his wife.

When it comes to SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP, the man is to be the spiritual leader. You might say, you are being a spiritual leader because of your statements that are published and broadcast on IBN. Yes, I am a spiritual leader, but I am UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF A MAN–I am not asserting my authority over the man, so Vladimir Putin and the Pope are the spiritual leaders OVER ME.

You may say, what about your laws? I write them, BUT WHO PASSES THEM INTO LAW? It is a MAN–VLADIMIR PUTIN OR THE POPE. Again, I assist them in their leadership role, but I am in submission to them. By the way, not all my laws have been passed yet, so you can see, I am not in charge. I am under the authority of Vladimir Putin and the Pope. If Vladimir ever diagreed with my laws, he would have the power to ignore them or cause them not to be passed, but he passes them, because he likes them and he has discovered that I am a valuable asset to his leadership team.

I write law BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT VLADIMIR WANTS. I DO THIS IN SUBMISSION TO HIM. Vladimir has learned to respect my judgment, and so now I have considerable autonomy in writing law and he doesn’t babysit me too much. This makes me appear to be the leader, but it only means that Vladimir has confidence in my abilities and has given me more leadership because he trusts me. He could take it away in a split second if he wanted to. He DOESN’T WANT TO. He’s the one who encourages me to lead. These men request my statements and laws, or I wouldn’t be able to publish or broadcast them.


Regarding the Jesuits’ accusation, that no woman has any business being a Bible scholar, since men are the spiritual leaders. Well, all I have to say to this is that God certainly does not object if a woman desires to read His Word. In fact, I would go so far as to say that a woman who does NOT read the Bible is more likely to be a rebellious wife, since only a godly woman (in submission to the Lord) can be in submission to her husband.

It is not easy for a woman to be in submission to her husband. How can a woman be in submission to her husband, if she does not care about being in submission to God? If a woman does not read the Bible, then her submission may not be a true submission from the heart and she is not interested in submitting to the Lord. A woman is to submit to her husband AS TO THE LORD. But, if a woman does not read the Bible, then she is not interested in God, and would not care if she was in submission to her husband and she would not care about obeying Ephesians 5:22, since she would not read or honor the Word and may not even know about Ephesians 5. Ephesians 5:22–Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.” So, God says, that a godly woman will be in submission to her husband.

Also, Jesus said this of Mary, who sat at his feet and heard his WORDS (the same thing as reading the Bible): “But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.” That good part was that Mary sat at Jesus’ feet and heard His Words. Go back to verse 39 of this chapter: “And she had a sister called Mary, which also sat a Jesus’ feet, and HEARD HIS WORD.” So, you see, God praises MARY for hearing HIS WORD. TODAY, YOU HEAR GOD’S WORD BY HEARING THE KING JAMES BIBLE or reading it. So, God wants women to READ THE BIBLE and He praised Mary for this.

Also, when God describes a great woman–see 2 Kings 4– this is a woman who rushes to hear God’s Word. She knows she will hear God’s word from Elisha the prophet, so, when she is in trouble, she rushes to go to God’s prophet (who is the source of God’s Word at this time in history). “And she called unto her husband, and said, Send me, I pray thee, one of the young men, and one of the asses, that I may run to the man of God, and come again.” God describes this woman as GREAT.

What is interesting is in the book of Ephesians, after God commands men to love their wives and wives to be in submission to their husband and children to obey parents, that God then gives general instructions to men, women and children–He then tells them what they all must do to be successful in their warfare against the devil. It is obvious that in discussing God’s armour, God is addressing all Christians, regardless of their age or sex. He tells them about God’s armour RIGHT AFTER HE GIVES SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS TO WOMEN, MEN AND CHILDREN–it is as if God is using these specific instructions RIGHT BEFORE THE PASSAGE ABOUT THE ARMOUR, to show that this command to put on God’s armour is for all those He has just previously discussed. This command to put on the whole armour of God is given to all Christians, regardless of their sex or age. We know this from the context of the passage and what immediately precedes this passage. One of the commands is this: “And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” This is a command for women, as well as men, to read and know the Bible, in order to defeat the devil (or the devil’s computer?). The Bible is described as a SWORD. PERHAPS IT IS A SWORD TO CUT OFF THE DEVIL’S ATTEMPTS TO TAKE OVER THE BRAIN?

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-7-04
Place: Melbourne, FL