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14.0 On this 5th day of August, 2020, Loree McBride Jesuits will be redefined to include anyone who worships Satan or any of his demons and who is consumed with greed or lust for money and consumed with a lust for worldly honor or who is vain to the point that they would align with Satan to appease their vanity, and who opposes Jesus and/or His favorite Gail Chord Schuler. We will not win our war against the Loree McBride Jesuits if we focus our search for criminals on just those who follow or honor Loree McBride. Satan is starting to lose with Loree McBride and appears to be moving onto a new target. Even if we eliminate all those who worship and honor Loree McBride, Satan would then just move onto another target as his right-hand person. We have to make it that Satan will have NO ONE as his follower or this war will NEVER END. The real enemy in this war is not Loree McBride, it is Satan, so the focus needs to be on eliminating Satan worshippers. Satan’s primary attraction to those who follow him is that he offers them wealth and worldly honor. So people obsessed with a lust for money and worldly honor would be attracted to Satan and his demons.

14.0a We must set up scanners to scan every person on earth, to determine who is obsessed with a lust for money and worldly honor and fame to the point that they would gladly deal with Satan or one of his demons (like the UFOs) in order to acquire wealth or worldly honor or fame. All people obsessed with a lust for money, vanity, and/or worldly honor and/or fame to the point that they would gladly deal with Satan to obtain the riches and honor that Satan has the power to give, will be called SATAN WORSHIPPERS. All SATAN WORSHIPPERS must be executed, whether by a scanner or whatever means. No one is immune from this scan, even Church of Gail members and all men on Gail’s marriage list and even Gail herself must be scanned (though of course Gail would not be against herself, but the scan will determine her motives and clear her of involvement in Satan’s criminal activities), because Gail wants to play fair. We could be dealing with traitors. If this seems extreme, you must realize that Loree McBride has been meeting with Satan weekly, so our enemy is not Loree McBride, it is Satan. Also, if we don’t include ourselves in the scan, the SATAN WORSHIPPERS can rightly claim that perhaps we, too, are SATAN WORSHIPPERS and we are playing a deadly, hypocritical game. So NO ONE IS EXEMPT FROM THIS SCAN. OUR DEADLY ENEMY IS SATAN HIMSELF AND UNTIL WE DEAL WITH HIM DIRECTLY, WE WILL NEVER WIN. We thought when we defeated Angelina Ballerina our problems would be over and they were not, since Satan just moved onto a new target as his right-hand person and his new right-hand person became Loree McBride. If someone is willing to meet with Satan in order to help him out, then they have the heart of a murderer, because Satan is a murderer, and they must be executed.

14.0a1 This scanner which scans for SATAN WORSHIPPERS will also scan the memories of every person on earth, starting with those in the vicinity of the bomb (Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Iran, etc.) to determine if anyone knows anything about this bomb. Anyone whose memories have been tampered with, will be immediately suspect and all such people will have all their connections searched, to find out who was responsible for this bomb in Beirut, Lebanon. Combining a scan for SATAN WORSHIPPERS with a scan to find those who have knowledge of the bomb, should yield some results in determining who was behind this bomb. Once we find the culprits behind the bomb and do memory reads (if we can), then we will execute them publicly on Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable).

14.0a2 This scanner must also look for shields, because, more than likely, the guilty culprits will be under a shield that protects them from our scanners. If this is the case, then all those under the shield will be brought before Jesus Christ using whatever technology we must use to do so, even if we have to transport a whole city or country under a shield. Jesus himself will then determine who is guilty or innocent. Jesus would know who the Satan worshippers are and will deal with them accordingly. Our Nanotechnology Research Team has come up with technology that enables us to bring people before Jesus. So, if we cannot overcome their shields, we just take them along with their shields and put them right before Jesus Christ. We may also do this for those who have had their memories removed.

14.1 Satan, using his proxy Loree McBride, has somehow created a devastating bomb that seems to require interaction with other ingredients, like ammonia nitrate, in order to work. This is what happened in Beirut, Lebanon recently. From observing this bomb, it appears Loree McBride Jesuits have come up with a bomb that interacts with whatever is on the ground to explode, thereby, defeating our shields. It appears a person or automaton underneath our shields is able to just drop the bomb onto chemicals with which it interacts, thus causing an explosion UNDERNEATH OUR SHIELDS. The force of the explosion is so strong that even a shield cannot protect the people underneath the shield. It appears to have the force of a nuclear bomb and is perhaps a new form of Jesuit nukkake that is just dropped onto explosive material with which it interacts.

14.2 I would like Bill Nye and our Nanotechnology Research Team, especially those with backgrounds in bomb making or chemistry, to study what caused this explosion in Beirut, perhaps by studying the ingredients in the air around the bomb, so we can determine what chemicals may have been in the bomb and what chemicals the bomb interacted with on the ground to cause the explosion. Once we determine what chemicals were involved, we should ban the use of these chemicals anywhere on earth and set up our scanners to immediately destroy those chemicals anywhere they are detected on earth, so that Satan cannot do a repeat performance of what he did in Lebanon elsewhere on earth.

14.3 Those who make the scanners will swear under 666-Computer lie-detection and emotion reads, that to the best of their ability they have created the scanners (as outlined in this Sect. 14 of INTERNATIONAL MILITARY LAW) to honor Gail Chord Schuler, to honor Jesus Christ and to defeat Satan. If they fail this lie-detection and emotion reads, then the scanner cannot be used, until those who create the scanner pass the lie-detection and emotion reads as outlined in this paragraph.

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