Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (1-9-2005)

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1-9-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

As a result of evidence and intelligence we’ve uncovered from the work of THE NET, we have determined that those persons with Jewish bloodlines were intensely targeted by the Jesuits FOR DESTRUCTION THROUGH THE USE OF THEIR GROUNDBREAKING SATELLITE AND COMPUTER OPERATIONS (most of which are underground and well hidden).

And this is why the Jesuits murdered Howard Hughes (descended from King David and whose genetic profile was uncannily similar to King David) and why they have intensely targeted myself (my genetic profile is also uncannily similar to King David). Howard Hughes was my paternal grandfather’s brother. We have also uncovered evidence that Jesuit computers were programmed to specifically target those who had genetic readings similar to King David, so that let’s say two siblings were descended from King David (like my sister and myself), but one sibling’s genetic readings were closer to King David than the other’s (I have genetic readings much closer to King David than my sister’s)–in this case, the Jesuit computers were programmed to more intensely target the one who had the readings that were closest to King David. There was definitely an obsession over King David’s genetic profile and to those persons of Jewish descent, such as myself and Howard Hughes, and–therefore– others who had genetic profiles uncannily similiar to King David were more intensely targeted for destruction of their health and reputation by the Jesuits.

This is probably because the Bible continually refers to Jesus Christ as the Son of David. Therefore, the Jesuits went on an all-out campaign to pave the way for their future Pope (world ruler), who, obviously, would not be descended from King David–in order to fool the world that their Pope is Jesus Christ establishing His kingdom through the Roman Catholic Church. First, they needed to make all those genuine descendants from David appear to be eminently unqualified to be the ruler of the universe, and this is why those who were descended from David were intensely targeted for destruction of their reputations and their health by the Jesuits. All this evidence about the King David obsession (via genetic profiling and targeting) will be presented on IBN and anyone [most likely religious leaders –including Muslim and other religious leaders–and most especially those religious leaders that desire to set up a worldwisde kingdom with a worldwide Christlike ruler based on their religion) and Vladimir Putin should be cross-examined since he is now an ordained minister] who could be implicated in this KING DAVID obsession These persons will be cross-examined under 666-Computer lie-detection in our special JEWISH GENETIC PROFILING BY THE JESUIT ORDER. This King David obsession will be very strong evidence that only a religious organization which desired to set up a world-wide kingdom under a “JESUS CHRIST” could be behind this genetic profiling, since there is definitely evidence that those descended from King David (and whose genetic profiles matched King David) were much more intensely targeted for destruction of their reputations, life and health. This targeting of those with genetic profiles similar to King David was obviously an attempt to pave the way for a worldwide religious dictatorship based on the principles of Christianity, and it was/is an attempt to set up a counterfeit Jesus Christ as dictator over the whole world. Since why else would there have been such a fanatical obsession over those who had genetic profiles similar to King David of Israel? In other words, it was an attempt to set up a Jesuit-controlled Roman Catholic Pope as Jesus Christ and as the God ordained ruler of the universe. This targeting of those with genetic profiles similar to King David was an attempt to set up a Roman Catholic or “Christian” kingdom, because those descended from King David (and most especially those whose genetic profiles were uncannily similar to King David) had to be eliminated and their reputations ruined to remove any possible obstacles, in order to pave the way for this dictator “JESUS CHRIST” Pope. THOSE WITH GENETIC PROFILES UNCANNILY SIMILAR TO KING DAVID HAD TO BE DESTROYED AND THEIR REPUTATIONS RUINED, in order to minimize those Bible verses that call Jesus Christ the SON OF DAVID.

Luke 1:30-33–”And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God. And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name JESUS. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his FATHER DAVID: And he shall reign over the HOUSE OF JACOB for ever; (note: it doesn’t sound like God wants all the Jews killed off) and of his kingdom there shall be no end.”

Jesuits felt that the impression had to be made that God was finished with the Jews and that no person of Jewish ancestry could ever be the God ordained “Jesus Christ” ruler of the universe. In other words, the Jesuits wanted to place an undue emphasis on those Bible verses that claimed that the Jews had crucified Jesus Christ, and, therefore, God was finished with the Jewish race.

Pope John Paul needs to be included in this cross-examination (under 666-Computer lie-detection). More than likely he will attest that before he rebelled against the Jesuit Order, that it was the goal of the Jesuit-run Roman Catholic Church to set up a worldwide Roman Catholic dictatorship under a Jesus Christ Pope and that this was and is still the goal of the Jesuit Order–which explains their King David obsession. He will explain that because the Jesuits still pursue this goal–that is, to set up a Roman Catholic Jesus Christ dictator Pope, that the Pope had to excommunicate the Jesuit Order, because he did not approve of the tactics they used to prepare the way for this Jesus Christ Roman Catholic Pope.

As a result of the evidence we’ve uncovered about this King David obsession, I want Dr. Peter Ruckman to present a special on IBN about what the Bible has to say about the future Messianic kingdom and about WHO this future “Jesus Christ” world-wide ruler will be (according to the Bible). Before Dr. Ruckman begins his presentation, I want it stated on IBN that it was MY IDEA to have this presentation and it was not DR. RUCKMAN’S IDEA. He can present clips from some of his past presentations (and he will mention the date of these past presentations), to show that what he is currently teaching is nothing new. Dr. Ruckman will present all the verses that show that this future ruler will be descended from King David and that this future kingdom will be a Jewish –not Roman Catholic–kingdom. He will show why the Jewish race has gone through such intense persecution, because they did indeed crucify their Messiah and because of the sins of the Jewish nation–but they were not alone–the WHOLE WORLD CRUCIFIED HIM and most especially ROME, since it was under the orders of the Roman government that Jesus Christ was crucified.

Dr. Ruckman will also present Bible evidence about the false Christ (666) and what he will be like and what the Bible has to say about him. The title of this IBN presentation about the future God-ordained ruler of the universe will be called: THE BATTLE FOR A KING DAVID RULER OF THE UNIVERSE. Give Dr. Ruckman as much time as he needs to do this subject justice. It is one of the most (if not the most important) topic in the whole Bible. In this special I want him to comment on the following Bible verses: Mark 15:25–”And it was THIRD hour, and they crucified him.” Mark 15:33-”And when the SIXTH hour was come, there was darkness over the whole land until the NINTH hour.” John 19:14–”And it was the preparation of the passover, and about the SIXTH hour: and he saith unto the Jews, Behold your King!”

My birthday was 9-15-57. I’m descended from King David and am intensely persecuted by the Jesuits for this.

I became a born again Christian (got “saved”) on 9-19-71 when I was 14 years old. Also check out the Jesus Christ geneologies in Mt. 1:17–God connects the number 14 to the genetic line-up of Jesus Christ. In Mt. 1:20–Jesus Christ’s “father” Joseph, was called the son of David.

Refer to CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT, Sect. 13.16, for my observations about what the Bible has to say about the numbers 6 and 3 and 25. Dr. Ruckman can comment on this that I described in CL&G, Sect. 13.16, too, in his special THE BATTLE FOR A KING DAVID RULER OF THE UNIVERSE.

Dr. Ruckman will conclude this special THE BATTLE FOR A KING DAVID RULER OF THE UNIVERSE on how one can promote the true Davidic kingdom and what one must do to honor God and His kingdom in this time that we live in now. Dr. Ruckman will also emphasize HOW the REAL JESUS CHRIST WILL SET UP HIS KINGDOM–that is, with an ARMY FROM HEAVEN and that He won’t use earthly means to do it. Dr. Ruckman can elaborate on this any ways he feels led, perhaps by mentioning that this will be an army of saints and whatever else he feels led to do. Dr. Ruckman knows the Bible well. We want to make it clear that we do not in any manner support the Jesuits in their attempts to use earthly means to set up a false kingdom for Christ–because this is their justification for their murders of Jews and genuine Christians, and for their war against those who they feel would thwart their goals.

The purpose for this presentation THE BATTLE FOR A KING DAVID RULER OF THE UNIVERSE is to firmly establish WHO would have THE MOTIVE to conduct a worldwide satellite-computer campaign to set up a worldwide religious dictatorship–which is obviously the intent of this worldwide computer/satellite network which is obsessed with those descended from KING DAVID (who is a key religious figure in many world religions). By examining the teachings of the various religions and what drives each religion, we can narrow the main culprit (or the ones responsible for this worldwide underground and massive satellite/computer network) to the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church. We present this special THE BATTLE FOR A KING DAVID RULER OF THE UNIVERSE to show what King James Bible believers believe and have believed for years, and to firmly establish that it is not I, Vladimir Putin, Dr. Ruckman or those who believe that the King James Bible in English is the inspired and preserved Word of God– that would be behind this worldwide attempt to set up a dictator who controls the human race (via satellite/computer technology)–but that only a group who believes in using earthly means (like computers and satellites) to set up a Messianic kingdom would have the motivation for this type of computer/satellite set-up which targets Jews, genuine Christians, King James Bible believers (since they believe the Messiah will be a JEWISH DESCENDANT OF KING DAVID) and King David descendants. We use this presentation THE BATTLE FOR A KING DAVID RULER OF THE UNIVERSE to show that the King James Bible does not endorse the Jesuits’ attempt to set up God’s kingdom, and that the Jesuits violate the teachings of the King James Bible in the way they go about establishing their Messianic kingdom–and, even further, that the Jesuits appear to be the precursors of 666 or the false Christ (according to what we have gleaned from the Bible).

The purpose for THE BATTLE FOR A KING DAVID RULER OF THE UNIVERSE is to establish who would have THE MOTIVE to commit such a large-scale criminal computer/satellite operation which targets Jews, King James Bible believers, genuine Christians, and most especially those descended from King David–and that, because of what we believe from the King James Bible, that it is most definitely not myself, Vladimir Putin, Dr. Ruckman or those who hold our beliefs about the King James Bible that would endorse or promote the set up of a worldwide satellite/computer underground network to target and destroy Jews (and especially those Jews genetically linked to King David).

Scientific and genetic and other evidence (including recently unearthed evidence which we have acquired from the Jesuits’ massive underground operations) will be presented alongside Dr. Ruckman’s presentation to bolster his presentation and make this a powerful and truthful and much needed expose’.

Also, Jesuit leaders, Dr. Ruckman, Vladimir Putin, Pres. Bush and other world leaders (including religious leaders) who could be implicated in this massive underground satellite/computer operation will be asked the following question under 666-Computer lie-detection: “Did you (directly or indirectly) willingly and knowingly program (or support the programming of) any computers or satellites to search for those who had genetic profiles uncannily similar to King David of Israel, in order to destroy the reputation of and/or the life or health of these genetic descendants of King David?”

If the answer is determined to be “yes”, then the following question will be asked of the person: “Why did you support the profiling and destruction of those persons who have genetic profiles similar to King David?” Since, I predict they will evade this question and try not to answer it–throw out some possibilities (scan through this 1-10-05 statement for ideas on possibilities–since I have ventured my own guesses and they are probably accurate) and then check 666-Computer lie-detection readings to determine the truth. We are going to expose WHO IS THE REAL ORGANIZATION OR PERSONs that would desire to target the descendants of KING DAVID! I’m convinced it’s the JESUIT ORDER OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Jesuits used genetic scanning (via pioneering satellite/computer technology) to determine who had Jewish genetic ancestry and our military operations have uncovered huge evidence that those with Jewish genetic ancestry were extremely targeted for destruction and for defamation–we have uncovered meticulous and detailed computer programming –all centered around the genetic profiles of those with Jewish ancestry and especially those with royal Jewish bloodlines. It wouldn’t matter if the person was not of the Jewish faith, if they had the royal Jewish genes, they were to be destroyed and eliminated. No one with Jewish ancestry could escape, since the Jesuits’ computers were brilliantly accurate and meticulous and anyone alive on the planet with Jewish bloodlines was targeted.

However, those with royal Jewish genes, were to be treated in a special manner–not only were they to be killed, but they needed to destroy the reputation of those with royal Jewish genes. So these persons with royal Jewish ancestry were targeted in a special manner, in order to not only weaken them and make them ill or sick, but to make them appear mentally or emotionally unstable and undesirable as a group of persons and to make them appear to be inferior persons.

Apparently, this was an attempt to eliminate any possible competition in the Jesuits’ goal to set up a Roman Catholic dictatorship over the whole world. The Jesuits were aware that the Bible taught that the Jewish nation was God’s chosen nation to deliver the Messiah–so they wanted to make the Jewish race appear to be very evil and not a race that God would use to deliver the Messiah. This was done, apparently, so that the world would accept their Jesuit Pope, when they tried to set him up over the world as the God ordained ruler and king of the universe.

It was the goal of the Jesuits to either kill or discredit all those with Jewish ancestry, in order to make the Jews appear to be a race that God wanted totally annihilated. Those with royal Jewish ancestry were especially targeted and THE NET has uncovered that all the Jesuits’ genetic scanners were programmed to search out and destroy all those with royal Jewish genes. So that those persons who were not aware of their Jewish ancestry would also be targeted (like myself–until recently), BECAUSE THE GENETIC PROFILING OF THE JEWS was very meticulous and accurate–using genetic scanners which had 100% accuracy and which could locate and detect all persons with Jewish ancestry–no one of Jewish ancestry could escape their satellite/computer genetic scanners. And this scanning was very meticulous, even going into details about which Jewish tribe the person was from and the Jesuits knew ALL THOSE WHO HAD ANY GENETIC LINKS TO KING DAVID. King David’s genes were meticulously outlined and profiled, in order to locate and eliminate and destroy the reputation of all those descended from King David. Evidence for this will be shown in this special.

No person of Jewish descent could escape the Jesuits’ genetic scanners–ALL JEWS WERE TO BE DESTROYED AND WERE TO HAVE THEIR REPUTATIONS DESTROYED. The Jesuits, apparently, knew that I was descended from King David and this caused me to be especially targeted by the Jesuits. The Jesuits’ first priority was to eliminate (or totally destroy) first all those with Jewish royal bloodlines, especially the bloodlines that were similar to Jesus Christ–from Kings David and Solomon. And, for this reason, I was especially targeted by the Jesuits. This explains why my life has been so difficult with overwhelming challenges.

I am very tired today. I have been intensely attacked by the Jesuits’ 666-Computers and almost felt like I had to go to the hospital last night.

I want IBN to do a special entitled JEWISH GENETIC PROFILING BY THE JESUIT ORDER (this will be separate from Dr. Ruckman’s presentation THE BATTLE FOR A KING DAVID RULER OF THE UNIVERSE–though he may borrow clips from it for his presentation). In this special JEWISH GENETIC PROFILING BY THE JESUIT ORDER we will present the evidence (especially recent evidence) we have uncovered about how, why and to what extent Jesuits have targeted persons of Jewish descent. A lot of this evidence we have uncovered from their underground operations. Part of this special will show cross-examination (under 666-Computer lie-detection) of Jesuits and other world leaders (including Vladimir Putin) about Jewish profiling, to determine who would want to target Jews and why. Evidence, including cross-examination, will determine who was behind these underground operations which we have uncovered–since it is from these underground operations that we have obtained overwhelming evidence of the Jesuits’ passionate, meticulous, and relentless anti-Semitism and of their fanatical obsession with those descended from King David.

All world leaders will be cross-examined in this special, including Jesuits, to determine who the REAL ANTI-SEMITES are. The Jesuits have covered their butts for years over this matter and have put the blame on other parties (like the Germans)– the truth needs to be OUT.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 1-9-05 , (updates on 1-10-05).
Place: Melbourne, FL