Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (1-13-2005)

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1-13-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Whenever a very SIGNIFICANT PERSON is taken over as an UNWILLING AGENT by the Jesuits, this will be headline news on IBN. This is because the use of UNWILLING AGENTS has been the prime strategy of the Jesuits to foil Vladimir’s attempts to give Gail money or to prevent his marriage to her–so this is very important news and should make the headlines everytime it occurs and it occurs a lot, so this could end up taking the first half hour of news coverage every hour. If the Jesuits did not have UNWILLING AGENT capabilities, Vladimir and Gail would be married by now and Gail would have received all the proceeds from her novel Silver Skies. So this is obviously a very important Jesuit strategy and deserves headline coverage and we need to make a very strong statement of protest about this Jesuit strategy–executions of the IMPOSED PERSONs involved must also be shown. I prayed and asked God what needed to be done to curb the Jesuits use of UNWILLING AGENTS. He told me, through random Bible openings that the following section will not be effective unless we follow it up with the executions of those IMPOSED PERSONs involved. We must mete out the death penalty for each UNWILLING AGENT violation or else the Jesuits will think this whole headline news reporting is a big joke. The following information must be mentioned in the broadcast report about the takeover of the SIGNIFICANT PERSON as an UNWILLING AGENT before the execution of the IMPOSED PERSON involved takes place:

1) Was this UNWILLING AGENT reading the King James Bible on a daily basis (at least ½ hour a day) when the takeover took place?

2) WHO or WHAT ORGANIZATION or ENTITY’s IMPOSED PERSONs took over that person as an UNWILLING AGENT and WHY did they do so and HOW are they using this UNWILLING AGENT to further Jesuit goals and HOW were they able to do this? It is very important to establish WHO was behind the takeover to firmly draw sides in this conflict and to clear the innocent who may be implicated. For instance, Prince Harry was taken over by JESUIT IMPOSED PERSONs and this needs to be broadcast on IBN.

3) The name of the UNWILLING AGENT can be changed to protect them from being destroyed by the Jesuits and/or their face can be blocked on television coverage to protect their privacy. However, they should be identified in an understandable enough manner, so that the world will not be fooled by any Jesuit attempts to use an UNWILLING AGENT to implicate any innocent party.

4) All Jesuits involved as IMPOSED PERSONS in the takeover of any SIGNIFICANT PERSON will be fully identified with religious affiliation (it’s not always Roman Catholic–Jesuits have camoflauged themselves under various guises) photos, name, race, location, etc. in the headline broadcast.

5) Right after the presentation about the UNWILLING AGENT and how he was manipulated by the Jesuits, the execution of the IMPOSED PERSONs involved must also be shown–unless that captured Jesuit agrees to the terms of Sect. ***–in this case the execution will be delayed for a week. This Sect. *** will only apply to a captured Jesuit, since we cannot carry out Sect. *** with a Jesuit who is not in our custody. We will show before and after footage of the IMPOSED PERSON–right before his/her execution and right after his/her execution. If we cannot apprehend the IMPOSED PERSON, but kill him by destroying his operations–this will be shown on IBN and indisputable proof that this IMPOSED PERSON was killed will be shown one way or another. Right before the execution (if we have the IMPOSED PERSON in our custody) we will ask the IMPOSED PERSON (under 666-Computer lie-detection and emotional analysis), we will gauge the correct answer (through 666-Computer analysis) since the IMPOSED PERSON will refuse to answer the question–he/she will be asked whether he/she is a Jesuit or Jesuit supporter and whether he/she is guilty of manipulating that SIGNIFICANT PERSON as an UNWILLING AGENT. If we cannot get the IMPOSED PERSON, then we will get a Jesuit leader and ask him (under 666-Computer analysis) whether this IMPOSED PERSON is guilty of manipulating the UNWILLING AGENT and then we will execute that IMPOSED PERSON or show how he/she was executed. Once the 666-Computer lie-detection and emotional analysis determines that he/she did indeed manipulate a SIGNIFICANT PERSON as an UNWILLING AGENT–he/she will be executed within an hour and publicly on IBN. The after footage must be indisputable and must be shown in such a manner that there is no doubt that this IMPOSED PERSON was executed. So, you can see, those SIGNIFICANT PERSONS who are used as UNWILLING AGENTS will, indeed, make the headline news–because we will show the execution of the IMPOSED PERSONs involved right after 666-Computer analysis reveals that IMPOSED PERSON’s guilt. If we don’t show the execution of the IMPOSED PERSON, the Jesuits can claim that they were not the IMPOSED PERSON and that we lied about them and that a member of the International government was really the IMPOSED PERSON. Since we cannot execute one of our own easily, the fact that we execute the IMPOSED PERSON will be proof that we did, indeed, execute an IMPOSED PERSON who was a Jesuit. So the public execution of the IMPOSED PERSON must be shown. Once we have evidence that this IMPOSED PERSON, indeed, manipulated an UNWILLING AGENT–that is all we need to execute him/her–the execution will take place immediately afterwards and will be shown publicly on IBN and the whole world will see it. This will be our message about how we feel about the Jesuits’ use of UNWILLING AGENTS. This will establish firmly that the news broadcast is accurate in accusing the Jesuit of being the IMPOSED PERSON, because we could not lightly execute an person who was one of our own. And the evidence we have against the Jesuit Order is overwhelming, so the world knows that if we executed this IMPOSED PERSON, that they must have, indeed, been a Jesuit. Though this will not stop the Jesuits, it may intimidate them slightly–not that they are afraid of execution, because we know they are fanatics and have a Satanic death wish for themselves and everyone else– but the fact that we execute them will firmly establish their guilt in the matter of the UNWILLING AGENT, since we cannot lightly execute one of our own (and this will be indisputable) and this will throw all their phony arguments about their innocence in the matter of the UNWILLING AGENT out the window. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER THE EXECUTION OF THE IMPOSED PERSON involved with the SIGNIFICANT PERSON must be shown in an indisputable manner, or else the Jesuits will treat this whole headline broadcast about UNWILLING AGENTS as a BIG JOKE.

It is ALSO hoped that if SIGNIFICANT PERSONs who do not read the Bible daily hear this, that it will encourage them to begin and CONTINUE daily Bible reading of at least a ½ hour a day–that is another reason for this exposure. Jesuits can takeover a person who is a casual Bible reader or who reads less than ½ hour a day of Bible. Vladimir tells me that many people start off reading the Bible daily, but QUIT– or read it inconsistently, and then the Jesuits take them over. They will realize that they could end up on headline news as an UNWILLING AGENT if they are not reading their Bibles daily at least a ½ hour daily. Daily ½ hour or more Bible reading of the King James Bible (or its equivalent) is the only sureproof way we have right now to prevent a person from being taken over as an UNWILLING AGENT.

The report could go something like this, while the photos and full identification of the JESUIT IMPOSED PERSONs involved shown on the screen, the following audio could be presented: These Jesuits successfully took over Prince Harry of England as an UNWILLING AGENT, and manipulated Prince Harry to go to a costume party dressed as a Nazi. Jesuits from the following underground operations in Saudi Arabia, Russia and Australia were implicated in this attempt. The locations of these Jesuit operations were in Saudi Arabia, Russia and Australia and the International government’s military forces have not been able to penetrate all these operations and arrest all the Jesuits in them, so the Jesuits still have capabilities and are using these to the fullest. After questioning of these Jesuits, it was determined that they desired to take over the Prince, in order to implicate the Western nations with Jesuit terrorist activities and to make England and the Western nations appear to be anti-Semitic and to be those who are really behind the Jesuits’ vast and catastrophic underground anti-Semitic and terrorist operations all over the world. Prince Harry is not a daily Bible reader, so it was an easy matter for the Jesuits to take him over as an UNWILLING AGENT, since we have determined that daily reading of the King James Bible (at least ½ hr. A DAY) makes it exceedingly difficult for Jesuits to use that person as an UNWILLING AGENT. Next, we would question the IMPOSED PERSONs involved and ask them (under 666-Computer analysis) if they were, indeed, the ones who manipulated PrinceHarry and if they were Jesuits or Jesuit supporters at the time they committed the crime. If 666-Computer analysis reveals that this is the case, they will be publicly executed right afterwards and the corpse will be shown in an indisputable manner, so that there will be no doubt that the execution took place.

Or like this: The following Wal-Mart workers with Gail Schuler have been taken over as UNWILLING AGENTS, though these Wal-Mart workers claim to be Christians, they are not daily ½ HOUR A DAY Bible readers and it was an easy matter for the Jesuits to take them over as UNWILLING AGENTS. It appears the Jesuits are using these workers to undermine Gail at her work and to raise slanders and create false impressions about her and are doing so in a manner to implicate Vladimir Putin with their attempts. However, questioning of the IMPOSED PERSONs involved indicates Vladimir’s innocence and clearly shows the Jesuit’s involvement in the takeover of these persons as UNWILLING AGENTS, and questioning of the IMPOSED PERSONs involved, reveals that the motive for the Jesuits’ takeover of these Wal-Mart persons is to prevent or ruin Vladimir’s marriage to Gail and to assist Jesuits in their attempts to clear themselves of the catastrophic evidence we have uncovered against them from their vast underground operations, which we have recently entered and searched. Next, we would question the IMPOSED PERSONs involved and ask them (under 666-Computer analysis) if they were, indeed, the ones who manipulated the Wal-Mart workers and if they were Jesuits or Jesuit supporters when they did so. If 666-Computer analysis reveals that this is the case, they will be publicly executed right afterwards and the corpses will be shown in an indisputable manner, so that there will be no doubt that the executions took place.

To prevent the news from being totally negative, the success of our military operations in uncovering and destroying Jesuit operations should also be headline news and interspersed between coverage of UNWILLING AGENT takeovers by Jesuits.


From this day forward, whenever we jail any Jesuit or Jesuit conspirator who has commited death penalty violations, we will strike a deal with those jailed and this deal will also apply to the Jesuit Order. If that Jesuit is willing to be locked up in his/her jail cell with only a King James Bible (or its equivalent) and to only allow the Bible to be his/her input (outside of our once a day questioning of them over their attitude towards Gail’s marriage to Putin and their attitude about leaving Gail and Vladimir alone–, we may spare that Jesuit the death penalty [see next Section about leaving Gail alone for a week]). They will not be able to watch television or listen to radio or have any other form of sensory input for that week. They will be on camera and we will show their behavior on IBN while they are in jail; therefore, the world will know if all they did for that whole week was to read the Bible. If we see a Jesuit spend all day for a whole week reading the Bible, then this may be evidence that this person deserves forgiveness and may be spared the death penalty. We will enter that cell everyday and ask that Jesuit (under 666-Computer analysis AND ON IBN) if he/she does not oppose the marriage of Gail Schuler to Vladimir Putin and will never in any manner deliberately try to interfere with (or prevent) this marriage and if he/she will not deliberately in any manner try to harm or undermine Gail and/or her family or Vladimir and/or his family. If 666-Computer analysis reveals that he/she is obsessed with Gail, and cannot or will not leave Gail or Vladimir alone and will try to prevent them from having a happy marriage–then the death penalty will remain–even if that Jesuit reads the Bible all the time the whole time that he/she is there.

However, if that Jesuit reads the Bible everyday and does so with an attitude of reverence to the Word of God (and we can pick this up with 666-Computer analysis), we will report this on the news. We want the world to know that the Jesuits love to read the Bible and that they do so with an attitude of honor–if this is the case. If that Jesuit does not read the Bible or reads it with a contemptuous attitude, his/her Bible reading will not be mentioned, and he/she will not get any credit for being a Bible reader on IBN. We will not force that Jesuit to read the Bible–nor will we punish that Jesuit for NOT reading it, we are just giving that Jesuit an opportunity to display his/her righteousness and to show the world how criminal we are to give him/her the death penalty. If he/she is truly a God fearing and righteous person, he/she should delight in the Word of God.

But more than Bible reading has to occur, for that Jesuit to be spared the death penalty. During that week that that Jesuit is locked up in his/her cell with the Bible–Gail Schuler is to be left alone by the Jesuit Order and is not to be tormented or harassed (directly or indirectly) with UNWILLING AGENTS or through criminal 666-Computer or satellite manipulation. This also means that during that week, Gail’s mother is never to be taken over as an UNWILLING AGENT and Gail’s mother is to be LEFT ALONE by the Jesuits. We must demand this, since this has been the NUMBER ONE WAY THE JESUITS HAVE PREVENTED VLADIMIR FROM GIVING GAIL MONEY AND HAVE PREVENTED VLADIMIR FROM MARRYING GAIL. Since all UNWILLING AGENT attempts against Gail make the headline news, the world will know if the Jesuit Order kept their end of the deal–once Gail is harassed with UNWILLING AGENTS (because her mother has been taken over as an UNWILLING AGENT) or through illegal 666-Computer or satellite manipulation by the Jesuit Order (and we shown this WITH EVIDENCE on IBN)–that Jesuit will be removed from his/her cell and the execution will go forward–he will not remain there for the rest of the week. All we are asking is for the Jesuits to leave Gail and her mother alone FOR A WEEK, in order to spare their Jesuit in the jail cell the death penalty–let’s see how bad they want to save their comrade. We are better than they are, because we are not asking for ransom money, like they do, we are just asking them to DO NOTHING CRIMINAL FOR A WEEK on Gail. If the Jesuit Order uses any UNWILLING AGENT on Gail or uses (directly or indirectly) any illegal 666-Computer or satellite programming on Gail during that week that that Jesuit is in our jail cell with the Bible, then the death sentence on their comrade will remain and it will be shown as described in Sect. ***.

However, if that jailed Jesuit shows unusual piety and reading of the Bible, we may spare him/her the death penalty, even if Gail is harassed–but the piety will have to be unusual and all our questioning of him/her must reveal no attitude of desiring to harm Gail or Vladimir. He/she must also renounce the Jesuit Order and promise never to affiliate with them again. Those who are given this deal have already committed death penalty violations (and evidence for this will be shown) and do not deserve this grace, but since the Jesuits like to make martyrs out of themselves, we will give them an opportunity to do so. We would be very unjust to execute them if they were truly righteous, so we will give them an opportunity to display their innocence before we execute them.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 1-13-05
Place: Melbourne, FL