Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (1-15-2005)

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1-15-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir tells me that the Jesuit Order has brought a lawsuit against FOX News claiming that FOX News is in collaberation with IBN to create a news media conspiracy against the Jesuit Order. They say the basis for their suit is that Bill O’Reilly works for both FOX News and IBN. This is ridiculous. THEIR REAL REASON FOR BRINGING THIS LAWSUIT AGAINST FOX IS BECAUSE FOX (and Bill O’Reilly) ASSISTS ME (A ROYAL JEWISH DESCENDANT) AND THE JESUITS ARE TRYING TO BLOCK ME FROM ADVANCING IN MY WRITING CAREER AND TO PREVENT MY MARRIAGE TO THE RUSSIAN PRESIDENT.

Here is how I want this handled. Because the Jesuits have brought this lawsuit against FOX News– I want Vladimir, myself and the nation of Israel to bring a counter lawsuit against the Jesuit Order for blatant and brazen anti-Semitism. The basis for this lawsuit will be that anytime someone or any organization (like FOX News) tries to help me advance in my life, or if anyone tries to get me a job with enough income so I can live comfortably and not have to worry about creditors, or if I try to get a promotion or to advance in my career or to marry a President or a Hollywood star–that the Jesuits use extortion on that person or organization to block me from advancing or from marrying this influential person– and so I can never get ANYWHERE.

We will accuse the Jesuits of bringing this lawsuit against FOX News AS AN INDIRECT ATTACK AGAINST MYSELF, with the motive to thwart my attempts to advance in my writing career and to prevent my marriage to Vladimir Putin. We attest that they do this because of MY JEWISH GENETIC PROFILE and especially my ROYAL JEWISH BACKGROUND. By targeting a Jewish royal, the Jesuits feel they can do more damage to the respectability of the Jewish race. They use brazen and aggressive and fanatical anti-Semitism against me and I have seen opportunities fly by me (over the years) and these opportunities for which I was denied, and which were given to people much less qualified than myself and I believe it is BECAUSE I AM DESCENDED FROM KING DAVID!! All these lawsuits against those organizations or persons who try (or tried) to assist me I allege are (indirect) Jesuit attempts to thwart me in my career and my life by INTIMIDATING THOSE PERSONS OR ORGANIZATIONS WHO CAN HELP ME ADVANCE IN MY CAREER or my LIFE. I allege that the Jesuits target me because of my JEWISH GENETIC PROFILE and especially because of my ROYAL JEWISH GENETIC PROFILE. I know they do this, because I know I am just as qualified or MORE QUALIFIED than others to advance in my career and in my life–I have seen opportunities pass me by AGAIN AND AGAIN (OVER THE YEARS) and it is obvious that I am extremely targeted and am a victim of INTENSE, FANATICAL AND RABID ANTI-SEMITISM!!

The Jesuits don’t want me to advance in my career BECAUSE I HAVE A royal JEWISH GENETIC PROFILE–so I am suing them for BLATANT AND BRAZEN DISCRIMINATION and ANTI-SEMITISM–and I allege that am discriminated against only because of my ROYAL Jewish genetic profile. This anti-Semitism on the part of the Jesuits has prevented me from rising above any job that is higher than a cashier at Wal-Mart, unless it is a high paying job with a criminal organization. The Jesuits don’t mind this because it ruins my reputation and makes me look like a criminal–which is how they want the world to see the Jews. The Jesuits do this to insure that I will be denied opportunities to advance in my writing career and in other respectable careers SIMPLY BECAUSE I HAVE A royal JEWISH GENETIC background which the Jesuits don’t like, so they use legal extortion on anyone who would want to assist me to advance in my career OR MY LIFE. They make sure I can’t communicate with or marry anyone who might help me advance in my career or my life, and they use extortion on any employers or ANYONE ELSE or ANY OTHER ORGANIZATION that wants to assist me to enter a respectable profession or to get an advanced degree or to receive the proceeds from my novel. I mean I have suffered so much discrimination that I have had my LIFE THREATENED– AND THIS IS just because I HAVE A ROYAL JEWISH GENETIC PROFILE!!. So I want to sue the Jesuit Order for undermining my attempts to advance in my career and for undermining my attempts to marry anyone who would cause me to be “respectable”–and for causing my bankruptcy [because they used extortion on anyone or any organization that tried to help me advance into any respectable profession (or that tried to rescue me financially) and that could have prevented the bankruptcy] and the Jesuits did this BECAUSE OF MY ROYAL JEWISH GENETIC PROFILE. We have evidence for this from what we’ve obtained from the Jesuits’ underground operations. Let attorney Liz Wiehl take this case because she’s good and has been representing me in the other case.

Attorney Liz Wiehl will represent myself, the nation of Israel and Vladimir Putin. The basis for Vladimir’s suit will be that he has tried to marry me and to assist me and the Jesuits block him everytime and that this has really messed up his personal life and has nearly cost him his life and that he feels the Jesuits do this because they don’t want a popular Russian President to marry a woman with a JEWISH GENETIC PROFILE FROM KING DAVID. The basis for our suit is that the Jesuits do this because my successful marriage to Vladimir Putin may give the Jews some influence and respectability which the Jesuits feel the Jews don’t deserve.

The basis for the nation of Israel’s suit against the Jesuit Order is that if I achieve more influence I can do more to curb Jesuit terrorism against Israel and to protect Israel and, therefore, the Jewish nation objects to the Jesuit Order’s attempts to block me from obtaining influence or power, since if I have this power, I can do more to protect Israel–and the Jesuits know this and they don’t want Israel protected because JESUITS ARE ANTI-SEMITIC. The nation of Israel sees attacks against myself as indirect attacks against the Jewish nation.

Let Brent Spiner assist you in this case, because he is Jewish and has also been a victim of anti-Semitic treatment by the Jesuits. The Jesuits have thwarted him in his career and even more so when he befriended me –because the Jesuits didn’t want THE DESCENDANT OF KING DAVID (myself) in a respectable relationship with a Hollywood star and they did all in their power to make my relationship with Brent Spiner unrespectable to ruin my life and my respectability JUST BECAUSE I AM A ROYAL JEWISH DESCENDANT OF KING DAVID–which made me more heinous to the Jesuits. I had a good teleplay rejected too quickly and unfairly because of Jesuit manipulation at Paramount. My writing career was thwarted again and again because of Jesuit influence (and extortion) over writing award committees at Writer’s Digest and elsewhere. My health and personal life was attacked as I progressed on my novel so that I had to quit writing it. I allege that the Jesuits knew I was/am a brilliant writer and for that reason alone–they blocked my writing career, because my writing honored the Jewish race (or at least depicted them honestly and sympathetically as victims of Roman Catholic anti-Semitism) and because if I succeeded as a brilliant Christian writer, then I would give the Jews some respectability within the Gentile community–which the Jesuits didn’t want the Jews to have. However, I want to state firmly that my main purpose for writing Silver Skies was not to expose the Roman Catholic Church, but to honor the great love I had/have for Brent Spiner–and 666-Computer Historians can verify this. My novel is a ROMANCE/CHARACTER story first and foremost and an EVENT story secondarily. Which means that my intent as an author was not to expose Rome but to honor a great love, so the Jesuits’ extreme sensitivity over my novel is uncalled for–except that maybe perhaps because I did such intense and thorough research as I wrote the novel that I unintentionally brilliantly depicted the Jesuit Order. At the time I wrote the novel I HAD NO IDEA THAT THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH WAS MY ENEMY. This can be verified by 666-COMPUTER HISTORIANS. I thought my enemy was Loree McBride and her Paramount friends. You might say how can you love Brent and marry Vladimir? It is because God has told me that Brent and I can never be happy in this life and that we can never safely get together until Israel is safe. And I saw in Vladimir someone that had all of Brent’s strengths and who didn’t have Brent’s weaknesses. It was a miracle that anyone could take Brent’s place–so Vladimir is a miracle. Brent and I won’t happen until the Jewish millennium. So I have reserved my marriage for Brent for the millennium, believing a promise I got from God. And I honor this great love I had/have for Brent with my novel Silver Skies. So if the Jesuits object to my book, they object to a brilliant fantasy/mainstream romance with a brilliant secondary EVENT STORY. You may need some professional authors in the courtroom to help argue the case about my book, since the Jesuits will claim that my book hurts them. It won’t hurt them if they are innocent. Besides, I never used the word Jesuit in my novel–I called my enemy the Roman Church, and now the Pope is working with us. So, in actuality, the whole plot is make -believe and is not meant to implicate any real life person. I think the Jesuits REAL OBJECTION to my novel is that they don’t want me–a JEW–to succeed at anything like this–it makes me too respectable and it makes the Jews too respectable within the Gentile community.

This case will be tried on IBN and all legal proceedings and evidence from the case will be shown on IBN.

Time now is 10 p.m. Because of the suit which we have just brought against the Jesuit Order for anti-Semitism, Vladimir tells me the Jesuits have dropped their suit against FOX. However, I know the Jesuits, we have them on the defensive now and we want to keep it this way. Continue this lawsuit against the Jesuits for anti-Semitism. This case will go on. It is long overdue and if we don’t do it, it may embolden the Jesuits to try to intimidate more of my friends AGAIN AND I’LL NEVER GET ANYWHERE WITH MY LIFE, SO WE WILL INTIMIDATE THEM WITH THIS LAWSUIT AND BOY DO WE HAVE THE EVIDENCE (GOODS) AGAINST THEM AND WE ARE GOING TO SHOW IT TO THE WORLD. WE WILL WIN THIS SUIT. HOW MUCH THEY WILL PAY OUT WILL BE DECIDED BY JUROR VOTER (vote by poll)–see Sect. 29 through 31 of CL&G.


Vladimir tells me that the Jesuits are proud of their anti-Semitism and feel they have a right to be anti-Semitic. Apparently, they know they don’t stand a chance to win this case, so they are going to try to make themselves appear justified to be anti-Semitic. I, Vladimir and Israel will take the following stance regarding this blatant Jesuit anti-Semitism. If we win this case, which we obviously will, since the Jesuits are proud of their anti-Semitism, we will handle this case similar to how Esther handled the anti-Semitism of her day. Read Esther chapter 9. Those Jesuits who admit they are anti-Semitic and admit it in a manner which indicates that they are proud to be anti-Semitic will be executed as very dangerous terrorists who are not fit to live and who are deemed a grave threat to world peace and security. Anyone who is proud of their anti-Semitism is not fit to live and must die. A person with this mentality is proud to be a killer and a terrorist and has pronounced his own death sentence. Esther 9–”Thus the Jews smote all their enemies with the stroke of the sword, and slaughter, and destruction, and did what they would unto those that hated them.”

Furthermore, any proceeds which we are awarded from this case will be handled like the Jews of Esther’s day handled proceeds they could have gotten: “The ten sons of Haman the son of Hammedatha, the enemy of the Jews, slew they; BUT ON THE SPOIL LAID THEY NOT THEIR HAND.” Our goal for this case is not to gain riches for ourselves but to defend our lives and to make a plain case to the world that Jews are victims of terrible and life-threatening and very unfair anti-Semitism from the Jesuit Order.

The nation of Israel has requested that any proceeds they win from this case be donated to the war against terrorism and go into the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK. The nation of Israel will not take any of the proceeds from this case for themselves.

Gail and Vladimir request that any money won from this case be given to the church she and Vladimir have established in Germany and that it all be put into our missions fund to promote the spread of the gospel to the world and to support our church’s missionaries.

Our purpose for this case is to show the world how evil and malicious the Jesuit Order is toward the Jews and that the Jesuit Order should not be allowed to bring any legal cases against any party for anything. The only justice fit for the Jesuit Order is the death penalty. Because of their blatant and cruel anti-Semitism (WHICH THEY ARE PROUD OF), they should be denied due process and should be executed. If we allow Jesuits to bring cases against parties, when they are so proud of their racist, bigoted and murderous attitudes, this would indicate that the world feels it is right to tolerate anti-Semitic attitudes. This would be a gross violation of justice and indicates that anti-Semitism (AND MURDER OF JEWS) is justified and should be tolerated. From now on, any case which the Jesuit Order brings against any party under the International government MUST BE THROWN OUT and not allowed to proceed. Before the case is thrown out, we will ask those Jesuits who have brought the case forward how they feel about the Jewish race and most especially about those descended from King David. If 666-Computer analysis reveals their attitude is anti-Semitic this will be exposed on IBN BEFORE WE THROW THE CASE OUT. This is because all Jesuits in the world are guilty of gross sins and murders against the Jewish race and against humanity and their only right is to be EXECUTED. So, if we win this case against the Jesuit Order (regarding their anti-Semitism), this means that all future cases which the Jesuit Order tries to bring to court under international law MUST BE THROWN OUT and the Jesuits involved in trying to bring that case forward must all be immediately executed for being brazen enough to make themselves KNOWN. No organization that is proud to be anti-Semitic AND IS PROUD TO MURDER JEWS is fit to LIVE and all those in the Jesuit Order have already confessed their death penalty violations and must be executed. This is justice, because imagine the outrage the world would have if the Nazi Order (after they admitted their anti-Semitism and was PROUD OF IT) wanted to bring any cases to court to sue anybody. The case would be thrown out, it would not even be admitted to the courtroom and all those Nazis involved would (in all likelihood) be executed. The only right those persons have (who are proud to belong to the anti-Semitic JESUIT ORDER) is to be EXECUTED.

Evidence will be presented that the nation of Israel and Gail and Vladimir took NONE OF THE SPOIL and that it was all given away to assist in the war against terrorism or to promote Christian missionaries (who believe the same as Gail and Vladimir).

JUROR VOTERS will decide how much the award should be on this case, since we will obviously win it. The awards will be distributed as outlined above.

XXX1/2–G.S. (1-15-05)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 1-15-05
Place: Melbourne, FL