Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (2-13-2005)

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2-13-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand


I asked God for wisdom about what to do about North Korea and Iran, since the Jesuits have relocated most of their illegal computer/satellite underground operations to these 2 countries. God seems to tell me that we can work with the Iranians, but we can’t work with the North Koreans.

He seemed to tell me that Russia, Pakistan and India need to put pressure on the Iranian people to topple their government and to elect new leaders and this is how we can work with Iran. I’m not sure how the pressure could be applied, but maybe if Russia, Pakistan and India get together on this, they can come up with a strategy. Note of interest: Russia, Pakistan and India are all nuclear powers. Once Iran is rid of its corrupt leadership, we can save Iran and work with the Iranian people. And then once we get the Iranian people on our side, we can eliminate the underground operations in Iran.

As far as North Korea is concerned, it seems that God wants to use Australia, Japan and Russia on North Korea. Perhaps Japan and Russia would invade North Korea and takeover the country and deport the North Koreans to camps in Australia. Hint: I’ve heard North Koreans are starving. We may be able to offer them food in Australia. God seems to hint that North Korea must be totally destroyed and all their leaders executed with death by hanging with buzzards–and that this is the only way to deal with North Korea. We’re going to have to be brutal with them. The whole North Korean nation needs to be deported to Australia and the leaders executed. Somehow Japan, Russia and Australia will come up with some sort of strategy along this line. Once North Korea is destroyed utterly, then we can go in and destroy the Jesuit underground operations in North Korea. I do not get the impression that talks with North Korea would do any good. We have to cut off their head (the leadership must be executed) and feed their crumbs (the people) to the birds–export the people to Australia. THEY ARE THE BAKER OF GENESIS 40.

Now I am not sure about this. But this is what God seemed to tell me as I read from Genesis 40 and 41 today. Iran is the butler and North Korea is the baker of Genesis 40.

God seemed to tell me that Genesis 41 is about how to handle Iran. If you’ll notice that if we can put a Joseph over Iran, then we will have Iran in our hands.

North Korea is another matter. The HEAD must be cut off and executed. And it appears that a mass deportation strategy of the North Korean people must be carried out for this to be successful and that Russia and Japan will be instrumental in this.

Anyways, I must go to bed and I am only going by what God seemed to show me. Perhaps I have interpreted these passages wrong, but I asked God for wisdom about North Korea and Iran and this is what He seemed to tell me.


God has shown me what to do about the North Koreans who have been deported to Australia. You need to appoint a South Korean leader over these North Koreans who is very wise and has highest character to be the leader and guide of the North Koreans in Australia–keep the North Koreans confined to a certain section of Australia–don’t have them all over Australia–so that the South Korean leader who will lead them can manage them effectively. We will use South Korean leaders (who will work with the Australian government) to prepare these North Koreans for their eventual return to a united Korea.

When these North Koreans return to Korea it will no longer be a divided Korea, but will be Korea (with no North or South).

The North Koreans will not return to Korea, until the situation in North Korea is stabilized and the elements of the former corrupt government in North Korea have been eliminated. This may take up to two years. In the meanwhile, a South Korean leader will be appointed to govern the North Koreans in Australia and to prepare them for their eventual return to Korea.

The first North Koreans who will be allowed to return to Korea will be those who prove to be dependable and who are not UNWILLING AGENTS or Jesuit supporters. In Australia, we will teach these North Koreans how to overcome the Jesuits’ ability to use them as UNWILLING AGENTS and will instruct them about the effectiveness of Bible reading and the avoidance of OCCULT MEDIA. If other methods are discovered to be effective to help them resist takeover of their brains as UNWILLING AGENTS, we will educate them about these as well. So the North Koreans will be watched and monitored in Australia by the South Koreans and the international government. And those North Koreans who are not UNWILLING AGENTS will be the first allowed to return to Korea.

The North Koreans will get homesick and many of them have relatives in South Korea. They will want to go back to Korea (especially if they know that it is no longer divided, but is a united Korea). If they know that by following our guidelines, in which we will mandate Bible reading and exposure and avoidance of OCCULT MEDIA, that they will be rewarded with a return to a united Korea–this will highly motivate them to follow our recommendations. In this manner, we can insure that when the North Koreans return they will not be troublemakers and we won’t have to deal with the likes of North Korea again and that the Korean nation will be transformed into a land of freedom. I believe this is something that all Koreans (including North Koreans) want, and that the North Koreans will be highly motivated to follow our guidelines. We will educate them what they need to do to not be used as UNWILLING AGENTS. Those who manage to free themselves from the ability of the Jesuits to use them as UNWILLING AGENTS (and who follow our BIBLE PROGRAM) will be the first North Koreans allowed to return to a united Korea–that will be their reward for accomplishing this objective (of freeing themselves from the control of the Jesuits).

However, once these North Koreans return to Korea, we will not just turn them loose. These former North Koreans will be assigned South Korean guardians (who are not UNWILLING AGENTS and who are following the BIBLE PROGRAM) to monitor them to make sure they are good citizens of Korea and are not being used by Jesuits to cause trouble. If this first group fails the test and proves to be troublemakers–they will be sent back to Australia and put back in camps. Only until the North Koreans prove that they don’t need to be managed by the South Koreans and the international government, will we give them autonomy, so that they can do whatever they want in the new Korea–which means they can own land or homes or businesses in the territory that is now North Korea. The country will no longer be communist, so many of these North Koreans can go back and buy land or homes and become owners of property. So we will send North Korean test groups back, who will be monitored by South Koreans and the international government. After each test group passes the test, then the former North Koreans will be granted full citizenship as citizens of a united Korea and will no longer require monitoring and once they are granted full citizenship of a united Korea, they can become land owners and home owners in the new united Korea.

No one can be in the government of North Korea who is an UNWILLING AGENT or who is not following the BIBLE PROGRAM (to prevent that leader from being used as an UNWILLING AGENT).

The former North Korea will be integrated into a united Korea and the South Korean government will become the government of all of Korea–not only just South Korea. As the former North Koreans are integrated back into Korea, they will have all the voting rights of the South Koreans and can influence the next Korean elections (which will be the elections for a united Korea–with no north or south divisions).


Vladimir has informed me that the Jesuits (which includes the current North Korean leader) in North Korea have taken innocent North Koreans (about 1,000) hostage and have threatened to kill them if we continue to capture and deport North Koreans to Australia.

Our response to this, is that if one of those hostages is killed or seriously harmed by these Jesuits, that we will launch a massive military campaign using nuclear underground missiles from Russia to destroy all Jesuit computer/satellite underground operations in North Korea.

We will continue our campaign to capture and deport North Korean civilians to Australia and if one of those North Korean hostages is killed or seriously harmed by any Jesuit hostage-taker– we will carry out our threat to launch nuclear underground missiles from Russia to totally destroy and demolish all Jesuit underground operations in North Korea.

It is still our goal to capture and arrest all current North Korean leaders. If anyone turns them over to us (or executes them for us and provides evidence of the execution), they will receive a substantial reward from the International government. If any North Korean leader willingly surrenders to us, we may spare his/her life if he/she cooperates with the International government in our war against Jesuit terrorism. We do not expect North Korean leaders to surrender, so any way to oust current North Korean leaders from power will be rewarded (including the execution of these current North Korean leaders). If anyone plans to execute the North Korean leaders, they should not be tortured, just execute them and get them out of the way. If torture is not necessary to execute a North Korean leader, then a reward will not be given to one who tortures a North Korean leader–the International government does not want a reputation of sponsoring torture. We do not consider the hang-chop-burn-ash-maggot method of execution torture, since the body is dead when the tactics for this execution are carried out. Though we may quickly execute the person, how we deal with the body is our own business. The body may be chopped, burned, spread like ash and then the ashes spread out over maggots. Quick execution is the best way to rid the world of these evil leaders and quick execution will not be considered torture–but justice.

As far as the situation in Iran and Syria, where the two countries have teamed up against our INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION–this is our response:

The international government declares a state of martial law in the countries of Syria and Iran. We have intelligence which confirms to us that the majority of the people of Iran and Syria are unhappy with their current governments and want new governments. The laws of Sect. 1.93 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT now apply to Syria and Iran and the international government no longer recognizes the current governments of Iran and Syria as legitimate.

No current leader of the Syrian or Iranian government can continue to govern their country. If any of these current Syrian or Iranian leaders are caught governing (or attempting to govern) their country, they must be arrested and turned over to international government authorities. Any person (or current citizen of Syria or Iran) who captures or turns them over to us will receive a substantial reward from the International government. If any of these current Syrian or Iranian governmental leaders attempts to resist us (and taking innocents as hostages is considered a form of resistance) and will not surrender to our authorities, we will launch an immediate campaign to use NUCLEAR underground missiles from Russia and China to totally destroy and demolish all illegal satellite/computer underground operations in Iran and/or Syria. We may continue to use the current Syrian leader since he has shown some cooperation with us, but all those underlings under him are fired and must not govern Syria.

The situation in Syria is similar to the situation in Poland, where the Polish President’s family was threatened with harm if he would not cooperate with the corrupt Jesuit-led Polish government. Poland had to be put under martial law.

However, the current Syrian leader must fire everyone else in his current government and must totally cooperate with the new appointed government which we will install in Syria, or he will be sacked as well.

We will continue our military campaigns in Syria and Iran to destroy their underground operations using our current methods. However, any attempt by the governments of Syria or Iran to resist our ouster of their governments will bring on an acceleration of our destruction of their underground operations, in which we will abandon our current methods and will use NUCLEAR underground missiles from Russia and China to totally destroy and demolish all underground illegal satellite/computer operations in Syria and Iran.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 2-13-05 , (2-14-05 and 2-16-05 updates).
Place: Melbourne, FL