Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (2-20-2005)

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2-20-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

IBN will launch an investigation into the death of Princess Diana. We are doing this because Prince Charles visited my mother to support my marriage to Vladimir Putin and we believe that the Jesuits are trying to trash the British royal family to make it appear that Vladimir (and those he associates with) are a bunch of murdering thugs. Vladimir was filmed publicly with the British royal family, when they invited him to England. He appeared with “Lyudmila”. I am sure the Jesuits have given my mother amnesia about her visit with Prince Charles since they give her amnesia about all famous persons which she meets.

I do not believe that the British royal family murdered (or tried to murder Princess Diana). However, I have a gut feeling that she was murdered and I strongly suspect Jesuit involvement. I am unsure of the motive for her murder. And that is why IBN will launch an investigation into the murder of Princess Diana and her lover.

Anyways, IBN will do an investigation into the death of Princess Diana and her lover. We will use 666-Computer HISTORIANS and the latest computer/satellite technology to assist us in our investigation. The results of this investigation will be shown on IBN and we hope to make it clear who DID murder Princess Diana and WHY they did so, so that we can clear innocent parties who may be (or have been) implicated in her murder.

We do not want the British royal family tainted with this charge (which appears to be based solely on hearsay). So, if we use evidence, instead of hearsay to clear the reputation of the British royal family, then this will show that Vladimir does not associate with or befriend those who like to participate in murderous conspiracies.

If it turns out that the British royal family is guilty, then Vladimir and I will not associate with the British royal family anymore. However, Vladimir and I do not believe that the British royal family murdered (or tried to murder) Princess Diana and we strongly suspect a Jesuit plot was launched against Princess Diana to murder her–and, if this is the case, this will be exposed (along with the motive for her murder) on IBN.

My guess as to the motive: I believe the Jesuits wanted to taint the reputation of the British royal family, because they felt it might be handy to do so sometime in the future. Perhaps this was a subtle way to attack the King James Bible, which was written at the command of a English monarch–AND SO THE JESUITS MURDERED PRINCESS DIANA, SO THEY COULD FIND AN EXCUSE TO TRASH THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY AND THUS TO INDIRECTLY TRASH THE KING JAMES BIBLE. By trashing English royalty, the Jesuits may have hoped to indirectly trash the King James Bible!! Perhaps this was the motive.

You might say: You think the Jesuits would go to this much trouble to trash the King James Bible? Yes, I do. Jesuits are fanatical, detail minded and very thorough criminals. They always try to insinuate things and influence people by hearsay, prejudice, stereotypes and rumour. And it is amazing to what extents they will go to do this. The King James Bible is the BIGGEST ENEMY OF THE JESUIT ORDER. You see, when people read it, the Jesuits cannot use that person as an UNWILLING AGENT. The use of UNWILLING AGENTS is the strongest tool in the Jesuit arsenal!! So it makes sense that the Jesuits will do anything and everything to keep people from reading the KING JAMES BIBLE. They will create distractions against it. They will try to trash it–directly or indirectly. Since it was written by order of King James of England. It makes sense that the Jesuits would try to trash the reputation of English royals–I believe this is an indirect attempt to TRASH THE KING JAMES BIBLE!

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 2-20-05
Place: Melbourne, FL