Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (3-13-2005)

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3-13-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I plan on sewing my own pants because I can’t find the style of pants that looks best on me in the stores. The Jesuits know which styles and colors look best on me and have sabotaged the clothing market, so that the styles which are most flattering to me (in the colors that are most flattering to me) are unavailable in the stores. For this reason, I have decided that if I want to look my best, I need to make my own clothes or hire my own designer. I don’t have the income to hire my own designer–so sewing is my answer for now.

I determined my style after reading David Kibbe’s book Metamorphosis. Ironically, I can’t find this book anywhere now. I took his test in the book and determined that I am a soft natural. However, I typed the section from his book (in 1992) which applies to my clothing personality and still have it in my files.

I determined my colors after visiting a color consultant at J.C. Penney in 1989 based on the concepts in the book Color Me Beautiful by Carol Jackson. I used to be a winter–that is, until I colored my hair–and now I’m a summer. So, when I look for clothes, I look for clothes that are in summer colors and are in the soft natural clothing personality–this is my best look. The Jesuits see to it that I cannot dress this way. They sabotage the clothing market so that these types of clothes are unavailable to me and they even make it a challenge for me to find the soft natural style fabrics I need. So sewing is the best answer for me–until the clothing market is more friendly to my style (soft natural) and my colors (summer).

But even sewing has its challenges, because the Jesuits know that I can sew and have already sabotaged Melbourne, FL so that there are only two fabric stores in this city and they have limited selections, so that the only selections I can find are fabrics that are not best for me or colors that are not best for me. I had a real hard time finding the right shade of blue fabric in a cotton blend for my pants and ended up buying most of what I needed at Wal-Mart. Thank God for Wal-Mart!

I’m trying to pay more attention to my appearance to prepare for the time when Vladimir will come to get me as his wife. My goal is not to look like a glamour queen, but simply to dress in a manner that will not make me appear ridiculous as a President’s wife. Because if I appear ridiculous as the President’s wife this will give the Jesuits too much ammunition and they are always looking for ammunition to use against my relationship with Vladimir. I figure if I dress in summer colors and in the soft natural clothing personality–this will make me look classy enough to be believable as the President’s wife. People look classy when they dress in their colors and their clothing personality–because this look harmonizes with their demeanor and their figure and coloring.

I want IBN to do an investigation to determine who (or what organization) is behind the fact that for the past several years I have had a real hard time finding clothing, styles, fabrics, colors, etc. in the soft natural clothing personality and the summer colors.

Use cross-examination and questioning on IBN of Vladimir, world leaders, the Jesuits and other SIGNIFICANT PERSONS who might have the power to influence the fashion market. Once it is determined that, in fact, there has been a conspiracy to eliminate the soft natural clothing style (also handbags, shoes, jewelry, etc.) in summer colors from the market, determine who is behind this and why–and expose this on IBN.

The results of this investigation about the fashion market will be presented on IBN. And if it is determined that the motive for doing this was to ruin my appearance with the goal to make me appear unbelievable as the Russian President’s wife, in order to encourage terrorists to murder me and to frame Vladimir with my murder–then the death penalty will be meted out for those murderous fanatical fools who are so obsessed with me that they even influenced the fashion market to undermine me. WE WILL EXPOSE THEIR FANATICAL OBSESSIONS AND PUNISH THEM AS THEY DESERVE. We will show the world just how sick and obsessed these Jesuits are with me and we will show that we will NOT TOLERATE THIS SICK OBSESSION BUT WILL EXPOSE IT IN ALL ITS FANATICAL MANIFESTATIONS AND WILL PUNISH THOSE WHO WASTE THEIR TIME IN SUCH WICKED AND FANATICAL FOOLISHNESS.

We will also expose HOW MUCH MONEY WAS SPENT TO PROMOTE A JESUIT AGENDA IN THE FASHION MARKET. If possible, we will confiscate this money and use it to fund our war against terrorism and will donate it to the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK.

The Jesuits will claim that David Kibbe’s concepts are not true and that Carol Jackson’s concepts are not true and that they don’t make one’s appearance better. We will presence evidence that the top designers of the world, including those that design costumes for Academy Award winning films in costume design (such as My Fair Lady, Gigi, Camelot) follow the coloring principles of Carol Jackson’s Color Me Beautiful and the design principles of David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis and that the Jesuits know this and they know that my most flattering style is, indeed, soft natural in the summer colors–and they don’t want me to look flattering–so they have influenced the fashion market against me. Audrey Hepburn was a winter (coloring) soft natural (clothing personality) and the designers decked her out in all her winter soft natural glory in My Fair Lady. Leslie Caron is a winter (coloring) gamin (clothing personality) and the designers decked her out in all her winter gamin glory in Gigi. I figured out by observation that top designers follow these principles–NO ONE TOLD THIS TO ME. I discovered, by my own personal interest in fashion and colors, what is my best look and the Jesuits know I have discovered this and have done everything in their power to undermine my appearance to make me appear ridiculous as the Russian President’s wife.

IBN will have a special presentation about David Kibbe’s concepts in Metamorphosis and about Carol Jackson’s concepts from Color Me Beautiful and will show before and after photos of persons who don’t dress their in their colors and clothing personality and those that do–in order to show the world that these fashion concepts are legitimate and, for this reason, top designers and Academy Award winning costumer designers follow these concepts in helping one to appear his/her best or to influence the theme of a film. And we will present evidence that the Jesuits know I have discovered my best look and have done all in their power to undermine my attempts to dress as a soft natural in summer colors. We will present evidence that Jesuits sabotage my hair dressers, the purse market, the shoe market, the accessories market and the clothing market to undermine my appearance so they can ruin my credibility as the Russian President’s wife. We will also expose that they used the 666-Computer and satellite technology to undermine my teeth, gums, skin, skin on my hands, caused damage to my “ring” finger, gave me acne, tried to use the 666-Computer to cause me to put on weight around my stomach or my face, or used the 666-Computer to make me so skinny I looked anorexic, eye infections (bloodshot eyes) and whatever else they could come up with to undermine my appearance. We will show that we have made some progress over the 666-Computer, so they are limited in what they can do and perhaps they aren’t completely interested in undermining my appearance, so long as they can make me appear to be a whore or a low class woman– but they do what they can to make me look like a woman without class or a cheap and shoddy woman, so that the classy or influential men could not appear to be believably interested in me.

However, because of all my royal blood (which gives me a genetic inclination to be classy) and my strong Bible convictions, the class is so deeply ingrained in me, the Jesuits could not eradicate it and I still attracted the men of influence. The evidence for this will also be presented on IBN.

I know that Jesuits are obsessed with my appearance and what kind of impression I would create on the public, because I have observed this Jesuit obsession over my appearance for the past several years.

XXX1/2–G.S. (3-13-05)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (3-13-05)
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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 3-13-05
Place: Melbourne, FL