Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (3-14-2005)

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Vladimir wants me to write a statement about why I want to study law and why I want to be an attorney. He also wants me to write about why I got out of nursing school at F.S.U. and why (back in 1975) I chose to study nursing. He then wants me to write a statement about how I feel that 3 men of royalty want to marry me, 3 medical practitioners want to marry me and 2 world leaders want to marry me.

WHY I WANT TO STUDY LAW AND BE AN ATTORNEY. I want to study law because I am practicing law right now and want to learn more law to be better at what I am doing and because I get great satisfaction from my work as a lawmaker and feel that I make a great contribution to the world as a lawmaker. Therefore, I want to continue this work and get better at it. I feel that law is an essential foundation of any society and that the legal profession plays a key role in determing the outcome of a nation and a society. I feel that if an attorney has courage and convictions and is a humanitarian, that lawyer can do much good in the world. There is a real need for lawyers who care about the world around them, who care about the rights of the downtrodden, who care about the victims of crime, who care about just government to make a difference in the world. I have a passion for the creation of a just government and brilliant laws which will eradicate the terrorist threat in the world, which, I feel, is the biggest problem in the world today. With my background from my limited nursing training and the interest that I have in medicine (I’ve done a lot of medical reading on my own) and with my life experiences, I have a lot to contribute to the legal profession–especially in the areas of law associated with criminal medicine and international affairs–especially international medical terrorism, international crime, and international government.

I feel that the biggest threats in the world today come from the practice of criminal medicine using computer/satellite technology. I feel that as an attorney and lawmaker, I could do much to prosecute these medical criminals and remove (or seriously) weaken their stronghold over the population. I have already gained considerable trial experience in dealing with these criminals– but lack the knowledge of the existing laws and regulations which govern medical practice, general law, criminal law, international law. In order to more effectively deal with terrorists who practice criminal medicine, I need to know what the current laws are. These can only be learned in law school, so this is why I want to study law and be an attorney–so that I know which laws are on the books, so that I can more effectively deal with these very important medical criminals, who are probably the most dangerous criminals in the world. Once I know which laws are on the books, then I will know which laws need to be changed, deleted, revised or added–in order to more effectively deal with criminal terrorists who practice international terrorist medicine, using satellite/criminal technology–this is my area of practice. This terrorist medicine affects all of society and is a very broad ranging area of international criminal practice and there is a real need for lawyers who specilize in this type of law. This is a pioneer area of law, where I have been the pioneer to write the laws to deal with these very important criminals (who have catastrophic power over individuals through their international criminal practice of satellite/computer medicine).

WHY I CHOSE TO STUDY NURSING AND WHY I LOST INTEREST IN NURSING. When I was young, I was obsessed with having a happy marriage and getting a good husband. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want to marry just anybody. But I wanted to be sure I’d end up in a happy marriage and this was my prime goal in life as a young girl. I tried to reform myself into the ideal woman, so I could land the dream husband who would ensure me a happy marriage. I was interested in medicine and this is why I chose nursing. I also liked the image of the nurse as the “feminine” caregiver and this went along with my image of being the ideal wife, which I dreamed about as a young girl. I wanted to be the perfect wife for my husband and thought the nursing image would complete the picture. Once I got into nursing school (my junior year at F.S.U.), I realized that my image of nursing was all wrong and that it was a tough job with no glamour and required manly strength and determination to succeed. I also noticed that many of my nursing school classmates did not strike me as being the ideal woman or wife type. I recall a classmate of mine who did great in nursing school, was engaged to a guy from Fort Lauderdale, but was having sex with another guy (not her fiancé) who was in a master’s degree program at F.S.U. This made me question my image of nursing as the perfect wife job. In fact, I got so disillusioned with my nursing school experience and with all the moral corruption I saw at the state university, that I was determined to go to Bible college where I felt my dream of being the perfect wife could be realized. I made up my mind as a young girl I would never be a lawyer, because this was the complete opposite of my image as the perfect wife and I feared if I went into a profession like this, I’d scare away all the good and high-character guys (because I would be the formidable and manly attorney woman) and would ruin my chances for a happy marriage. I was, as a young girl, actually in denial about any manly traits I had because I feared these would scare away the good guys.

Nursing school was a real wake-up call to the realities of the working world, that my image of nursing as the feminine (perfect wife) job was an illusion and I really didn’t like the job. I liked medicine, but it never occurred to me that an interest in medicine alone was not enough to be successful at nursing, which was a strong caregiver job and required more than an interest in medicine for success. I discovered that in the medical field each job requires different skill sets and personality types and that my skill sets and personality type did not fit nursing. My problem as a young girl is that I didn’t accept my true personality and tried to mold it into my ideal image of what I perceived to be the perfect wife, and this affected my ability to choose a proper profession for myself. So, I lost interest in nursing, because I didn’t like the job and it lost its glamour to me as the perfect wife job. Filling out and implementing nursing care plans and rushing about making beds and changing bed pans was not my cup of tea. Nursing was not quite as medical as I liked (but was a more conformist position where you had to follow the doctor’s orders exactly) and was more like rushing about from bed to bed cleaning up messes and filling out paperwork and goals all day and kissing the doctor and the patient at the same time. It wasn’t creative enough for me. I’m a pioneer and a forger of new paths. As you can see from my college transcripts I rebelled against the nursing major completely in my senior year and took one year of music theory–I needed a creative outlet and a “break” from nursing school. And music could be considered a feminine and womanly study. I was obsessed with appearing to be womanly to the men. I switched my major to health education so I could transfer most of my credits and get out–so I could go to Bible college with a bachelor’s degree. And being a teacher still fit my image of the perfect wife. This time I would be the teacher–perfect wife type. I figured I went so far at the state university, I may as well get my bachelor’s degree.

Later, after marriage and more reality set in–I realized that it is very important for your husband to know who you really are and to love you as you are–not as who you wish you were. To my amazement, I discovered that when I quit trying to be the perfect wife and woman and was just myself–which is how I was with Brent Spiner–then all the good men who I thought I’d scare away with my real personality–adored me just as I was. I wrote letters to an attractive Hollywood celebrity (Brent) on purpose in 1990 (after 5 years in a boring marriage) because I knew he would throw all my mail into the garbage and I’d be morally safe with him. I needed a man I could be myself with and could bare my soul to and where I could share all my intellect –which is quite broad (which I knew for sure would scare away any guy)–so I didn’t write Brent with the goal to have a romantic relationship but to have an attractive male that I could be myself with –to have a male kindred spirit. I never dreamed this was possible for me, but it made me feel good to bare my soul (faults and all, all my thoughts about life, all my thoughts about politics, all my thoughts about everything, all my thoughts about Christianity–including “forbidden” thoughts). I just had this need to bare my soul to a man and not worry about being the perfect wife or the perfect Christian or the perfect woman. I even told him I was a manic depressive (at the time I believed I was)–this way I knew for sure he’d never be interested in me and I wouldn’t have to deal with the mess of an adulterous relationship. I figured any guy who was my idea of a dream husband would despise the real me, so I bared my soul to him and told him everything about me, including all my bad parts and all my masculine and unwomanly traits. I let him know my strengths as I perceived them. I told him all my crazy ideas and my big and silly dreams and what really mattered to me (not what was “supposed to matter to me” as I’d heard from various church sermons). I gave him my phone number and sent him some photos of myself with my husband and son, because I told him if he ever needed a friend I’d be there for him. Before Brent contacted me, I was not romantic in my letters to him. I just needed to write a man that I found attractive and who I could bare my soul to and who I sensed might understand me. I never expected him to call. It just made me feel good to write to someone who was my idea of a dream husband or male soulmate and who was an attractive man that I could be totally myself with.

When the Hollywood celebrity (Brent) called me up (after I had written him for about a year) and propositioned me, I about fainted. In fact, I hung up on him the first time he talked to me because I thought he was a rapist. And when I heard the beautiful music album he made for me (which was sent to me by Melody Rondeau–a friend of mine), I adored him. I figured out when I listened to the music, that I was the inspiration for the songs. After I heard this music, I knew I would die for this guy now. HE ADORED ME JUST AS I WAS and he was a guy that I had chosen to write because he seemed the epitome of an ideal romantic partner for myself (and my previous experience with guys that I found this attractive is that they always rejected me)! This was the shock of my life. Tis a pity I didn’t know as a young girl that if I was myself, I could have landed my dream husband. I could have possibly spared myself a bad marriage and a poor choice of professions and the wasted time and money in college in the wrong major. But when you’re young, you have a lot to learn and I was in denial about my true personality and didn’t even know who I was until later (about my early 30s).

What is very interesting is that I have never found an attorney or writer attractive and these are the two fields of work I most enjoy. Though I have found men attractive who pursue law or writing as a side venture and not as their main venture. Brent dabbled in writing, but I don’t think he is as good at it as I am. Vladimir Putin has studied some law in college, though he is primarily a politician. I like to get involved romantically with someone in a field a little different from my line of work, because it helps me to have variety (and another perspective) in my life and not to get stuck in a rut–which I HATE. I feel having an intimate partner who is in a line of work different from mine, helps me to stay impartial and to have the proper perspective and to “have a life”. I’m afraid if I get involved romantically with a lawyer or writer, that I will become claustrophobic. As a creative pioneer, I loathe becoming claustrophobic.

HOW I FEEL ABOUT ALL THE INFLUENTIAL MEN WHO WANT TO MARRY ME. This is just flabbergasting–it is certainly not what I expected. I am always surprised over the men who adore me as I really am. As long as I’m myself and don’t put on airs–the men love me. I only want Vladimir right now. But if this will help me marry Vladimir, the so be it. After Brent Spiner came into my life, I realized that I no longer had the problem of getting the guys I really liked to like me back and that all of the men I’ve found attractive– have returned my feelings. This is because Brent made me flower and nurtured me and showed me how to be myself with the men and to drop the charades. I have a lot of outstanding traits and some of them are manly traits (like courage and high intelligence) and the men like it. I feel that this is all part of God’s plan for my life and that God uses my ability to attract influential men to make a difference in the world. So how I feel about all these men who love me is that I will use this as a tool to make a difference in the world for the Lord and to accomplish His will, and will use these men as tools to realize my dream of a better society with just laws and weaker terrorism. I admire these men for having the courage to take me on and am grateful for the assistance they give to Vladimir Putin (who shares my vision and goals for a better world without terrorism). I have confidence in Vladimir and know he would not choose men for me that he did not trust and I have learned to respect Vladimir’s abilities. This war against Jesuit terrorism is an overwhelming challenge and Vladimir and I are grateful for these men who are assisting us in the war against terrorism. We respect their courage to take us on and to help Vladimir and I to get together.

I have decided to use these men to assist Vladimir and I in the war against Jesuit terrorism. This will come in handy since I don’t have Vladimir’s address and phone number–except through the Russian Embassy–which is not always a reliable way to contact him. I learned this when I had a previous emergency, when my car was towed by the Jesuits. A big problem I have right now is that at work and at my primary caregiver, I must leave emergency contact information. I have used my mother, but she is an UNWILLING AGENT, and this could cause serious problems. There is a real danger she may insist I be admitted to a mental hospital, since I have told her about my relationship to Vladimir Putin.

Please pray over how I should handle the emergency contact. I can’t use any of my family members, since they are all UNWILLING AGENTS. If I use my step-dad, who is sometimes an UNWILLING AGENT and who is sometimes not an UNWILLING AGENT, I know for sure, in order to avoid strife at home, he will let my UNWILLING AGENT mother make the final decision. So I can’t depend on my family to be the emergency contact. My sister is in Ireland and she is also an UNWILLING AGENT.

Vladimir has let me know who are the 10 men who are my “back-up” husbands in case something should happen to Vladimir. Vladimir has numbered them and those with lower numbers, are the ones Vladimir wants to approach me first. So, if Keith fails to marry me, and I don’t marry him or something happens to him, then the next guy on the list will try. So, this means my friend Keith Morgan from college will get the first chance to try to marry me, if something happens to Vladimir. Vladimir said he put a lot of thought into who to put on the list and he knows me very well. He said he had a lot of men to choose from (over 100 who wanted to marry me–including quite a few famous and influential men), but he wanted to narrow down the possibilities and only have about 10 men on the marriage wait list, because too many men on the list makes for more complications and this would help out the Jesuits. A lot of the men he eliminated because he didn’t feel comfortable about them or he wasn’t sure they were dependable and worthy of me. He also used professional and reputable matchmakers who have had success in matching couples to assist him. He says most men from the same exact religious background as myself are not good choices for me because they are not compatible with my personality and my very high intelligence. So he chose the men that he felt would be best choices for me. He did not choose some of the men from my past, because he did not feel they would be good choices for me.

You might say, why didn’t he make Brent number one? It’s probably because there are too many complications with Brent. Brent made a big mistake to allow Loree into his life. However, Vladimir is paying all the legal costs for a current legal case which Vladimir has encouraged Brent to bring against Paramount studios regarding their use of rape and extortion to intimidate Brent into having Loree. Vladimir said he’s doing this because he’s grateful to Brent for introducing me into Vladimir’s life and for the great sacrifice that Brent has made to do so, because he knows Brent still loves me. Vladimir thinks very highly of Brent Spiner.

I would like to say this. I won’t marry any guy unless I’m as crazy about him as I have been for Brent Spiner. So these guys have a tough act to follow. I’ve been in a bad marriage and I’m in no rush to get married again. It cost me $30,000 in legal fees to get out of that bad marriage! Believe me, I’m in no rush to marry (or get romantically involved with) just anybody. I won’t take the plunge unless the relationship I have with the man is very, very special. If something happens to Vladimir, then I’ll be the friend of these guys and see how things develop. My approach to a man (when I see him as a possible husband) is to let him see me just as I am and to expose him to all facets of my personality to see how he reacts to it. I also see how comfortable we are with each other. It’s important to be comfortable with your spouse. I also need to see if he really cares about me. I can tell, now, because I been involved with men who really love me, so I know love when it’s there. I adore Vladimir as much as I have adored Brent. I have to feel close to whoever I marry, he has to seem to be a part of me and we have to develop a real emotional intimacy. I am very direct with men now and don’t play any games with them. I mean look at my approach to Vladimir. After I spent a few days dreaming about making love to him, I said, “I’m going to marry the Russian President.” So, that’s how I handle them. They like it.

If I don’t develop a special emotional intimacy with the guy, I won’t marry the guy. So there may be a lot of guys on the list, but that doesn’t mean I’ll marry them. Also, Vladimir plans to use these guys (in the order they are on the list) to be my fake husband to try to get me to Vladimir. And Vladimir and I are grateful to these men for their assistance and courage. Pray that God will protect these brave men.

I’ve already had one recent dealing with Keith Morgan. Vladimir let him approach me in line at Wal-Mart through a WILLING AGENT and I liked his approach. He’s pretty clever and he may be able to handle the Jesuits, because they will never leave me alone–so any guy who gets involved with me better know how to deal with Jesuits. I don’t like a dumb guy. I was married to one. I think Keith and I will make good friends, even if the emotional intimacy doesn’t happen.

You might say, we can’t imagine emotional intimacy with a physician. Don’t stereotype people. Dr. Castellone was a warm person when I was his friend. I remember him. Not all doctors are emotionally cold.

So the ones Vladimir has chosen are, in order of priority: 1) James Keith Morgan, a physician, who is willing to marry me if something should happen to Vladimir. I knew Keith from F.S.U. and Miami-Dade Community College, when he was a biology major. When I was a young college girl, and Keith was just a biology major, I found him very attractive. Unfortunately, I don’t have his phone number or address. 2) Jeff Stull, who, I believe is now a dentist. When I was a young college girl, I found him attractive. At the time he was a pre-med major. He was my classmate at F.S.U. I don’t have his address or phone number. 3) David Castellone, M.D. My family practice physician from South Carolina. I believe this man is also currently married, which creates a complicated situation. Though from what I understand, the marriage is on the rocks and I have nothing to do with this, since I haven’t seen this man or communicated with him since 1999. However, he likes me and I trust him more about how to handle my medical care (in an emergency) than I do my own family. BESIDES HE’S A PHYSICIAN–so who better to confer with in a medical emergency? So, you see, it’s handy to have some doctors on my “marriage” list. So I think I will use Dr. Castellone as my emergency contact for emergencies, because I have the address and phone number to his office in South Carolina and his office can contact Dr. Castellone, if I have an emergency. If an emergency arises, Dr. Castellone can contact and confer with Vladimir Putin. So, you see, the men on the marriage back-up list which Vladimir has created for me– will come in handy. 4) Franco Nero, Italian film star. I don’t have his phone number or address. Though Franco did give me his E-mail address, but I no longer have the internet. Besides, I don’t trust the internet or E-mail addresses. 5) Brent Spiner (Hollywood actor), who is currently legally married. This creates a complicated situation. The marriage was arranged and Brent only did this to help out my situation with Vladimir Putin. I don’t have his address and phone number, except through the fan mail addresses, which are addresses that I won’t use. I still love Brent and always will. That poor guy and myself have been through hell because of our relationship. 6 through 10 are two world leaders (one is the head of state of a leading Asian nation and the other is the prime minister of a leading European nation) and 3 others are men from royal families. I will also put Vladimir Putin on my emergency contact perhaps, but they might have a hard time reaching him through the American Russian Embassy address and phone number.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 3-14-05 , (3-14-05 updates on 3-16-05).
Place: Melbourne, FL