Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (3-5-2005)

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3-5-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

When I came home from work a lot of cars got around me like leeches (investigate all these cars) as I checked the mail and then as I pulled into my driveway. One was a van which drove the wrong way on the side street where I often park my van (next to my apartment) and then turned around and pulled real close to me in to a parking lane which I was walking into (as I walked quickly away from it). There was an empty parking spot which I was walking toward as I headed toward my apartment, and which this van pulled into very quickly.

This dark blue?? van seemed unusually aggressive and I suspected immediately that I was dealing with a Jesuit conspirator and so when they aggressively pulled their van up close to me and I walked quickly away from it and then they yelled at me and said, “Do you know how we can get to the apartment manager’s office?” I gave them quick directions as I walked away from and them and kept my distance. They pursued this question and I decided to ignore them and quickly take off.

I thought it was strange that they asked for the directions to the apartment manager’s office when it was about 6:30 p.m. Most people know that apartment manager’s offices aren’t open this late. I want these folks investigated with questioning under 666-Computer analysis. I think they are killers. If I’m right, give them the death penalty–public execution–death by hanging with buzzards on IBN.

Also, question both Vladimir and the Jesuits over this matter and ask who knew this would happen (see my cross-examination questions) and use questioning to determine and expose the guilty party. The guilty party (if murder was the motive) will be executed publicly on IBN with DEATH BY HANGING WITH BUZZARDS.

From about 3:30 to 6:30 today, the Jesuits went on a rampage, investigate all incidents–including the last customers I had at Wal-Mart on my register #4 (I believe) who were very belligerent about the manner in which I wanted their credit card checked, and tried to set me up for what I believe was an attempt on my life with the dark blue van –see above paragraph (you can see all this on Wal-Mart’s cameras). I believe this was all preparation for an attempt on my life in which they planned to frame Vladimir, which the Jesuits were planning to carry out when I came home to my apartment. The Jesuits also orchestrated (using 666-Computer and/or satellite violations) a cut on my ring finger as I worked on the register–right at the place where the wedding ring goes. This was obviously an attempt to create a wedding murder conspiracy (connected to the MARRIAGE LIST) with which to frame Vladimir.

It appears the Jesuits created an elaborate conspiracy involving a world leader who was on the MARRIAGE LIST (who was secretly trying to undermine my marriage to Putin), which involved the blue van which approached me right after work in my apartment parking lot, and also involved many of the customers I dealt with at work today and the cut the Jesuits did to my ring finger (right at the spot of the wedding ring). Mete out the death penalty to all violators behind this cut and the attempted wedding murder conspiracy.

The Jesuits will try to downplay this. But they are very evil and when we get the goods on them, THEY MUST BE EXECUTED. If we overlook this, it will make it appear that we wink at attempts to murder people. WE MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT. THEY WILL BE EXECUTED and their method of death will be death by hanging with buzzards–check out my laws.

Again, my humility has saved me. Vladimir told me that about 40 or more world leaders were on the list to marry me. This seemed like an excessive number and I immediately became suspicious. I don’t need all the men of the world after me and if there are 40 or more, I knew most definitely that some of these world leaders were most definitely not my type and it seemed strange that so many would want to marry me.

It appears that the PLPs and RSPs who did the screening of these men lied to Vladimir and he put men on the list who were killers and who wanted to destroy my relationship with Vladimir. Vladimir now realizes who some of his enemies are (among the world leaders), since, as a result of the laws I wrote in my new legal document–where I listed 4 qualifications which a man must meet to be on my list–we immediately weeded out some killers (among the world leaders) who were brazen enough to get on the MARRIAGE LIST.

I know my enemy and I know the Jesuits are killers. The only way to deal with them is to execute them. I also know the Jesuits have absolutely no regard for greatness in any human being and they could CARE LESS IF I AM LIKE ESTHER. They’ve always known that I am like her and they already made several attempts on my life, so I’m not naive enough to assume that 40 world leaders who are after me are all good men who would treat an Esther with respect. Jesuits are despicable bastards who have no regard for any morals, any righteousness or any greatness. Their only goal is to kill their enemies OR ANYONE WHO GETS IN THEIR WAY. And so the only way to handle them is to KILL THEM.

You may say Esther would never use the word bastard. Well, God uses the word and He’s better than Esther–THAT’S WHAT GOD CALLS THE JESUITS –who worship Ash Sunday–see Zechariah 9:6. Besides, I am a tough woman and I have become like this because of my tremendous dealings with the Jesuits. Any man who can’t deal with Jesuits, better not be my husband. That man (my husband) will have to be tough and will have to feel like I did about 9-11-01. See my document SCHULER/PUTIN ROMANTIC HISTORY AND STATEMENTS Sect. 2.0(t). I fell in love with Vladimir because he feels just like I do–see Sect. 2.0(t) of SCHULER/PUTIN ROMANTIC HISTORY AND STATEMENTS.

You may say, how could you be the object of Brent Spiner’s album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back when you are as tough as a rhinoceros? Well, when Brent made that album I wasn’t tough as I am now. These are qualities I developed as a result of my relationship with Brent. Brent made that album, I believe, to indirectly woo me. However, as tough as I am–I am also very deeply a woman–I am very much a woman and I show this by my fierce and courageous protection of the men I love, but when I’m cornered or I feel those I love are threatened–I’m as tough as a lioness protecting her cubs. I’m not a mean person, but when I feel an injustice is going on, I will fight it with passion and I will stare down the enemy to his face. So maybe I am like Esther. Also, the film Esther slightly sugar coats Esther. There is a scene where all of Haman’s sons are hanged and this is omitted from the movie, and Esther REQUESTED THIS–read Esther 9:13. Esther was sweet, but underneath her sweetness was STEEL. In fact, she was so tough that King Ahasuerus made her his Vice President–see Esther 8:1. Esther was tough, but she was a great woman, because she led with honor and corrected injustices with courage. So, I am like Esther–AS SHE IS DESCRIBED IN THE BIBLE.

And try these cases according to CONSPIRACY LAW.

XXX1/2–G.S. (3-5-05)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (3-5-05)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (3-5-05)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (3-5-05)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 3-5-05
Place: Melbourne, FL